Angara – Russia’s Replacement For The Proton Rocket

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Angara is supposed to be Russia’s first purely domestic rocket, the rockets developed under the Soviet Union all depended on states other than Russia. Angara was supposed to be a modular design which could scale up to a range of payloads using common Universal Rocket Modules. Except that it’s taken almost 25 years to get to a 3rd launch, and we’re not even sure if there’s a payload on it.

  1. J Burgers

    2:00 KSP! 😁

  2. Greg Albright

    Nice to see Russia stealing my KSP early to mid game rocket like this… How do I do a copyright take down?

  3. Elopeous

    edit. fixed.

    Great vid on a pretty unknown rocket

  4. DeDe

    Me encantan tus videos aunque no los entienda mucho sigues asi Scott xd

  5. sasor098

    and here i though the normal american space companies where slow…

  6. Prjndigo

    So “Proton 1” then… The “1” to differentiate it from Proton.

  7. Zephri Zi

    3:00 “Hot Fire” You don’t say?

  8. tom lu

    Also, has any country ever used cross feeding? If we could actually do that it would be amazing…

  9. TieFighter34

    Now they need to invent proton packs like ghostbusters.

  10. Владимир

    Водород (hydrogen) you almost got it )) and you know me too hope it won’t take 6 years to build that version )))

  11. Виктор Фирсов

    I was fascinated by that for a pretty long time! Thanks for making a video about it)

  12. Vallabh Kavi

    And everyone says that Starship has many variants

  13. ed p

    At this rate the venerable Proton’s future is assured for years (maybe decades!) to come.

  14. Andrew Berg

    Can you please do a video on expedition 7 of the ISS?

  15. Cost-Plus Content

    Last time I was this early Angara actually flew

  16. Andrii Martynov

    Absolutely, водород is hydrogen. And you nailed it.

  17. Zoltán Pósfai

    Anglicized codename for the Angara: Kerbalkskaya Raketa

  18. Walter

    Launches looks awesome but when it ends in the graveyard-orbit, that is sad to listen

  19. slavisut

    Angara PeePee ppfffftthhhhh :D

  20. dragon

    9:38 Bulgarian*

  21. Worsie Poepies

    This is one of the most Russian rockets I have ever seen

  22. Black Phantom

    Damn! Angara is my surname! 😅

  23. rybářská vrána

    heard your name mentioned last night on LabPadre
    keep up the good work, always interesting subjects.

  24. Wayne Borean

    Then there’s the minor issue that it costs too much, since none of it is reusable.

  25. HAL NineOoO

    When you have someone like Elon Musk working around the clock to put you out of business you don’t go on a six year vacation.

  26. Andrew Matalygin

    Actually, your pronouncation of Vodorod, which is indeed Hydrogen, was pretty good.

  27. Loves my Kitties

    Great Scott! Nice coverages. Soon they wont be needed anyway

  28. malikbakt

    9:34 водород!

  29. Gautam Kabra

    Coincidentally, Angara means ember in Hindi.. 😀

  30. Marty theMartian

    2:22 Core’s or did you mean boosters? o_O

  31. Fin Tallrik

    3:09 Surely it’s 200 KILO-tonnes of thrust?

  32. Brijesh Singh

    wow angar(अंगार) means fire in hindi and the rocket is literally spewing out fire

  33. Richard Bowley

    Hydrogen in Russian is водород (vodorod when Romanized).

  34. Sunhawk

    Still woefully outdated by the Falcons.

  35. AWZool

    1:47 excellent selection of games 👍

  36. Blersh

    0:33 energia actually means energy

  37. El Kudos

    Their rocket is called “PP”, it’s hilarious!

  38. Cameron Deatcher

    Looks like a very cool rocket, let’s hope it flies again!

  39. Semiirs

    Hidro-gen and водо-род is actually rather directly translated..

  40. Michael Bishop

    I would like to see a SSTO, combined with an nuclear powered ferry that ferries stuff from LEO to GeoStat, Lunar or even interplanetary trajectories. Stick a wee mass driver on the moon and a permanent base in Lunar orbit, to send up water ice, and fuel costs will drop dramatically.

  41. S C

    You pronounced ‘vodorod’ absolutely perfect, like being a native speaker! Kudos!

  42. Gennadiy Sharashkin

    Fun fact: “Rockot” is not misspelled “Rocket” (as someone might think:)), it’s a Russian word meaning “powerful loud noise”.

  43. MrTimeless101

    That’s a nice looking launch at 7:00 flying into clouds.

  44. Ace King

    I can’t wait for it, I wonder if they use Angara instead of the Yenisei🤔

  45. A Bit Of Everything

    I see you lunched the Angara in kerbal space program, did you use any mods for it? If so, please link me them!

  46. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    I’m glad you’re doing a video about this rocket

  47. BaconKiller360

    1:51 I think the Russians are looking at my KSP save files…

  48. Albert Gérard

    i can’t believe any of these rockets didn’t make it into your ‘ugliest rockets’ video

  49. El Kudos

    hWich! I keep imagining Bruce Lee hitting someone when I hear this.

  50. axone

    Hey, Scott.
    Have you heard (i guess you have) about russian nuclear space tug? I want a video from you about that thing )

  51. Lifecraft

    This thing made me imagine a “Falcon 7×9” (like 3×9 Falcon Heavy), would be quite the beast…

  52. zapfanzapfan

    That Angara 7 version is the personification of “Moar Boosters!” :-)

  53. Глеб Степанов

    Yes, vodorod is actually russian name of hydrogen.

  54. Arturo Ramírez

    That website. Such 2000’s Energy.

  55. Jay Patel

    “Angara” Means *burning charcoal* in *Hindi*

  56. LuxorAB

    Hey, Scott! I’ve seen soyuz model in one of your videos lately. Can you tell where I can get one of those? tnx

    You nailed vodorod pronunciation, btw

  57. Глеб Степанов

    1:52 seems like my first mission to the Mun in KSP.

  58. crimsonninja6995

    3:02 Hot Fire

    …you don’t say

  59. Brijesh Singh

    2:00 Russians are indeed kerbals in disguise….. perhaps the other way around

  60. Andrew Reynolds

    So now you know the secret of the modern Russian space program: it’s being run as a real world version of the Kerbal Space Program.

  61. Don Jones

    Protracted development – the true curse for any invention in an age of rapidly progressing technologies. Something conceived as cutting-edge can be obsolescent by the time it’s ready for market.

  62. Van Darkholme

    3:55 An it’s me, Dio moment when the fairing open to show just a fuel tank

  63. wood kid

    You pronounce “Vodorod” (Hydrogen) correctly.
    Hello from Russia)))

  64. vicroc4

    Man, the Russians are really having trouble letting go of the idea of a Universal Rocket. They’re building a Universal Rocket Module to replace the Universal Rocket-500.

  65. Roger C

    Moscow: Billion dollar subsidy for a manned moon rocket.
    Russians: get a dummy payload to GEO.

  66. Roman Matveev

    9:33 – You were right “vodoród” (stress on the last syllable).

  67. Martin Mizner

    They promised it since 2013 and now they are finally realizing it? I was waiting a lot. Now I’m satisfied.

  68. Peizxcv

    The problem with Russian industries is not the tech or engineers but poor planning by the top guy

  69. sixstringedthing

    That was a pretty cool booster separation.
    Not quite as balletic as the Soyuz’ Korolyev Cross, but close.

  70. Tim Liao

    1:08 Damn! Imagine you’re up in space, and one day you get a call telling you your country is no more and you may or may not be able to get home. : (

  71. gregs1020

    the russians will just send up a spy sat if nobody buys the test run.

  72. starshipeleven

    Ah, those russians… they play KSP in real life

  73. Joe

    Good morning nerds.

  74. ebigunso

    TBH, developing an expendable rocket now really just seems pointless.

  75. Zieldrich

    This is excellent timing. Your Proton video popped up again for me a few days ago, I watched it then was disappointed when you didn’t have one on the Angara. But here we are! Thanks for all the great content.

  76. Raveesh C.H

    I’d like to tell Russia didn’t build HydroLox second stage for India. They tested it because back then India didn’t had own testing fecility.

  77. 4one14

    This just reminded me to rewatch ‘The Engines That Came In From The Cold’

  78. Constantijn

    video about soyuz 5 in the making?

  79. Mike KSP

    And still the soyuz outlives it

  80. Kinderfett 525

    5:34 Great name for a rocket.

  81. HistoryFan 88

    Russian design aesthetics are so beautifully unique

  82. Ноунейм Ноунеймович

    1:55 this is the most Kerbal thing I’ve seen in a while

  83. Jupiter

    I was in a bad mood until I saw Scott uploaded!

  84. Dmitry Kandiner

    9:40 You are right, it is a Russian word for Hydrogen. And your pronounciation is all right, except that the stress goes on the last “o”.

  85. Andrew Berg

    Last time I was this early Mir was still in orbit.

  86. MaxGogleMogle

    “Angara” is a big river in Siberia….

  87. Iker Aguirre

    I miss Energia.

  88. Timothy Harder

    The Saturn V is missing in the background! :O

    I really appreciate the frequency of your videos these days!

  89. El Kudos

    No, actually “водород” came out pretty good!

  90. Kanaev

    Actually, you pronounced “vodorod” pretty good.

  91. lake 25

    AFAIK, the production delays were due to reorganization rather than any problems with the rocket or its production itself. Given the mess in the Russian space industry with its strategic view, project consistency, and quality control, which resulted in failures when launching perfectly tested long-serving rockets, getting things back in order was a priority over faster Angara adoption.

    As you pointed out, Angara is about guaranteed independent access to space for Russia. The rocket is essentially ready to use, it’s just that there are no tasks and payloads that can be easily switched from Soyuz and Proton.
    I expect it to gradually increase its role in the Russian national space program, especially when Angara launchpad will enter service at Vostochniy, but not expect it to be a mass commercial working horse.

  92. Darien Craig

    It’s nice to see that Russia has a Mir of the SLS program; difficulties and all.

  93. Fr0zen H3ll

    5:35 Haha, he said “PP”
    sorry, im tired today…

  94. hjalfi

    I’m sure someone’s got an old Lada they could use instead of a dummy payload. Sending cars into space is _traditional_ now, dammit.

  95. IstasPumaNevada

    “On all three flights, the first stage was said to have worked correctly.”
    *image of a rocket wobbling its way into the sky*

  96. gsmontag

    Since you mentioned it, we now need a Soyuz-5 video.

  97. andreyz4k

    When I was serving in Plesetsk 10 years ago (nowhere near Angara though), it was already called “A very promising project since 1984”

  98. Spirit Baker

    Russian word for hydrogen is indeed vodorod, and Scott’s pronunciation was on point.

  99. Anti Woke

    “All very practical, and all very Kerbal”. Ahh, KSP, the measure of all things.

  100. Bschill

    There’s nothing like grabbing some food, sitting down to find something to watch while you eat and see Scott Manley just uploaded a video.

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