Apollo 11 – Movie Review

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A new documentary on the Apollo 11 mission has been released, Including large amounts of new footage which had been sitting in the archive for decades. I bought a ticket to an early showing of this in IMAX last night and I wanted to put some of my thoughts about it on screen. It’s going to be released initially to a limited number of IMAX theaters, but eventually to a wider distribution. I hope that some of this footage eventually gets released in digital form because it’s the best footage I’ve seen of some of these events.

Official Trailer:

  1. richb313

    Scott, you had me sold with your first, “I’ve never seen better” . This is on my definitely must watch list.

  2. S.E. Sander

    Those rockets in the background….where do I buy them? I’m the guy from Twitter trying to build model rockets (NON FLIGHT) lol

  3. John Opalko

    This sounds marvelous but, unfortunately, the only version playing near me in the 47-minute cut.

  4. David Messer

    Sadly, I missed seeing this movie. I hope they re-release it in July.
    I did see the real thing though. It was an amazing day.

  5. Cody Moon

    I saw the movie last night and I cannot agree more! Incredible work of art. I can’t wait to see if they publicly release the archive footage.

  6. Darth GrumpBert

    Thank you Scott, your enthusiasm is so infectious! I was looking forward to seeing this, now I cannot wait! 😁

  7. ShamblerDK

    I don’t believe I’ve seen you this excited about anything before. My fiancée and I will go watch the movie :-)

  8. Ralph111417

    Thanks Scott deffo on my list.

  9. Corvetteman2013

    Scott: Great video. I just discovered this movie a few days ago. By the way, the command module is missing from your Saturn 5 rocket model.

  10. Christian Bergman

    Saw it last night as well. Amazing. Scott, your description is bang on!

  11. rupert stratton

    Absolutely loved this film. Missed it at the cinema though, bit gutted about that.

  12. Wise Guy4U

    I found myself guessing the various film formats. 70mm, 35, 16, 8…..TV.

  13. sminstudios

    Just saw it. Masterful music made on Moog and Mellotron.
    Wasn’t that Isaac Asimov walking with Johnny Carson?

  14. Starclimber

    Perfect timing, Scott, just watched Mission Control last night, and man am I amped up to see THIS!

  15. Matlockization

    Yes I agree, I’ll be getting this out on blue ray.

  16. Adam Allman

    Been highly anticipating this… I hope there is an IMAX near Salem Or playing it.

  17. Brent Geery

    The bluray is amazing on my 110″ projection screen. It’s not a documentary and much as a time machine that transports you back to 1969.

  18. FesixGermany

    The image quality is so stunning I have to see this if and when it comes out in Germany.

  19. rob yuille

    Still no IMAX Screens in England showing it. I thought the Science Museum in London would have it. They’ve got the 6 metre moon model coming with Public Service Broadcasting playing the whole of their Race for Space record beneath it, live…but no news on the Apollo 11 documentary. Very disappointing. I’m hoping closer the anniversary we’ll get it showed. So frustrating as the IMAX screens are full of very poor films clogging up the slots.🤬

  20. Dean Milos

    Love the M.O.O.S.E. shirt
    Correction added a point after E

  21. Raw Space

    I paused this video and rewound it to catch all the details.
    Holy cow I am looking forward to seeing this.

  22. David Schultz

    The quality of much of the imagery was so high and cinematic, at times I felt as if an IMAX team had been sent back in time to ’69 to shoot this. An absolutely wonderful movie experience.

  23. zapfanzapfan

    Check out “First to the Moon” by Paul Hildebrandt about Apollo 8. I was part of the kickstarter. He also digitized some new footage from the archives along with the new interview with the 3 astronauts who are now 90.

  24. w9gb

    Scott –
    Saw Apollo 11 this afternoon (matinee) … the Todd-AO film to IMAX digital transfer was outstanding.
    What did you think of that Firing Room footage?
    From back racks of analog telemetry chart plotters … to the “Trenches” of each Saturn V contractor !
    The Saturn V launch day footage ==and== SOUND (Low frequency thunder of Saturn V launch).
    Color was great !! 1969 TV could not realistically capture that launch.
    Too bad Ron Howard did not have access to this for Apollo 13 (25 years ago).

  25. Nicky L

    I live 2.5 hours West of Kennedy Space Center.
    Maybe I’ll go online and see if this movie is playing at their IMAX theater.

  26. samuelh90

    Why is nobody talking about scotts awesome t-shirt here???
    going to see that movie 100% I’m hooked

  27. simon dubya

    I have the bluray and *I can’t stop watching*
    This film is so *_epic_*

  28. Skippy the Magnificent

    This morning: didn’t know this film even existed.
    This evening: driving a hundred miles to an IMAX that’s showing it.
    What a day.

  29. Gary Chisholm

    Naively i thought i was going to throw this on while i played ksp.
    I haven’t been able to take my eyes off it. Wow. To know the result and still be captivated, what a production.

  30. Anabioo

    Local IMAX has up to 12 showings of a How to Train Your Dragon sequel… but not one of Apollo 11. I’ll have to leave my state to see it.

  31. mattcolver1

    I had the same feeling as I watched it last night. I wanted to pause, rewind, and watch scenes over again. The footage of the vehicle flying just sent chills ups my spine. Seeing all the different company names on the white-coats of the guys at the command reminds us of how many companies, now gone participated.
    I also liked the part where you had 3 astronauts waiting to launch who were relying on 3 guys to fix and bypass a valve problem on the booster. It showed how what a team effort Apollo was. Those two technicians and a safety guy were just as important to the mission as the guys in the command module.

  32. Mark Widick

    Scott the DVD for Apollo 11is available May 14. Just pre ordered my copy from Amazon!!!

  33. matthewracing

    Anyone know how to watch this movie in the UK? I can’t find any information on a release date or where to watch it anywhere

  34. William Wilson

    So lucky to have grown up and live across the river from all this. Only 5 months old when Apollo 11 lifted off, but I try not to miss a single launch. Will be up on the roof tonight for DM-1.

  35. Beach&BoardFan

    Wish they would do this with all of the Apollo missions

  36. stinkyfungus

    Love the MOOSE shirt…
    Do they make a cycling Jersey?
    I’d rep da M.O.O.S.E on the bike…

  37. Brett Tatton

    I was taken aback by your comment that Armstrong was the least experienced astronaut on the Apollo 11 crew…so I checked briefly to see what each crew members background was with regards to time in space. I suppose Armstrong’s time as an X15 pilot qualifies to put him one ride ahead of Collins and Aldrin. All three had one Gemini mission prior to Apollo 11. it’s all quite amazing! Love your channel!

  38. robotboy1010 - Minecraft and More!

    new thing “IMax reviews Scott Manley’s Apollo 11 Review”

  39. Brad DeMoss

    Unfortunately, it’s only in IMAX for a week, then all the IMAX theaters are switching over to “Captain Marvel” (except for two venues in DC). Hopefully it’ll get another release later in the year.

  40. chricton J

    Thankyou for your thoughts and a few snippets. M.O.O.S.E. ? ROFL.

  41. Snake

    It would be really cool if they re-made Moonwalk One but with all the 70mm footage

  42. QuantumBraced

    I really hope this comes to 4K Blu-Ray.

  43. Tyler Hall

    I just watched this an hour ago because of your recommendation. Thank you! I’m so glad I did.

  44. Alexagrigorieff

    Those reels were stowed away when Kubrick decided it’s cheaper just to send the damn thing to the Moon.

  45. Simply Space

    There’s no IMAX cinemas anywhere near me 😢

  46. John Kay

    Loved watching this in the theatre. Went by way too fast. Footage was amazing to see, so beautiful. It will be terrific to see more unseen footage when a blu-ray is released.

  47. DOM

    I am visually impaired but your description of the movie made me see it all. Thank you.

  48. William Johnston

    To be a bit pedantic, Mr. Manley, I must point out that the 1960s version of IMAX was… IMAX. The format debuted at Expo ’67 in Montreal. The first IMAX film was “A Place to Stand” shown at the Ontario pavilion that year. (This is avilable on YouTube). The world’s first dedicated IMAX cinema (the Cinesphere) opened in Toronto in 1971. I love your vids, and watch them regularly.

  49. Bas Finnis

    Just saw this at the IMAX in the States. Hopefully it’ll be in the UK soon. Was fantastic. Bits I never saw before and seeing Amstrong in the shadow of the LEM without his visor down was lovely.

  50. Damon Smith

    So glad to hear a positive review from you. Can’t wait to see it

  51. GoatzAreEpic Maokai

    wow the effort put into this mission was insane, absolutely insane, I am so stunned and inspired by all these genius people, crazy world…

  52. Kerryn Rice

    Hopefully they take the film reel on a world wide tour!!!!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  53. Neil Mayo

    Holy crap, that movie was the best I’ve ever seen.

  54. Tina’s rotten lasagna

    Scott is nerding out👍

  55. revkrull

    I missed the Apollo 11 story the first time around. I was 4 years old. Saw the film today. It captured the event in the context of its time so well. Thank you Mr. Manley.

  56. Ferrariman601

    I’m going to see it tonight! I’m so excited!!!

  57. Fonejacker

    I hope they make a movie like this about every other moon landing. Would love to see footage of the moon buggy and mountains they visited from Apollo 16 in high quality.

  58. Lexi Haley

    Tonight I’m going to see it for my fifth time, lol. Deeply love this movie; an exquisite experience, entirely wonderous, holy even.

  59. FlyingAce1016

    I cried in the theater seeing this just picked up the blu ray in time for the anniversary this next week!

  60. Centrist Philosopher

    I thought it was spectacular. I thought; ok it will be an interesting documentary with some interviews, but I really liked the way this was done- no commentary, they just let the footage speak for itself.

  61. willease

    You pretty much summed up how I felt about it too. I’ll post a link to the movie “Moonwalk One” below if that’s OK with you.

  62. respektek

    UK release date yet to be decided… :/ I can’t wait to see it!

  63. TobyAsE120

    I want to see it so bad! But as far as I could find out it is only shown in cinemas in the USA. Unfortunately I live in Germany, so I’ll get the BluRay I guess.

  64. Blockbuster2033

    I am a 20 year old man, but I had tears rolling down my cheeks at certain parts of the movie. Really great footage that conveys the whole event perfectly.

  65. Ottee2

    Wasn’t aware, sounds/looks good, will watch, thanks.

  66. Michael Wojcik

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this so much more than “First Man”. I know different type of movie, but this one was able to capture me more emotionally.

  67. nagasako7

    I stopped getting angry at Moon landing deniers, because what if we only flew planes in the 1950s and stopped and never flew a plane again. People would think it was a hoax. The hoax movement comes out of the fact we haven’t gone back since 1970s and nobody else has. Their skepticism comes from a place that should have never been made (Lack of modern manned moon missions)

  68. heimatlos

    Do they show the American Flag on the moon in this one?

  69. planetrob555

    10:08 that Moog Modular is EPIC! I have software by Arturia where I emulate that beast. Sounds great!

  70. Sascha

    no release date for germany :(

  71. AlexanderTrivellin

    Halfway through the video, not sure if this gets mentioned, but there’s a note in the end credits of the movie that the entire (amazing) soundtrack is made using instruments and sound effects that existed at the time of the Apollo 11 mission. I thought that was a nice touch.
    EDIT: yep. he mentioned it.

  72. Dark Guardian

    Like being right in the room with them.
    Hard to believe it was shot in 1969.

  73. Qasim Bukhari

    may you achieve 1Million subscribers by this month

  74. Jakob Friedrich

    5:09 drinking beers with their kids? I thought that was only possible here in germany haha

  75. elevatorphish

    Just rang IMAX Melbourne, the premier IMAX cinema, and they’re not going to screen it. Wtf.

  76. Mr. Nagant

    Hello Scott. I asked NEON on Twitter if the documentary would be available digitally after theaters debut and they said YES, so I guess that will answer to your last phrase in the description :)

  77. William Barksdale

    Just saw this in IMAX, it was great, the soundtrack was super impactful

  78. Jerry Rupprecht

    Why aren’t the astronauts green? So unrealistic.

  79. Alexandru Gheorghe

    I watched it for like 8 times now. Every single time it’s amazing.

  80. DeepSpace12

    11:59 Ripley flying? Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley?
    Edit: Holy cow it really is named after that Ripley.

  81. Alan Hartley

    Well done for pronouncing Moog correctly!

  82. Excelcior58

    Saw it last night. It was incredible! Couldn’t stop crying at T minus zero! Amazing!

  83. A Dent

    saw it last night in iMAX and good god was it good.

  84. DeepSpace12

    Guess I’ll wait till the Bluray is released.
    So I can pause it.
    *A lot.*

  85. malcolmar

    Outstanding! The timing of this film is perfect because I believe we are in a new space age. Can’t wait to see this and buy this on Blu-ray. Thanks for posting.

  86. The Jason Knight Fiasco Band

    From 2011 to 2016 I worked in the same building (#112 @ the NWS) where the 2nd stage of the Saturn V rocket was built. I still work @ the same facility but unfortunately #112 was torn down despite the residents of Seal Beach wanting to preserve the building as an historical landmark.

  87. Brian L.

    Apollo 11 in IMAX was the best “Apollo experience” I’ve ever had. Really amazing what they did by editing all that great original footage. Like a lot of space nerds, I’ve seen so many documentaries that I basically have the entire dialogue of the descent memorized. And yet, I was still gripping the handrests of my seat in the theatre wondering “OMG, are they going to make it?!”

  88. Matthew

    its not showing at any of my local cinemas in the uk. not even sure it is coming here at all :(

  89. Sander Kamp

    I don’t know why, but I always salute you when you tell us to “fly safe”!

  90. Jeffrey Bue

    Just totally love your vids man. You and a few other youtuber’s have really re-ignited my interest in space travel. I love how you passionately explain all this stuff. You really do an excellent job. Thank you very much Mr. Manley.

  91. The Exoplanets Channel

    My heart beat faster when I watched the trailer :O

  92. Caroline Tyler RC-Newbie

    I loved the sequel, Apollo 13 ;)

  93. Jonathan Erickson

    It’s too bad that this movie didn’t get as much publicity as it deserved.

  94. Applejack1396

    I had to drive nearly 3 hours away to find a theater playing this. BUT I WAS WORTH EVERY MILE OF DRIVING!!! It was FANTASTIC!!

  95. Steve Mansfield-Devine

    “…and finally lands.” Whoah, dude! Spoiler alert!

  96. Robert Miller

    “If you’re not a fan of space” still go see it… If you’re not a fan of space, you’re not watching Scott Manley, I think.

  97. Alex Hatfield

    Scott stuttering with passion and emotion, even lost for words as he reviews the film. I’m sold. I saw this 50 years ago. An 8 year old boy witnessing a jaw dropping, exhilarating, inspiring, human adventure. I have so got to see this again..!

  98. It’s a 🤡🌎 - Honk Honk

    Should I watch the first ten movies before watching part 11?

  99. Area51Gregos

    Just got back from seeing Apollo 11. I think It should be shown mandatory in schools. Not for any political or whatever reason, just to state mankind can accomplish anything IF we work together.
    It’s actual 70mm footage remastered so it looks better than stuff today. It’s also edited in a way it’s like a Hollywood movie. 5 stars in my opinion but I was born the day Apollo 11 got out of quarantine and I’ve been a space cadet ever since! And THEY show them planting the flag! GO SEE IT! 🇺🇸

  100. Michael Kaye

    I just returned from watching this movie with my son. Here’s my short review:
    When I was a kid in the early 80s, I watched an IMAX about the Space Shuttle. To my right was an old man. During the movie I noticed that he had tears rolling down his cheeks. At the time, I couldn’t understand. Today, I was that old man. Do yourself a favor and see this movie.

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