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Researchers think they may have found a new way to study planets after they’ve been “buried” in a star! Astronomers are also officially acknowledging the discovery of a distant body with a thousand-year orbit and an adorable nickname.




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  1. S N

    Can someone please explain this to me, probably missing or misunderstood something or as bright as a very old white dwarf. Question: they were able to detect the lithium in very old white dwarfs that formed at least 10 billion years ago and white dwarfs from smaller longer living stars like our sun that burn for about 10 billion years. How old is the universe?

  2. Name Lastname

    What a waist of tax paying money.

  3. Scott Anderson

    When you give a gorilla a pizza, he will always eat the crust.

  4. Jessebob Æ

    @4:58 Wonky! 😀🍻

  5. John Martin

    I know we don’t understand gravity but how tf is something this far away still in the suns orbit.. mind blowing

  6. sagacious03

    So, by analyzing light coming from stars, we can determine what materials they’re comprised of, & use that to determine what material destroyed planets were made of?
    Also, why call it 2018 AG37 if it was discovered in 2019?
    Anyway, neat video! Thanks for uploading!

  7. Ryan B

    Big F.

  8. Doom Paul

    inb4 Farfarfarout

  9. Jude Abel Jangnap

    The Next Upcoming Celestial Entity
    Give it Up For


  10. Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber

    Pluto included in a list of planets :happy pluto noises:

  11. Little Forest

    Remnant crust … if it is not cheese filled, I do not care…

  12. boulderbash19700209

    What will you name an object farther out than Farfarout?

    Why .. Farfarfarout, of course.

  13. ViCT0RiA6

    Hank we really need to be friends

  14. MurcusZinger

    i closed the video like 4x thinking it was an ad and trying to skip it lol

  15. bruinflight

    did these exoplanets have a lot of junkies or something?

  16. Freddie Dunning-Kruger Jr

    Is it just me or is Lithium is just an absolutely fasinating element 🤔

  17. Quinton B

    The planet of far, far away.

  18. Robert Colin Shepherd

    If you want to know what happened to the universe in the distant past, all you have to do is ask.

  19. chrissscottt

    Actually light from any object takes time to reach us so everything we see is in the past, not to mention our reaction time.

  20. Logan D

    Could farfarout have had a hand in Neptune’s acquisition of titan maybe!?!?

  21. rotatorinator

    Couldn’t listen to video, Shirt was too cool.

  22. ReeveProductions

    Next farthest out item: farry macfarout.

  23. Del Ivanov

    Hmmm. I guess I am not the only one that likes crust.

  24. Freedom First

    GIven enough time……….anything and everything can or will happen.

  25. Amitoj Partap Singh

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY SAYING NEPTUNE MAY HAVE SWUNG IT FURTHER. If such a big thing was only discovered in 2019 and its trajectory only now…how can NASA be sure there is nothing coming towards earth in next 100 years….

  26. ZeratultheDark

    i love this channel, but my twin nieces have taken a liking to the Royal Institute’s videos, especially the chemistry stuff. watching stuff explode always seems to pique a kid’s interest.

  27. harsh kanu HK

    Hey, what about Sedna?

  28. ༺❾ ❾༻

    124au – farout
    136au – farfarout
    ……….. – farfarfarout

  29. Benjamin Tan

    Hmm… Another elliptical orbit dwarf planet… It could mean there is another gravity well near us.

  30. ts25679

    So will the next furthest object be called “Get out”?

  31. Jay Ramsey

    “Small, incredibly dense package.”

  32. Jay Ramsey

    Always excited to click on one of these videos and hear Hank.

  33. B.J. Hubbard

    this video was released one day after Febuary 18th, pluto’s discovery day
    Who else thought ‘pluto’ when they saw this video’s title and thumbnail?

  34. Jeroy Lenkins


  35. Ken Gray

    Gahhhh…. Not again.

  36. THEY

    Anton > SciShow

  37. randomdoodification

    neptune lost a moon!

  38. Viryl Lucas

    Tower of Babbel haha

  39. whizmo2010

    imagine a permanent base on such a planetoid… what a wild ride with that elliptical orbit. harsh place to live but the telescopic seeing conditions would be awesome.

  40. Amit das

    Nice 👌

  41. Larry Scott

    So farfarout is about as far out as Voyager-1

  42. Mendicant Bias

    Astronomers naming things:-
    Very Large Telescope -> Extremely Large Telescope
    FarOut -> FarFarOut…xD

  43. Zachary Allen

    Okay but where can I get one of those shirts though?

  44. Vanlalchhanhima

    We are so close to venus

  45. Virus


  46. Typical RockHound

    Weed , Geology And Astronomy <3


  47. oki chinen

    Is funny how americans pronounce Chile as chilly.

  48. Mike Daniel

    “Hard core” haha, nice one!

  49. Neth

    So this white dwarf is like a space Ferrero Rocher

  50. Francesco SkZ Mauro

    That image is not of the Magellan telescope (Baade and Clay, 6.5m), but of the future Giant magellan telescope (~24.5m)
    That is being built on a pick in the nearby

  51. Derf

    Car companies are sponsoring telescopes now?

  52. smile

    From what i’ve read, that makes Farfarout’s maximum distance even farther than the current distance of Voyager 1 from Earth

  53. Kamal Tailor


  54. HDStudios

    It should be officially called Mr. Hankfurter Green

  55. Nathaniel Echeverria

    Its not hard core its hard crust

  56. Henry DeShazo

    I love your tiktoks!

  57. Ben Tahoe OG

    Or that its orbit veers, maybe uranus

  58. Lou Bold

    this video’s thumbnail has got to be the best one 😂

  59. Dan S

    Shirt Vendor: “Do you want vertical stripes or horizontal stripes?”
    Hank: “Yes.”

  60. Dan S

    I want that shirt!!!!

  61. Peter Houle


  62. MtnNerd

    Farfarout sounds like a name from Discworld

  63. Maddie B.

    “Have we found the planet yet?”
    “The planet of far-far-out, Donkey? That’s what we’re looking for. Far…FAR…ᵒᵘᵗ.”

  64. TheMo28

    When you said “old stars, like 10 billion years old” did you mean the star was born 10 billion years ago and died since then, or the white dwarf is that old, as in its star died 10 billion years ago?
    I’m assuming the star was old, right? Since as far as I know, no star with the proper size would have enough time to die and form a white dwarf from the big bang. Is that correct?

  65. Tragoudistros.MPH

    You know you’ve watched too much political news when the title “We Found a Planetary Graveyard” gives you comfort 😕

  66. Kaltag2278

    Grab the wall

  67. Austin Hibdon

    Like, the car company suburu? Or does that word have a real meaning?

  68. Samsonite Dove

    In Danish Far means dad and farfar means granddad. So when I first saw the name, I put a mental comma in it so it read: Farfar, out! [mike drop].

  69. Sergey Petrov


  70. Starfals

    Yet another great name lol

  71. Shine N. Hatfield

    I can’t believe they named it that 🤣

  72. Skylar's Terrible Memes

    that gravestone be looking awful sus

  73. Matthew Martel

    If Farfarout crosses Neptune’s orbit, that means Neptune hasn’t cleared its orbit? Clearing its orbit is one of the requirements to be considered a planet. Does that mean Neptune can no longer be considered a planet?

  74. A aron

    If a star explodes and different elements have different mass and space itself has near to no mass or gravity, wouldnt novas disperse its ‘guts’ porportionally depending on what it was made of? And exponentially would become more viewable because the mass sprung out wouldnt lose much velocity?

  75. Md Hanif

    I’ve heard of elephant graveyards & abandoned cemeteries, but a PLANETARY GRAVEYARD???

  76. Semaj_502

    I love your shirt! Anyone know where to get one just like that?

  77. wandering falcon

    Where the hell is planet x??

  78. Golden Ghost

    So, is farfarout on it’s way closer to the sun or moving further away from it? Curious to know where in its orbit it is.

  79. Icekangaroo93

    I really like hanks shirt in this video it’s really nice

  80. Strike

    delete this too 😳

  81. SFG

    2:41 Hardcore? You mean HardCRUST, right?

  82. Helen Perkolup


    Planet pun…

  83. Kristen Rowen-Pliske

    So does that mean Planet IX is a real thing? Or is it Dwarf Planet IX?

  84. Combat King 0

    I heard Princess Fiona’s parents live on Farfarout.

  85. Bruno Oliveira

    he introduced babbel to learn languages, while i’m watching his video to learn english
    greeting from Brazil

  86. Brian Anderson

    Excellent video as usual

  87. fep_ ptcp

    But what about Sedna?

  88. Joseph Carr


  89. New Message

    Anyone make a ‘Far out, man!’ joke yet? They did? 457 times?


  90. Just Vienna

    Can’t believe they found Domino’s Pizza Crust around a White Dwarf

  91. Kein Dok

    Telescopes are time machines… And that is why aliens haven’t found us yet

    Earth still looks molten to them

  92. Osmosis Jones

    Wonder if Keller 22b is really a planet or or the smallest lowest mass black spot ever discovered . its size 2+.4 bigger then earth but 30times heavier and the only body in the solar system not even a moon . maybe it eat every thing

  93. DuneWulff

    So whats the next one gonna be called? Farfarfarout? lol

  94. Jagzeplin

    i wanna see planets collide. im always hearing about black holes or white dwarfs colliding a gazillion lightyears away where we cant see anything but i never hear of planets smashing together. im pretty sure universe sandbox is way off

  95. Condor Boss

    FarFarOut – Ruled by a Frozen Frog King named Harold

  96. XEtherealtitanianX

    Ghost planets are real, like planets also have ghosts! 👻🪐

  97. texaninvasian

    Wow it’s little Hank Green!

  98. Connor Rimmer

    That exoplanet Composition study was fascinating.

  99. Nick G

    Love this channel so much

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