We Found a Planet That Orbits Three Stars..Maybe?

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New simulations of a triple-star system in the constellation Orion suggest that a planet might be orbiting three stars, which could drastically increase the amount of the solar systems we believe are out there forming planets! And the winds of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot appear to speeding up, which could tell us more about what’s happening deep beneath the planet’s clouds!








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  1. Xada-Hgla


  2. ark adryan

    That moment when you start to think maybe earth’s global warming had something to do with it (It’s ridiculous I know, but I wonder, assuming a paralell universe where this is possible, how would it happen)

  3. U Cannot Defeat My Shmeat

    I’m amazed by the only recent discovery of things like this, as I’m spoiled by science fiction that makes all this extremely normal in my mind. So I hear “are there binary exo-planets out there?” And think well of course ive seen at least 20 pairs today, only to be like “wait, no..”

  4. Bryan H McCalister, Ph. D

    Can we name it Vulcan?

  5. Darius Legacy

    They better name it Namek

  6. Nathan Dehnel

    So this is a real example of that scifi trope where an object will have different rings that are not coplanar with each other

  7. noel hutchins

    3 stars don’t make a stable point to orbit amongst themselves, nor for celestial bodies caught on the gravitational fulcrum: but a mini-black-hole at the center of the three, would’ve captured the suns and the orbiting planets in a wide stable gravity well.

  8. Osamu Dazai

    I didn’t even know it was possible to have a three star system. I thought that two stars was already putting strain on a systems resources and gravity. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of those stars is eventually flung out of the system, especially if other large objects are forming in the rings.

  9. MrLewooz

    Anyone else seing a “warp drive” curve in this system>???????

  10. Menachem Salomon

    Oh, look, there’s climate change on Jupiter.

  11. Patty Stephens

    0:22. “…..if it is then it could….”

  12. texaninvasian

    Let’s hope it’s not the trisolorians

  13. Viking Teddy

    You didn’t explain the configuration of the system, which would be an obivious interesting thing.

    What sort of triple system is it? A binary orbiting around a more massive single? A binary+single around their barycenter or a single orbiting a binary? Would have made it clearer.

  14. Gae Shows

    master of orion

  15. Fox Ultimate

    Anyone read the Three Body Problem Trilogy. Some of my favourite Sci-fi books ever.

  16. FireSnake

    hold on three or more? is 4 still stable?

  17. Patrick Luhrs

    If there was a Nobel Prize for segues, Hank would definitely get one for “In other swirling gas news…”

  18. Donald Fickes

    people need to be more careful spilling red wine we will never get that red stain out.

  19. kharisma muchammad

    And here I am after watching quins idea video on three bodies problem

  20. Friday Panda

    Is that planet by any chance a big desert?…. So much sand?

  21. SpeedStriker


  22. Botz


  23. Caoimhin Tew

    Solar minimum, Jupiter maximum. Solar maximum, Jupiter minimum. His orbit is 11 years or so, as is Sol’s tide. There is a solar minimum going on right now.

  24. Lance K Shimabukuro

    If true, then there’s the possibility of a real Tatooine out there! 😁😉👍

    I suspect the Red Spot’s speed may be partially tied to the orbit, in similar manner to Venus, Earth and Mars: seasons.

  25. Frank Andrew I

    I knew it Orion shall rise

  26. Alex Jones High On Chemic

    Wtf I just read death’s end

  27. Captain Smith

    Step into the _Mind Ring_ agree or perry political POWERS

  28. The Jaded Fanboy

    So a video hypothesizing a possibility, suggesting that maybe their could be a planet. Got it.

  29. vgernyc

    MMMMmmmmm. Was it in the middle of a Great Conjunction?

  30. Devin Nall

    We’re getting closer and closer to Tatooine

  31. Jake Thomason

    where is chilly? update your vowels bro. lol

  32. A V

    I’ve done the math, they have 1000 years of peace

  33. The Progressive West

    Love the Pizza John shirt happy Pizzamas 🍕🎄🎉

  34. Avi

    Thrice the chance of life

  35. Justajoke Forme

    Cant wait for you to say thanks too the james webb telescope

  36. Connor Schultz

    Yo we found namic

  37. ziguirayou

    Three stars are always unstable. I’m very skeptical about discarding the “wobble” being responsible for the gap based solely on simulations. The amount of error propagation from low precision input data alone should require a very careful approach to any results, not to mention all the simplification and rounding error that goes along with each discrete step. Let’s not jump to unlikely conclusions too fast.

  38. Patrick Aycock

    Thats Namek! We need to get those dragonballs!

  39. J man J

    And in Even More “swirling gas” news, I watched this episode while sitting on the toilet..lolol

  40. girlofanimation

    Sounds cool until they send the Sophons

  41. J N


  42. NicksAreOverrated

    do. not. contact. them.

  43. 8feet

    I might be biased… But that looks like a Biblically Accurate Eyeball 1:21

  44. imad fahloul

    Maybe that’s a huge discovery !

  45. abc abc

    Soooo….. are we preparing for the tri-solaris alien or scp-2399 first?

  46. GivingGoodHeadToMyGOCBrot

    The Destroyer is moving. Unleash DR. BRIGHT!!

  47. Islarf

    “in the constellation of Orion” sounds like a sentence the Doctor has said before.

  48. nyyotam

    Mmm.. SCP-2399 ?

  49. Gary Dunion

    Technically it’d be the second planet we know of that orbits three suns, after Batuu.

  50. Unholykill3

    And I thought my Years were wearied enough…

  51. KD1inOly

    Where are Reid and Caitlyn?

  52. KarmaCadet

    They finally found Tatooine!

  53. Carlos Colon

    What is this, Namek?

  54. Karthik Haritha

    3 videos in a day. Hank is on a roll!!! Naturally made for science

  55. Anonymous Freak

    Careful, Aughra has better modeling than you on this.

  56. Matthew Taylor

    Wait only 150 years? I thought Galileo saw the great red spot?

  57. Mr_GiXxEr

    Must be all that man made Jupiter global warming.

  58. Matt Evans

    Planets are more common than we thought? Our star has 8 planets, 7 depending on the year. That a good representation of planets to stars. With all the stars and planets we have found, it’s safe to assume planets are pretty common place in the universe.

  59. Roger Szmodis

    Please, don’t drink the emperor.

  60. Trevor O'Keefe

    All heil the mysterious gap!

  61. Marin3r

    Aw was hoping for Reid.

  62. lex Drevens

    The scp is ready

  63. bennyfactor


  64. आईला जादू

    I heard about this in the show Cosmos, by Neil deGrasse Tyson back in 2014. S1, E8.

  65. Blake Ryan

    Never thought about Jupiter’s storm being big enough to swallow earth. A storm that’s larger than our entire planet is tough to comprehend

  66. David Hand

    This is totally bonkers. How are the three stars even sticking together long enough to form a planet? Is the four body problem solved?!

  67. Dazanar

    how do we start a petion to make nasa and congress fund a new hubble like project

  68. Excruciater

    Wait, a planet with 3 suns? Sounds like we found planet namek.

  69. Bigyeti Technologies

    Three stars are going to orbit a barycenter surely, it wouldn’t be chaotic would it?

  70. Sergio Gallego

    So that’s why I’ve been seeing a count down on my photos lately!

  71. Yiglic Persfactious

    Can’t Juno measure the winds more accurately?

  72. Erin Minter

    We know that Jupiter is constantly absorbing space debris, maybe the red spot was the result of a much larger object that collided with it? Just a random thought.

  73. sinecurve9999

    “If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men believe and adore; and preserve for many generations the remembrance of the city of God which had been shown!”
    –Emerson, as quoted in “Nightfall” by Isaac Asimov

  74. Jansen Art

    “Triple star”? No, “Trinary System”, please.

  75. Rsniper15 //

    Imagine if there was a highly suffosticated exterterrestial beings on Jupiter that have for millinia have the technology to just control the clouds/atmosphere of the planet.

  76. Md Hanif

    Finally, an update on the Great Red Spot which has always fascinated me ever since I read about its existence

  77. Addnametocontinue

    If Elite: Dangerous has taught me something, it’s that’s nothing out of the ordinary. One main star, O-class, two M or K class orbiting that. The smaller ones got their own planets, and a couple gas giants with moons orbiting the whole thing.

  78. Darth Jesus

    *Orbiting the center of gravity of 3 stars, or the collective mass of that system.

  79. Thomas George Castleberry

    Once I was bowling, around 50 years ago and I got 3 strikes in a row! It’s not me watching Jupiter’s Giant Red Spot since 1878, I wasn’t born yet.

  80. Rachel Webber

    What would the sky look like from that hypothetical planet?

  81. androssteague

    Space is just a collection of astronomical anomalies. Just when you think you know how orbital systems work in space, this happens

  82. Black_Rabbit_0f_Inlë

    If this isn’t evidence for the existence of Thra I don’t know what is.

  83. A Youtube Channel

    SciShow: Here is another video of no ‘click-bait’.

  84. Osmosis Jones

    So you set an experiment. Know what look at but have. An intern do it for you and the intern observes. Something unexpected who deserves % of crediy

  85. Robert Murphy

    These things are all over the place in No Man’s Sky.

    Old news

  86. W Terlep

    “Three suns? That’s awesome.”

  87. TheFlyingDogFish

    Better not send any radio messages there.

  88. George Deng

    Great . Now the Trisolarans are coming.

  89. Thesilent One

    I think we should invest in experimental greenhouses were they do simulation of what the stars and all they believe hits the planet just to see how plants respond same with insects but as a side effect this should increase the research into farming lights.

  90. Manlio Alejandro Rincón N

    Meanwhile my man Cixin Liu: “Well yes of course there are planets there”

  91. KevinZP

    They found Xandar!

    From Guardians of the Galaxy, you see a civilization orbiting a triple star system. And the planet is called Xandar!

  92. Bebhead

    Hope it doesn’t have too many chaotic eras

  93. ello

    Crazy cool vid as always

  94. carson garnett

    I’m so excited for the James Webb to be in action

  95. David Seekatz

    Thank you guys for all you do

  96. gtostowe

    Sci show and all of its sister channels, are my favorite YouTube channels

  97. Pedro Lima

    Namek will be a good name for it

  98. Bad Gamer, Good Bird!


  99. Seamus Harper

    Triple the sun, triple the fun. 😎

    I will see myself out.

  100. Gamerwithagun

    Caught my attention right away

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