Why Scientists Tracked One Neutrino Across the Universe

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Last week scientists announced that they’ve likely identified the very first astrophysical source of high-energy neutrinos.



  1. D Gray

    It was cutest one in the litter?

  2. Poes Law

    This is the first step to gaining fantastic powers.

  3. Sunny Lovett

    Blazars do make sense as a source.

  4. Jamie Gaehring

    how do they know it wasn’t from an attack ship on fire?

  5. t00by00zer

    What an absolute load of gibberish, all to line up the next round of funding.

  6. Colin Roberts

    Did the researchers assume the neutrino traveled directly from its source to Earth without deflecting off another particle somewhere in the universe before it arrived and collided in their detector? Wouldn’t this add a bit of error to their conclusions?

  7. Woodrow Wiest


  8. Adam

    420 blazar

  9. Sabaidee Bee

    Neutrinos are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, they slither while they pass they slip away across the universe

  10. AZOffRoadster

    Back in the mid ’80s I was building LN2 cooled Dewar CCD cameras. It was always a pain when a cosmic ray corrupted the dark integration test by splattering what looked like a sperm cell into the frame. Arrrg! Start over.

  11. Agent Washingtub

    Who else likes to get Blazared?

  12. Thomas Chow

    This new discovery could blazar new path to unlocking the secrets of the pun universe we live in

  13. Mark Mathews

    I loved rick and morty’s joke about neutrino bombs. They would be harmless, only science geeks would get that.

  14. Idiot Online Wondering Aloud

    With all these great discoveries in cosmic rays, I hope it will yield a decent Fantastic Four treatment, soon. 😎😇

  15. Gravijta

    But most importantly, could cosmic rays from blazars cook a chicken?

  16. Faceless

    that was one lucky catch

  17. Dyslexic Artist Theory on the Physics of 'Time'

    Why don’t you make a video on the alternative theories about the Universe on YouTube this would be interesting and good for the YouTube community!!!

  18. Dennis Vance

    I liked Cosmic Ray’s at Disney World. They had a great chicken dinner.

  19. Potecasu Ioan

    The neutrinos ….. have mutated!!!

  20. SchmuzzyHead

    Whilst it’s really fascinating. I could highlight it seems to to have taken 100 Scientists and a multi-million dollar installation to publish something really inconclusive.

  21. Matthew Bishop

    I prefer supernovae as the plural of supernova. It’s more fun to say.

  22. tim smith

    Umm…Shouldn’t this have been a Matt topic? But I like Hank too!

  23. Mitsuraga

    Cosmic rays? Somebody call the Fantastic Four!

  24. Zom Bee Nature

    It’s special

  25. Bob Fish

    Are you getting lazy with your script editing, or deliberately using click bait wording? They didn’t ‘Track’ a neutrino. that would involve putting a tracking device on it and following the signal in something akin to real time.. They ‘Traced’ the path back to the origin. They also didn’t identify the first source. The first source was probably older the 4 billion years. This was the first time they identified the source, NOT identify the first source.
    The meaning of these phrases is at the heart of this article and you got them both wrong!!
    Come on guys.. if you want to give the impression of professionalism, use a slightly more critical eye when reading the script…

  26. John Sherfey

    Yeah, neutrinos do something now!

  27. Saeful Akbar

    Ice cube’s neutrino? What next? Snoop dogg’s electron?

  28. Anish Thumula

    Why is Orion involved in majority of things that we discover in the outer space …..??⭐⭐🌟🌟

  29. Starfleet HQ Noob-TubeR

    These neutrinos must be streaming in 5G

  30. MrDjtone08

    Your the best Hank, your the best

  31. Ben Garrison

    “They are far and away the least massive particles known to physics” – only electron neutrinos…and they’re not less massive than photons. 😁
    Their mass doesn’t have anything to do with their undetectability, though. That line is misleading.

  32. Kew Akl

    I’m gonna guess that they really did NOT track ONE neutrino anywhere!
    One may have been detected, but not tracked. Tracked would imply that the scientists KNEW where that ONE PARTICULAR neutrino was over a significant portion of it’s path!

  33. V C

    You need a (new tree ? No. )

  34. zitools

    not first!!!

  35. Emma Stephenson

    Thanks for the subtitles!

  36. SpunkDustbin

    Track a neutrino up my arse, daddy.

  37. Klaxz _

    Galatus is the source of the power cosmic….

  38. Ivan Beltran

    Waiting for muscle hank to show up.

  39. Michael Swanson

    Wow. Just…wow.

  40. Maxime Deslauriers

    Today in space science! Scientists confirm the heavily charger particles are indeed coming from massive space cannon pointed at earth. AMAZING!

  41. Ed Vega

    So disappointed about Hanks comments during the whole Elon Musk situation.

  42. deleted

    “Blade, Laser, Blazer”

  43. capt rodgers

    no one tracked anything across the universe.its simply impossible at this point……all they have is theory

  44. Kein Dok

    Blazar? is he Mogar’s brother?

  45. milkbox

    If you could yell “SCIENCE!” When you say “featured in the journal science.” ,then that’d be greeeaaaat.

  46. Owl B Me

    💚 *HANK* 💚

  47. Brandt Sommers

    Blazar, a neutrino emitting Pokemon. Location – outer space. gotta catch them all!!!

  48. Christopher Teale

    “cosmic waves are actually particles”… So Maxwell

  49. Meat Head

    Not 1st

  50. Gibran Henrique de Souza

    But neutrinos have spin, they can interact with magnetic fields with their’s spins

  51. Merto6

    If the matter in the detector is tightly packed like in a neutron star, would it pick up every neutrino?

  52. Peter Houle

    like the Ghost in Ant Man & The Wasp

  53. Phantasticaeaspici X

    Sci Fi neutrino bombs don’t sound so threatening anymore

  54. Patrick Roelant

    If neutrinos are constantly flying though me how are they not interacting with the observatory

  55. batmanfanforever08

    I like how this talks about Neutrinos and black holes and blazars.

  56. Robb403

    “Dawn in a new era” Definition: Mo Money……..

  57. Binary Widgets

    2nd comment. I’m a loser. Love you hank.

  58. rainynight02

    Wait, so the only difference between a Quazar and a Blazar is if it’s pointed at earth?

  59. Christopher Elliott

    Nice to see articles about Ice Cube. I helped build the array. Specifically, I was building and deploying Ice Top, the surface array. I assembled nearly all of the insulated tanks used out in Winchester, VA over 3 summers. I did a large part of the assembly of the 40 freeze controllers we used to monitor the freezing and degassing process in the tanks. And, I participated in 3 campaigns down at the South Pole to deploy the tanks, including the filling of the last tank. It was a big project with some great people and some fond memories. I’m really glad to see reports of results being reported to the general public. Thank you, also, to NSF for funding the project.

  60. Ken Mabie

    Man Neutrinos are the hotrod driving skat talking teens from Dimension X … Everyone knows that…

  61. shittyfagg

    Was the source maybe attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion?

  62. James Ru

    Tampering with the ecology of blazars. I can predict blazar nuetrino change for Al Gore’s next doc.

  63. Austral

    If you’d been listening, you’d know that Nintendos pass through everything.

  64. Jesus Mark

    I dub thee Blazar Hank, Defender of the Universe!

  65. Abhinav Sriram

    is the Mistry solved if not then what’s left to be discovered

  66. anothergol

    They’re not cosmic rays, they’re attack ships on fire.

  67. Vincent Jack

    Looking at a Blazar directly, it will instantly blind you. Even if it is 100 times further then our Sun distance from Earth.
    Physics theories don’t work out there in the Universe, we need to learn a different sort of science unlike science applied and learnt on Earth.

  68. BabakoSen

    2:37 that blue light is called Cherenkov radiation, BTW.

  69. Redfox442

    You should do a video on what star trek technologies could one day be real. Warp drive, deflectors etc. haha

  70. Paul Oliver C.

    Thanks Hank for hosting…I prefer Hank

  71. Peter Faber

    Can you do a video about emergent gravity by Erik Verlinde?

  72. modolief

    3:00 — off the shoulder of Orion. Thanks for the Bladerunner reference.

  73. imeize

    Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

  74. DUCKDUDE4100

    Wow, I’m still amazed that we’re able to do things like this!

  75. Chet Jonstun

    Breathing shows class, and confidence.
    Please allow your presenters to breathe.

  76. hg2

    And who paid for these “1000s of scientists ” and the gee-wiz sandboxes?

  77. Truth Seeker

    “unproven, purely theoretical concepts but we will present them as if they were facts, welcome to Sci Show”

  78. Biking skillz

    Neutrinos great now I can make some extra small pizzarios (I’m bad at jokes)

  79. LooneyJuice

    420 Blazar!
    I’m so sorry, but that name is just so damn cool. It sounds like the space equivalent of Dino-Riders.

  80. sirociper z

    Feeling the ‘Young Alec Baldwin’ look, Hank!

  81. Kyber Darkson

    Great episode. Thank you.
    Can you do a episode on
    #SouthAtlanticAnomaly ?

  82. Nicky Chimes

    I watch your channels everyday, and feel evermore proud of this aspect of my species… Thank you for existing!!! 🔥🔥🔥☮️☮️☮️ 33 🦉 OG Skater 1986

  83. viperstrike0

    First being part of NWA now an astrophysicist. IceCube keeping busy.

  84. Arthur O'Brien

    High energy? We should elect them president.

  85. John Johansen

    0:45 I’m sure that neutrinos was detected from supernova SN 1987A.

  86. Mike O'.

    The checks line up quite nicely on Hank’s shirt.
    Also… wow! What exciting news!

  87. Pa Pinkelman

    Attack ships on fire confirmed?

  88. MinerFreakPVP

    Where is Muscle Hank?

  89. Justin O'Brien

    Finding Neutrino at 42 Wobbly Way.

  90. M. [REDACTED]

    Anybody else waiting for the lunar eclipse.

  91. Keith Durant

    I love that the blue light is Cherenkov radiation..the neutrino was traveling through water faster than light travels through water…slower than light in space of course.

  92. Anders Öhlund

    I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Blazar jets on fire off of the shoulder of Orion. High energy neutrinos glisten in the dark in the Ice Cube observatory…

  93. DoubleRu

    I watched neutrino beams glitter in the dark off the shoulder of Orion…

  94. DJSkunkiebutt


  95. The Exoplanets Channel

    Amazing discovery !

  96. Chaitanya Singh

    This is the third most exciting moment in Astronomy after the LIGO event and the Gaia data

  97. TrayCity7

    I didnt know Ice Cube had his own neutrino

  98. hussain qasim

    i get very emotional when a breakthrough happens that i tear up
    what a time to be alive
    110 years ago we couldn’t even fly for Darwin’s sake isn’t that amazing?????!!!!

  99. Mattias Selin

    I once attended a fancy astronomy gala. I wore a blazar.

  100. Matteo Fabbris

    New universal sniper record

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