We Found Evidence of a Brand-New Particle | Space News

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X-rays leaking from dead stars could breathe new life into a hypothetical particle theory, plus an ancient Titanic force may have helped twist Saturn’s axis.




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  1. Felixkeeg

    “Help! I have fallen and I can’t get up!”
    – Saturn, probably

  2. Horizontalvertigo

    0:38 That neutron star looks like it’s auditioning for a role in Neon Genesis Evangelion

  3. Hayden Birch

    I think axions are more like virtual particles or closer to gluons rather than being a novel addition to the standard model.

  4. -EM-

    Titan(ic) is sinking away.

  5. germimonte

    title: we found new particle
    side: did we find a new particle?
    audio: we found nothing.
    come on man

  6. Kento

    A new particle. Yes. Yes. Yeeeeeees! Uh. Uh. Uuuuuuh!

  7. John Cran

    Did Hank just tell us he doesn’t have the Dunning Kruger effect?

  8. John Bryant

    I refuse to watch this unless you do it as a sea shanty…SNS

  9. Balaclava Bob

    Anyone else watching this thinking about skin cells and eyelashes ?

  10. RedLeader327

    Astronomers and astrophysicists are the MVP

  11. ayan b

    I left my occupation because of that here look up on-line for *g r e a t e a s y p a y*

  12. Dee B

    How many undiscovered particles do we have?!


  13. Eugene Bird

    Frank Wilczek who predicted the Axion was just interviewed by Dr. Brian Keating and didn’t mention it.

  14. Juan Gracias

    So when are they going to find the particle responsible for sub-atomic rotation? Ya know, the time particle?

  15. walmartskills

    Personally I think scientists in these areas don’t actually know what they think they know and are just making these bold claims to siphon more money to fund their science projects.

  16. James Leatherwood

    i swear Hank is the face of all SCI channels. Hes friggin everywhere!

  17. george so___s

    Be. Particle physicists are not giving up the idea that hasn’t predicted correctly a anything…
    Watch sabrina’s channel to hear it in detail.

  18. Sven Morgenstern

    Magnificent Seven? Then one of them neutron stars better be named Yul Brynner! 🤠

  19. Oahkery

    3:32 C’mon Saturn, you’re too good to settle.

  20. Howard Barnett

    I toured with Axyon during the early 80’s.

  21. theletterziscool

    How tf do people do this math

  22. Zedave2060

    Whats cool with you guys is every video I watch I actually learn something new. But more than that I can actually retain the information.

  23. Maxjoker98

    Physical review letters? I bet you can’t send them an email!

  24. Bobby Bobo

    Twitter has a strong CP problem too

  25. Boss Sev 38

    glasses look clean

  26. HTIDtricky

    Who ordered THAT?

  27. nonchalantd


  28. frin frobis

    i thought this would be about anyons, but axions are cool too

  29. William Reffett

    Theoretical science is not based on science fact you’re supposed to be a reputable organization. please quit putting stuff out like this that is so misleading it can actually affect the world literally. It’s not science fact it’s science fiction! You can put it down as entertainment but not science!

  30. michael updike

    OMG Weinberg at my university made the theory of the axiom by solving QCD by making the theta term a quantum field.

  31. Dan Frederiksen

    So what does a neutron star look like? how black holey is it. How light bendy is it?

  32. Hercules Rockefeller

    can I buy some weed from you?

  33. R WM

    meh… xD

  34. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    Dead stars only work through CGI.

  35. Alex D

    who thumbs down these videos?! lol

  36. DragonSheep

    Axions have been proposed as a dark matter candidate, too, so more evidence for them is really exciting.

  37. Sinderbloq

    dislikes are all from jealous Higgs boson particles

  38. Nerys Ghemor

    Whoa, that’s big, especially considering axions are a dark matter candidate, among other candidates.

  39. Lucid Moses

    More importantly are you going to have to update your song?

  40. Milo Estobar


    each particle are sold separately…

  41. Benson

    I love when Hank narrates a video. His skill as an orator is as good, if not better than, the likes of Simon Whistler of “Today I Found Out” fame. Hank even gives Lance Geiger of “The History Guy” a run for his money.

    That last channel is amazing btw. Lance is by far one of the best public speakers I’ve ever seen… err, ever heard!

  42. Benson

    3:32 <---- Neptune and Saturn sittin in a tree K I S S I N G First comes love Then comes leaning 🤔 or leaving? 🤣 tilting? I should sooo be asleep by now! 🥺

  43. Tezlashock

    Dude there is totally life on titan. All that energy went somewhere!

  44. Kevin Hope

    Hank, your classes look so clean!

  45. Tech TL;DR

    is mayonnaise a particle?

  46. Guilherme Ribeiro-Tardin-

    Axions? Who ordered that?

  47. Ralph Lauren Gabas

    The relationship of Saturn and Neptune didn’t work out after billions of years. Did the annoying brat, Titan, finally won? It depends~ Only time will tell when will they get back together lol 😂😅🤔

  48. sovageek

    Why does a ferrous rod become magnetic when spun fast on its long axis? Could the same be happening with neutron stars spun under intense density so that the gluons are stressed and the force of the spins of the individual quarks (udd) manifest as an axion decaying into X-rays? Are spin fields real? Earth hurls around the sun that hurls around the galactic plane so no absolute 3D space on the surface can be monitored for a quark spin field. Be interested in how this fits into the standard model of physical cosmology.

  49. Evan

    up down stragne charm top bottom
    it don’t know what a quark is it don’t matter we still gottem

  50. Ben Chasing Horizons

    I’m incapable of remembering to have a shower but I get particle physics. This lines up with the acceleration off the universe. This has dark matter written all over it.

  51. JAMES T. not kirk

    mars , Saturn, Uranus, everyone wants a Titan!

  52. Hey, Folks!

    Random thought. Are *all* moons moving away from their planets?

  53. Noah Kirkpatrick

    Was that the name of the ship from wall-e?

  54. Barry G

    Shame came in to see the his news, didn’t realize it was the clown giving the show.

  55. Josh DaGuru

    Yer gonna have to make a sequel song

  56. A3Kr0n

    Why do people keep talking about Saturn? Can’t you see it’s inclined to be alone?

  57. Si Harris

    If you are mic’d up, why are you shouting?

  58. Lyndsay Brown

    Those are some clean glasses

  59. Grand unified celery

    Most likely, the dart matter consists of some type of BSM (Beyond the Standard Model) elementary particle. One candidate is the very light axions motivated by the strong CP problem.

  60. Scott Hendricks

    But a Quark is a fundamental constituent of matter. Observed in 1968 through inelastic scatter.

  61. Pat McCalk

    0:10 does anybody else hear “parnacles” here? 😂

  62. doc usnhmusmc

    I got to page 117 of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and I’m so angry I’m not sure I want to continue. Eventually, I will, I just need to calm down. I just wanted to take it out on you for a moment. Thank you for letting me vent.

  63. Atilla Da Pun

    Wowow what a time to be alive! Wonder if we’ll get to meet these axions or not!

  64. Ike Beckman

    *DISCLAIMER*: not a scientist. This is a wild theory but what if: during Saturn’s migration it ran into Uranus, and since Uranus was the smaller of the two it was knocked completely on its side. *(Maybe)* this could explain their rings, if there was lots of ejecta from the planetary collision, and why Saturn has bigger rings, having attracted more of the ejecta.

  65. mackrellsm

    A little off topic, but if Titan pulls away from Saturn enough to escapes its gravity and is captured by the sun… Would Titan change from a moon to a planet?

  66. DizzE

    “HAAAAAANM” was my attempt to say “HAAAAAANK” but I just smoked a joint for the first time in a while and I’m less in control lol

  67. MasterMazeProductions

    If anyone is interested in the details about axions PBS Spacetime did an episode on it a while back

  68. John Opalko

    “Titanic Force Skews Saturn” I see what you did there.

  69. NeonsStyle

    Cool u can get more info in per day when you watch it at 1.5 sped :)

  70. xurei

    How is that possible that Tittan is moving 100x times the speed predicted ? Does it mean the orbital mechanics are wrong somehow ??

  71. GZxuan2020 Channel

    WOW!!! AMAZING!!!

  72. Verdi

    Any prediction made by Frank Wilczec most be correct.

  73. Craig Stone

    Hank, you are capable of that! I believe in you!

  74. CAliforniALA

    named after dish washing soap

  75. DarkHorse

    If Saturn was affected much more recently… is it possible Uranus might also have been?

    There was a recent scifi book by Ben Bova
    that hypothesized that Uranus was knocked on its side MUCH MUCH more recently.

    like…. only 2 million years ago recently.

  76. Hussain Abbas

    The strong CP problem, huh? Interesting

  77. Energy Falcon

    Neptune and Saturn are like 2 anime characters in a slice of life sitcom and Titan is the annoying dog.

  78. Wriestheart

    “Saturn settled into a relationship with Neptune”
    Now I wanna hear that myth😂

  79. Hi OK

    “Gas giants don’t typically form with a tilt”

    Hello Uranus with pretty much the biggest tilt possible

  80. Christophe Paitrault

    I’m so delighted that we can still find so many new things right next door in our solar system, sometimes it kinda feels lonely here thinking we know the place like the back of our hand, but then saturn teases us with new secrets!
    luv it

  81. rubberduck3y6

    Saturn and Neptune tried to settle into a lovely relationship, but Saturn’s annoying kid Titan kept on getting in the way, pulling on Saturn.

  82. Blitzschnell

    This really MATTERS in the science of matter 🔬

  83. Alien

    Ngl, axions sounds like a cool name, like some fancy af old fashioned object.

  84. New Message

    Alternate title: Axis and axioms.


    I haven’t clicked a video so fast in a while. I literally went “ooh!

  86. Derek Lam

    If the science weren’t so serious, axions sound ridiculous. Named after a detergent brand, they might explain CP symmetry and why we receive such high-energy photons on Earth, and just for fun also be dark matter.


    theres a strong cp problem with our countries leaders

  88. A Youtube Channel

    Scientists: We found out how the universe works, and can say how the universe is supposed to act.

    Universe: You sure about that?

    2021: Do I need to surprise you as well?

  89. Draxis32

    Video: “We found evidence of a brand-new particle!”
    Me: “Holy crap! What? But I haven’t heard of anything! The model is complete right?!”
    Video: “It’s called axions!”
    Me: “Oh sh*t, here we go again…..”

  90. Vincent Li


  91. Glorywhole

    Turns out a dead star is more alive than we thought.

  92. Rob F

    Damn, a new particle just dropped.

  93. Adam McGrath

    Isn’t Uranus closer to Saturn than Neptune? Why would Neptune potentially have an affect on Saturn?

  94. Maui0895

    Axion reminds me of destiny 1 axion bolts grenade.

  95. Major Helmet

    Right on 👌🖤

  96. Juan Ton Soup

    You guys are my entire science class that I missed so thank you!

  97. Aryana Naderi

    This show really makes my day 💕 im so here for it

  98. Nightfury Yassamaru

    Two videos in the span of 3 minutes? Y’all are on fire!

  99. Hex Boriken

    I really get the first vote and comment?!

  100. Juan Ton Soup

    Holy cow!!!!

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