What If Dark Energy Doesn’t Exist?

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Dark Energy is what we call the mysterious force that seems to be pushing the universe apart. By some calculations, it makes up 70% of everything in nature. Or…maybe it doesn’t exist at all! Plus, Juno’s observations give us new information about Jupiter’s magnificent magnetic light shows!



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  1. Whisper555

    My money is on Dark Matter & Dark Energy simply being a useful place holder to use until we get another Albert Einstein to explain to us that we been thinking about the problem completely wrong the whole entire time.

  2. Phillip Nunya

    I personally think this new explanation makes more sense than the idea that energy seeming comes from nowhere and thus requiring even more speculation to explain.

  3. Matthew Sanders

    Dark Matter has always seemed plausible to me. Something out there, almost everywhere, exerting a gravitational force and explaining acceleration forces; but we just can’t *see* it–yeah sure, seems doable. It’s mass we haven’t figured out how to detect yet.
    Dark Energy, OTOH, has always seemed a little cockamamie. Pretty much the definition of energy is that we observe it doing stuff. Even on the face I can’t wrap my mind around it: anti-energy we can’t observe? That we have to go looking for? Haven’t been able to circle that square.

  4. Mike The Gamer

    Something oout there is sweating more and more as we get closer and closer to understanding the nature of reality.

  5. Patsk88

    2:39 “This is an attractive idea” no it’s a repulsive idea

  6. sarcasmo57

    Sometimes I wish I could boldly go where no man has gone before.

  7. Weromano

    lol what, I should definitely write down my showerthoughts from now on, i could have published this paper a year ago 😩

  8. Andrew A

    Black energy Matters! ✊🏿

  9. JebClang

    If dark energy doesn’t exist, there would be a mathematical mystery of astronomical size.

  10. brent butler

    Great lets just give dark matter more things that it “can do” while we still search for it.

  11. Axe M.

    Please make a video on new Muon discovery.

  12. Fal Leithani

    I propose we name the dual-purpose dark matter / dark energy hybrid “dark menergy”. All in favour?

  13. mohit yadav

    You can call that unknown force as dark energy?

  14. Jeremy Miller

    It seems like this idea of an alternative to the problem of dark energy and the theory/hypothesis that large, galactic size masses could be the reason for the effects of what we term dark matter could piggy back on each other… I’m just a passive hobbiest, but it seems poetic. Thanks for the share guys. <3

  15. Treviisolion

    That hypothesis about dark energy also seems pretty nice because I can imagine that we can pin down the properties of the hypothetical dark matter particles that would fit their criteria. As in since we already have a decent idea of how much dark matter is unaccounted for and presumed to be mostly a new type of particle, scientists can test different strengths of this proposed force dark matter would interact with, as well as proposed masses of the particles themselves, to narrow down the specifics to whatever would lead to dark matter being capable of clumping together and holding galaxies together while also having a repulsive force strong enough to cause the acceleration between galaxies we see, and due to the fact that we wouldn’t expect galaxies to accelerate from each other 100% consistently due to differences in dark matter concentrations, looking for those differences could be an independent source of verification even if the proposed particles end up being too massive for us to realistically create.

    As such even if this theory turns out to be dead wrong, I expect that it will provoke a lot of discoveries that will help narrow down the properties of dark energy, and considering how much of this theory seems testable compared to some other dark energy theories we might be able to get an answer within years instead of decades, though that might be a bit optimistic.

    Exciting stuff!

  16. Nobita

    314 Comments in 6hours

    314/6 also π/6
    And π/6 is a special number though 😀👍

  17. Sylvo Totem

    It would be mind blowing if they would prove that dark energy is actually dark matter and then prove that dark matter actually doesn’t exist haha

  18. Kostynha

    Dark matter and dark energy always sound to me like gravotational resonance. Like if the sum of the gravity field were suddenly adding up to look like it should be more mass than it actually have at some place.

  19. Rick James

    lmao they be playing the what if game.

  20. Armchair Pilot

    You know what’s weird?… why the big bang happened.

  21. Pan Darius Kairos

    Dark energy is made of virtual photons.

  22. David Thornton

    If those are actual pictures of Jupiter, the aurora expands waaaayyyy more than 1,000 kilometres.

  23. John River

    If the dark matter causes the expansion, would that mean that there is no event horizon? In this case, dark and/or regular matter would have to travel faster than the speed of light to create an event horizon, which should not be possible.

  24. April

    It’s an interesting paper, but it doesn’t sound like it addresses the evidence of dark energy’s presence found in the Cosmic Microwave Background.

  25. King lord Boss toad

    I’ve always wondered if just like a gas being released inside of a vaccum and expanding to fill it’s container, maybe the universe is expanding for a similar reason. If whatever is outside of the universe has lower pressure than inside of the universe, it would expand without the need of dark energy. Even if that’s the case though, it seems basically impossible to prove something like that.

  26. Time Warped

    The way I understand it is,
    Scientist call it dark matter & dark energy because they don’t have a better understanding or a better name for it.

  27. Tina Corbett

    Fast forward 100 years when hovercars use dark energy to float….

  28. First Last

    2021: The Year We Make Contact

  29. azmanabdula

    Still havent gotten a response to this
    The universe could be collapsing to a point it cannot reach
    Unlike the big crunch where you would eventually see everything come together
    If the universe is sinking into itself, how would it look any different

    Dark energy gone
    Instead gravitational collapse would reign supreme
    Just counterintuitively

  30. Jake Roberts

    Magnetic field lines on Jupiter:
    Oops I dropped something. BEEEEEEEEENNNDDD AND SNAP 👱‍♀️

  31. Raven

    If you didn’t already know dark matter and dark energy are just fantasy inventions to fill holes in the current model…

  32. Muel 1989

    2:39 Frankly, I find it to be a repulsive idea.

    I’ll see myself out.

  33. Euclidean Plane

    What if blackholes are just part of a dark matter star that we can see?
    It’s producing and emiting dark matter, created by converting normal matter into dark matter.

  34. Chester Liwosz

    *Lorentz has entered the chat*
    *chaos ensues, the universe blows up*

  35. Autodidactic Artisan

    Ive always thought that dark energy and dark matter are just illusions that stem from gaps in our knowledge about how distance and time effect things like gravity and space

  36. Celinor33

    “This is an attractive idea”

    Talking about magnetic repulsion!


    If there is dark matter should not there be some on earth that I can grab and put in my purse

  38. Emily Jelassi

    The Jupiter auroras are so beautiful! 😊❤

  39. AndSendMe

    The description of the new dark energy theory reminds me very much of Anne Elk’s theory about dinosaurs.

  40. lordelliott42

    What if the force of gravity gets exponentially weaker the farther objects are away from each other, and since that force isn’t holding them back as much the momentum of the big bang results in an increase in velocity?

  41. Dragon Slayer Slayer Drag

    I’ve long hypothesized that what we call a universe actually applies to the properties of individual galaxies and each galaxy could have very similar and measurable properties that implies they came from the same place but upon further observation, shows we’ve come from a multitude of big bangs with minute but significant differences. (Differences that may even result in changes of c)

  42. Jaydee Eclipse

    I wonder, could dark matter be a different form of antimatter that doesn’t react to photons but to anti photons hence why we can’t actually see it. And that if photons try to react it cancels out once in contact. It could account for the missing antimatter in the universe as well.

  43. onometre

    damn they have been really relentlessly advertising that album

  44. Herbert Fawcett


  45. Deep Recce

    If it sounds like a duck, quacks like a duck..it could be a duck
    or maybe

    Its just my phone ring tone!!

  46. Greg Merritt

    I just knew this was gonna be a Hank topic.

  47. Thomas Pearce

    In a explosion there are different positions that have different points and positioning in time with different visual effects in speed?

  48. Kenny Carter

    Now my ? As i watch.. can the big rip still occur???

  49. christosvoskresye

    I fell in to a burning ring of plasma;
    I fell down, down, down and was studied by NASA.
    And it burns, burns, burns,
    The ring of plasma,
    The ring on Jove.

  50. TMSquared

    Have you guys done a video about the possible new physics results from Fermie Lab? Or did I miss it?

  51. Noh Buddy

    It’s me. I’m dark energy

  52. Bob Bobber

    Funny how some people denied black matter and black energy just because… they don’t like those ideas.
    This is not how that work… (and I am talking about the comment, not the video. That’s some good hypothesis)

    Anyways, I wonder if they are to solve that mystery during my life time…

  53. Noah Zuckman


  54. Eastern fence Lizard

    It’s just the dark side of the Force, Star Wars had the answer all along.
    Come to the dark side Hank, take your place as the rightful ruler of YouTube science videos.

  55. Daniel

    I could’ve sworn that Juno was already “sacrificed” to Jupiter’s atmosphere

  56. jeff

    Bread 👍

  57. Miro Hundak

    I did not understand a single thing talked about in this video, but it was somehow still very interesting.

  58. Matt Jasa

    The technology gets brighter, but the mysteries become darker.

  59. Speezygirl

    I know a little bit about solar wind and planetary magnetic fields, but I had trouble following the Jupiter discussion because the graphics, especially the first one, were more confusing than enlightening with its plasmoids and sheet currents. Nowhere is Jupiter itself labeled, but “Io torus” is, which I did not understand. The animation of the reconnecting field lines was better.

  60. Ryan Varos

    Is scishow seeing the light? :o

  61. CosmosHFA88 Savant

    Brilliant tune,,,,,shared,,,,,

  62. Dysputant

    So what about this…
    We are just in less dense pocket of real universe.
    And visible universe looks like it runs away from us.
    In reality it runs toward more dense parts of real universe around us
    All hold by gravity…

  63. Łukasz Kucharski

    Dark Cosmology Centre, institution with such a dank name should get recognition.

    It’s kinda shame only publishing journal got credited in the video and not the authors, like 1st page shot or something, so here’s full credit:

    Karoline Loeve, Kristine Simone Nielsen & Steen H. Hansen

    Dark Cosmology Centre, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  64. Victor Titov

    i hate the depiction of “field lines bending and rejoining”. It makes one think field lines are actual discrete pieces, which they are totally not – they are just an abstraction, and they are discrete simply to aid in visualizing them. The field itself is continuous.

  65. Audrey Gibson

    The bend and snap🤣🤣🤣

  66. The Rogue Rockhound

    Bet the plasma cosmology people are going to go nuts w/ this one

  67. Jack Savage

    May the force be with you.

  68. Ethan

    1900: Ether
    2000: Dark energy.

  69. Brian Anderson

    Excellent video as always I actually

  70. simon tv

    I didn’t realise hank was 40 until I watch his very really good episode and I just wanna say he looks like he’s in his mid 20’s

  71. Ronin Jax

    This work is crucial to my sci fi novel! Lol

  72. Konsta ntinos

    When the time comes, one scientific team will receive the darkest Nobel prize ever.

  73. Robert Smith

    You said it was an attractive idea that dark matter causes the accelerating expansion. I think it is repulsive.

  74. Wriestheart

    Maybe we’re all in a black hole and dark matter is some of whatever gets drawn in. The more data gets drawn in, the bigger the hole gets, the bigger our universe would get, right?

  75. gib666

    Music for Scientist, the new Raid Shadow Legends of Youtube sponsorship

  76. Charles Copley

    It’s dark outside.

  77. Feeble Reptilian

    I thought dark/matter energy was just a placeholder term for the umbrella of forces and masses we don’t understand or know about yet

  78. Ronny Shama

    1:30 what if we’re just not there yet & in trillions or quadrillions of years is when the change happens & it reverses then

  79. Idkwhattoputhere

    is it just me? or has there been a disproportionate amount of huge discoveries recently

  80. bruinflight

    So Einstein would be right about being wrong and everyone shining his pole about being right even if he was found to be wrong would be wrong because he was right about being wrong but then he would be right again so everyone would go back to shining his pole… GOT IT. That’s a lot of shining.

  81. Kyzoren D. Tirrem

    Wait… that Lorentz Force…

    that’s just gravity but backwards…

  82. Master Therion

    This would be great if we could find another explanation the Universe’s expansion.
    Personally, I think Dark Energy is repulsive.

  83. David Lee

    Andrei Linde (one of the major founders of Inflationary Cosmology) has defended the theory pretty strongly.

  84. Trent Landwehr

    I proposed something similar in 2012. From the point of the big bang the space in front has no pull/push force but any matter moving outward from the initial start of our universe pull on one another giving our universe a constant expansion outward away from it’s beginning. All objects pull on one another along with the Lagrange points to give a greater impact on other objects in space which should account for the lack of matter and IMO make cumulative gravity the greatest effect in our universe. Something mankind may understand if we survive long enough 🤔.


    All new conclusion pointing out towards my theory about it , and mine confident is little growing up . Yes both are linked together in unique way

  86. SciShow Space

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  87. Tyler Anderson

    What a glorious time to be a nerd

  88. Darth Biomech

    Uh, doesn’t it just switches apples for oranges? Ok so it’s “dark magnetic-like force present in dark matter” instead of “dark energy”, but ultimately it’s the same unexplained phenomena?

  89. BuildingCenter

    4:32. Ah, yes. The magnetic field space arachnid, or orbital orb weaver, crafting aurorae for millennia.

  90. Corey B.

    If Dark Energy isn’t real, what the heck is our universe made of? I was still coming to terms with matter only making up 5%. Physics!

  91. John Hayes

    Wow I’m early. 8 minutes.

  92. Robin Hahn

    Lots of casually mindblowing science news recently.

  93. BaalFridge

    Last time I was this early I still had something witty to say about it.

  94. Dick Niga

    This is like a science version for “What if God doesn’t exist”

  95. Karishma M.

    Hi Hank! I hope you and everyone is doing okay!

  96. Ratna Mani


    They have Already Distributed Some
    Nobel Prizes for Dark Energy. 😅

  97. J Puh


  98. Jake Marchbank

    So exciting

  99. Jake Gonzalez


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