Answering Questions – Episode 1

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I asked for questions, now I answer questions.
Obviously, many of these answers can be expanded into full length videos of their own in the future, these answers are mostly what I carry around in my head. I will continue to work my way down the list in coming weeks.

Rotating Detonation Engines:

I think this site is a handy reference for Orbital Mechanics equations for spaceflight.

  1. Zairrah Murtaza

    Scott Manley: “There are a lot of information out there for me to absorb”.
    Me: starts feeling sooooooooooo Normal.

  2. Slaphappy Duplenty

    Scott “Corn-Pop” Manley

  3. AdmiralKirk

    “Guy from Harlem! That cat’s a bad dude!”

  4. Emma Humphries

    Now I wonder if it’s feasible to turn the ISS into a Lunar cycler.

  5. Jack Linde

    SCOTT!!! When can we play D&D with you???

  6. master shooter64

    Make sure no one tries to draw an L after the A in that T-shirt Scott

  7. 109 BMD

    Love the Q&A, thank you. Stay safe everyone!

  8. Keith Rushforth

    Love this Q&A format, but it should be longer. Like about an hour.

  9. bobcat

    I enjoyed this a great deal – Thank You Scott!!!

  10. kaprim

    when I grow up, i want to be Scott Manely

  11. Ron G

    Ya never did talk about your career…

  12. Nathan Stanaway

    Don’t worry about keeping videos short. We’re here because we enjoy your “story” telling.

  13. petemclinc

    I have a Scott stumper: How much Apollo launch tower hardware had to be replaced after each launch do to immense heat and scorching?

  14. Regulator Machine

    i love that you left in the ackward starts that most would edit out, ha ha

  15. Wes Baumguardner

    I would like to know how they would be able to film in outer space with all that added radiation that is not being absorbed/reflected by an atmosphere.

  16. Pew Heretic

    I’m gonna love this new segment…

  17. TheVergile

    question: first starbucks on mars, when?

  18. jrhAlabamacustoms

    Professor Scott, yea this is good stuff!

  19. Jim Adams

    Info only: Some distortions or clipping of the audio track in this vid.

  20. Ryan Feeheley

    Since I know you’ll always be dropping space knowledge bombs, it get me thinking so…
    With that introduction you had, I’m now oddly curious,
    what is your favorite color, favorite non-fiction/fiction book and favorite day of the week??

  21. Davidian Music

    Love the last story, great nerd-history.

  22. Leon Kernan

    Scott: ask me about myself
    Everyone: recite Pi to 100 digits

  23. Coynem _

    Lucky us, we got 3 “Hello its scott manley here”s in one video

  24. erik scott

    Being UA Huntsville, is this engine shaped like a circular racetrack, or is it a tri-oval more like Talladega?

  25. Johnny S

    I got this feeling that his shirt doesnt tell the whole story

  26. Tom Skullcity

    Man, you know you’ve made it when Scott Manley name checks your science result at the top of one of his videos. Ring Rain came from my Keck observations, and the hard work of my then student @jamesodonoghue

  27. Kyle Paxton

    Thanks for leaving that beginning, I need to see more of this lol

  28. Space Texan

    Episode one are some exciting words 😂❤️

  29. Jcewazhere

    @Scott This was great thanks :)
    Can you do a video on the “Pascal’s wager of climate change”?

  30. devzer0

    Lol: wishing for easy questions on your YouTube channel!? Good luck with that 😁

  31. Top Weeb

    All my homies love Scott Manley.

  32. devzer0

    Fav orbital mechanics book: Bate Mueller and White (I think—I remember their initials as BMW)

  33. Daniel Braedt

    You said one of the best things I’ve heard you say: I read a lot and like to tell stories.

  34. lies damnlies

    Poor Scott. No one wanted to know more about him as a lovely, wholesome man. They just wanted to pick his brain for more bits of space knowledge. (Edit: Okay, someone did ask at the end. Still…)

  35. Hachi05

    please please please actually consider taking another crack at a ‘start here’ orbit mechanics video! bless you

  36. James Tough

    I think my question creates a bit of a shitstorm either way.

  37. lavericklavericklave

    Scott, youre an absolute legend. I watch everyone of your videos and love them all. Thanks so much, youre an interesting guy!

  38. Mike Griffith

    The voice of Space ~~”Scott Manley” ~~

  39. Planet Earth

    Teachings’ greatest gift is how to learn on your own.

  40. Planet Earth

    Anyone with a unibrow is my kind of guy. Scott, the self educated caveman.

  41. Andrew Parker

    Scott Manley: says hullo i’m scott manley multiple times

    Me: Becomes 400% more Scottish-Manly

  42. Jakub Holáň

    I really liked your enthusiasm in this one, Scott! I mean, it’s a feeling you can’t really force, but when it comes, I feel it with you ;)

  43. Żoli Majster

    go analog, paper and camera are great. my students love it, it’s easier for them to follow the calcs when they see a pen in hand. i know i sound old, but it’s important to use paper in life.

  44. CacheRAM

    >Scott Manley thinking his spacephile following will ask him easy questions
    Oh, you sweet summer child. If we wanted to know what your favorite food was, we would have you interview on Oprah or something.
    All joking aside, thank you for doing all that research for your videos. Although I am not an astrophysicist, the field does interest me and I am grateful for the resource you provide on youtube.
    After every space-related event, I await your analysis, you notice things that completely bypass me.

  45. EnigmaScribe

    Scott manly isn’t the hero we deserve but the hero we need. Thank you for continuing to be awesome and share your nerd wisdom with all of us!

  46. LA Prepper

    Oh it’s like very long baseline interferometry? Thanks for the heads up makes perfect sense 😂🤣

  47. Raul Bloodworth

    “Student at the University of Huntsville Alabama is working on rotation detonation engines”

    ….It’s Destin isn’t it

  48. Forest Fifer

    Most people keep the blooper reel to the end, but Scott goes straight into it. Respect.

  49. Super Geek

    This was *GREAT* !!!
    Hopefully, you’ll get even *harder* questions, next time – because you did such a great job of answering them *this* time.

  50. wtfpwnz0red

    Hullo, I’m Scott Manley, and now for something completely different.

  51. Dotan Cohen

    Hullo Scoot! Regarding pulsar navigation: that is very reminiscent of the first attempts to understand the size of the solar system. We knew the angles to all the planets but not their absolute distances. But once we started getting near-accurate measurements for the speed of light, we were able to figure out how wide the orbit of Jupiter is by observing how the Galilean moons seemed to be further along or further behind in their orbits as observed from Earth.

  52. Fern Bedek

    “And I will answer your antimatter question next week” is a very good line to end anything one.

  53. jan Melantu

    “I never finished that PhD” “I wrote one of the first mp3 streaming radio stations” Scott Manley, humblebragger-in-chief

  54. lord baysel

    “What’s your favorite color?” is a very tricky question, as Monty Python and the Holy Grail teaches.

  55. Aubrey Freeman

    Now all I want to know is what this Netflix thing is that Scott helped with.

  56. kan702

    This has actually been one of my favorite videos. I learn so much from these and learning about you fills in many gaps.
    Keep the videos coming and thank you for all you do and for sharing your knowledge.

  57. David Neel

    Other than that one guy is there more research being done on the aerospike engine?

  58. Michael Acela

    Really enjoyed this format. Episode 2!!

  59. Bo Dan

    Anyone wanna bet that someone asked; “What is the average speed of an african swallow carrying a coconut?”

  60. johaarup

    ‘it’s tremendously exciting to communicate your own excitement to others.’ – Carl Sagan

  61. Freddi Gratzi

    More of That ! Love ❤️

  62. 67NickM

    Space GURPS-there’s a blast from the past-lol.

  63. James Alton

    My personal vote for “challenging technology” isn’t really technology, but in keeping the spacecraft and booster as simple as possible (while maintaining redundancy as needed).

  64. methodof3

    I would love a DnD adventure by you Scott! you could even do it with your kids

  65. Rusty Broken

    The fact that you have a thermal detonator disguised as a microphone confirms that you are indeed a “bad dude”.

  66. Dominic M

    That is one “ Bad Dude”

  67. lordofentropy

    I totally forgot about GURPS. That’s a 30 year plus flashback lol.

  68. Nikolai

    There are two people on YouTube who are able to hold my attention throughout the video: Amy Shira Teitel and Scott Manley. They show what it’s like to make a video with passion and a desire to share it with your audience. Please never become those individuals asking for likes or subscriptions. Keep doing it with your heart, and even if you don’t get countless compliments, know that a hell of a lot of people admire your dedication.

  69. Franko Walker

    That was very interesting, Scott. More please.

  70. Dwayne

    Once again – thank you for answers that have easy to grasp concepts.

  71. Mac McCauley

    “I know where to look for my answers” pretty much the most important thing you can take from a physics degree

  72. Downstream01

    14:08, what he’s trying to say is he has a very particular set of skills.

  73. ElakeLeifii

    Each content creator gets the audience they deserve. Good luck with simple questions …

  74. Zoltán Pósfai

    Reflecting on the last section: That’s what I always tell people too. Being a physicist is not about knowing x amount of books/articles from the top of your head, but a mindset. Being able to cope with many complex and abstract problems, sort out the weed and find potential solutions quickly, and know where to look up the things you don’t memorise.

  75. diGritz1

    The 2nd most technically changeling aspect of Apollo was getting
    the astronauts to shut up and to do as their told like all the
    other chimps. So challenging that they failed miserable at it. “0_o”

  76. Rael Brickey

    Looks like u forgot to cut out some of the mis-takes at the beginning.

  77. sae1095hc

    I spy, with my little eye, The Expanse books on the bookshelf. A great space opera!

  78. Björn Seine

    *Of course* you were (are?) a D&D nerd as well :D One of us!

  79. NoName

    outro was unexpectedly loud today
    or the footage too quiet

  80. B2B Training

    Again lads, nothing makes my Saturday night like watching Scott! What a hero this man is

  81. Mandanara

    I hope the future potential Netflix thing will be available globally.

  82. Carl Robinson

    Your shirt is missing the ‘L’ 😂😂

  83. CMB

    My Question is Did you work in the Armagh observatory?

  84. science n shit

    I’m currently looking for any books that can teach me about astronomy, orbital mechanics and astrophysics, do you know any?

  85. Mike S

    No-one knows everything.
    So not knowing the answer but knowing where to find it is the basis of real knowledge.

    And infectious enthusiasm helps it along 👍

  86. Pronto

    “Ring rain”… If the Earth had rings, they would oscillate eccentrically such that all the rain would fall on the UK.

  87. William Hastie

    The questions are easy Scott!…….It’s the answers that are difficult.

  88. Ralph111417

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  89. Craig Perry

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  92. Frequent Flyer

    The Moon Machines series had an episode covering the making of the spacesuits in great detail. And it was awesomely narrated!

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  94. MidwestNerd

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  95. Sasquatch

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  96. simple piano

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  100. bandyfball

    This was a good listen!
    Nice length, rythm and a well chosen last question

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