10 Years Of Kerbal Space Program – On Final Approach

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Kerbal Space Program is probably the most important video game to me, and to many other players around the world, Its rocket simulation gave me the tools to tell stories about rocket science and technology. However for some, it served as an inspiration and a catalyst that saw them choosing to go into space science or aerospace as a result.
This week saw the final major release of the game after 10 years of public development, adding another batch of features to the game to make it better, easier, or more explosive.

  1. master shooter64

    I first heard of kerbal space program about 4 years ago through one of your videos, so thank you scott!

  2. Voyajer

    I just hope ksp2 supports Mac and Linux like the original does.

  3. Nice Tech Tips

    Hey. Do a video on the ARCA launch in august. PLS a lot, they made something, and i kind of want somebody to validate it :)

  4. Emperor Xander

    8:57 ~ *Years of academy training wasted*

  5. Absolute Indigo Era

    Amazing game current goal in a working Dyson Sphere.

  6. Ralph

    can’t tell if sponsored, or just hyped

  7. jane doe

    I’m kind of disappointed from this node creation tool. After my epic fights with the game to create the perfect Moho transfer, that seems like cheating. Oh well. I love KSP. I’m totally going to the Jool system when the transfer window comes.

  8. Andy D


  9. MasterMAT

    When i first understand basic orbital mechanics, it really blows my mind!

  10. Stuvonful

    The wheel image on the MK1 Pod appears to be from a DeLorean.

  11. TheMetatron333

    Does anyone know if consoles will get the new update?

  12. whammo11224

    Had this game for 10 years and never played it!

  13. Gene Cash

    Thanks, man… just thanks. Thank you for all the great content (and I’m sure there’s many more years to come!) and thanks for helping me out with this wacky new rocket game with little green men, long, long ago in a galaxy far away.

  14. Ithirahad

    Finally, the end of the mod compatibility nightmare! :D

  15. Maaz Maaz

    I miss the “HELOOOOOOOOOOOO it’s scott manley” intros

  16. Daniel McCool

    I think the Actual last update will be called “Wheel Stop Houston” or something along those lines

  17. Heroix

    procedurally generated star systems… that sounds like an incredible mod to overcome challenges :D

  18. Leo’s LEGO

    Thank you, Scott, for introducing me directly to KSP and indirectly to the fact that math is fun and useful.

  19. jocax188723

    6500 hours.
    And still going at the rate of 1000 hours a year.

  20. Bazooka Joez

    I put more hours into this game than any other. It is amazing.

  21. Steve Carlson

    KSP and Scott are forever entwined. Cheers Scott!

  22. Gonun

    5:29 that explosion looks pretty cool!

  23. Anne Hinrichs

    I remember coming across a video that showed a game I didn’t know which looked awesome, then not remembering the name, then googling for a week and finding it. Played the demo for forever, then bought it around Christmas for only €6 and got the early backer status (only realised that when the DLC’s turned out to be free). Best purchase ever. Favourite game since 2012.

  24. Peter Zhao

    It should really be called escape velocity

  25. Nananki

    It really has been ten years, holy shit.

  26. Hotrob

    I’m excited to finally be able to finish a ksp game without quitting halfway through because the features of the next update look cool. And also happy that the original team will be working on KSP 2… It seemed weird to me that they weren’t.

  27. Dj Grom

    We’re getting old Scott Manley :) My weekly show is still going strong. I’d still love to have you pop in to say hullo :)

  28. Cosmic Cuttlefish

    Your interstellar quest series got me into the game for the first time!

  29. Douglas Modesto

    I love how they named the update “On final approach” because it doesn’t give the feeling of an end.. it’s like a conclusion of a happy well done mission

  30. biela88

    Oh the times when the Kraken roamed free!… :D

  31. Jackson

    There is an actual capsule on the island in one of the hangers

  32. SpacialKatana

    Means I’ve been subbed for 10 years! Here’s to the next 10 Scott. Cheers !

  33. Bailey T. Adams

    KSP is the reason why I decided to go to university and get a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering (well on my way now)

  34. Connor Austin

    This game taught me so much

  35. Tuuminshz

    Interstellar quest was the best series ever it was when I started watching your vids constantly

  36. Szu-Yu Wang

    KSP was how I found your channel, and it has been awesome. Thank you

  37. HL65536

    I just hope for KSP2 they remove the kraken and improve performance.

  38. Brian Beard

    All I can say is THANK GOD FOR MECHJEB!!!!

  39. Robert Sandell

    Scott still has some of the best landings ever.

  40. 蝶のDimensions

    Nostalgic ride back when I started KSP in 0.8.x is how i found this channel for space scientific stuffs. Quite a shame that i can’t play it anymore.

  41. Doctor Bonez

    Here because of KSP. Interstellar Quest was a gateway drug lol Thank you Scott Manley!

  42. Vixiea

    So KSP Interstellar Quest 2.0 when with all those updated mods?

  43. Debapratim

    I will be eternally grateful to you Scott for introducing me to this wonderful game.

  44. Kenoobe

    Not gonna lie, but after you said Fly Safe I kind of expected that rocket to explode lol

  45. RicardoA BH

    I think it was Eve Online that actually made me discover your channel:)

  46. etherealessence

    Honestly, KSP Forever sounds like a great reason to get back into it.

  47. B1 Laxson

    First versions? Far as I can backtrack mine was 0.22

  48. VostokTheROBOT

    Here’s to a new era of glorious modding for the original KSP.

  49. Alex Andresen

    KSP and this channel are two things that originally got me interested in space, and now I work for NASA!

  50. Michael Brown

    I like how you have to crawl on top of the magic boulder, to read the sign, that you cant taunt the magic boulder. So kerbal.

  51. Michael Brown

    Dang 1.0 had realism overhaul!

  52. Diederik Willems

    I learned to get good at this game thanks to you. Thank you.

    One of my fondest gaming memories is landing on Minmus for the first time.

  53. William

    Amazing that KSP has held for so long! I started playing in 2013 and it inspired me to actually become an Aerospace engineer, 8 years later I’m half way though my bachelors.

  54. Nathan Gavin

    I remember you helping me about 9 or 10 years ago now, I asked you questions about Kerbal and you were more than willing to help me multiple times. Thank you Scott, for you are the reason I reached the Mun when I was 12! and now again at 22! I am happy to be re-entering this games atmosphere and cant wait to see what ksp2 has in store for us all!

  55. Davilima Lol

    I like how Scott used his old intro for this video.

  56. The Rogue Wolf

    Ten years of sending little green men to their screaming, fiery doom… uh, I mean, to explore the vastness of space!

  57. bitwise_

    KSP changed lives. I love hearing about people that got into science and engineering because they played it.

  58. chari Muvilla

    A lot of nostalgia in this. Those past years have gone by so quickly. Especially the whole pandemic situation makes me feel like it’s still mid 2019.

  59. neithere

    I still haven’t played it because I know for sure that it will be my biggest time hog ever and I’ll be unable to work properly. Really looking forward to retirement, heh.

  60. Everyday space nerd

    Love the old intro.

  61. Luke Deehan

    There is also a mk1 pod in the hanger on the island airfield

  62. Harcourt Fenton Mudd

    I arrived late at this party. I think I bought KSP around 2018, but I just took a peek at it, and left it in my library along with a bunch of other games. Then pandemic hits and I thought “now I’m taking this game serious”, and oh boy, I couldn’t believe what I was missing, and I still can’t stop playing it.

  63. FiltratedBard

    jees u forgot Elon’s quote “Unplanned rapid disassembly”

  64. Mike Alvanos

    That’s how I found your channel! It’s been great to watch you all these years. I learned a lot

  65. Yvainwa

    You hit the nail on the head with the little green men comment. I will never forget the few days I was playing. I managed to get my doofus Rocket jammed with everything I could just to get it into space. Then while on a space walk, I accidentally let go and left Jeb floating in space. I couldn’t reach him with my newb powers, so I ended up watching like 12 hours of how to play KSP videos to play the game. Two game years later I managed to do a rendezvous and pick him up. One of my favorite moments in gaming :D

  66. StrontVlieg

    KSP taught me that gravity doesn’t stop beyond the atmosphere.

  67. Leedark3

    The KSP series was what got me to subscribe. It was such a pleasure to see someone play the game with real knowledge of how it all works, and then playing with the realistic mods, and your ability to explain complicated math to plebs like me.

  68. spencer s

    I remember I pirated the game back in 2013, played it for hour. Was in the middle of a flight stopped, and went to steam and bought it full price. Haven’t really played in the last couple of years, but it’s still my top played game in steam with 719 hours. And I’m a strategy gamer / city builder guy, with hundreds of hours in those types of games.

  69. treschlet

    oh wow, I had never even considered the effect having a fixed version would have on the mod community. KSP modding heaven!

  70. Canopus

    I learned of KSP when i was reading the Wikipedia page about the Orbiter Space Flight Simulator. I started playing when the first OSX version was released. I believe it was 0.11 or 0.12.

    Part of the charm were the constant updates over all these years, Always something new to try out and play with. I wonder how KSP 2 feels like if it releases as 1.0

  71. GDR Riley

    I can’t wait to see all the mods get updated and then they just have to fix any issues they make/ conflicts with others.
    Ah sable times

  72. SB-338 NTB

    Many fun memories were made in this game. And crashes.

    Mostly crashes.

    Good times

  73. Chris Murray

    Ksps greatest achievement is bring you to us.

  74. MyCami95

    Your series “Interstellar Quest” is one of my fondest memories of youtube!

  75. mlouden03

    I miss your KSP content. KSP 2 when it comes out? 😂

  76. Luis Abelardo

    I miss the Scott Manley’s tutorials. =P. (because that’s what they actually were, back in the day). =)

  77. Brian Fisher

    Still one of my favorite games of all time.

  78. MasonP13

    I remember I subscribed to you when you made some video about flying a glider. I forget what it was, but it was something like a no power glider, or something

  79. Hakaandavor

    The hello it’s Scott manley part in the kerbal effect video is definitely the icing on the cake

  80. gsmontag

    One era ends, while another begins. Toward our glorious Kerbal future! Amazing to think that this all started with some tinfoil guys called Kerbals, fireworks, and a couple of kids playing around in Mexico.

  81. Chris Clark

    After months of trying I’ll never forget how excited I was after I found your youtube channel guides and finally hearing the click of two ships docking, and screaming “I did it!”

  82. Smile Space

    I’ve been with you since 2014! I’ve absolutely loved being a subscriber to you for all this time learning so much! Thank you for feeding my love of space and astronautical engineering!

  83. JM

    oh how time flied. its like yesterday when i saw you starting the interstellar quest. which will always be iconic playthrough of ksp. alongside with eve or bust. and Kurtjmacs early alpha playthrough

  84. Mumba Mumba

    I still remember how proud I was the first time I landed successfully on mun.

  85. Kash

    Here’s to hoping Interstellar Quest 2.0 becomes a reality. Theres a few planet packs with multiple star systems now. Plus the game is so much more stable than back in the day.

  86. KvaNTy Troiden

    Finally we can play RO or RP-1 that are actually up to date for once! :)

  87. Tv 5150

    Magic Boulder may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds.

  88. Matthew Dinkel

    You talking about v0.7.3 makes me want a video of every update and what changed over the last 10 years.

  89. Brennan guse

    once the last update comes out and all the mods are updated I’d love for you to do another gaming series and I think I heard a great title for it right at the end
    Kerbal Space Program Forever

  90. Brew'd in '62

    Bob Kerman should not be a Kerbal-naut. He was scared to death throughout the launch & Bill begins to panic too.
    Jebediah. You are the man.

  91. Strid

    We need more Kerbal videos :D

  92. Schnick

    2013 Summer nights. Staying up until 1am watching the ISS speed by and Iridium flares. Playing KSP while waiting for new events to happen. Great great times.

  93. BunniMonster

    10 years? Jesus… Time flies more than Jebediah.

  94. Garry Davlin

    I thought from the title that it was going away entirely. Heart dropped a bit.

  95. Drunken Jedi

    I can’t believe it’s been ten years my god. I remember watching every episode of your Interstellar series, loved it.

  96. Nia.D33

    You have educated more on rocket science and orbital mechanics than i ever expected to be when i first tryed to get my little green men into orbit and beyond. Thanks scott.

  97. Brian Posey

    ahhh.. ukulele intro… aloha from hawai’i

  98. TheLegend2o7

    This is one of my favourite games of all time.

  99. Herr Spider

    Glad that ksp exists. Its truly one of the best games ever

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