Abandoned SpaceX Rocket Designs – Falcon 1e, 5, 9S5, 9S9 & Air

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SpaceX developed several rocket designs which ultimately never flew for various reasons, it’s interesting to look at these in retrospect now that SpaceX has settled on the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy while it develops the radically different Starship design.

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    Was the antenna on purpose? lololol

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    Bro how does Scott Manley have complete understanding on topics none of us have ever even thought about?

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    We are waiting for your explanation about recent SpaceX video upload!!

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    If you say Falcon 9 one too many times it starts to sound weird… try it out

  5. Rivercoon

    While the Falcon 5 never flew SpaceX did bend metal on at least one. I was able to take a tour of the old factory and saw it sitting next to the first Dragon capsule which at the time consisted of just 3 bent metal tubes welded together.

  6. Typically Thomas

    I don’t really like Elon Musk, but I greatly admire his ambition

  7. DunaMoose

    Scott can you make a video on Take Two and it’s shady dealings related with KSP 2?

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    this is so cool

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    Elon really respects the sunk cost fallacy

  10. Gypsy Tinker

    Am I crazy to think that there is a place for falcon 5 today?

  11. Mafuskas

    I think the most interesting thing about the early Falcon Heavy plans was the propellant cross-feed. I understand that the plumbing became too much of a hassle but the performance gains would have been amazing.

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    maud dib

  13. COSMOS 42

    Elon: X Æ A-Xii

  14. Live. Vibe. Lasers.

    Gwyenne Shotwell neé Gurevich (Russian?). Falcon 1 flight control computer Intel 486 based?

  15. pentagramprime

    I wonder if Elon ever considered a Falcon 2e version as a way to secure funding from Apple.

  16. Jaxon Mattox

    Although there is nothing much to say about them I don’t want anyone to forget Falcon X, Falcon X Heavy, and Falcon XX

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    falcon 5??

  18. JayVal90

    It is unfortunate that the air launch mounts require such different engineering.

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    Amazing video tho, thanks for that interesting info.

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    I thought the Falcon rocket only launched once when it saved the company..

  24. Bigtexun Tex

    The last manufacturer I worked at designed and prototyped 5 or 6 systems for every one that went into small production, and for every 3 that went into small production, only 1 was ever deployed.

    So yeah, this is about par for the course.

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    Am i flying safe??
    I don’t know, why do you ask?

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    BFR from composite materials also can be added to this.

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    Ah, yes. Gotta love YouTube when a video is just released, having 6 comments that cannot be seen, 17 likes and 3 views

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    Although not a booster, there was also the Red Dragon, the first SpaceX vehicle to Mars.

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    “Greater than the length of a football field”.
    Ah, cute Americans with their dinky little fields.

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    Man this is basically the SpaceXLounge engineering division in 1 video

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    Next do a video on some of ULA’s abandoned designs.

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    Has it never occurred to anyone else that, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away – nobody had ever heard of a falcon? That name came about much, much later, in a very nearby galaxy.

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    Failure CVs are so super important in science

  38. Madison Livingston

    Can you please do a video of the British Aircraft Corporation TSR-2?

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    Great video! Do you have any plans for a video on the Russian programs? Like the history of the soyuz, N1, or buran?

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    I wanna live till the year 3000 to see the Millennium Falcon.

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    What about mars colonial transport system?

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    Scott, can you break down the new SpaceX fearing video.. lol

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    Reddit brought me here, and I’m glad it did.

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    Also the ITS

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    No mention of the Falcon X and Falcon XX? Even if only to say that those never existed beyond the single PowerPoint slide that circulated on the internet?

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    Your fly safe at the end was weird this time

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    You forgot about the Russian ICBM! haha

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    Combination Award for coolest outro words and best haircut goes toooo Scott Manley ! Great show !

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    I was wondering if you’d give “Falcon XX” a mention – early (and I mean _very_ early) BFR concepts kept Merlin heritage engines, IIRC.

  52. EyeOnTheTV

    is this a re-upload?

  53. Eric Lotze

    @Scott Manley , Have you seen “Nexus Space” (essentially os-marsx dev group)

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    damn, super early!

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    What about fuel crossfeed on the Heavy? Is that still in the plan or no?

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    Can we delete the “news” and watch space flights?

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    Good insights. Now off to the drawing board to make those dreams a reality…

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    In only 3 hours there is already 219 comments. wait, make that 220 counting me

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    early SpaceX named their rockets like Apple does with their products. Lol

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    I thought he was saying faulcon. I guess i stay sober

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    I love that Scott pronounces it properly as “FALL-kun” and not “FAAL-kin”!

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    Take a half step to the left lol you have an antenna on your head! Great video, fly safe!

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    Wasn’t there an early Falcon that was going to have 3 engines in order to have engine out capability?

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    Back in the time when Elon underpromised and overdelivered.

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    Can You make a video about the detailed sequence of events of the Falcon 9 first stage from touchdown until its prepared for towing

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    Amazing that the Saturn V had 4x the cargo capacity of the Falcon Heavy. Those old timers sure could build a freaking rocket!

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    I love seeing these cut or abandoned proposals/cut content

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    “none of these ever flew” Oh, they flew all right… Right out the window!

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    Space X get’s chit DONE.

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    Iterate, fail fast, move on :-)

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    Coming soon: Starship Nuclear with liquid core nuclear thermal rocket engine, like the old Liberty Ship concept. Bring it!

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    Last time I was this early, Scott was still just a KSP streamer!

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    and is it standing in front of a 3d printed SRB?

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    Well that’s old SpaceX. Now let’s get hype for the future with Nuclear Starship/ Superheavy. I’m convinced that Elon is eventually going to dig up the old Sea Dragon concept at some point.

  85. Grant Exploit

    1:50 Damn—I thought my idea for a Falcon 1 Heavy was original! Though in my concept the core stages were supposed to use the modern engines and be heavily-stretched with landing ability, much more advanced than even the Falcon 1e…

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    Air launched falcon? Amazing

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    Hello Scott
    I wanted to ask if you could make a playlist of videos like going nuclear about star Evolution and different kinds of stars.
    I am not sure if you already made some Videos about it. But going nuclear seems like a comprehensive guide.
    Wosh you all the best thank you for making great videos 🙂

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    Sounds like apple products

    I mean seriously, 1E, 9S5, Falcon 9 AIR?!

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    When you said “Falcon 9 Air”, I initially thought it was going to be a lighter, thinner, and less powerful variant (similar to the MacBook Air or iPad Air).

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    You forgot to mention the Falcon X, X Heavy, and XX.

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    Your ability to put out such detailed videos so frequently and effortlessly is amazing. I thoroughly appreciate your channel. Kudos.

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    Where did you find the early PR material? I could actually use that in my research.

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    Falcon 1e is announced.
    “What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon!?”

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    Let’s go Starship heavy will have 3 starship boosters strapped together

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    1:45 Perhaps this is where Peter Beck got the idea for Electron Heavy…

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    “Right. We now name it the royal Naboo cruiser.”
    “…..Kyle, you’re fired.”

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