360/Timelapse Night Sky

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Just a 360 Timelapse video I made last night when the sky was clear.
December in California, recorded using long exposure mode on a Richo Theta S Camera
Music is Mana Two, Part 1 by Kevin Macleod

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  1. Ted Garrison

    Thanks Scott, very cool!

  2. David Dickey


  3. subliminalvibes

    If the video looked like the thumbnail I’d watch it however 360° video isn’t for me, sorry Scott.
    Keep up the great work and I look forward to more in 2020. 👍😎

  4. Doug Mcdonell

    What a shame, missed photographing Santa by one day!

  5. Papa Bell

    That was a Wow moment thanks

  6. Trusteft

    One day I hope I will be able to afford to have my own place away from light pollution, to be able to look at the night sky with as many stars as possible.

  7. Rob Sin

    Nice one Scott. Now that I know where you live. I will come and visit.🙏🇦🇺👍

  8. Curator on the internet.

    Be carful, people can see where you live! Also, I’d love to see A DIY receiver antenna project to receive satellite data and real- time Earth atmospheric imaging of weather patterns in the atmosphere without WiFi, you can collect other data too and there are A multitude of satellites which have signals tuned to enthusiasts. Seems like A fun project, and with A bit of ingenuity it’s great, not as hard as it seems. I’d love if you show the process, for places with bad internet and even worse storms. Thanks!

  9. steve shoemaker

    l had a look around….Thanks Scott Happy NY…!

  10. Decline Respectfully

    That is an incredible amount of light pollution

  11. Spurious ECG

    Watched in 2X because I like my timelapses extra timey… or is it less timey? Either way always enjoy a good timelapse!

  12. Javier Guerra

    I was hoping to see the starlink sats

  13. Touay

    I miss living where I have a good view of the night sky.
    I remember as a kid having a beautiful view of the milky way every night ….. damn electricity, what’s it good for anyway!?

  14. A T A 3 2

    Beautiful :)

  15. Jerry Rupprecht

    Hah! I was recentlty at a dark sky site and I actually saw more stars than Scott’s camera. And as a bonus I was in the Southern Hemisphere so I got to see the LMC and SMC. Southern Hemisphere sky rules!

  16. Reflected Miles

    That’s the most awesome light-pollution sequence I have ever seen. It gives “sky was clear” a true California meaning.

  17. alexthebassist23

    got to love the north star not perceivably moving!

  18. WastedTalent

    Last video before you hit 1 mill! Congrats on the growth this year

  19. Mark Bradner

    I just figured out that you can change the camera orientation… Very Cool! 🙂

  20. Tentoes

    Wow. Lots of meteors!

  21. Canine Rocket Technologies

    The airplanes look like shooting stars and makes it look way cooler!

  22. RamSkyCam

    Outstanding! It is amazing what you can capture outside your front door!

  23. Jack T-rex

    That was realy cool

  24. XavierBetoN

    Are those floating lights sattelites or shooting stars? Could you identify Declard Cainley?

  25. Waylen Edge

    Awesome stuff my friend!

  26. 15gamers haven

    I just got a vr headset it is like you knew great video!

  27. Alexander Taylor

    It’s nice to see good weather.,.I do hope it s. Snowy though. Sometimes we get alot down here

  28. Aaron Ecuyer

    Ouch, my neck..

  29. David Brannan

    Wow! Thank you. That in amazing.

  30. Richard TheEighthSubjectiveParallel

    That’s brilliant.😎🔭☯️

  31. Joseph C. Perryman

    I really enjoyed that. Thanks for all the work at putting it together.

  32. malaquey

    What a time to be alive (un-ironically)

  33. Gun Slinger

    That was awesome Scott…thank you.

  34. kaya cayci

    Oi, scott, say hi. i love ksp. i think elon musk and you are AWESOME!

  35. Floppy Pancake

    Get a much greater feeling of being in space when its sped up.

  36. Sky King

    I am going to be watching this over and over again. Beautiful. Thanks!!! Happy New Year!

  37. avoqado89

    I can tell how far your BART commute is by how far the lights of the city are.

  38. S Lord

    Excellent movable 360d views….watched it several times from different angles…

  39. unt

    nearly one million subs Scott, all the best from the UK.

  40. The titchy gamer

    space scares me…….
    but god damn do i love it. i love sitting outside with my telescope and taking photos of nebula :D

  41. David Hudson


  42. mVm MotoVlogMusic

    Is that Starlink zooming by under the Little Dipper?

  43. Wayne Harrison

    WOW, natures light show!!!🌠🌟😍

  44. Craig Corson

    I miss the old days, when the night sky was DARK.

  45. Krmpfpks

    Now that is beautiful and unexpected. Thank you.

  46. Michael Clark

    So cool, Scott! Thank you for sharing.

  47. Olaf Klischat

    Was expecting the sun a rise on that brightly lit eastern horizon the whole time. Looks like it was just some serious light pollution 😅

  48. Lazarus

    Betelgeuse looked very dim, maybe it is about to boom!

  49. Thomas Atkinson

    Thank you. That was beautiful.

  50. Spike Knucklesz

    Beautiful video🤩 and complimentary music I’d love to see a longer version say a week or even just a few days and nights again so beautiful thank you Scott 🙂

  51. Phoenix Uprising

    This is awesome. Thanks for the late Xmas gift, Scott.

  52. F Allen46

    Now that was outstanding thanks Scott……..

  53. Jim Bailey

    That was cool as hell!! Beautiful night sky

  54. Raymond Mucklow

    I cant stop looking around long enough to get a good look at anything. 😁 dam 360

  55. bazoo513

    Beautiful, man!

  56. Artem

    This is the first time I really saw where the Polar star is.

  57. danny cox

    Felt weird watching this on the toilet!

  58. Konii

    I really like the planes zooming by. They look like shooting stars.
    Gave me a whole new perspective on city life. Cheers Scotty

  59. sebrassino

    Aah Betelgeuze looks still good :(

  60. logicslayer

    I love these 360 videos, the music is a great match too.

  61. Myndale

    Awesome video! Also, that speed-up definitely helps what is already a very good track.

  62. Robert Morgan

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the gift 🎁!

  63. sjow

    Wow i have some of the same stars where i live!

  64. rodgersericv

    I didn’t know YouTube had this capability.

  65. DuncaR

    Well that was unexpectedly beautiful! Thanks Scott.

  66. Jane Xemylixa

    Weird to see Orion rise so high – I live much closer to the north :)

  67. Adam Gill

    Love the cloud movement

  68. Adriano Casemiro

    Thank you, Scott! Beautiful glimpse into the northern hemisphere sky. Greetings from Brazil and happy new year!

  69. Anthony Steenbeke

    Do more of these! That was really cool!

  70. Cycle Green

    This is amazing Scott, love it :)

  71. Tom Robertson

    Proof once again the universe revolves around us 😎

  72. Jeremy Zimmerli

    I needed that. Thank you!

  73. nuke mtv

    Thanks for that mate. Snoozing off on your purple haze. <3

  74. Michael

    It’s so amazing, if the area wasn’t polluted with light maybe we could see the milky way

  75. ArsenalEcho

    Thank you, that was beautiful. Happy 2020!

  76. Dom Price

    He winked at me! John Glenn winked at me! I’m goin up! I am!

  77. Mark Nesselhaus

    So soothing, the music was a great match :-)


    K, I saw “Orion’s Belt!”

  79. Alien

    While Betelgeuse Is Dimmer more than We’ve witnessed it before, wouldn’t be awesome if it went Supernova while you were filming this.
    although I have to add, the dimming doesn’t indicate it’s about to blow.

  80. randomnickify

    Fake, not enough fire in the background ;P

  81. Charley Kline

    Watching Sirius and then the rest of Canis Major rising just completed my whole day. Thank you so much.

  82. Mythbuster3808

    omg thats so beautiful, is thats the view from ur house? Also greeting from Glasgow :)

  83. Chris Spanis

    Waiting 1 minute 41 seconds to hear “hullo, I’m Scott Manley”

  84. JAMES! Since the 70's

    That was cool, I love these!

  85. Shadow XGP

    I 100% Love The Music by Kevin MacLeod

  86. chuck croner

    This would be nice extended to an hour nighttime-sleep- meditation to relax video.

  87. Anonymous

    Lying in bed holding my phone 5 inches from my face

  88. Cipheroid

    Damn that’s a lot of light pollution. I never thought it would be that bad towards the city.

  89. Frank Roberts

    Imagine recording a hi-def 360 degree time lapse and, just as Orion clears the eastern horizon, WHAMMO! Betelguese goes supernova. You’d live like a king on the copyright royalties for the rest of your natural life….
    …Hey, I can dream, can’t I?.

  90. Maya Thomas

    Hey! You got this all figured out, I’m impressed

  91. SAY WHAT?

    Loved it watching earths rotation

  92. Merrionade

    I got a new telescope for Christmas but the ecliptic was cloudy then, this makes me much happier

  93. Jeremy Heidenreich

    Thank you so much for this! I have Retinitis Pigmentosa and have never been able to see stars. It was really neat to be able to move the camera around. It felt like I was almost there! Thank you. Love your videos!

  94. OrOrg

    1:10 But everything changed when the cloud nation attacked.

  95. Fabio Fabbri

    0:21 two Orion belts, I got the same artefacts with my old Theta S :D

  96. Charlie Kempf

    As a person who is trapped inside a basement, this is a great alternative to going outside and seeing the night sky myself!

  97. Arno nümuss

    Northern hemisphere skies, so familiar.
    It’s amazing, how well the camera captured the nebulae.

  98. Pete Newell

    I hope when you were climbing the ladder you told yourself to “fly safe”…….and not fall off

  99. Shaun Wendland

    Dude. Thank you for this.

  100. Dumbledore Calrissian

    I was just about to post my time lapse from Scott’s roof but he did it first.

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