Building Lego Space Shuttle

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    Extremely complicated. I have the official STS technical manual and it’s surprising how many bits and pieces were put into it!

  2. Waynes butler

    I was wondering when i was building this set when you were getting it , it was inevitable . I know its still early but i noticed this stream isnt on your channel as a vid yet . Will you do a review on this set ?

  3. Keegan Penney

    Oh cool! I’m also putting together minis, what a great time tune in

  4. Luke Molyneux

    Whey. Went to Lego land Windsor today!!!

  5. FXP1688

    I already got mine done :D But it took me 5 evenings to finish it.

  6. TrueStyle

    Hahagha great video! I’m on package 12 on my shuttle lego build, it’s been a fun one. Lots of cool designs on this build

  7. Anthoney King

    OMG Scott I was enjoying your Vlog then you Fam came in and it Suddenly got better as your Daughter was asking so cool Questions its so Great to see your real life there on the VLOG awesome thank you

  8. PsychoDad89

    Boy 3 hours of scott

  9. Urban SpaceXMan

    I have the following LEGO space themed sets:
    Apollo Saturn V
    Lunar Lander
    Women of NASA
    Shuttle and transporter set
    Shuttle Discovery and Hubble set

    Love your videos.

  10. HeyThere !

    Scott I just want to say that you have a wonderfully inquisitive, smart and beautiful family. I enjoyed seeing the family man. I have to get the space shuttle! I am a LITTLE disappointed that the ET/boosters weren’t part of the design. That would’ve been expensive tho…

  11. Lalo Lele kapo toro

    Cool family. LOVE the stream It fell like i was there i enjoy a loot thanks.

  12. zapfanzapfan

    Recently discovered Drachinifel and got hooked. One hour about ballistic calculations to hit people with a canonball, yes please! Wish a few flat Earthers watched that to realize just how much effort has gone into understanding our sphere-ish rotating world.

  13. allan churm

    this is why i so love this site ..really wonder 1.25 million think the same

  14. Ma Mu

    Since Scott said he doesn’t have a lot of time (because of the many children he has all around the globe, his work and his game addictions….) he finally got the time to build his very own – real life – space ship. Sweet :)

  15. Derek Wright

    Haha at 2:10:40-ish HE SAID MY NAME! I’m a starrrrrrr lol. JK, I LOVE SCOTT! FLY SAFE BUDDY!!!

  16. Space Wolf

    YES SCOTTY!!! The classic lego!

  17. Against NAZO!

    Why isn’t there a Lego-Buran? :-(
    It looks similar to the spaceshuttle, so it wouldn’t be a big deal for Lego to develop such a model.

  18. kiromancer

    I enjoyed that Thanks Scott!

  19. green kerbal

    Me watching this and building a 1/72 mig17

  20. Patrick Tho

    Still proud of my old LEGO Space Shuttle :)

  21. Firstname Lastname

    Would love to see more on the proposed magnetic reconnection engine concepts! <3

  22. Leif Vejby

    Scott, they don’t know about Meccano in USA, they used Erector, which is now Erector by Meccano.
    Looking forward to the next stint!

  23. mike spikeey

    One of Springsteen’s most iconic songs, “Born in the U.S.A.” is about the troubled return home of a Vietnam veteran. Its original working title was “Vietnam”. how ironic US presidential candidates use it to day dumb ducks

  24. C S

    Loved the Billy Connolly reference. Stephen Fry does an amazing Billy Connolly impression on QI…

  25. Bram's Lego

    scot saying: “I have never seen this piece.” me havig like 100 of these

  26. Martin Vranovsky

    By the gods, wasn’t Skye just a wee little thing just yesterday? I feel so old…

  27. Curiosity rover

    They put the wrong logos on the wings, they put the logos of Challenger instead of Discovery. But hey, not everyone stops to check so it doesn’t ruin the set unless you are desperate to have a perfect replica of the shuttle

  28. Robert Johnson

    Can’t find the business contact info on you tube will check Twitter next

  29. Antti Koivula

    Lego engineer 😃

  30. Draw Down Dave

    I always figured you for an EVE player. I even think you were in my corp at a time when we were trying to get good enough to be a low/0 sec entity. If you are who I think you are you were still unmarried and in Scotland at the time, planning to move to the US. We spent a lot of time together in and around Black Rise.

  31. Aeneas911

    1:48 CH4 Booster gas leak

  32. Ezra Keto

    That reminds me, I haven’t got a shelf yet for the shuttle I got like 10 years ago

  33. boby828

    I was delighted to see the patient husband and father behind one of my favorite personalities. Keep up the good work!

  34. Bobby Mason Brown

    I love it

  35. Bobby Mason Brown

    Nice this awsome. I want ride with You to moon. Be first men on moon. Love You brother

  36. Bumbo

    Here are some highlights from the stream:
    35:36 Scott gets Vsause and Veritasium confused.
    59:25 Hullo, Goodbye.
    Watch in order: 1:01:11, 1:32:47, 1:37:46
    1:15:52 Why does he know this?
    1:38:22 Fruit by the Foot & Mario Plate
    2:08:34 Scott eats Broccoli
    2:12:27 Scott eats Broccoli 2 ( *My favorite clip* )
    2:22:31 Skye makes fun of Scott’s thumbnail
    2:58:01 Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly (almost swears)
    3:09:07 Technical Difficulties…

    Edit: I had a lot of fun watching the stream. If you read this Scott, I would love to see more streams in the future!

  37. FOFGE

    My iPhone was not working

  38. kworkshop

    This was a great stream! Thanks, Scott!

  39. Carter Briggs

    Just as I was putting the stickers on the inside of the cargo bag doors, the stream started!

  40. Matt Schroeder

    Almost exactly where I thought you would end it for the night, I posted my 6hour point on your Twitter or tagged you…

  41. JohnJTraston

    Neeeeeeerd :)

  42. erau Hatsune


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