Will Space Settlers Live in Fungi Buildings?

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What if we could grow buildings on other worlds? Researchers are looking to fungi to help us colonize the stars.






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  1. John Paul Jones

    Yeah you’re back!

  2. Times end

    Fungi is truly amazing

  3. hewhoamareismyself

    Whenever people talk about space exploration being a waste of money, it brings us ingenuity like this.

  4. Mantas

    So our walls will be alive, seems like we’re slowly turning into the orokin

  5. Amit das

    TY 😊

  6. cmntr

    _astronomical_ price tag. I see what you did there 😏

  7. bradwatson7324

    Yeah, feeling a little disappointed here. Get back to me when the houses actually are giant mushrooms. I want to be a martian smurf goddammit!

  8. Conall Coulter

    Me and my mate actually made a mycelium scuplture and its now started fruiting mushrooms yesterday. I’m not kidding, they’re red oysters!

  9. Bananas Explains

    I can imagine the 1st human colony will look like a Zerg base

  10. sgctactics

    Ah.. brings me back to the gourmet mushroom farm days…
    Many of those things had so much more to be said. Like how the space growth studies needs to include higher fungal forms, fruiting mushrooms for example. Most of the many strains that I’ve worked with probably wouldn’t give a damn about living in space considering how I treated them at times, and higher fungi generally have the ability to form melanin or melanin-like compounds under uv exposure to at least some extent.
    Folks should really read more into fungus in general though, their applications knows no bounds!

  11. Landon Baty

    We need to be making homes here with this material as lumber and steel prices climb

  12. Alexander Gooding

    Lmao uh I mean I would dig a hole and then make a cave, but you have fun with your mushrooms or whatever

  13. Nozza

    Oh this is a cool video! I’d heard about this concept of using fungi to create building materials before. Glad to have a dedicated video on SciShow about it!

  14. Barry Munro

    I didn’t know Noddy and Big Ears were in the space program.

  15. 1wasinAlpha

    We need to focus more on space elevator than anything else right now

  16. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

    I’m loving the comments and the lesson that Reid is giving also

  17. fitzy1093

    So what’s the catch? Seems like pretty perfect stuff… why don’t we see it being used, or even more popularly proposed for off-planet building?

  18. Colonel Graff

    The last time I was this early I was visiting Toad’s house in Super Mario Bros 3

  19. C D

    I guess the thumbs down are from the lumber industry.

  20. Karen Seriously Karen

    So, Georges Méliès’ 1902, “A Trip To The Moon”, with the giant underground mushrooms was prescient.

  21. Rene Valleramos

    Wow, a mushroom kingdom…😍

  22. Will ofone

    Ever since I played Morrowind oh, I’ve wondered what it would be like to live in a giant fungus

  23. Howard Wiggins

    Reid Reimers. Clicked the LIKE button.

    I’d LIKE a video of Reid explaining the Yellow Pages.

  24. Lion von Adern

    It feels really good being a Dunmer in this situation.

  25. tsuribachi

    that cyanobacteria + fungi dome, would that combination means lichen?

  26. whizmo2010

    Maybe Giger’s art and organic architecture wasn’t so far out after all…

  27. Matt Ebert Music

    thats kool….eat the walls u be trippin

  28. Carissa Leonard

    OK this kind of make me wonder if one of the first life forms were fungi… Either sparked here or deposited by meteorites or asteroids…

  29. Paul Gorowitz

    Is there a reason you didn’t show the
    Hy-fi installation? Kind of an important piece of evidence to provide….

  30. T S

    How long does it take to grow tho?

  31. Choas Biscotti

    If we don’t name the first child born on mars Neloth, Imma riot

  32. Maple Hufflepuff

    There’s fungi growing on the elephant’s foot in Chernobyl, it’s black to protect Itself from radiation.
    The science of fairy rings is cool too.

  33. Tim Thompson

    Only the fun guys will live in fungi houses. They’re the ones who will take the waste of the house to get wasted.

    Oh an p.s. they just found mushrooms on mars.

  34. Patrick Sanders

    Will they be short and blue too?

  35. Ginny Jolly

    Fungi houses would evolve into living in treehouse communities. With fungi connecting the trees.

    I wonder: would living in such a community start including us in that community? Would we be more likely to protect and grow such a herbaceous habitat? Would we understand better what they need? Would we be the moving part of the community providing needs beyond the environment’s needs?
    Would we create technology that is compatible with a thriving biome?

  36. Zyphis V

    “Rockets and their fuel come at astronomical prices.” In a video about settling in space, I see what you did there

  37. Hockeygod98

    Pro: You can build structures with mushrooms.
    Con: Dramatically increases the probability of Bowser attacks.

  38. Jörg Walossek

    Yes… Commonwealth Saga by Peter F. Hamilton! Fungi Homes!

  39. Big Bopper

    I’m really surprised not a single person is talking about the slight possibility of Sicilia on Mars.

  40. John Di Francisco

    I don’t think I’ve ever re-winded a video this much, and it still came off as pie in the sky dreaming. Only 1 or 2 facts that I can remember.

  41. InnocuousRemark

    Fun fungal fact: many plants, including almost all trees, are dependent on the activity of beneficial fungi in the soil. Fungi have tech that animals and plants simply lack.

  42. Robert Colin Shepherd

    I’ll HUFF!
    And I’ll PUFF!
    And I’ll…I’ll…umm…
    …actually, your place is pretty cool!
    Can I come in? 🙂

  43. Julio Jimenez

    There is an a very good close up of Reid’s handsome face at 4:37 minutes.

  44. Jared Patterson

    So we can finally start the mushroom kingdom.. Super Mario galaxy would be real

  45. New Moon

    I feel sorry for anyone NOT living in a mushroom.

  46. BitSmall

    so, what you’re telling me, is that the first colony on Mars could un-ironically be called the Mushroom Kingdom?

  47. Thunder Kunt

    Mushroom head tip 😉😉

  48. winterkill1764

    That explains how Eggman can survive on the mushroom planet

  49. hwlyzqs

    Ah yes, the classic Minecraft red mushroom starter house

  50. Gio

    Don’t mess with fungi. Space fungi is a quick way to get space zombies lmao.

  51. E. v. K.

    Seems to be really interesting

  52. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    This fun guy would be glad to help. I could grow mycelium on my ceiling.

  53. Kat Reynolds

    i’m only going to live in a mushroom house if it glows, i don’t make the rules

  54. Mads Bachmann

    And here I thought it was pigs in space and now it’s gonna be smurfs in space

  55. Ariya Angelic

    Is anyone here that is thinking about Morrowind of the Elder Scrolls francaice. 😅😁

  56. Doug Popson

    Orks from warhammer 40k. This is how it starts

  57. deadhumanisalive

    Why do I get a Telvanni vibes, if someone talks about living in fungi

  58. Adil Hussain

    Alternate title:

    Will Elon musk like in a mushroom on mars?

  59. vealck

    Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word “no”.

  60. Laundry Toddz

    Just make sure to use the psilocybin cubensis type! Then you also have medicine and houses

  61. DX29X

    Awesome, very sci-fi. Looking forward to seeing stuff like Organic Metal, Organic WiresCables, Organic Concrete, etc.

  62. DinoCrys

    What about Megamycete? Just in time and have plenty of it in one Village. Ask Chris Redfield for some samples or BSAA. (reference for recent Resident Evil Village)

  63. Shaun Van de velde

    Fine, I’ll go live in a mushroom on mars. But I’m not painting myself blue !

  64. Duck Goes Quack

    If fungus can live inside the chernobyl nuclear plant, think space radiation sould be manageable.

  65. StarFox008

    Pick a box! It’s contents will help you on your way!

  66. Mad Max

    This is how the Mushroom Kingdom started.

  67. Robin Hahn

    The level of punnery happening in the comments right now is super fun. You’re fun, guys.

  68. GamerbyDesign

    All this means is that in the future there will be a mushroom kingdom.

  69. Alan Farmer

    It should be “… in Fungus Buildings”. We don’t say we live in a “bricks” building, so let’s go with singular fungus here.

  70. Beatrix Rozilyn De'ville

    He might be our best hope in making homes for our descendants and he’s a fun guy

  71. Osmosis Jones

    There’s so much geology chemistry going on on io wen should send a probe there might something resembling life down there

  72. Doug Bleach

    Magic mushrooms on the moon?

    I must be trippin’.

  73. Combat King 0

    Hanging out in a structure made of fungi can be cramped – myceling is very low so there isn’t mushroom.
    Storage for cutlery is at a premium so I have to eat everything with a spore-k.

  74. Zaire Raven

    Melanin you say🧘🏾‍♀️🍫

  75. Cringe Gaming 64

    i prefer my kind not to be turned into houses

  76. Soupbones

    Surely it would be easier to transport small mining equipment to Mars and drill caves into the side of a mountain and live in there? You’ll be out of the radiation, sun and of course dust storms that occure.

  77. pvic

    the mycelium war has started yet again

  78. C104

    Imagine you are an astronaut, an explorer of different worlds and forerider of humanity. A symbol of bravery, curiosity and excellence.

    And now you might live in a smurf house

  79. Lucid Moses

    If this stuff doesn’t require air then it may just grow too well. Grey Goo where we come. :p

  80. Loremaster85

    Ah, yes, Telvanni space wizards are the future.

  81. Marco Hernandez

    Wow, The Smurfs has had a bigger impact than I expected.

  82. Infernoraptor

    I love that no one seems to be playing this straight; a building made of fungus called “Hy-Fy”/hyphae, for example

  83. MoltoRubato88

    Wait, are you saying that space settlers should… “Trust the fungus???”

  84. Mischa Rowe

    Living in a fungi home sounds like reality catching up to science fiction. Interesting.

  85. Resting Stitch Face

    (photo of mushroom)

    “Just the T I P of the iceberg.”

    I see what you did there.

  86. protocetid

    there will be Toad Houses in space confirmed

  87. Emery Paine

    Not quiet House Telvanni, but still neat.

  88. Richard Owen

    Do you want orks!? Because this is how you get orks!

  89. Nunya Business

    After a period of making sure Mars has no actual life on the planet…

    Seeding Mars with fungus would be a solid first step to mans first step…

  90. Owl B Me

    So cool!!

  91. CleverPuppy31

    So Toad was ahead of us all!

  92. emf 303

    When you live in a mushroom you can go on a trip without leaving the house.

  93. Tiffany M

    I want to live in an *Earth bound* fungi building

  94. Ethan Herrera

    Who ever would live in a Mushroom house there wouldn’t be Mush-room!

  95. New Message

    When you get a giant transdimensional tardigrade infestation, don’t come cryin’ to me!

  96. New Message

    Space Fungus sounds like the basis of a Netflix SciFi/horror miniseries.

  97. CrimsonEmperor 22

    Morrowind player sees title: My dreams might just come true

  98. Laiba Gul

    Ah yes, mushroom mansion. A trippy dream😴

  99. Skateboard Pro

    International Toad Day EVERY DAY ON MARS!!!!!!

  100. Krishanu Dey


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