Blue Origin’s Rockets and Rocket Engines

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Blue Origin has been around longer than SpaceX, but they’re a lot more secretive about their technology and the things they’ve built. I wanted to make an overview of the 6 different rocket engines they’re designed and tested and the vehicles that have been propelled by them.

  1. 970357ers

    Musk: Drax, Bezos: Blofeld.

  2. Lister Dave

    I can almost see the passengers watching New Glenn’s first launch on their seat-back mounted monitors as they are seated comfortably in a Starship as it ascends from the surface of Mars on its way back to Earth.

  3. Space x

    I am gonna send my card payload with blue shepared rocket.

  4. wafflesnfalafel1

    love it sir, keep it up – “fear and dread!”

  5. Atlas Gaming

    SpaceX live feed 24×7… Blue Origin “here are some animations and non working prototypes”

  6. Liam R

    “They haven’t blown up as many rockets as SpaceX.”
    You’re telling us that’s a good thing? WAS KSP A LIE ?!!!

  7. Jayesh Saini

    Honestly Blue origin is good but nothing can take over starship.

    This will be universal law for at least 30 more years.

  8. 109 BMD

    Great channel and content, thank you! Stay safe everyone!

  9. Matthan Bisping

    Where was this launch, those mountains look familiar

  10. Hugo Ramon Mayorga Barria

    4:54 jeff be like: “all that money that I spend on this, OMG!!!!!”

  11. David Messer

    Until BO gets a rocket into orbit, I will think of them as a video company rather than a rocket company. Space is hard. We can expect them to try and fail to get into orbit several times before the succeed. I’m guessing it will be 2023 or 2024 before they do it, if Bezos doesn’t lose interest in his hobby.

  12. Eric M

    More like bore-igin.

  13. Billynom8

    I got a little confused, I thought that was Jeff Bezos head that the end of the video. 😅

  14. slipknottin

    How does a rocket company exist for 21 years and not even achieve orbit? It’s downright bizarre.

  15. Jonas

    Getting to space projects must be publicly funded. Having lived a few centuries, I well remember and am sick of the largesse of rich ‘gentlemen’ to develop science. Looking at you, Monsieur Herbert.

    We can get this done. Just tax everyone 10 bucks a month and spend it on at least 15 projects, basic science, etc. Establish a real ecosystem for space.

    My dreams..

  16. Brett Anderson

    Their motto should be “Elon embarrassed us”

  17. PerfectMan

    Spacex kicks their ass

  18. Peter Olsen

    Na Scott you said the phrase wrong at 10:30ish. The Tourist on the moon will look UP at the earth not down.

  19. Lee Tony

    Elon Musk: I am running out of funding! one more chance for a success launch or we all go home…..
    Jeff Bezos: Let’s have fun and take it slow….

  20. Darren Marsh

    Gradatim Interocitor. Making an interocitor, step by step.

  21. Tyrannus Spissamentum

    Very cool stuff, but I still dont trust Dr. Evil (Bezos). He’d turn us all into actual plebs if him and his buddies have their way.

  22. Dmitry Yershov

    I thought saying “deep throttle” woulds get you demonetized in no time on YT. :)

  23. SkylersRants

    I wish Blue Origin well, but honestly they are offering a very expensive and brief amusement park ride in a pornographic rocket.

  24. That Guy

    Scott Manley: “Fly safe”
    Blue Origin: “Assuming we will”

  25. Rowena Grinsam

    Trevor milton: Hydrogen engine?

  26. Charles Staats

    You overlooked a key question—why does the BE-4 use an oxygen-rich cycle even though methane does not have the same coking problems as RP1?

  27. Death Valley Dazed

    Your updates are so good that I’m taking them totally for granted. Keep up your great work!

  28. John Brooks

    Blue Origin is so far behind SpaceX it’s embarrassing for them !!

  29. Cédric Duchesne

    I love more space stuff but BlueOrigin dosent comunicate with us very well…

  30. Christopher Harvey

    This commercial involvement in space is great. There’s so much going on. It’s really interesting and exciting. Keep up the reporting Scott. Thank you.👍

  31. CKOD

    I hope they succeed, someone has to keep SpaceX on the straight and narrow. Nvidia and Intel stagnate so much when AMD isnt there kicking them in the shins to motivate them, dont see why it wouldnt be the same for private space companies.

  32. Brad Reznick

    “You guys should really keep up with your Greek mythology “….

    or at least James Bond movies.

  33. Brandon Fouts

    srep by step – YES … furiously – NOT SO MUCH

  34. Jason Lockhart

    I’ll tell you this is blue origin does it hurry up they’re going to get left behind by SpaceX I just don’t understand why they’re so slow it’s not like they’re NASA

  35. 14rs2

    It still feels weird hearing about blue origin rockets. I always think ah wow they’re doing well how long have they been around?
    20 years!?!! That sucks come on people!!

  36. ᴡɪɴᴛᴇʀᴍᴜᴛᴇ _

    Blue Origin doesn’t put out enough content to financially support a YouTube ecosystem of fanboys, therefore it’s not as beloved as SpaceX.

  37. bladerunner12

    I know its an old joke in rockets but that New Shepard looks particularly penile

  38. almafuertegmailcom

    Blue Origami – The paper rocket company.

  39. RJ Brown

    You’re the man, Scott. I’ll brush up on my classical mythology.

  40. jonas1015119

    SpaceX: Robot barge
    Blue Origin: Robot ships
    SpaceX: Robot oil rig
    Blue Origin: ??? (Im hearing the US Navy wants to retire some aircraft carriers)

  41. Gresvig

    BO’s little hop buggy bores me to death, though I TOTALLY admit that the VTOL thing is very technologically impressive. Just. . . I don’t freaking care. They talk a big game but a glorified sounding rocket that needs to go like five times as fast for orbit.

    What I want is a hard core, rootin’ tootin’ old timey billionaire pissing contest. Their egos can fight and I want them to pour all their money into one upping each other in space. No human needs that much dang money, so they should spend it on getting us on another rock. I really don’t care which one at this point, moon, mars, whatever, just get something going.

  42. Steve Siegelin

    That is an important note to point out. Say what you will about Mr Trump but he was a heavy proponent toward the expansion to a multi-planetary species. I hope the current administration will continue this trend because it is necessary for human survival in the long run. Besides who the hell doesn’t want to visit a space colony!

  43. dionh70

    The line about the offshore bases named after the Martian moons being owned by an eccentric billionaire, offered in a quintessential british droll tone, absolutely made my day.

  44. martyded

    Who remembers Carmack’s Armadillo Aerospace ?… or am I too old :)

  45. Kyle Brown

    I guess we shouldn’t fear blue origin going out of business before starting regular operation because they’ve got sugar daddy Bezos propping them up

  46. keco185

    It’s a shame they’re not as open with their R&D process

  47. Matthew Black

    Blue Origin should be a lot less Gradatim and a lot more Ferociter!!

  48. Seth Baker

    8:37 Don’t get me wrong, I wish Blue Origin the best for all success and no failures, BUT… a New Glenn booster failing to land may outdo Falcon 9 in the “spectacular failure” category

  49. Nainara32

    I really don’t know how to evaluate the success of a commercial rocket program except by whether it’s delivering payloads to orbit for paying customers at a profit. Fingers crossed for Blue Origin. I hope they make it someday!

  50. Andrew R.

    I’m always happy when Scott releases a new video!

  51. Kyle Brown

    How do you possessivize “Bezos”?


  52. Håvard

    You should have ended your sentence after “not as agressive or fast as SpaceX.” Just as any developing project, progress snowballs when results are delivered. I think the hype is bigger around SpaceX because it’s showing results and progress.

  53. Paul Reiter

    I don’t think I will ever get tired of watching rockets tested or launched.

  54. Watcher Zero

    Scott, did you see the Spitting Image skits of Bezos, Musk and Branson being stranded on Mars? very funny.

  55. Michelle Peacock

    Wow, impressive. I’m genuinely surprised.

  56. C J Heeley

    Come on…. Jeff Bezos is looking more like Dr Evil with every passing year !

  57. Nathan

    Doing nothing.

  58. Nathan

    I must have like 70 of those just sitting around…

  59. Nathan

    So, I mean, the pace of that kinda accelerated in 2014…

  60. Nathan

    Only two… at Shell we’ve been decommissioning those for like fifty years…

  61. rocbolt

    Weird how its easier to not explode your rockets when you aren’t actually launching them

  62. Balázs Bélavári

    Blue Origin: tHe bE-4 HaS mOrE tHrUsT ThAn tHe RaPtOr
    *raptor specific imoulse with one third the size*

    (yes I did think through that New Glenn is roughly 2 meters less in diameter)

  63. asdrubale bisanzio

    10:40 “as long as they don’t go out of businness”
    (looking at Amazon)
    Nah fam, it’s not gonna happen

  64. David Moore

    Yep they all talk but spacex has been doing it for years. Play again?

  65. FlagDUDE08

    Blue Origin only launches if Jeff Bezos needs a tax write-off.

  66. Ethan Harper

    One day, Amazon will have suborbital package delivery.

  67. Born Again Maker

    “Fear and Dread” Not just any fear, but the “just this side of irrational fear and panic feeling” and the “existential dread” that are the constant companions of War

  68. asdrubale bisanzio

    Look at them, deploying 3 parachutes multiple times successfully, unlike somebody else…

  69. Milton Miller

    Step by step, ferociously… in geological time scale, because I don’t expect them to do anything that will excite me much during my lifetime. SpaceX has been so much more exciting and dynamic. I hope Blue Origin will be successful and do important stuff, but it would be nice if they developed things faster than a glacier moves.

  70. GeilooTV

    Jeff who?

  71. Jacobus Erasmus

    I know it is totally wrong. But every time I look at Blue Origin I can’t help but think “Aaahh cute”

  72. Tom

    Good Guy Scott Manley always leaves enough time and music at the send so we can give him a well-earned like.

  73. Erzgebirge erleben

    I like the trusty old russian / Spacex philosophy with explosive testing more :-) Dont ask me why, but RUDs off fully fueled rockets are kind of sexy (as long as noone is in) :-)

  74. Dan Riddick

    Love the summary of Blue Origin – you were able to get fairly technical and also keep it entertaining the whole way through (as you do).

  75. Johnny Longfeather

    So far this is a toy.

  76. flounder2760

    now we just need to deep fake elon musk on to the goldfinger villain.

  77. P J

    >Jeff Who?
    Get it? It’s funny parroting the same phrase over and over. What do you mean it’s repetitive and annoying, you clearly need to heard one hundred more times to appreciate this humor.
    Jeff Who? 🤣
    Jeff who? 🤣
    Jeff who? 🤣

  78. Clark Mills

    Slowly, slowly has been done by the legacy launch providers; I want progress now, in my lifetime please. This is why Spacex gets my nod…

  79. RasakBlood

    I am all for Blue Origin. I just dont really care until we see new Glenn or the lander stuff actually take form. But more reusable or partially reusable rockets is good. Anything that works to bring the cost of getting to orbit down is a step towards a more exiting future.

  80. AJ

    Scott, do you have any podcasts that you can recommend? Any subject matter will do.

  81. Iron Geir

    DEEP THROTTLE (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

  82. Ömer Ünal

    Great video as always! But one information at 9:17 is a little mistaken . BE-7 is a closed dual expander cycle engine rather than a normal open
    expander cycle engine. So the engine is different than being a downscaled version of the BE-3U.

  83. snokzor

    now I feel like playing KSP again

  84. Cheese Murderer

    watching a video of yours just fixes my day

  85. Sameer sajid

    Tough competition brings more excitement!

  86. Podkova

    I know it’s a bit unfair… but Elon Musk strikes me as bit eccentric, whereas Jeff Bezos strikes me as the sort of guy who’d build a giant laser on the moon and hold us to ransom.

  87. bimmergeezer

    Thanks Scott. I tend to pooh pooh Blue Origin because of there secrecy and I just don’t like Jeff Besos. I will try to reform my opinion but I am such an Elon Musk fanboy it probably won’t happen!!

  88. Nikolai Stakheiko

    I didn’t know Peter Beck built a rocket bike – that’s really cool

  89. Mirador

    Their step by step claim doesn’t fit well to going from New Shepard to New Glenn.

  90. Stick Mann

    _”Hullo it’s Scott Manley here”_

    Awesome :D

  91. L.O.L

    Hi ,Scott Manley it’s me
    “LAND SAFE 🚀”

  92. ulfpe

    Exiting times, if this continues we will see a space explosion (the positive kind)

  93. B2B Training

    Mott Scanley, land dangerously

  94. CocoaButt

    Thanks, now I’ll refer to one of those oil platforms as Judge Dread.

  95. Miky Schuster

    Blue Moon – what a great name for a lander.

  96. offshore171

    Kinda lame that BO broadcasts report altitude in feet, when SpaceX and Rocketlab are doing things by the kilometer. Still shows an atmospheric aviation mindset.

  97. Lucas The unlucky boy

    Wow, i never been this early!!! Thanks for the video Scott!!

  98. Starman's Science Channel

    Excited for this one, go New Glenn. Always cool to see a new launch vehicle

  99. Andrew Thornal

    Great info, Thanks Scott!

  100. DenseAlloy

    I’ve been waiting for this! Thanks Scott.

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