Boeing’s New Spacecraft Gets Lost On Way To Space Station

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Boeing’s Starliner has been designed and built for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, intended to provide ‘taxi’ services for astronauts to the International Space Station. Today was the first full flight test, launching on board an Atlas V from Cape Canaveral the initial flight was flawless. However after separation the spacecraft got confused and maneuvered incorrectly, burning through fuel needed for the rendezvous. Ultimately the spacecraft was recovered by it was no longer in the correct orbit and at this time space station docking has been ruled out.

The vehicle will be tested on orbit to make sure all the systems operated correctly before the Starliner returns and lands at White Sands on Sunday.

John Kraus’s launch photos can be found here:

  1. ameunier41

    We didn’t complete the mission, but we learned from our failure.
    -Every engineer ever

  2. Crylhound

    Did they use miles again?

  3. Alex Landherr

    Whilst watching it I played KSP and got less problems than the Boeing launch.

  4. Thunder Nugget

    The flew low orbit to sling-shot to escape velocity to go to their real destination.

  5. David Baptiste

    In the 1960’s with a fraction of the tech they launched to the moon. ???????

  6. MonkeyJedi99

    I love the analog intro!

  7. AcidBot66

    Go smart, go safe, go Soyuz!

  8. Tyler Anderson

    Boeing has had really bad attitude problems lately

  9. robert linke

    almost 1 million subs XD

  10. QrioCT Ecosystem

    Musky boi : *laughs in funding*

  11. Strategic Thinker

    Scott “The Flasher” Manley.

  12. Harrie Hausenman

    You could have mentioned, that it had X-mas gifts on board :-)

  13. Phred

    Ok. Number one rule of space travel: Remember where we parked.

  14. Jeramithehuman

    I watched it out of my back yard

  15. Falney

    I can only imagine how secretly happy it made Elon Musk.

  16. tarui

    So much for “we put a man on the moon”

  17. Barry Hope SGT Hope

    Gee, I could have watched it land! I live in El Paso, Tx.

  18. DKTAz00

    Classic taxi drivers, always taking a longer route to rip us off xD !

  19. Napstone

    The Aliens are seriously laughing at us right now lol going “they use crude technology and can’t even get it right, oh dear humanity” lol

  20. Ehud Gavron

    Scott. You rock! Thanks for explaining.
    Ehud, Tucson AZ USA SOL-3

  21. artist me

    Hi uncle Scott hope you’re having a great day! 🙂 Bye!

  22. Steve Perry

    It’s going to be grounded for a year due to a fault with the MCAS system.

  23. Gordon Welford

    Another Software Problem? Or that damned Pickle Fork Gremlin again? I pity any Astronaut boarding the Flying Coffin MKV.
    You already know what’s going to happen.

  24. Christopher Rowe

    Almost seems a stretch to call it a spacecraft.

  25. Mike Crownshaw

    When companies hire flatearthers this is what happens!

  26. Individual Perspective *IP*

    I’m sure it’s all floating in the Bermuda triangle somewhere.

  27. swampthing401

    Isn’t anyone going to mention Scott’s Hugh Hefner smoking robe?

  28. Emblazened

    Hey, it’s space drama man with more space drama!

  29. KryptonianAI

    Beat boxing with an X-Wing model for the intro, PRICELESS!

  30. muonwant

    Boeing: Beam me up, Scotty! Scotty! Where are you?!
    Scotty on space station: The question is, where are you?

  31. Jeremy Acton

    So they planned it to fail , and it failed. Attitude is everything . :-D

  32. Good Bonezz

    At 1:55 min…it’s pretty obvious it didn’t make it to orbit

  33. El Guapo

    Man, I’ve done this in KSP so many times. You’ve got the controls in docking mode!

  34. Ryan Kinzel

    They Needed to try it in Kerbal Space Program 1st… that was the main problem here.

  35. M W

    My mouth harp goes boeing, boeing, boeing.

  36. devcool kol

    NASA in love with colour:ORANGE

  37. Allison Evans

    Watched the launch and the entire time I’m thinking “Wow, does this thing look Kerbal or what?” and then the clock conflict happens. Quicksave, restart!!!!

  38. siamsurf

    Woohoo, my favorite intro is back, it almost feels like Christmas! Thanks Scott :)

  39. bio flex

    Who’re you kidding. It was high-jacked by Fred Johnson >.<

  40. Moses Zero

    They messed up the staging – just revert to launch.

  41. Clear Adventure

    *Phone rings* “This is Elon”
    Boeing: “Hi, we have a question”

  42. MonkeyPants676

    awesome intro.
    jokes aside the boeing team is making spacex look like gods

  43. Michael Johnston

    Doing god’s work. Thanks for the level-headed coverage, Scott!

  44. Aiden Goodrich

    i love how much the simple animation of the space craft in the control looks like really old ksp

  45. bimblinghill

    Loving the dressing gown. Very Arthur Dent.

  46. Simon Paul

    Scott Manley wearing a Robe while explaining rocket science…
    Absolute GOLD 😂

  47. WindTunnel Jon

    Lol, I’m totally sending the guy in that photo a screen-grab of that “new hotness” shot. Thanks for that ;)

  48. evonic

    So wait, they don’t recover their boosters? Man that’s sooooo last century…

  49. Warren Smith

    Anti stall system. Here we go again..

  50. Cenobia V.

    Don’t worry guys, the spacecraft is in a stable orbit!
    EDIT: for those unaware, that’s a joke based on the hosts just endlessly repeating “The spacecraft is in a stable orbit” for a solid 20 minutes during the broadcast while they figured out what went wrong.

  51. AWZool

    0:40 – so you started playing with KSP again, Scott? :D

  52. CatFun

    It’s funny how I watched it, I was looking at the iss live stream for 5 hours. Rip me

  53. Rizz- rikk

    Mission controller to navigation control– ” You had ONE job…..!!”

  54. Daniel Foland

    1:22 I may be Old & Busted, but I love this channel for its obscure references

  55. feha92

    1:55 how does it have both a tidy line following its ascent, and wispy fumes from wind dragging things, at the same time in the same point of ascent? The photo seems tampered somehow.

  56. G8M8N8

    *“Destination on your up.”*

  57. Ebbrush3

    watch spacex do the same mission for 10 cents on the dollar

  58. Tsu 800

    Must have the Boeing 737 Max software installed then!

  59. PhilfreezeCH

    That is why you shouldn‘t trust mods like MechJeb!

  60. Good Bye

    That’s money I would like to have 1% of in my bank account.

  61. Micai Askauss

    “I’m not qualified to [fly it]”
    You are kerbalified to fly any aerial/space vehicle

  62. andyoli75

    I was surprised at the launch feed being so dry. I saw quite a few “news” stories about the upcoming launch. It seemed like Boeing was really hyping up but the launch was kind of a non-event.

  63. clavo

    Great informative video A+. Sooo Scott: Whatever happend to a: “let’s do a dry run of the clocks and rocket igniters to make sure everything is going to fire at the right time?” Do the clocks and solenoids etc. wear out after only one use? Seems like that kind of test would show up these kinds of errors; no?

  64. Bernique

    And now Boeing will ask for additional funding to fix the issue

  65. Raven Branwen

    2:11 that looks like KSP on the left lmao

  66. Justin Clonts

    i just googled “why does the delta iv set itself on fire”
    first result is a scott manley video.
    +1 internet

  67. Thanaporn Osoongnern

    The design and engineering now a day with high-end supercomputer and modern software does not help to success this spacecraft to reach the space station, but the very old 40 years ago Space Shuttle designed and controlled by 8bits processor could reach the space, building the ISS, deliveries, fixes telescopes and more without the pilot test flight in space.

  68. Stesilaus

    “Until then … I’m Scott Manley. Fly something other than Boeing.”

  69. Aidan Burns

    Oh thats bad

  70. eddiezebeast

    Hence the “pointing correct end towards space” loading sentence :D

  71. ZuluActual

    Dragoon: *Laughs in getting 30 minutes early to the bonus objective*

  72. The Student Official

    Bruh at this point we may see Falcon Heavy carrying Orion to moon

  73. thriftymeatpatty

    “I much congratulates the Boeing on his Great Success!” — Borat

  74. sulfo4229

    Remember those t-shirts and hats saying “If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going”…? That phrase could use some update.

  75. infamousjovian

    Absolutely loving the Hugh Hefner outfit Scott’s wearing here :P

  76. Kermit Hezmuth

    This mission went perfectly,
    For SpaceX

  77. Minecrafter 3929

    I think you forgot a “the” their…….(no offense)

  78. Bart Bols

    2:08 they still have ksp open in left corner

  79. Mendax Venandi

    This must’ve been similar to how it felt during the early Mercury / Gemini programs almost 62 years ago. Trying to figure out how to get a manned capsule into orbit and all. Maybe we should ditch the fancy computers and re-install the abacus.

  80. Brian Ball

    “This is Maxwell Smart in Mission Control. Missed it by that much. Sorry about that, Chief.”

  81. Michael Allen

    It may be an issue with the OMCAS “orbital manoeuvring characteristics augmentation system” installed secretly to handle like space x capsules .

  82. Edward Otto

    Boeing just announced that the new name for the Starliner is going to be ‘MAX-11’.

  83. G's Adventures 63

    The Astronauts on the Space station have affectionately renamed the “Star Liner” to “The👽 Grinch”, since it stole their Christmas presents! 🎅

  84. Fall Out

    Boeing 👎

  85. Max VA

    Lol. We’ll never go to space at this speed.

  86. CL johnson

    Maybe they outsourced the code to India for nine dollars an hour, like the Max.

  87. Thunderbird 1

    I just hope SpaceX can carry the whole astronaut load for America (if Crew Dragon passes its last test). We only have a couple more Soyuz seats reserved. Starliner’s going to be set back months by this.

  88. Paul Gemperlein

    “And because it sets itself on fire whenever it launches” 😂 well said

  89. carabela125

    They were using English time instead of Metric time.

  90. David

    At least it didn’t lawn dart and kill a bunch of people.

  91. tedGEGI

    The title of this video is why CEO Muilenburg lost his job today.

  92. Donald Closson

    So it’s MechJEB was broken.

  93. sqooby doo

    more boeng crap. this is what corruption gets you.

  94. okrajoe

    Seems like a rough year for Boeing.

  95. Valentine

    SMH, they probably forgot to convert between Metric and Imperial time

  96. Henry Alvarez

    The anti stall system must have just kept pushing the nose up with the thrusters

  97. Jcreek201

    No problem, it’s Boeing, just throw another billion dollars at them, they’ll get it sorted…eventually.

  98. wireheadarts

    “Spacecraft in bad orientation?” No. The spacecraft had a bad attitude.

  99. mikes5637

    Bright side:
    It didn’t fall back to Earth like their planes.

  100. Darth Tater

    Wow , Boeing is having a really bad year . That’s what happens when you let accountants design your products instead of engineers

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