We Know More About That Underground Lake on Mars | SciShow News

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Scientists have taken a look at the underground lake found on Mars in 2018, and it might not be the only one! Plus, new clues might help us understand why the Sun’s atmosphere is so much hotter than the surface!

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  1. BuckShot

    why does hot water get hotter when you add a bit of cold to the stream?

  2. Sans Handlebars

    Long ago, some scientists made a wild claim based off limited data which further flawed studies also led credence to, but no actual evidence exists.

  3. Eric F

    Hmm, magnetic lines and plasma, almost like the EU predicted.

  4. Sans Handlebars

    It’s not like NASA or other space agencies have a good track record of predicting reality.

  5. vuel

    i hate how much we focus on a dead planet

  6. Hal Grotke

    Being an Earthling as I am I think of atmosphere as being a layer of gas surrounding a less fluid (solid and liquid) planetary surface. I still struggle with the idea of gas giant planets having and atmosphere (gas surrounding gas) and now the term atmosphere is used to describe plasma surrounding plasma. Hank (and the astrophysicists whose work on which is reporting) is stretching my brain. I’m not sure if this is a semantic issue or a physics issue, but it is definitely challenging my understanding of “atmosphere”.

  7. Vince Bovo

    I wonder with the radar they will find the dinosaur bones that God buried as he/she (Marvin the Martian) did on the Earth 6000 years ago.
    Isn’t that lovely.

  8. Osmosis Jones

    If all the sea& river beds gullies &sediments were billions of years old at spread of martian winds. Even the chemical affects of a billion Years of sub shine would they still be around today. And rate mars is losing its atmosphere . say a centimeter a day . how fare back before it gets thick enough for liquid water..

  9. VariantAEC

    Just a though but if that checks out and these events do cause such heating in the Sun’s atmosphere will we then also have to assume that solar flux events might effect our own planets atmosphere and might be causing what humans foolishly call anthropogenic global warming?

  10. Uhohhotdog Gaming


  11. hertzer2000

    I bet it’s full of eels.

  12. Julian Depaepe

    Well if only water had enough Oxygen to carry life.

  13. joseph jeon

    Hahhahaa theyre playing with fire by saying “corona”

  14. K Evan Thompson

    The Lost City of Atlantis

  15. L Barrier

    cool shirt, hank!

  16. lunamageice

    tbh i thought the corona part was corona virus and i was like oh cool they’re talking about that here too

    i am fool!

  17. Scenario7

    wait wait wait, that sounds like radar. if that was true, submarines would know!

  18. melissa beasley

    Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

  19. Angelique A

    Interesting news, thank you! ✨

  20. Felipe Fülber

    These conversations about Corona are getting heated.

  21. Storm McBeth


  22. Alex Kindel

    Nice possum.

  23. Mengyang Cha

    I really hate that I can’t even watch a segment about the sun without my thoughts connecting it back to the virus.

  24. Emit 333

    I hate to point it out(fr) buy it usually is hotter just above a flame than the flame itself. Learned this smoking meth(am 5 months clean today :) ) but Ig space would act different then plasma on earth

  25. Travis Schwab

    We have to change that term! Please. I don’t want to hear the word “Corona/Carona” ever again…. unless it means beer.

  26. MarcD

    0:49 looks like mars is actually rotating very very slowly in relation to the satellite.

  27. Daniel Leca

    The Martian aliens will not be very unfamiliar

  28. teipkep

    We know more about that underground lake on mars, than what is going on in Donald Trump’s head

  29. Alan Fraser

    We may find out in several years that radio waves have killed all Martian life!

  30. Ψ

    Filtrate the water on Mars and turn it into drinkable water.

  31. Ferrari King

    They have obviously not watched Mars Attacks or Life.

  32. Daniel Loney

    How deep is the water from the surface?

  33. New Message

    Y’know what that means… Mars is now a safer place for a beach party than Earth!

  34. Leo Staley

    If the Corona is the sun’s atmosphere, at what distance from the surface is the pressure of that atmosphere equal to sea level earth air pressure.

  35. RedLeader327


  36. nattyphysicist

    Shoot, mars has all kinds of water!

  37. ꧁Dee Dee꧂


  38. Kingwesley XIV

    Wait is this video about mars or the sun😅

  39. Bitchute is better than Y

    The sun rained its Corona on us, causing Corona rain!? So thats how we got sick. Dam you sun!

  40. Clarkie

    Big Red Rock

  41. Stephen Timmons

    What if life on Mars had 50% DNA match with life on Earth?

  42. Squirrel Gray

    You said corona too many times gonna get demonetization :D

  43. Georgies51

    In a few hundred years humanity went from exploring other lands and continents in wooden boats to now exploring other planets with robots and shuttles. IN A FEW HUNDRED YEARS. let that sink in. Imagine where humanity will be in a few hundred more.

  44. Ramblin Wes

    Really? You think that desalinization is too difficult of a process to make it worth the results on mars?!?!?

  45. MrVanillaCaramel

    Is there an old theory that the corona is heated by sound waves?

  46. Prince Tamrac

    I want 2020 to be remembered as the year we found alien life and not Corona

  47. Scott Jetton

    I just love this channel!

  48. __

    Watch this get demonetized

  49. ScumBag

    .. is that a mountain goats T-shirt I spy :O

  50. Scott Bishop

    Maybe the gravity, pressure and density of the surface of the suns surface doesn’t allow particles to move/vibrate as freely as in the suns corona and that is where we’re seeing the discrepancy of the higher temperature?

  51. A Rezic

    Ngl the Corona problem keeps me up at night.

  52. BoringNEET

    man this plus Venus is really exciting

  53. Travis Schwab

    Also…. Its going to confused the future generations.

  54. Scary Terry

    Of course there’s life on Mars…..only yesterday some one found a discarded bible next to the Mars Rover 🤔

  55. Patrick Hodson

    You’re telling me the SUN has Corona too???? RIP the sun that thing is definitively in the “over-80” age range.

  56. Joshua Aldus Hobbs

    Mars is beautiful in the night sky, Thank You Universe for being so diverse.

  57. Dee B

    Venus: i have phosphine
    Mars: hold my water


  58. Sean Draco

    EM-graphing subsurface structures. Since it’s EM waves like we say for sound wave reflection imaging sonograph.

  59. Tyrandus

    The Parker Solar Probe just finished its most recent flyby of the sun. Can’t wait for that juicy data!

  60. Yuki Nagato

    4:18 Don’t do it! You’ll become blind!!!!

  61. Marco Muñoz

    I want to see the real images of the radio wave pulses of the Mars Express probe without modifying or editing.🙋🏽‍♂️….In the places on earth where this technique is used to find water, it is a bit suspicious for the following reason, they are looking in the glaciers where the water is logically…I want to see the actual images of radio wave pulses from all the major probes launched into space, without modifying or editing.

  62. Al13n1nV8D3R

    Hot Corona Clues sounds like a drinking game involving beautiful women, beer and charades. Where do i sign up?

  63. D G

    Get your as… _tronauts_ to Mars!

  64. Galactic Gamer

    I wouldn’t drink that Martian water. Who knows if it will try to find a way to Earth but be stopped by a Time Traveler.

  65. PaleGhost69

    Maybe Total Recall was on to something after all…

  66. imsonoided

    “Hot Corona Clues” sounds like a fake COVID-19 cure website

  67. Cory Huskey

    How would that hypersalienated water not help sustain future explorers?

    Just having a large body of liquid available opens countless applications. Plus, wouldn’t a bazillion dollars in mining and filtration equipment still be less than another perpetual interplanetary distribution chain?

  68. Zack Morrison

    Have scientists ruled out the idea that the reason the Sun’s Corona is hotter than the surface, is because the further particles get from the surface, the less both gravity and magnetic forces would be able to slow the motion of those particles? I know it seems counter intuitive, at first, to find that the Sun’s “atmosphere” is hotter than the surface, because under every day circumstances here on Earth, the closer you get to an energy/heat source, the hotter the temperature. However, “heat” is a subjective experience of the kinetic motion of molecules or atoms colliding with other molecules or atoms. It makes sense to me, then, that since both gravity and magnetism weaken drastically with increasing distance from the source, any particles in the Sun’s atmosphere would be able to move more freely and therefore have more kinetic energy as they moves further from the surface. I’m no expert in astrophysics, and maybe that idea has long since been considered and disproven, but if it has, I’d be interested to learn why and how it was disproven.

  69. Roarke

    Chance of real aliens in 2020
    Let’s make it happen, why the hell not

  70. Rotoprism

    I like how they are called “nano” flares but let’s be honest, I’m sure they are larger than the earth.

  71. Physics Videos by Eugene

    Wouldn’t it be great if we find out that life independently evolved on Mars, Earth, and Venus.

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