Betelgeuse Gets Darker, But It’s Probably Not Going To Explode (Yet)

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Betelgeuse is the reddest star visible in the night sky, a red supergiant a few hundred light years from Earth it’s likely to become a supernova in the next hundred thousand years or so. Recently it faded and became half as luminous as usual, and some more clickbaity publications suggested a supernova might be imminent.
And that would be amazing.
But don’t place any bets on it, all the science suggests it’s still young enough that it’s burning helium, so we have plenty of time to watch it being Orion’s shoulder.

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  1. Steve S

    “We can’t even change the camera angle” – erm – parallax observations.? Love your vids – Happy New Year to all

  2. ArsenalEcho

    Thing is, it might as well have gone nova yesterday, we’re not gonna witness it anytime soon. Light is too darn slow. It needs an upgrade. Come on, it’s 2020 already. :P

  3. tubehellcat

    It might’ve exploded already quite some time ago…. we just haven’t seen it yet.
    We need that temporal time-travel-like grammar xD

  4. net shaman

    Say it three times : ” Beetlejuice, Bettlejuice, Beetlejuice ! ” :P
    And face the consequences ! ^^

  5. sed8me

    Go ahead and mark your
    Giant, WoBbLy, Stone Calender ;)
    By far, a video worth watching on the topic.

  6. bluetricker4122

    Come on, get this man the 1 mil subs milestone, he deserves it!🙏🏼

  7. Flyingvoxel nolond

    it’s almost like a red giant is a mass of fusion slowly escaping its gravitational pull or something just blowing up over and over and over wait a minute

  8. William Barksdale

    6:55 did you mean 10 billion years ago?

  9. cottonfoo

    Elite: Dangerous, great :)

  10. Johan Jacobs

    With my luck I’ll be looking in the other direction of the sky when it happens to go supernova.

  11. Slinkerdeer

    What I find most mind blowing about this particular star, is that even if it went supernova hundreds of years ago, we wouldn’t even know about it. Being 640 light years away

  12. Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    *Reads title*
    Ngl, they had us in the first half

  13. En Vie

    Outstanding video Sir! Brought me right back my study of Stars in university! Cheers!

  14. The Teuton King

    I have found a new constellation! Look into the sky, see all those twinkling stars in the sky? I call it ‘the bees’. This makes astronomy 10000x easier.

  15. dolebiscuit

    It sure would be spectacular to see though! Someone fly out to it and poke it with a cosmic stick; see if that speeds things up.

  16. Pinochet

    I predict it will explode 444 days after new years day

  17. cybelisk

    It’s already a supernova, we just cant see it yet.

  18. CJD

    If one has any questions about Betelgeuse…..
    Just say His name three times and…

  19. Bathysphere

    Beetle Juice. When it does blow, i’m gonna grab some popcorn.

  20. NSA

    Thanks for the info. I need to call my fleet back.

  21. Dan Casey

    I remember hearing somewhere that back in ancient history Betelguese was seen as a blue star. Do you know if there is evidence of this?

  22. daro2096

    Orion reminds me of an hour glass for some reason.

  23. Tumen Odnuud

    My favorite star in the sky 😍

  24. TheNighthawk00

    I first thought that “geuse” referred to a type of beer in Belgium. That honor goes to TRAPPIST-1 lol.

  25. György Mohl

    4:35 is that 50+ thousands of years, or 50+ years with decimals?

  26. etherealessence

    i just hope it goes off in my life time. i’m patient, i can wait, but i really do want to see it.

  27. Peter Mills

    I was taught 50 years ago that it was pronounced Betel Jherz and I’ll stick with it thanks.

  28. Dave C.

    When Betelgeuse goes supernova, what can we predict our neutrino detectors will see? It should be phenomenal.

  29. ZappaBlues

    I know, I know, but I would just LOVE to see it go BOOM!

  30. NetworKrakle

    I love how you use Elite Dangerous to show it.

  31. Karim Larson

    I found The dutchsinse of the sky 😂😂😂

  32. Shrinkabull Anarchy

    Can you loosen Orions Belt? 💥

  33. BLAIR M Schirmer

    My favorite star when I was a kid. Funny name and, amazingly, it gave off red light. How cool is that?

  34. John Wang

    Ahhh, I want to see a supernova…

  35. OPBlue

    Lol-ed at the Bellatrix Lestrange image

  36. panda44r

    How long do neutron stars last?
    I don’t see them on the diagram at 6:07
    Also pulsars, etc.
    Just wonderin’,………….. as always :o)


    How interesting! “Nimrod was a great hunter in opposition to Jehovah” -wake it up people

  38. Yevgenij Palaguta

    Aaah, memories of my astronomy lectures! Thx for recaling :)

  39. iforce2d

    Hello from New Zealand…. why are all your pictures of Orion upside-down :)

  40. wenderro

    Maybe we are just seeing attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion… the timing fits…

  41. Harold Henderson

    When Bayer listed the stars in each constellation, he seems to have listed the most noticeable (interesting) as Alpha, second most noticeable as Beta. That explains why Alpha is not always the brightest star. Not that stars don’t change in brightness over the timescale of recorded human history, but a star that looks red/orange would be easier to point out.

  42. Leandro Paratella

    Liking before even watching. Just the content I needed when I wanted!

  43. Youcamp

    I’ve had days where I’m uncharacteristically dim. But I’m better now.

  44. Eye of Horus

    “Hello, Scott Manley here and I am very manly. Let’s just talk about how manly I am…”

  45. John Anderson

    Love the fact you’re using Elite Dangerous for the star mapping.

  46. Pew Pew

    Will Scott Manley get 1million subscribers before the end of 2019?

  47. Matthijs van Duin

    “There’s no experiments” …. yet. ;-)

  48. TurnTimeTable

    66 thumbs down: “We want a supernova!”

  49. marv

    1 mil 2019 ?

  50. O.o LOL

    When my hamster pees I can smell it from across the room… Got Damn…

  51. Alexagrigorieff

    Fun fact: 99% of the explosion energy is carried away by neutrinos, only 1% is carried by other forms.

  52. hellcat1988

    I would laugh if it goes off tomorrow since you made this video.

  53. Bill Cumming

    I’m just wating for it to go Supernova, if it does, you HAVE to start the video with Michael Keaton “It’s Showtime!” clip…

  54. thegregorypenis

    In russia and other unbiased languages it’s pronounced as betle-gaeizae

  55. TheAmberGryphon

    It’s crazy that this darkness that we’re seeing right now was a thousand years ago.

  56. Kirk T


  57. Adrian Epp

    9:33 One ring to rule them all

  58. Simon Watts

    IRAS imagery!
    Some of the first data i worked with (early 90s) was of the upper Orion region in triband IR from IRAS, and a jolly to a conference in Pasadena.

  59. Jim Peck

    I’m still going to yell “BOOM” at it every time I see it in the night sky… lmao

  60. David Taylor

    When it does go supernova and its light reaches us:
    *”It’s showtime.”*

  61. Somvix

    “The Dark Ages”

  62. Lynx7725

    “The thing is, astronomers don’t get to decide. […] We can’t even change the camera angle.”
    That so cracked me up. It’s going to get quoted. xD

  63. Robert Martinu

    8:30 Neutrinos blowing the outer layers away. That’s eerily surreal. Reminds you of the scale of such events…

  64. miniUsername

    9:29 “one ring to rule them all”

  65. Feiner Fug

    I hear Ford Prefect isn‘t quite happy with this state of affairs.
    Time for another correction to the guide.

  66. yannniQue 17

    I pronounce it Betaigoitze
    Edit: as a German

  67. Randomguy007 GG

    I have been watching Betelgeuse for a while and when I noticed the slight changes I got so excited. I hope we get to see it someday

  68. MrReevez

    Can’t you just let us dream? :p

  69. Monody

    Well it won’t have exploded by 3305… at least according to Elite: Dangerous. :P

  70. Chris Taylor

    The only explosion were probably gonna see from this star is the explosion in YouTube videos 🤯

  71. 221b

    The light from the Great Collapsing Hrung Disaster has reached us at last.

  72. bur1t0

    The way you said “fly safe” this time really felt like a threat.

  73. Ross

    Betelgeuse, the star that captured my imagination as a child.

  74. HockeyGuy635

    I was looking at this star with my telescope the other night

  75. Sean McDonough

    9:36 – New science mission: Send a space probe to Betelgeuse to poke it with a humongous stick.

  76. Jerry Rupprecht

    I prefer looking at the star anyway. I don’t want to have to specify which when I say “Orion Nebula”

  77. Ecci Ecci

    “We cant even change the camera angle” I dont know why but this hit me kinda hard

  78. zlozlozlo

    For the entire run of the video I was worried you’d accidentally say the name three times in a row.

  79. INERT

    If you say its name three times, the supernova gets delayed another 100 years.

  80. SuperSMT

    This is one of my “bucket list” goals, to see betelgeuse explode… I just need it to happen this century (my other goal is to live til 2101)

  81. DaLantanek

    And here I thought I could witness a star exploding in my lifetime :(

  82. nerd-caveman

    ‘Degenerate’ core?
    I see it is a star of culture as well.

  83. bingo_fuel

    been reading about this a lot the last few days, but finally, a TRUSTWORTHY source covering the subject!

  84. j worldwide

    Let’s all just hope there’s enough uncertainty in the models that Betelguese could end up going off.
    Apologies and condolences to any species that may be near it…
    Great presentation, Mr. Manley. Thank you.

  85. Will Barnstead

    A supernova within 1000 light years would be great, but at this point I’d just be happy with a 0 magnitude comet!

  86. The Rocinante

    I pray* it goes supernova though. That shit would be AMAZING

  87. Joules Kelvin

    Beatlejuice: Go ahead, make my millennium.

  88. Sean McDonough

    0:41 – Assuming, of course, that it hasn’t already and we just haven’t heard of it yet.

  89. NewAnon

    I’m just waiting for the day we see a massive, bright flash unexpectedly and scientists say they didn’t anticipate it.

  90. Cas

    I always thought the pronunciation “beetlejuice” just started catching on after the movie came out

  91. swerasnym

    So things are as usual with a huge difference between soon in news and soon in astronomy.

  92. David Gifford

    How many astronomers does it take to change a lightbulb: 1 +/- 800,000.

  93. rabbitslayer42

    I’m hoping it went boom 642 years ago and in a few months we’ll gt to experience it

  94. Gemmel

    “We can’t even change the camera angle ” Classic, love it.

  95. Crimson Halo

    Oops, I think we just triggered a supernova …

  96. HorzaPanda

    “We can’t even change the angle”
    Not yet at least. The best reason for an interplanetary empire, more angles to do astronomy from XD

  97. Archaeopteryx128

    It will expolode soon, in geological terms.

  98. Pass The Butter Robot

    Betelgeuse could have gone supernova while King Henry V was leading his army to victory on the fields of Agincourt …and we wouldn’t know it yet.

  99. Dysputant

    Betelgeuse explodes.
    People on Earth: Ou gee, it looks so nice.
    Aliens 100 LY from supernova : Fuuuuu…….

  100. Paul Paulson

    I prefer to pronounce it battle-goose

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