Astronauts will be Baking on the Space Station

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Later this year a small oven is being launched to the ISS, partly to investigate how baking is changed in zero g, and partly funded as a promotional opportunity for cookie makers.
The dark side of this is apparently the crew won’t get to try these fresh baked cookies…..

  1. Firebreath

    Love the new intro and outro <3

  2. vaibhav poke

    Goddamn, Practical effects for intro. Taking production value to the next level

  3. Axel Werner

    LOVE the new outtro!! please keep it! so organic.

  4. Markus Brunner

    Oh boy, was that a family guy reference intro :D

  5. Julian Suse

    A regular person: sphere
    Scott Manley: doughnut hole

  6. Wyatt Nooodles

    could you make it spin (causing artificial gravity) for more advanced cookie baking techniques
    edit: it could show how cookies will react being baked on other bodies like the moon if the gravity is set lower

  7. Space Explorer

    High Quality Intro. Finally!

  8. SteelZenith

    Getting astronauts to bake your cookies for you, genius 🤣 Also, welcome back to Scotland, the weather is bloody awful as usual this time of year

  9. rachel fish

    Everyone’s said it already, but I love the “new” intro so much!! Laughed so hard

  10. Horizon winangkoso

    “I’ll be in scotland with my scottish family”
    You don’t say…

  11. Alpha0727

    The astronauts need to test at least one cookie to see if space cookies taste any different from earth cookies. It would also help to know if they are even edible after the cooking process.

  12. Mihai Lazar

    The intro and outro are much better now

  13. Coastfog

    Great intro/outro! 😄 Improvise, adapt, overcome.

  14. MarcAFK

    Slightly different outro tune, but maybe it was time for a change. Keep it :p

  15. Ambonec

    Would a bread-maker be next (like stuff in a can)?

  16. PantsuMann

    Intro and outro, omg Scott. Sorry for your lost computer, but this is pure genius.

  17. R Kramer

    Smelling fresh baked cookies yet not being allowed to eat at least one…. I think that falls under “cruel and unusual” yeah???
    Also, digging the intro and outro Lol

  18. Torben Møller

    Convection issues? Why no just use a fanas in a Earth own? 🤔😀

  19. ChannelRalph

    Wow! The production values on the Intro and Outro. Did a fan donate a Million Dollars? Good stuff.

  20. Sam Bowen

    Saw the light switch or whatever on the wall, and thought you were in another country.
    😲I missed the thing about thieves. I’ll have to go back and look.

  21. Lee Johnson

    My mate, Spud hippy bakes a mean space cake.
    Ps. I can pm you his number if you want to pass it on to NASA.

  22. Mark McCulfor

    Lolol I love you intro and outro, keep it up Scott, thanks for the video

  23. Niklas K.

    I would feel robbed.
    A huge hit against the moral.
    Even jsut one fresh cookie to your birthday in space would be awesome.

  24. PointLineBox

    Might be the only time “spherical X in a vacuum” is a better description of the outcome than common experience…

  25. Jakop Kragslay

    This sounds like something that they would do in that old show Eureka.

  26. The intro is okay for exactly one video. You can’t use it for more because it’d become old and annoying.

  27. Circa *1965*

    Set point temp: 451
    Current Temp: 572

  28. Thirst Fast

    voted best-smelling experiment performed on the ISS 2019

  29. PageMonster

    “In outer space, no-one can hear you scream….ME WANT COOKIE! NOMNOMNOM!!!” 🤣
    Nice beatboxing..possibly. 🤔

  30. TheDrunkenMug

    Nice (Familly guy) something something dark side reference on that intro :)

  31. Thomas Frewer

    I don’t often leave likes on videos, but that intro is definitely worthy of it.

  32. Steve Walker

    So, there will be some baking? And they will also be pretty high? lol
    (I’m not a stoner, I just like puns.)

  33. cottsak

    “Making real videos”!!? What are you talking about?! The new beat box intro is possibly the greatest innovation on this channel to date!! 😆

  34. Junior Balls

    Bacon in space and I’m there 😎

  35. DaT0nkee

    They will send back ALL the samples.
    Obviously. :)

  36. sminstudios

    As usual, Mitch Hedberg has a definitive statement on it:
    “You shouldn’t make cookies untouchable!”

  37. Pat Bubba

    So I’m curious. Will those particular Dragon missions (up & down) be referred to as THE COOKIE MONSTER?

  38. peter obermuller

    Astronaut to Mission control: “Control, we’ve had a problem.”
    Control: “Ok, please clarify.”
    Astronaut: we’ve lost the cookie.. “mumbling in the background”
    Control: Is that chewing i hear?
    Astronaut: NO!!!!

  39. mjproebstle

    C is for cookie, that good enough for me
    C. Monster

  40. SüdAntares Cosmonautics

    Scott, you hilarious genius!
    What an intro was that!?
    You must keep it! So unique!

  41. Willem van de Beek

    When the replacement intro and outro are better than the original! XD

  42. KuraIthys

    All this research and then at some point in the future we just end up with space stations and ships with artificial gravity and suddenly 90% of it becomes a moot point most of the time. XD
    Yeah, obviously that’s not actually true, because it’s hard to imagine a situation where Zero-g environments won’t still be present no matter what technology shows up…
    But still….
    Build a spacestation with spin gravity, and suddenly you can just plonk a completely conventional oven in there…
    That’d be something no doubt.
    I bet being able to use a conventional toilet again would be one of those small luxuries that you don’t realise how much you miss it until it’s gone…

  43. Les Hemmings

    2nd astronaut strike coming up! Skylab famously had a rebellion over workload & I can see the same thing happening here.
    “Yes, we are eating some Houston! Who’s gonna stop us? We thought 50/50 was equitable!”
    Mark my words!

  44. revenevan11

    Those scheming researchers just want the space cookies for themselves!

  45. aTomic

    Thought this was going to be about a very difficult type of baking.

  46. Jerry Watson

    Thanks Scott, I loved that intro, and your daughters outro. Thanks again for sharing, have a safe flight.

  47. Alex Landherr

    At 2:42, I doubt that they will so honest, perhaps there’s an unfortunate communications blackout…

  48. zapfanzapfan

    Those are the kind of cookies that would be welcome flying on the space station :-)

  49. randomnickify

    Great Scott!! please keep that INTRO!!! :D

  50. JonasToGo

    To bake space cookies I personally don’t have to go on a multi-milion flight to the ISS xD

  51. Majo gl

    Best intro ever… You realize from now on you’re stuck with it right? :D At least some good came out of that highway robbery :D :D

  52. HisRoyalCarlness

    At first I was like “yay! I was hoping it’d be cookies!” and then ” o_o…”

  53. JaysonSR

    Did you change the intro? I think it looked a little different.

  54. Woodworker Don

    The follow-on to the oven will just have to be a micro brewery.🍺

  55. 77gravity

    No convection in space? Just install a FAN. Like my fan-forced oven.

  56. Dangermouse

    Sad about your robbery, but LOVE the intro and outro

  57. Kestrel

    Nobody, literally nobody.
    Zero G: Let’s put a mf oven on a space station!

  58. Russ Trotter

    that CGI man-hand in the intro was legit… it’s SO REALISTIC.. the modeling of its movement to reality is something i’ve never seen! :-P

  59. Drunken Hobo

    Skye currently looking like the most Californian person who ever lived. Where’s the surfboard?

  60. Science Central

    Scott Manley talking about baking cookies for 5 minutes

  61. Blowitup1991

    i actually thought you were talking about touching the oven side with a hand . definetly don’t do that, not even in a pizza oven 😂

  62. Zachary Tischer

    1980: by 2020 we would have mars cities
    2019: researching cookies

  63. Nathan Huisman

    Gimme some of that S P A C E C A K E

  64. Dino Nucci

    There’s zero G and zero way they don’t eat some! “NASA, we have a … missing cookie (or dozen)”.

  65. Talky Walky Meat Pete

    Wouldn’t a fan remove the need for multiple heating elements?

  66. Orbis92

    Not only the first cooking oven in space, but also the first with an integrated USB-Hub (4:03 top right corner)

  67. Nounours2627

    Skye can now play guitar….. OMG, i’m suddenly feeling old. xD It’s a long time since she was playing the space pirate or playing in a box…

  68. Horizon winangkoso

    Keep this intro please!

  69. milkshakespear

    Oh man, girl scouts… soon girl astronauts have to power to orbital-strike cookies into households! Glorious!

  70. Thu Lx

    ISS: “Make some cookies”
    NASA: _I’ll take your whole stock_

  71. klaro115

    Yeah, I’m hoping they’ll make a live-stream of the baking process, thus making it the first cooking show in space. Wouldn’t that be pretty rad?

  72. B1 Laxson

    Gets robbed of his travelling youtuber gear.
    Still has random Xwing for intro.
    Scott Manley

  73. Tsar Panda the 01

    The outtro needs to stay. Even if there is no Skye and it is just her music it would be so much more personalised and responsible.

  74. Squiggummer Figgammus

    Keep the intro/outro pair for a month. Whos with me!

  75. Simon T

    No.. Let the astronauts eat their home made space cookies! Don’t be cruel.

  76. Simply Space

    That intro!?! That surprised me.

  77. Sir- Jarrad

    Moon pie? What a time to be alive.

  78. JustSomeCanuck

    In space, no one can hear you scream…”WHY CAN”T I EAT MY COOKIE?!”

  79. Rami Emad

    You just rendered all video editing software obsolete in the eyes of your viewers

  80. root42

    They have Sparkfun PCBs on their oven. Looks legit. :)

  81. Luke Andrews

    I want those astronauts to have cookies, someone should start a fund raiser to get extra ingredients sent up

  82. Bram

    If they are real astronauts some of those cookies are getting eaten.
    Gemini’s corned beef sandwich demands it.

  83. Gerald Saunders

    Will there be some kind of warning? Like: “This station uses cookies”?

  84. PorkinsDLX

    Comments section is a combination of “Keep the intro/outro they’re adorable!” and “LET THE SPACE MEN EAT THEIR COOKIES!”
    This is why I love the comments section on Scotts Vids, just pure joy

  85. Scientific scotsman

    It will be hilarious if when they make the cookies the pouch breaks open and allows the dough to form to whatever it wants thus giving us the first true space-balls

  86. Jardel Elias

    Well, at least that oven has more USB sockets than my computer.

  87. 1nfinit3

    i first read that title as “Astronauts will be baked on the space station” xd

  88. robert linke

    can you imagin the smell in the ISS, and then just not be allowed to eat it.
    how do you even survive that? thats torture

  89. SlavjanA

    Can’t wait for The Great ISS Bake Off.

  90. Enda_ murf

    Hi scott can you do a video on space shuttle mission sts-51-f it was the first and only time a shuttle used a abort scenario love your videos

  91. Jessica 'Virindi'

    Surely they will be allowed to have a few…nobody is that cruel.

  92. Nazamroth

    “ISS, we just got the cookie package… there are several missing pieces… As you are all professionals, we can only assume that aliens intercepted the capsule on the way back and we have to develop an anti-theft countermeasure next.”

  93. Quikee

    One cookie for me… one cookie for advancing the scientific knowledge… one cookie for me… one cookie for advancing the scientific knowledge…

  94. Astria

    That X-Wing doesn’t look like it’s flying safe.

  95. MinedMaker

    Applause to Skye for that lovely outro.

  96. Močnik Royale

    The intro and the outro tho😂😂😘😂 however, the video is totally mental, as always.

  97. Casey DuBay

    I vote that intro becomes the new permanent one, holy crap.

  98. Mike EL

    Come to the dark side. We have cookies, but you can’t eat them.

  99. Selmokk

    ISS: “So Houston, we finished baking the 5 cookies”
    Houston: “Wasn’t it 8 Cookies when you turned on the oven?”
    ISS: “Uuuh, well… they, uhm… welded together to make 5 cookies. Very weird microgravity stuff”

  100. The Edge Of Rage

    Oh man, that intro is genius. Please keep it <3
    Edit: the outtro too

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