We Found Superconductors in Meteorites!

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We’ve found the first confirmed superconductors in meteorites, and our simulated atmosphere game is really heating up!





  1. Dovah Kiin

    Is -200c cold?

  2. Matt Infa

    Breaking news. Science is done.

  3. Scott Mantooth

    what are the chances of the yet to be found/discovered elements that are in the elusive islands of stability (on the periodic table) will have superconductive properties?

  4. Stoned Homer

    I can honestly say I was here when this happened.

  5. Katia

    ugh lab prep is the worst why does it have to be so important

  6. Capt777harris

    1:37 you mean duplicated, Hank.

  7. Sabry

    maybe superconductors could be useful in space?

  8. Fusion Tricycle

    Isn’t graphene a superconductor?

  9. Thomas Wijgerse

    where is master of trion?

  10. halogenic

    How long before they get finished with science? It seems to be taking awhile. Get the lead out already!

  11. Chris Hernandez

    What if the rocket carrying Webb blows up? Is there a backup Webb?

  12. Rico Balboa

    I tought James Wb Telescope was being launched this year. Did it got delayed?

  13. my back HURTS

    Somebody should check the superconductive Ness of the pyramids

  14. chronoss chiron

    and……………….she told me she had pmffmfmfmms

  15. king james488

    these aren’t the superconductors you’re looking for.

  16. David de Kloet

    Virtually no resistance? How about literally no resistance? That’s the whole point of superconductors :).

  17. Atlas WalkedAway

    “Virtually no resistance” Except, by definition superconductivity is the phenomenon of having exactly zero resistance, not “virtually”, not infinitesimally low, exactly zero. Anything else isn’t superconductivity.

  18. iceyou


  19. Bugbears and Wormwood

    the solar system is flat!! the universe is too!!

  20. Finanov

    The more you know!

  21. Saltlake Seattelite

    RIP Stephen Hawking.

  22. cutness of all things. o

    yes, this is so cool!

  23. Dr Gutowski

    9 seems like a really small sample size…

  24. Alex Landherr

    *Muscle Hank* : Atmospheres are for the weak!

  25. Daniel Solis

    Don’t scare me like that at the end! I was afraid funding had been cut or something.

  26. Uri Nation

    Indium tin is not as good as Pakistanium tin

  27. Felipe Andres

    The beginning of Wakanda? XD

  28. Pranav Flame

    Not hating, but MaFiMoMiScopy would have been such a cooler name than MFMMS

  29. Joseph Peters

    Look for super conductor properties in warmer temps.

  30. The Dank Memeist

    5:12 my science teacher on the last day of school

  31. Ross Parlette

    The science is all done? lol
    IIRC, there was a claim that “all fundamental discoveries have now been made. Future generations will have naught to do but refine our decimal places.” (loosly quoted)
    Keep up the good work.

  32. ryan heater

    Always amazing what you teach me

  33. Sean Moonshine

    JWST has become the new, ” we’ll have fusion within 20 years,” but its definitely launching in 2018

  34. Rithene

    Never not excited about the James Webb Space Telescope!

  35. MtnTow

    Sorry to say but i think WEBB is gonna crash or otherwise fail to achieve orbit.
    The USA invested too much money and its a sweet target for opponents.

  36. deadcel11r

    That’s a snazzy shirt, Hank!

  37. Seldom Prodigy


  38. Aidan Or

    ‘All the Science got finished’ Hank Green, 2018.

  39. Imperiused

    Wait. I thought the James Webb was supposed to launch THIS year.

  40. Don't, Jim Angius

    Woo boy! I remember this!

  41. wookidoo

    I like the genuine, unscripted excitement that shines through when Hank says “I can’t believe it’s finally happening”.

  42. Garfield Sullivan

    Well we better pray to the science Gods it doesn’t blows up on launch

  43. Thulyblu

    Anatomy is already an example of a finished science. Maybe physics will be too at some point in time.

  44. Organon

    Even you could repel a weak magnetic field, Hank.

  45. Voidmaster One

    Amazing discoveries ! It’s really been a great month for science, except for, of course, Hawking’s passing… I’m gonna sound like an over-sensitive baby but I wanna cry everytime I hear his name, he helped me enjoy science even more than I did, we studied some of his work in 8th grade physics class and it made me a space/science nerd since then… Thank you so much Mr Hawking, even though you can’t read this… still.

  46. zanzalin

    I cant wait for James Webb either. Had the oppertunity threw a past job to work on the project creating and assembling the mirror support structer.

  47. Nillie

    Technically, ESA will be the ones to _launch_ the LWST from their spaceport in French Guyana on an Ariane rocket.

  48. Myrrh Greenwich

    WTF Why is it spoken so fast and bored like no one should listen!

  49. Valentia

    I was really hoping you were going to pronounce MFMMS phonetically

  50. Tim de Vries

    5:17 wouldve been the perfect ending

  51. Phillip Carpenter

    Doesn’t seem amazing at all. I’d be surprised if they DIDN’T find superconductors.
    They’re not even near room temperature superconductors, ffs.

  52. CocoLena Explorer.

    Crash course guy XD

  53. Howard Delovitch

    This maybe explains why Oumuamua accelerated! ?

  54. New Message

    Hope you guys cover Steve, the purple aurora soon

  55. Scriptminer

    Could you use a superconductor in space to create a gigantic free energy cpu?

  56. Feynstein 100

    Scientists used Haze. It’s not very effective.

  57. Taco-Tanner

    Is all the science done Hank?

  58. Fitti

    I am SO hyped for the James Webb

  59. Deviant One 2001

    I love this channel!! I’m the biggest space/organic chemistry nerd that is often confused for a door man/bouncer! Nerd in disguise ;-)

  60. tasercake

    This was one of the best episodes in a while :)

  61. Ricky Nelson

    Liked for MORE SCIENCE!!

  62. Ihab Alrikabi

    Could science ever be finished?
    Or philosphy?

  63. Alex Landherr

    *Muscle Hank* : Electric resistance are for the weak electrons!

  64. E.V.X

    I read an article about cfd atmospheric simulation of planets before. Quite interesting 🤔
    I find cfd in other realms of science a cool application,

  65. Spolan The Dolan

    when you realize Jupiter is a checkpoint in our solar system we must use as fuel to leave

  66. Ron Brideau

    Sounds like the off the scale portion of MRI.

  67. Magnus Juul

    Notification Squad!

  68. GraveUypo

    goddamnit i thought it was room temperature super conductors.
    don’t bait me, scishow :(

  69. MrWombatty

    Hank & the team from SciShow would be unemployed if we ran out of sciencey stuff, so thankfully the more we discover, the more questions remain unanswered!

  70. Ican FeeLIt

    Pff . We can use that heat to cool the conductor down. Boom score again

  71. Mclane Smith

    Can you make a video on the “change” in scott Kelly’s Genes

  72. Bill Marion

    I just witnessed the brightest and most beautiful meteor I think I’ve ever seen, and then I sign on and find this new video! Crazy!

  73. LegitBanana

    5:15 can you ACTUALLY even solve everything?

  74. Toamastar15

    Hank you are amazing and SCIENCE is amazing too…

  75. procrastinator99

    I love when Hank geeks out about stuff. Stay excited about science, Hank! (because I am too.)

  76. Usman Imtiaz

    Thanks you for the amazing video

  77. Zom Bee Nature

    Next year never comes. It’s always this year.

  78. therealquade

    What would MFMMS do to an artificial satellite? like, if there was an alien voyager mission.

  79. Ze Rubenator

    “Science knows it doesn’t know everything, otherwise it’d stop.”
    – Dara O’Briain

  80. Flips_Bad

    “Breaking news, science now knows everything”
    Scishow- “Welp, we’re outta a job, cya everybody, pack up your things, we’re done here”

  81. Jordan R

    My buddy down the road grows the best haze, you don’t even know 😂

  82. Totavo

    That coax fitting needed to be replaced.

  83. R'mur

    “All the science is done!” is basically researching Future Technology in Civilization.

  84. Sean M

    Science: “But wait, there’s more!”

  85. The Exoplanets Channel

    *so.. the superconductors were found in 2 meteorites, one of them a 9,980-kg meteorite in Australia.. cannot imagine that falling down right on my head :S*

  86. henk polderen

    Almost 1 mil sub!

  87. MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs

    I always try to simulate the atmosphere of ice giants in the bathroom.

  88. Anon

    JWST is always “1 year” away. I just hope its for realzies this time.

  89. Aaron G. Randall

    This is one of my favorite channels on YouTube.

  90. Gavin

    The locomotive enthusiasts will be thrilled!

  91. Little Cripple

    Rumour has it that Webb will be launching in 2020 now and not 19!!! Even though it was meant to launch this year, and in 2017, and 2016, and 2015 and… …. ….
    Ok I haven’t heard that rumour but feels like “Webb next year” has been said every year for the past 20 years.

  92. liem11

    Every time people think science is done it just keeps coming.

  93. Joe Dirt

    Finally we found vibranium, bout damn time!

  94. Carl Koree Ochah

    “Science is done. All the Science got finished. Cya…” ROFL! xD

  95. Saleem Says

    I can’t believe JWST deployment was delayed again to next year

  96. Angel Samael

    Could a superconducting meteorite get caught in the magnetic field of a planet like Jupiter and just float there?

  97. Kristi Marie

    Why does SciShow switch between metric, imperial, and Both? Why not consistently list both since SciShow has an international audience? It takes away from the information having to do mental conversions.

  98. Sean O'Brien

    The day humanity makes carbon nano tubes, graphine and room temperature superconductors (ie metallic hydrogen) in mass, technology will take ONE HUGE leap forward!

  99. World History With Dan

    I would say I am shocked but I am a insulator.

  100. Justin O'Brien

    “I can’t believe it’s finally happening…” 4:32 That’s some full-frontal nerdity right there!

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