An Asteroid That Got a Bit Too Close To Earth

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On February 15th 2013 Astronomers were looking out for an asteroid which was predicted to make a dazzlingly close approach to earth. Instead they were surprised when a different asteroid came even closer 16 hours early.

  1. Michael S

    It’s incredible the amount of information we can gather from that event. I’m glad you covered it!

  2. James Bunn


  3. Lucius Avenus

    Aren’t you a clever chap!! Good job.

  4. Adam Allman

    Always enjoy your videos Scott, keep it up.

  5. kendokaaa

    I’m loving these videos

  6. The Everything Core

    gravity assist alert

  7. Malcolm Hardwick

    Asteroids Fly safe 😮

  8. Samizdata

    You fly safe! And thanks for the video! Given current events, I needed a distraction and cheering up, and this did a brilliant job of both!

  9. JackSpeed 439

    2 asteroids in a day. How’s that for coincidence.

  10. Verdigo

    Scott Manley, the Bill Neigh of space. I always look forward to your explanations of things as they are more understandable than most anyone else I’ve found.

  11. Jferrer1310

    People didn’t even stop, they were like meh. Seriously look at how casually they are walking by

  12. Gabriel Munro-Ludders

    Hi Scott,
    Where did you get those simulations from? Just curious, they look very interesting.

  13. Roy

    I’m quite worried now, I am going to put cardboard boxes over my windows like you, are they better at stopping the glass as a meteorite explodes outside ?

  14. FelixCalamatus

    Thanks for the video Scott, very informative.

  15. MDP_Toaster

    I remember going to class that day, my history teacher being Jeff Kilmer, told us what happened and spent the day watching videos of it.

  16. eoin

    Scott, is it possible that the asteroid originated from the collision that birthed the moon?

  17. TheEndZone

    Relevant xkcd

  18. MarcTeen CH

    I like your tool for twitter! So, in theory, I can use it to track the first person or group of persons posting a critic on the government or a corporation, right? Awesome!! I love social media. ;-)

  19. Anarchy Antz

    There you are, patiently waiting for one close asteroid then see another much earlier and a lot closer to the one you expected. That one time in astronomy when you are glad you wore the brown pants.

  20. shanepaskable

    Scott, love your videos, check every evening after work for new posts. Great how you can put all the key info into a 7 min video
    (me: software engineer from UK, life-long obsession with physics/engineering and rocketry)

  21. Marco Roepers

    The first clear explanation why these 2 events weren’t related I see. Convincing. Thank you.

  22. TheValinov

    wasn’t it son goku blasting a kame-hame-ha? i think there was a detailed picture as prove somewhere in the deeps of the internet.

  23. Timske

    Hold up do I see the top of a BFR model behind the white box on the left :D

  24. ales medvesek

    If the atmosphere wasn’t there, would the meteor go by without incident?

  25. ShamblerDK

    My fiancée and I might have seen the Chelyabinsk meteor from Denmark, looking at the horizon towards Russia that afternoon :-)

  26. Pete M

    Scott- love your work, don’t stop being you! You’ve a talent for making advanced science accessible to all!

  27. David Taylor

    Someone: I saw a shooting star once!
    Russia: Hold my vodka.

  28. Micah van Everdingen

    this sort of video’s should be called: *Science with scott manley*

  29. MrVipitis

    The is like a few, all sky cameras in Western Europe to build a network of 24/7 sky coverage to count meteors.
    They use high gain visual cameras or NIR.
    I wonder if you can detect meters, or other kind of space debriss burning up in the atmosphere with a thermal camera. You can with a cooled, military grade MWIR camera. But would a uncooled LWIR microbolometer see something?
    I used my phone during Perseids, and waited about 3 minutes to get a bright strike ontop my head, but I couldn’t find it in the video, it was a bad flir capture tho and only at 9hz.

  30. divegabe

    Thanks for the video on gravity assists, its helped a lot.
    And then Oumuamua popped into my head again and I just had a look at its course again and wow, the “asteroid” had a nice path for a gravity assist off the Sun.
    What are your thoughts on this event?

  31. The NotFlat Earth

    Don’t worry, it wouldn’t be as close as 70 km!

  32. iflystuff1

    Sooo….Twitter will herald the end of the world….

  33. EXlineEX

    “We can almost measure the speed of sound from twitter” woah

  34. antigen4

    wow – half a tonne! i would have thought the chelyabinsk meteorite much smaller – maybe 20-50kg

  35. Alex

    Can you please also tell something about the meteor that crashed in the lake near Odda, Norway a few years ago?

  36. tomblanco2001

    So, the surest way to be the first person to observe a meteor impact is for it to hit you. I think I’ll pass.

  37. David Cadman

    Scott Manley, a number of people have been discussing why Russia get’s hit with Meteors of substantial size, more than any other country… some have postulated that it is the Size of the country, but Canada is only slightly smaller and doesn’t get hit as much, in recent history… I am thinking it has to do with the Angle of Approach… but that’s a guess… maybe you should do a video on it…. but don’t take too long, I’m 70 and on borrowed time :D

  38. Over Watch

    I got to see the one in Michigan last month when I was driving home from a job site. The whole sky lit up from night to day. It was a once in a lifetime sight.

  39. Josh Kaufman

    @ smart people:
    Don’t we need to know the velocity of the object entering the atmosphere for these calculations?
    Were they included and just not mentioned?

  40. Nathan James

    Awesome keep it up Scott I really enjoy these informative videos

  41. Bigslam1993

    Measuring the speed of sound by differences in speed of twitter? Nice!

  42. Hitching Gurgeh

    Timing the speed of a shockwave using Twitter? That is extremely boss, Mr. Manley.

  43. Ronald Garrison

    An especially good video, even better than most of yours!
    The “Twitter lag” is a fascinating idea.
    The failure to see the Chelyabinsk impactor coming just goes to show the need for more space-based tracking of these things, and more automated. Of course, that’s all coming, and very soon, in an historical perspective.

  44. Devil Average

    Physics Exam: Measure the speed of sound using only Twitter!
    Also, my absolute favorite was the guy pulling down the shades in the car.

  45. Dyanpanda

    Great video, though I think your sound was a bit too low. I had to boost everything, and then your end screen scared me :)

  46. Sam

    0:59 Why oh Why do these things hit Russia so frequently but are not seen streaking from, let’s say Perth in Scotland down to Milan in Italy? It’s always in some obscure Russian town in central Siberia 🙄

  47. The NotFlat Earth

    Twitter Planetary Protection and Alert Agency?

  48. astphaire

    Finding the 17m asteroid in 924,000km of earths sphere of influence is like finding a .2 cm beetle in the state of arizona.

  49. Codiac

    Why do we hear about airbursts mostly from Russia? Have they some kind of asteroid magnet?^^

  50. Serbian Propaganda Minister

    Where did you get that big rocket behind,and where can i get stuff like that? :)
    And kerbals

  51. Piotr Prixxe

    Just send the supreme leader at it we’ll be fine

  52. Bolt Man

    can i get like the source on those cool shockwave graphs?

  53. Jojn Oconrar

    have you done the math to actually see if it creates a good estimate of the speed of sound?

  54. Timothy McLean

    I’m sure that people trawling through social media will be able to figure out all sorts of interesting things about our society. Yet another reason to keep those servers backed up…they’ll be invaluable to future archaeologists once they finish rebuilding their society to be deathspider-proof.

  55. Ryan Ramsammy

    Anyone else think Scott looks like the Curious Droid dude?

  56. saasrus

    Да ну нахуй, ща репостну блядь. Пиздатый ролик!

  57. Reza Pratama

    At least! Goku arrived on earth!

  58. DLNphotos

    Thanks for the video Scott, I’ve often wondered about the details during that event.

  59. TF Sheahan

    Best analysis I’ve encountered. Worth subscribing to!

  60. diedie5

    Hopefully in the future we will be able to know about these before people post about them on twitter. 500 kT is no joke.

  61. Hussey

    russia i think has the biggest population of dashcams.

  62. Hazel Hazelton

    You know it’s only a matter of time before one hits Buenos Aries, and that will mean war.

  63. zonicmaga

    I enjoy these informational videos.

  64. rossmac33

    The Doomsday Will Be Twitter-ised.

  65. h8myX2

    That proves that the Earth is shaped like a catcher’s mitt , okay everyone quit fighting about it now it’s been solved.

  66. Mandrak789

    I remember people talking that the AA defence was firing missiles at it, because series of small explosions could be heard before and after the main blast. Of course, it was rubbish. There was no operationl SAM batteries in the area, no rocket trails, and I doubt that any missile could actually intercept such fast moving target, even if we knew that it was coming.

  67. Olli Wilkman

    I was working on my PhD on asteroids at the time, so I followed the news closely. But now I checked my diary to find that the only thing I wrote that day was “Today I played Endless Space for five hours”.
    A few weeks later I got to touch some pieces of the meteorite, as a colleague of mine went there and collected/acquired them. They went on to do some really interesting science on them.

  68. Brandon Steele

    What a crazy coincidence that was. I remember in 2012 when the news of the NEO was brought to me, and getting in discussions about it’s closest approach in Feb 2013. The day arrived, and what should happen but a totally different asteroid burning up over Russia.

  69. Ace Tycho

    I very much enjoyed the extra bit in regards to the social media. Really really cool

  70. Lapislazuli Star

    There has been quite a few recent closeby-encounters with only little premonition.
    I guess we’ll only start to take this threat seriously when a Barringer-equivalent flattens a small city or so…

  71. Fredrick Everson

    Classic Scott, using Twitter analytics to estimate the explosion altitude!

  72. RC-1290

    I love that you added the bit about your twitter analysis.

  73. Buddhi Ciancio

    This happened in 2012? I guess the Mayans forgot to carry the Y

  74. Daniel Conway

    Heads up, you should make sure when you’re looking at audio for the video that everything’s a bit more equalized. I had to turn my sound way up to hear you and then the end music caused a shockwave that blew out my windows. Otherwise, great video!

  75. RC-1290

    That orbit reminds of a certain tesla :P
    Elon did know about the object, and decided to launch a retaliatory strike on the asteroid belt.

  76. Andres Angulo

    I remember that event, I was hearing about the asteroid doing an approach, that it was large compared to most that come close.
    I go to sleep, tomorrow it will pass by.
    Wake up and mom tells me ‘did you hear? A meteorite hit Russia’
    For a few minutes I was horrified thinking the big one actually hit.

  77. Colin Jones

    The coverage of this event on social media makes me wonder where all the UFO posts are ;) #1235

  78. James Harmer

    Your eyebrows were looking particularly luxuriant today. The asteroid was quite interesting as well!

  79. TheTechnicalNirl

    Oh wow, it broke up more than 30km above the surface? I thought it had reached much closer, after seeing the footage of the shock wave!

  80. Brenden Bradach

    I like how you have data that shows you can measure things by using social data.

  81. Andre Gulbis

    That was a very ominous “fly safe..” :(

  82. Roman Matiyenko

    So much Russian swear words in your screenshots of those tweets! :-)

  83. draconianwarking

    Remember to never stare at objects that may or may not be missiles

  84. DoItWithMatt

    Aliens are pushing rocks at us trying to kill us bruh

  85. 2001Pieps

    Where did you get those pressure wave simulations?

  86. NotSoFunnyGuy

    When you buy a dashcam to film car crashes for compilations, but capture a meteorite instead!

  87. Konstantin Khitrin

    Another observation. The pre-explosion comments contain significantly more cussing.

  88. Tyler Morrison

    The title of this video should have been “measuring the speed of sound with tweets”

  89. Hank A

    I came for the Kerbal videos, but ill stay for the science…

  90. pccalcio

    Quality content right here !

  91. Francois Rioux


  92. Colin Barnette

    Although I love your gaming content, I’m glad you are thinking of creating more science-based content! I would love to see a video from you that would be a sort of “State of ‘Space'” in which you could brief everyone on what is happening right now in the world of space missions and what might be coming up in the future. Thanks!

  93. Quazar501

    The Internet. It hits you faster than nuclear blasts.

  94. AFNacapella

    difference in twitter = deltaTweet ?

  95. Luke Bushby

    “measure the speed of sound with twitter”

  96. Daniel Harvey Dyer

    Note to self:
    In the event that people in my area suddenly start tweeting about a meteorite, get away from the windows.

  97. Russian-bot 01101010

    I thought twitter was only used to measure the speed of stupid.

  98. Helium Road

    In Soviet Russia, space explore you!

  99. KediT

    “Scott Manley uploaded an asteroid that got too close to earth”
    *Scott why would you upload such an object?*

  100. HiddenWindshield

    Measuring the speed of sound with *Twitter.*

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