Chang’e 5 Spacecraft Launches In Search Of The Youngest Moon Rocks

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The Chinese Lunar Exploration Program launched its latest spacecraft to the moon this week, with a goal of bringing back a sample of the moon, this will be the first time in over 40 years that moon rocks have been brought back to Earth.
Their target is a volcanic feature in the Ocean of Storms which is believed to have been active more recently that the rest of the moon, so they’re hoping these rocks will be much younger than those brought back by Apollo or Luna.

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    That essentially is China’s Apollo 11 tryout without risking people, they are on their way there too.

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    Are we going to see Chinese moon rocks (fake) sold on the internet now??

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    The Apollos used a roller coaster reentry, too

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    How big was Osiris-Res? It technically landed, was it the smallest to launch ??

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    being 2020 i’m fully expecting that one of the outworld samples will have a virus that wipes life on earth

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    Hmmm, sounds like a very complex set of tasks for automated controls. It does not appear to have a whole lot of room for “anomalies.”

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    Wont be long and China will be caught up to USA, by landing a man on the moon. Could surpass USSR soon.

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    8:52 it’d be cool if someone built a test vehicle that can not only sample an asteroid – but also internally try to convert some of that asteroid material for it’s electric engines to use as reaction mass.

    Expensive fuel, sure (worth so much $ if you instead take it back to earth for analysis), but hey spacecraft need reaction mass 🙌. Doesn’t need to be too efficient. It’d just be impressive (& inspring) for people to see a spacecraft that effectively doesn’t need to ever run outof “fuel”.

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    10:06 Reminds me of Luna 9 & possibly unintentionally decoding of images by the Jodrell Bank Observatory.
    10:49 Luna 23 flipped over on landing, though it continued to broadcast signals for a few days. Funnily enough, Luna 24 sample return would land only a few hundred meters away 2 years later.

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    Great video as always, can you pls do a video on the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS), is to be situated in the lunar south pole region?

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    Whoa! There are a ton of complicated moves going on with this mission. Hope things go well!

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    Which is a diplomatic way of saying “not local villages”. ;)

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    that telemetry stuff is neat, don’t understand offhand how to turn those “static bar graph” looking things into values
    10:48 ha no autobots to help tip it upright

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    10:37 “ Andromeda Strain “

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    Holy crap ! The mission profile is insanely ambitious ! I hope that they succeed ! It looks like a kind of dress rehersal for Mars Sample Return Mission…

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    Oh, great report. Please keep us posted, or better yet include a timeline if you make another video, assuming that info is even known by then. This is an under-reported story, so it’s great to get some good coverage.
    I haven’t really found a detailed mission timeline anywhere else either, so if you can get that info, you could be the first, maybe.
    (Though perhaps their mission timing is very flexible and that too might be the reason nobody seems to be presenting anything like a definite timeline.)

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    Hope everything will go well!! Is there going to be a live stream of the landing too? I remember the failed landing attempt of Israel a year or so ago, that was too bad. Time for human presence on the moon, it’s pretty ridiculous we still don’t have a lunar base.

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    The re-entry capsule estimated to land at Dec 16, 16:30 UTC. 122 hours after lunar departure burn.
    8:30 yes. The Chang’E5 T1 service module is still functioning. And re-entry capture is gonna decouple at 5000km above ground and service module will be flying solo for further mission.

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    And this is why every satellite has a thermometer on it – if the contract calls for it or not – for those easy bonus science points!

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    I kinda love how the lunar surface is fractal. Just looking at a photo full of craters, you have no idea whether you’re 50 miles up or 50 meters.

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