Can The New Scottish Rocket Companies Make It To Space?

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Scotland has just approved the development of a vertical launch facility in Sutherland on the north coast, and there are 2 companies based in Scotland currently developing launch vehicles.
Orbex is developing an 18 ton launcher with 225kg payload, Fueled by LOX & Propane
Skyrora have plans for a 55 ton vehicle with 315kg payload, burning Hydrogen peroxide & Kerosene.

There’s a good chance we’ll see some launches in 2021, and possibly commercia payloads in 2022.

  1. Joe Schmuckatelli

    All launches from Scotland are scrubbed in perpetuity due to inclement weather. Came here to say it, sayin it anyway

  2. Mitch []

    Great content, thanks Scott! 🍻

  3. Bschill

    0:12 *Gavin McInnes has joined the chat*

  4. rpx1979

    Can’t they just find a manly Scot to toss a rocket like they would with a caber?

  5. Sebastian Bork

    0:54 First stages, nor second stages.

  6. Menno Willemse

    If you don’t call it the “Bonnie wee launch vehicle” I will be most disappointed.

  7. Alex Landherr

    At 2:09, what kind of Dr. Evil impression is that?

  8. John La Duke

    Wait, what? This guy’s from Scotland? I was sure that was a German accent.

  9. Bill Milosz

    I believe that, before long, the Scots will reach the Mun.

  10. Avicenna M

    Come on Scotland :) can’t wait. Keep up the great work

  11. sorted sortof

    My wife was born in Scotland and I am always happy to hear good news from there.

  12. Cozonic

    What about that launch facility up in northern Sweden? Esrange I Believe.

    Can’t it be used for polar orbits?

  13. Tubluer

    Ah my favorite intro!

  14. Scott Rae

    Jings! Crivens! Help ma boab!, did you almost say Edinborogh??!!!!!!!??!?!!?!!!?!

  15. Ground Based Space

    Great video, Scott. I did a video on Orbex a week or two ago but yours has more technical info than I could find lol.
    Great stuff!
    It’s an exciting time to be in the UK and a fan of space 😁


    Already done on Isle of White,The Scratchells Bay rocket research centre a great shame it was closed down in 1971 :-(

  17. Matt Horkan

    Today i learned i needed a death star shirt.

  18. nobody important

    Scotland invented the United Kingdom. Not that many of them want to know about it.

  19. Ben I

    Well ye cannye change the laws of physics!

    Giving it all she’s got Captain!

    Ok I’m done.

  20. 1234coolman

    I always wondered where you were from. Glad you introduced me to the book btw. It’s in my wish list and will be reading it!!

  21. Jonathan Wheeler

    whoohoo Ill have a front seat for launches

  22. Adr Raz

    Scott the Scotttish talks about the Scottish rocket builders while drinks scotch.

  23. Pandicle

    it’s probably a serious vid but i was laughing at 1:00 xD yes i’m EU ^^

  24. Cartoonman154

    What’s the wind like in Scotland? Sideways

  25. Brad Cownden

    Thumbs up for “How the Scots Invented the Modern World”!

  26. Paul Haynes

    As for Scots and their achiements – if you check the history of the Industrial revolution and the Empire, again and again, the key people turn out to be Scots, far more than the relative populations would suggest (a bit like Hungarians and Hollywood or science, or just about anything!) But then, I guess, as a Scot you already know this only too well!

  27. dan dare

    Thankfully sense seems to have prevailed. As I understand it the Prestwick spaceport & proposed craft to be used there was designed to overcome the limitations of operating in a populated area, not the operations of spaceflight. That sounded like a recipe for disaster.

  28. Sir Ludwig

    I would love to watch a video on the Swedish space scene! Mostly because I am Swedish surly, but the country has its own spaceport and a rich history of aerospace engineering. Of course you might not have omnipotent space knowledge or be interested enough, but alas my request stand. Great video as always!

  29. Richard Stewart

    It’s Scotland – why aren’t the rockets whisky powered?

  30. glenn sawyer

    They should choose a naming system for their rockets after Sean Connery characters

  31. Maxxxit

    “Beam us up scott ‘y” 🤙😀

  32. Franko Walker

    Neat. Something else I won’t see due to cloud cover. LOL.

  33. Anonymous_bacon 23

    7:25 Bruh, Greta Thunberg do be working for a rocket company.

  34. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    3:04 propane fueled rocket wow would hank hill be proud

  35. A B

    Hello from Ukraine💙💛

  36. QuantumX YT

    4:11 you surely meant 19m tall?

  37. K K

    They’ll need to stop the locals from drinking the rocket fuel.

  38. CreatureOTNight COTN

    Finally scientists have worked out how to make iron brew into rocket fuel.

  39. Max Ford

    I can’t imagine what two Scottish rocket scientists talking to each other sounds like.

  40. Ebbe B

    Think you could argue that Orbex is 1/2 Danish and Skyrora is 1/2 Ukrainian :)

  41. Mit Seraffej

    2:05 A million dollars doesn’t even buy you a good house.

  42. Paul Haynes

    Cheers, Scott, yet another surprising and interesting video. But you didn’t mention the B word (or the I word, come to that). The way the current UK ‘government’ are behaving, I can’t see Scotland still being part of the UK (or rather the WLotUK) by the time both these companies are regularly launching things to orbit. Still, we’ll be SO very, very happy, in our ever-decreasing non-united kingdom…

  43. dosmastrify

    Hey Scott have you seen ” Scotland’s Europe’s appendix”?
    It’s the modern understanding of appendix not the hay it doesn’t do anything understandings though

  44. Avoiding Trees

    You said it ……..Europe and all its crasy expensive regulations.
    Make us dream Scotland.cheers from france 👋

  45. Brad S

    The last successful launch by the Scots was Jamison.

  46. foxpup

    One more step towards the great “Scottish Empire” :-) I’m OK with that or at least the perpetuation of being Scottish even as we spread out into deep space.
    “Scotty!! We must have more power!!!” needs to be a real thing some day.

  47. prikasky

    It looks like a retaliation weapon being hidden in a semi trailer

  48. zenn22

    If it doesnt have the Irn Bru logo on the side im gonna be mad as hell

  49. lagia5

    A propane rocket, Hank Hill would have a tear in his eye, saying “That’s goddang beautiful”

  50. Aye, Eat Cats

    Keep us in the know loon. Wouldnae mind a wee gander at a big squib going up. Nae that far fae Skye.

  51. BigFire

    Unlike China who have no problem dropping hypergolic first stage into population center.

  52. Ewan Parry

    Yeah I got that book! About time you covered this Scott!

  53. safepancake6608

    I was watching a Scott Manley video when I got a notification about the new Scott Manley video

  54. mankeez

    It’s great to hear about non-world superpowers like Scotland make advancements in the space industry. I can’t wait for more countries to follow.

  55. Fernando Queiroz Popovic

    “as you might have heared I’m from Scotland”

    I am a idiot I literally never knew this till right now o_o

  56. Nicolas Nelson

    Woohoo! Highlanders reach for the highest ground: space!

  57. GKMusic

    A propane rocket would surely need some quality propane accessories to go with it?

  58. A P

    new company should put effort on reusable rockets to be sustainable in long run

  59. Black Ace

    Scott doing a video on “Scotts”.

  60. Андрей Бахарковскй

    “Scotland can into space?” should ovvio have been the title

  61. Tired Again

    Scotland invented scotch, that’s enough to make their place in history!



  63. germanwtb

    I always wonder, and never could figure out through google alone: Do these modern rockets still use mechanical gyroscopes, or are those things not used anymore.
    I know that for MEMS inertial sensors certain restrictions apply to the precision and drift of commercially available sensors, but does that actually mean that the more precise ones can actually be used for rocket guidance.
    I am sure that it would be possible even with freely available ones to get to orbit, but i wonder if these things have enough precision and accuracy for things like the centaur or interplanetary missions.

  64. Liam R

    Personally, I just love the fact that “Fly Safe” was included in KSP 2.

  65. Allen Kemp

    Scott always has the most interesting and unheard of stuff. Most of my Twitter new follows are based on something I saw on Scott’s videos (including this one).

  66. Ben Boj

    Super excited for the uk to start launching orbital rockets. Maybe i could see a launch one day.

  67. William Kruger

    I have just one question for you Scott. Will the spacesuits of the new Scottish space program be in tartan?

  68. Gudmundur Ingi Gudmundsso

    Scotland! You can do it. This puts a huge smile of my face. 😀 Scotland to space! Awesome!

  69. pauldzim

    7:22 Yeah, when you launch your rocket using a plastic box with toggle switches, that’s amateur

  70. EGDK

    Denmark in the space race 😁🇩🇰 – Would like to work there 🤔

  71. True Thomas

    Okay, I was dubious about the Sutherland Spaceport, but having had the benefits explained, I’m now a fan.

    It will certainly bring much needed investment to the far north. My only trepidation is the transport links up there. One would think we would need better roads, and possibly a rail link. Back in the 1980s there were plans to build a branch from the Far North Inverness-Wick/Thurso railway line to Dounreay. Perhaps these plans could be resurrected and adapted for the spaceport.

    By the way, in the history you failed to mention the proposed rocket mail from the Isle of Scarp to the Isle of Harris in 1934, which would have been a damned fine idea – had the first rocket not exploded shortly after take off. Apparently the “Western Isles Rocket Post” postage stamps are today extremely valuable.

    As a child of the 60s, I was filled with awe and wonder by the first space race. That excitement has never left me, and I am so proud my country is playing a part in the second one.

  72. Quite Gone Jim

    Skyrora did a static fire test earlier this year with no mention on the news whatsoever.

  73. Seán O'Nilbud

    2:10 That moonspike logo looks like a tremendously sad dying moon punching the Earth.

  74. pulesjet

    Impressed on the number of people actually moving on the Space Ventures. Things are being accomplished at grand rate.

  75. Michael Blaszkiewicz

    My parents still have the pool table on which I was conceived, born and educated.

  76. ICSVortex IV

    Hmm…. Not sure how many tanks of Irn-Bru that’s going to require…..

  77. Mike Richards

    Great video and let’s see the Saltire in Space soon!

    One that Scott might know the answer to.

    Was anywhere in the UK ever proposed as a launch site for the tests of the Blue Streak missile in the 1950s which went on to serve as the first stage for Europe’s ELDO launcher? It was ground-tested at Spadeadam in Cumbria and eventually flown from Woomera, but did the government ever look at firing one closer to home?

  78. Mr. Zimbel

    Scott Manley, a manly Scotsman

  79. Peter Mainwaring

    There is proud history of Scottish engineering Scott. From Thomas Telford to Scotty of The Enterprise, not forgetting the greatest of all, Dan Macphail, of The Vital Spark. How the hell did he keep that Clyde puffer going!

  80. MrGonzonator

    Yay, might actually go see one of these, it’s only a wee drive away.

  81. lake 25

    No update on the air leak from the US segment of ISS, huh.

  82. Phillip Mulligan

    I thought those Scotts called those rockets self throwing kabers

  83. Peaceful Paul

    They’ve missed a trick not naming it after Rabbie Burns

  84. bulletsholes

    The Scots were one of the first countries in the West to see literacy as a necessity for the entire population, not simply the royals and aristocrats. Not necessarily college or higher education, but the three “R’s” at the very least. My Father’s parents were both born and raised in Bellshill having completed only about the eighth grade, but they were some of the best “writers” I have ever read. Some real collectivists also claim Scotland as home, but hey, nobody’s perfect right? Carry on laddie…

  85. Nuts Bolts

    A good single malt whisky plus haggis as a catalyst — Real Scottish rocket fuel.

  86. Mike Read

    “… I’m (a) Scott … As you might have heard …” Ah dinnae ken.

  87. Nicholas Rehm

    Hey Scott, any chance we can get another update on ARCA scam uhhhhh I mean ARCA space?

  88. Tentoes

    How Scottish to name a place on the far northern coast, “Sutherland.”

  89. Jim's videos

    If it doesn’t make bagpipe noises on the way up I’m not interested.

  90. Ewan Murray

    It’s always good to hear about Scottish progress 😁👍

  91. Don Skene

    Jesus Scott I’m still in shock we got green light on this, I’ve not had time to put anything together. You been waiting champing the bit aintchya? LOL

  92. harbl99

    “You can’t drop second stages on cities.”
    Ridiculous restriction. It’s like they want to strangle the space programme in its infancy! I can think of at least half-a-dozen cities that would be improved by a random donation of second-hand cutting edge rocket technology at high velocity.

  93. WinterHell

    I couldn’t remember the name of the British rocket. I knew Black Lipstick wasn’t quite right haha.


    Nobody ever had a more descriptive name than “Scott Manley”

  95. djolley61

    And of course there is that famous Scottish engineer from the 23rd Century.

  96. Richard Bowley

    “A Hank Hill from Texas is on the line.”

  97. j worldwide

    Will any of these UK firms be sending a Reliant Robin into orbit?

    There is unfinished business in this department…

  98. david MOORE

    Isn’t it ironic that well are launching a rocket from Scotland for a sun synchronous orbit. I hope the rocket finds the sun better than we do in Scotland.

  99. moonasha

    I didnt know you had a whole country named after you thats insane

  100. davidf2281

    The two words that spring to mind when I imagine a Scottish spaceport are “weather” and “window”

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