China’s ISS Competitor Begins Construction In Orbit

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Yesterday China’s Long March 5 carried the first module of their space station into orbit, a 20 ton module derived from the Russian DOS designs, which will be the core of a much larger 60 ton orbital facility able to host astronauts for months at a time.

  1. Blu

    I hope they release some videos of their space station once it’s all set up.

  2. Fernando Esteban

    It’s an exciting time to be alive!

  3. UD2

    love your global spirit Scott!!

  4. Tony Montana

    老哥稳,I just know that you will cover this issue.

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    Lol Canada’s too far south.

    ;) love your content!! Thank you <3

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    Can we talk about the new intro? 😲

    Because it looks lit af! Me likes a lot! 😎👍

  7. Detective Rohan

    Well, looks like I now know what my next KSP build will look like lol

  8. Scott Simms

    @scottmanley Are Crew 1 on the way back yet?

  9. Fei Xia

    That’s also the future I want, Scott. Great job!

  10. PomegranateChocolate

    Here is a tip to pronounce Chinese words. Whenever you see the alphabet q, replace it with ch. So Jiuquan will be pronounced as Jiuchuan.

  11. Ryan Qualley

    love the new intro!

  12. Cirrus4000

    Good to see some footage of the Clamp-O-Tron docking ports in action at the end there.

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    Love the new intro design!

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    ii know late to the game, but i though i mentioned the cool new intro.

  15. smacksman1

    Excellent sentiment at the end. It would be wonderful if we could have a common language as well as a common docking port.

  16. Anli Zheng

    神舟 (Shénzhōu) is pronounced roughly “shen-joe” not “shen-joo”. 天舟 (Tiānzhōu) is pronounced “tien-joe” not “tian-joo”.

  17. clavo

    From your mouth to God’s ear Scott! Great video!

  18. 5chr4pn3ll

    Any chance of a vid on For all Mankind season 2? :)

  19. Timmy51m

    It’s a great dream Scott, space is big enough for everyone, and they would achieve so much more working together.

  20. keith moore

    Canada’s north Scott!! and going by the stuff harbor freight gets over there i wouldn’t get used to it being up there land working long!!

  21. Sandy Ford D18

    OMG Scott, you suddenly have 1.25 million subscribers, what fuel mix are you using in your boosters!
    It’s well deserved too.

  22. paxmanchris

    Great cover of what they are up to. Could you go into more detail on the inclination problem Russia woud have via kerbal space program?

  23. GhostBrew

    love the new intro

  24. donkmeister

    Ah, the international docking standard… Thanks to Margo and Sergei for that design 😉

  25. Rishabh Vats

    This is so cool . All this actives in the space makes me excited for the future .. let’s make space great again 👍

  26. Paul Haynes

    Building Lego in one window, discussing the Chinese space station in another – both new videos! Scott Manley takes over YouTube!

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    you have the best intro/outro music of any youtuber, I could listen to that song all day

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    Congratulations to China for new space station, and nice intro Scott👌.

  29. LongMarch 9

    Watched the lunch yesterday, LM5’s as beautiful as ever.

  30. m & m

    China’s massive space program is well and truly up and running!

  31. peter obermuller

    “I think that Canada is too far south” – Scott Manley.. First time in the history of mankind that that phrase has ever been uttered.. :D

  32. Marcus House

    Well said. It would be wonderful if we can find a way to work together.

  33. Nihongo Benkyo Shimasu

    Using the same locking mechanism could be helpful in case of an emergency allowing the rescue each other if needed.

  34. 凯思

    It’s hard to know how to pronounce a Chinese word by just looking at the letters used to spell it in English. The accents over the vowels are actually important, since they indicate tone and rhythm, and for tonal Chinese, what is actually being said. For example, “tianhe” could be pronounced all kinds of ways, but “tiānhé” says (if you know the Pinyin system) that it’s pronounced something like “tyan ha?”. So if you could include the accents it would help a lot.

  35. Charles S

    Sir, your pronunciation of these professional Chinese words is cute but relatively clear, no worries about it!

  36. johnnylogan22

    Nice one Scott, I really enjoyed that and I love the way you brought us together on the thought process of the reality we do want and that is a peaceful working relationship with other countries in outer space as well as on the ground…


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    i watched stowaway tonight, and lo and behold if i didnt hear Scott during the opening sequence at Capcom! nice!

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    Looking forward to photographing CSS

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    Re: Licensed – I’m glad you mentioned. I kept trying to figure out why the station looked so… Russian

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    Thank you for this awesome video as usual. I was looking forward to hearing about the Chinese launch!

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    Much appreciate, for trying to figure out how to pronounce those words🤣

  43. David Read

    Thanks Scott. It would be interesting if at some point you could do a history of all the space stations to date – from Skylab to the present: US, Russia, China and International.

  44. TheReaverOfDarkness

    I’m stoked! This is amazing!

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    I love your new intro! :D

  46. Toucan

    “We dont see that quite often”
    But I did alot in KSP with core stage to orbit lol.

  47. William Emanuelsson

    Tian means sky, he has a lot of meanings but but peace and harmony are among them so peaceful sky or harmonious sky seems like reasonable translations. tiangong means heavenly palace

  48. Phill M156

    I like it! Competition is always good!

  49. Kevin Sullivan

    Scott Manley: As far as Canada goes… ” I’m an engineer not a bloody geographical tour guide!” (Not really a direct quote) Maybe China can beam Scott up … so he can view the exact location of Canada. Ahhhh this was fun!

  50. AwkwardDinosaur

    “I think Canada is too far south.”
    -Scott Manley, 2021

  51. MarkoDash

    and then spaceX puts up a core that is just a hallway with 4 or more Starship docking ports, but once they’re all docked becomes the world’s biggest station

  52. Livinghighandwise

    Bro.. Your deduction skills are close to legendary. Bravo.

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    Yes Canada is definitely “too far south” 😂😂

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    Thanks for the size comparison of the two space stations at 9:45. Very helpful.

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    Nice new intro.. like the obvious very technical spaceship ;)

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    The day the first fully loaded manned starship launches will create a new record for number of people in space.

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    Whoa! New intro is 🔥

  59. Teck 1015

    “Leak a memo that the Chinese have a secret base on Mars. We’ll be there in 6 months” ~Niel DeGrasse Tyson

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    Random, but the moment when mentioning the 13 on board ISS in 2009, that’s my Godmother! :-)

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    Love the new intro!! Thanks for the breakdown of the events!

  62. Michael

    42-degrees: the ultimate inclination for life, the universe, and everything.

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    I wonder what the delivery time will be for items from AliExpress to the Chinese station. For sure it’s not going to be free shipping 😊

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    I like how Scott apologizes for mispronouncing chinese names and then mispronounces “zvezdA”

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    Scott how do you think “The Expanse” compares to the books? Please do more Kerbal Runs :-)

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    Just love this man’s videos. Without them I would just die of boredom.

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    “I think Canada is too far south.” – Not a sentence I would have expected.

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    Scott rocking an Outer Wilds Ventures shirt, what a legend.

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    You boys and gals have fun. My congratulations to you. Awesome stuff.

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    End of Russia-US collaboration in space makes me sad ngl. Ever since Apollo-Soyuz :(

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    You know I am really glad Amy shira/shirrah sent me to your channel years ago

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    That’s the future I want, too! All the space programs at once haha

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    yup. Firefly coming true

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    A day without watching Scott is a wasted day! ;-) Thank you so much for this update, which I’ve very much looking forward from you, Scott! :) And your Chinese pronounciation is not that bad, just be confindent with it! :)

  78. Cédric Schweizer

    “The booster is gonna decay over the coming weeks” **already decays at launch**

  79. Caonabo Javier

    Remember that crew 1 of Starliner is supossed to go to space this year too.

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    I love the new intro!

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    It’s always really cool to see a new space station module assembled in a cleanroom. Haven’t been able to see that for a hot minute.

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    I’ve never heard anyone say Canada is too far south!

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    Hello, from Newfoundland, Canada!

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    This is good news, because competition is always good. I’d be just as glad to see cooperation instead.

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    8:16 Ah yes, Canada. Noted for being in the tropics.

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    “Canada is too far south” – Scott Manley

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    2:38 they dock like i dock in kerbal space program:

    way too damn fast

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    I want to read the paper analyzing the use of serif vs non-serif fonts in a technical context between China and the west

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    As a Filipino, the rocket flew over my country, approximately between the islands of Palawan and Mindoro. It’s the stuff of memes and rage talks from both our boondocks and our lowlands.

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