Blue Origin’s Blue Moon, in Blue Lights Showing Big Blue Spherical Fuel Tanks

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Alternative Title: ‘The richest man in the world shows off his sci-fi dreams and presents a small step to making it real’
Blue Origin had their super exclusive PR event which gave the audience the first look at their Blue Moon lunar lander. The BE-7 engine is headed for testing by NASA this year and will be a dual expander cycler engine designed for 40kN of thrust and deep throttling.

Watch the full presentation here:

Explanation of Expander cycle engines here:

  1. Paul Cooper

    This is why Amazon picked up production of “The Expanse” for season 4

  2. Tommy Vaske

    Focusing on all the right aspects, just as usual. ;) Nice one.

  3. Stuart Reed

    I can’t believe I laughed at the blue moon joke, but good work 😂

  4. ripvanstinkle

    Was looking forward to your video on this presentation!

  5. Lrr_Of_Omikron

    “I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa”

  6. joe b

    You should do a new ksp series after bg is released. Only add life support and alarm clock. You win when there are flags on every solid planet and moon. 👍

  7. Larry Lawrence

    thank you for awesome videos, robert zubrin also has release new book, do you have time to discuss or review?

  8. streglof

    don’t you mean “Blue Origin’s Blue Mun”

  9. Aleverette S

    Did they straightly copied the concept from MSG?

  10. Cookie Monster

    since Jeff has the “fly safe” hairstyle, nothing could go wrong

  11. Asger Vestbjerg

    Interesting stuff
    Hope that we a liftoff soon :-)

  12. Ralph111417

    Thank you Scott! 3D printed nozzles….we really are stepping out.

  13. iamzid

    I am actually a really big fan of a fully space bourn race.
    Earth is our egg, we have yet to be berthed. I could talk for days about the implications.


    I think this was more a pitch aimed at NASA/Congress, and I suppose by extension, the mainstream media. Clearly BO wants NASA bucks for Buck Rogers.

  15. Jack Zeng

    “very efficient hairstyle” : Scott’s bald head pops up at the corner of screen

  16. TheVigilante2000

    Limited Resources? So? That just theoretically limits our max population (to the trillions).

  17. Emmanuel Florac

    The jokes were top notch :) I like the geeky reference to the MPEG group and I see from your hairstyle that you’re actually a Bezos fanboi :)

  18. Gordon Chin

    The fact that Bezos is relying on Congress is mind boggling.

  19. basogoreng

    O’neil Cylinder space colonies??
    *Sieg Zeon intensifies*

  20. Ryan Clark

    All that money, and he couldn’t even keep his hair!
    Mwahahahahaha!!! 😆😆😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  21. islandersfan1

    Minining asteroids: Good, eliminates a threat, rarely unique enough to worry greatly about their loss.
    Mining the moon: Bad, damages something unique which we only have one of, we literally had agreements to keep the cosmos from being drained and damaged for this reason.

  22. iliketrains0pwned

    God damn, I was born in the perfect era to become an aerospace engineer!!!

  23. Der Fahnenträger

    They should work with spacex
    One does the rocket, the other the landing module…

  24. Shawn Elliott

    I feel like you’re making a thinly veiled anatomy joke of some kind…but I can’t quite get my hands around it.

  25. amilo5

    Put this on a Falcon Heavy and we are golden. But sadly no crosssharing of technology.

  26. Human Person

    He said in The presentation that the RCS system will be powered by gaseous Hydrogen and Oxygen

  27. j4d3 goat

    This is good stuff! Best of luck to Blue Origin and their work with this!
    I just wish that **SpaceX** were more focused on the moon rather than Mars. Much easier and faster to get a moon base up and running rather than a Mars base.
    Anyway – it **does** leave the door open to Blue Origin…………

  28. Brian Decker

    Focus Mr. Manley – who cares about Fortnite when you have the pure bliss of SATISFACTORY?

  29. GCM

    8:00 are those black boxes steppers motors?! I’m guessing they do valve control

  30. BW Meeks

    I believe he said best planet in the Solar System, but not 100% sure

  31. Willies 89

    hearing scott talking about fortnite and owning people is too much for me XD

  32. mikee368

    Well the Everyday Astronaut was there also. Maybe he will give some response aswell Haha.
    Really disappointed about no questions

  33. Zoomer30

    When you consider what the Blue Origin rocket looks like, having a giant ball in the middle of the lander makes sense. If there is one on the other side, just add the lander to the bottom of the rocket. Phallic monument complete.

  34. OverclockedSanic

    A very “aerodynamic” hairstyle

  35. Mike Petty

    Insanely rich guy wants to build his own Elysium…

  36. maloc1824

    He’s been watching too much of the Gundam series.
    For those wondering look up Gundam Sides.

  37. nemthefearless

    They’ve got “Blue Spheres”, huh? Too bad, you can usually fix that if you lower your standards enough.
    “That rocket looks like a giant-”
    “Woody, pass me those binoculars!”

  38. Hat Man

    Blue ball shaped tanks… I see what you did there XD.
    I’m actually related to a guy named Tom Crean. He was an Irish antarctic explorer in the early 1900s. He was aboard the Endurance and played a pivitol role on multiple occasions in getting the crew home. I recommend anybody interested in the Endurance research him, as he provides a unique perspective on the world of antarctic exploration at the time. He had been on 2 previous expeditions attempting to reach the south pole before even embarking on the Endurance.

  39. whatisreality01

    if you honestly think Jeff Bezos has humanity’s best interests and has no power grab angle in this venture …..then your sadly mistaken .

  40. Monking Flame

    Me reading the title: ok a lot of blue i guess
    My brain reading the title: *eifel 56 – I’m blue .mp3*

  41. Elon Musk Fan

    I think Elon secretly knew about this, and that’s why he released the new Starship renders.
    Btw Scott: BE- 3+ BE- 4 = BE- 7

  42. Joaquín Cubelli

    Jeff Bezos has a very efficient haircut – Scott Manley 2019

  43. Jack Smith

    Is it true you work as chief baggag handler on united airlines ?

  44. DerStolzeRitter

    I can’t even play PuBG with 200ms lag…
    oh wait, wrong game

  45. Dávid Kertész

    You can play fortnite with the other habitants near the moon.

  46. john smith

    Blue Moon?
    After getting caught cheating on his wife, it’s more like “Blue Balls”…..

  47. Tony Elsom

    Great breakdown of Jeff Who’s eloquent presentation, however, Elon Musk also have lunar aspirations ..Competition is a great motivator in space racing..

  48. // REDACT3D

    I think the largest problem with people not getting hyped about space- involves the feeling that it’s too high of a goal for a single person to reach. lots of ” ah but I’ll never get to space – so ill try and put it out of my mind”

  49. Thin White Duke

    Even though imma get hated, but SpaceX is still better

  50. 4one14

    As soon as I read about the presser I was looking forward to your video on it, and as always you didn’t disappoint!
    Thanks for being awesome Scott <3

  51. Bob Breit

    I can’t figure out if I was born 100 years too late or early.
    Neat stuff

  52. cpt nordbart

    Scott does Look like Jeff Bezos.
    i think not…

  53. Michael

    This is easily one of the best Space related channel on YouTube, hands down. Very much underrated. Keep up the great work Scott and thank you for all of the material you produce. I continue to learn with every single video. 🚀

  54. gs8777

    “…his very efficient hairstyle…” – Scott
    I sense some bias in that statement. :D

  55. Lakario Davis

    lmao very efficient hair style haha

  56. David Parry

    That engine’s plumbing is elegant. I like that already.

  57. SpoonfedPig

    You could play multi player turn based strategy games on the Moon. On Mars though, it would be more like play by mail.

  58. Spike The Lizard

    6:07 of course the cool people weren’t there Scott. After all, you weren’t there.

  59. Michael Mosseri

    you may be a little biased on the efficient haircut

  60. EK Lim

    yeah Jeff definitely has confirmation bias on earth being the best place in the universe

  61. Chris C

    2 seconds of lag?
    This year’s CoD: “Hold my beer”

  62. Dustin Glenn

    Anyone else AMAZED by how simple the plumbing is on the BE-7?

  63. Justin Peanuts

    Living in space stations is more sensible than going to Mars.

  64. Alex Neychev

    Good things…space race is on but ,who will need this blue balls when Starship will be operational soon…. like 1-2 years (Elon time) :D

  65. Cláudio Sampaio

    That’s it, X4: Foundations was right all along, we don’t need planetary landings!

  66. nosirrbro

    Hooray for O’Neill cylinders, at least.
    Also hooray for incessant corporatization of every last domain in existence. Eugh.

  67. Sizano Green

    I mean I really like space X but blue origins concept seems to be much more Isaac-Arthury and therefor better.

  68. ZenZaBill

    “His very efficient hair style” — LoL… good one Scott.


    Moon hotel and Luna vacation resort with low G spots center is more viable then any going to Mars in a one way coffin. IMO

  70. INERT

    I’ll go.
    Even if it’s a one way trip, I’ll go.

  71. The Exoplanets Channel

    *I wish and hope that more and more billioners join space exploration*

  72. KaiserRedGamer

    Ba da bee da ba dee da ba da
    H-h-h-h-hm h-h-hm h-h-hm.
    I’m blue, ba da bee da ba doo.
    From Amazon, nuh-uh-uow to the moon.
    Blue origin, blu-ue Earth,
    Now’ts the time to make the moon Blue!

  73. Crimson Halo

    What would a Jeff future look like?
    *Alien, except Bezos-Amazon instead of Weyland-Yutani.*

  74. Sheldon Robertson

    As an Isaac Arthur fan, I agree with Bezos on the idea of building O’Neill Cylinders, and am amused by his cute little space infrastructure plan, though I wish he had gone big.
    An interconnected network of orbital rings around Earth connecting major cities on every continent with a globe spanning solar electric network and 120 kilometer high magnetic levitation launch loops would really get my attention.

  75. John Weck

    Greetings. Nice video. Finally, someone that makes sense in their space vision – well done, Mr. Bezos! :)

  76. oreubens

    3:24 There are two gates…
    Bill Gates, and Melinda Gates

  77. Damian Reloaded

    Is nobody going to point out he looks exactly like Kevin Spacey’s Lex Luthor?

  78. WillieRants

    Bezos stated that the Earth was the best planet in the Solar System, not the Universe. I think his argument is accurate especially when in context to the topic at hand, which is human settlement.

  79. Cole Smith

    This is awesome! Blue Origin and SpaceX have me really hyped for the future right now.

  80. Matt Horkan

    So about that O’Neill Cylinder: And where will i be picking up my Zaku? I was promised Zakus.

  81. Patrick COD

    Scott needs to do a video about his very effective hairstyle

  82. JMLawson80

    Gerrard O’Neil. I heard him speak in 1975. How cool would this be?

  83. Downstream01

    “I think he’s kinda biased because he does come from earth.” Unlike Elon.

  84. toadelevator

    I haven’t seen a more promising unveiling since Todd Howard announced Fallout 76 .

  85. Paul Lamar

    I suddenly have the urge to buy a t-shirt that says “Very efficient hairstyle.”

  86. Burton Rasmussen

    Literally just watched the presentation and was like “okay Scott, where’s your video?”

  87. nagualdesign

    @Scott Manley Have you ever considered interviewing? I’d love to watch you interview Bezos, Musk, et al, interspersed with your in-depth explanations to camera. Most science journalists have a fraction of your knowledge.

  88. Peter Ford

    116280 views – this video
    119848 views – the actual official event video on BO’s channel.
    Not sure what to make of that.

  89. Guru

    I just came here to see people making blue ball jokes.
    Honestly, kind of disappointed.

  90. Alex Hatfield

    Ha! As do you Scott. An excellent highly aerodynamic cranial fairing.

  91. Transmission Control

    I think he’s secretly building a 120:1 mechabezos in compartmentalized sections. It’s pretty obvious which part of his anatomy New Shepard is and now there’s a pair of tanks swinging from Blue Moon. It’s a tossup whether they’d be 120:1 scale eyes or well, something you might park below New Shepard.

  92. Joshua Sims

    Jeff Bezos: “the earth is finite, (its resources finite.)” just watch out if he starts collecting infinity stones.

  93. WheresWa11y

    I too, am a big fan of the high efficiency hair style .

  94. Angry Gopnik

    Elon tweeted a picture of the lander with “blue moon” replaced with “blue balls”

  95. andrew nelson

    10:40 I think Scott might be biased about Jeff Bezo’s efficient hair style. Scott is also from Earth. 🤔

  96. Thedeepseanomad

    Jeff founding father of the Belters. Elon founding father of MCR.

  97. Matt Chaffe

    “I think he’s biased because he comes from Earth” Scott you are amazing! Keep up the great videos and jokes!

  98. Abbreviated Reviews

    “None of the cool people were there.” The Scott Manleyest of burns.

  99. Jerry Rupprecht

    It sounds like Scott’s children recently discovered Fortnite.

  100. MrMatthias0

    There is no fortnite on Mars? Sign me up

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