This Planet Survived the Death of its Star

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When stars die, they tend to take everything around them with them. But new evidence appears to show a planet orbiting a white dwarf, and we’re not sure how it survived! Plus, experiments designed to detect dark matter might be capable of detecting dark energy, too!

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  1. Dorje Phurba

    up to 2:40 I thought you were talking about a little star that exploded and a big jupiter sized planet orbiting that star that survived that explosion. after that, what the f-k you said i have no idea, you changed the subject or something.

  2. Blyat_Bear

    Maybe strong magnetosphere, maybe just too massive to destroy the planet, maybe it orbits too far to really be affected.

  3. The Random Guy

    That Planet will now go find a new Host Star

  4. Bullet Time

    I read that as “this planet survived the death star” 😅

  5. Chris

    This planet may not be a survivor of the star dying, but rather, the gases from it’s death collecting back together afterwards.

  6. Eric Sowder

    Nice to see I’m not only one who thought it said survived the Death Star at first ! 😂

  7. Andre W.

    Ever had anyone said you sound like Neil deGrasse Tyson?

  8. Faye

    *mumbles something about Ascians*

  9. Tibor Kutak

    Gas planets can survive the red giant phase of the Sun like star by loosing some of their mass,but if even a little that mass could be almost or bigger as the mass of Earth

  10. Meya Tetana

    Aww so we’ve found Apokolypse now to prepare for Darkseid’s comming.

  11. Majin vegeta

    Isn’t it possible the star may have caught a rougue planet. I know that’s very rare but working with such a large sample rare becomes common

  12. T4N7

    The DEAP-3600 detector should’ve come with a trypophobia warning :P

  13. Ashley Silver

    Our Sun is also a second generation star. At some point another more massive medium size star died and a yellow dwarf was formed. Its possible some planets did survive here too.

  14. Benjamin Stern

    Alternate theory: what if that Jupiter-sized planet was rogue and only got captured into its current orbit after the star had already become a white dwarf?

  15. Elliander Eldridge

    Is it possible that the gas giant wasn’t always one? We’ve seen examples of stars turning into gas giants and gas giants into rocky planets. Maybe as a star it didn’t survive.

  16. Dustin VanKeuren

    We gonna be eating a lot of crow once we get interstellar travel figured out.

  17. Julien Sorel

    There are a lot of theories saying that the asteroïd bell was once a planet

  18. Follower of Julian

    Would that the creators of this drivel could stand in for the unfortunate star! 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Jeff W

    The planet may have “survived”, but anything living there would be TOASTED to death.

  20. The Second Selmarian Prod

    This planet: i survived the agb cycle of my star
    Draugr: *laughs in pulsar noises*

  21. Boing Boing Connoisseur

    KEKW Observatory…

    I like the sound of it…

  22. Phoenix Raven

    I read “The planet that survived the Death star” at first

  23. Johnny Raincloud

    Dark matter has never been discovered or proven. Billions of taxpayers 💰… electric universe and let’s go Branden

  24. Leks

    cant the planet also be a captured rogue planet?

  25. Ian G

    The aliens that are on that planet are probably ecstatic that they survived their sun’s death

  26. LunarSkittles

    You call *that* an observatory? Kek.

  27. John Streutker

    Is it possible that the planet formed from debris after the star exploded? I don’t know how much detail Keck is capable of but I doubt it could discern the age of a planet.

  28. Endor Chef

    I read the title as , This planet survived the Death Star

  29. Bob Motster

    “A ripple in the fabric of space” a.k.a. a disturbance in the force.

  30. CamoYuki

    If the planet is around the size of Jupiter and the star is a white dwarf, could the planet be bigger, in volume, than the star? That would be funny to see

  31. NawDawgTheRazor

    At first I thought NDT was speaking lol

  32. Michael Talley

    The principle of generating small amounts of finite improbability by simply hooking the logic circuits of a Bambleweeny 57 Sub-Meson Brain to an atomic vector plotter suspended in a strong Brownian Motion producer (say a nice hot cup of tea) were well understood. It is said, by the Guide, that such generators were often used to break the ice at parties by making all the molecules in the hostess’s undergarments leap simultaneously one foot to the left, in accordance with the theory of indeterminacy.

    Many respectable physicists said that they weren’t going to stand for this, partly because it was a debasement of science, but mostly because they didn’t get invited to those sorts of parties.

  33. Jonathan Matias

    Those last couple of seconds before he started thanking folks for watching is one of the reasons why I love humanity. Who knows what we might find indeed, but be damn sure we’ll find something. Be it something new or a lesson in what not to do we’ll find something

  34. Jacktion

    Is it possible that a white dwarf could capture a rogue planet in its orbit?

  35. Martin Stringer

    dark matter and dark energy have similar properties because they’re 5th or 6th dimensional matter or energy. they don’t really interact in a measurably way to us because of that.

  36. Winter X

    i read the title of this video too fast lol
    “this planet survived the death star”

  37. Thorn Ross

    That observatory is top kek

  38. Brandon C

    Read the title as this planet survived the death star so i was like “that’s one bad ass planet” and clicked. Then i realized that’s not what it said but thought, “damn, that’s still one bad ass planet”.

  39. Amon Ra II

    You thought it was gravitational lensing but it was me Dio!

  40. Валентин Костюк

    Hurray, Jupiter may survive Suns death!
    What about Earth?

  41. Grant Bartley

    Whoever disliked this must have a thing against planets. Dirty big round star parasites!

  42. Keith Foo

    I read the title as “This Planet Survived the Death Star” and thought to myself , “This can’t be right, no planet can”.

  43. Rykehuss

    Kek telescope, kek

  44. TheDeepOtherworld

    what if the property off dark matter is dark energie =o the pull creates energie that expans #1st sad 2021/10/16

  45. Newton Gamboa

    I read the title as “This Planet Survived the Deathstar”

  46. Ken W

    What if the planet was captured after the star went nova

  47. Jesse

    Probably the best episode this year!

    The presenter is a boss!

  48. Anand Acharya

    Is it also be a possibility that the white dwarf might have captured a rogue planet in it’s orbit?

  49. Birch K.

    Who would even thumbs down this video? 🤔 Flat earthers? 😂

  50. Sarah C

    Completely unrelated but I really want to compliment that beard. It’s a great beard!

  51. Anonymous

    A Cone of Darkness. Larger inside, than out. South America. Late 1980’s-1990’s. Other person, that went in first. Was eaten. Very large and slidey. Time dilation inside the cone. 45 secs, me. Over week, here.

  52. Breakdown

    3:09 – dark matter, dark energy
    3:52 – Chameleon particles

  53. Anonymous

    Ending as a brown dwarf. Then becomes a metal-crystal mass.

  54. MandyMouse

    Reid Reimers’ voice is the next big thing.

  55. Joe

    Read this title as “This Planet Survived the Death Star”
    RIP Alderaan

  56. Inqu'aanate

    I think most planets survive. Gas just isn’t very good at carrying energy into solid objects.

  57. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

    Neil, the Burly guy. :D okay I had to say that they’ve gone

  58. Not here for it.

    The little piece of lip that peaks through his mustache disturbs me. Especially since it’s cover on the top as well. Lol

  59. Stolas Amon-Seere

    If gravity can cause light to bend don’t you think that same time drag can stretch light out? Hmmmmmmm.

  60. The_Kansas_Kid

    Could it have been a rogue planet caught that somehow recently started to orbit this white dwarf?

  61. Math Machine

    Take that, Vader!

  62. gravit8ed

    NED FLANDERS:””Nothing at all!’
    Nothing at all…
    nothing at all…

  63. M.Iqbal Firmansyah

    I thought the title was “this planet survive the death star”

  64. Little Daemon

    More of this guy please

  65. Spacegoat92

    I misread the title and thought it said “This planet survived the Death Star”. I then wondered what the hell you were talking about. I then realised i was the problem…

  66. auti Jean

    I just read an article about this yesterday!!! How awesome! Glad to see a video about it so soon!! Thanks!! This is awesome!!! EASILY one of my FAVORITE channels. :)

  67. Jupiter rules

    Star gives out planet like lifeform. you heard it here first. Universe is big lifeform

  68. TheGrungy1

    My guess. The planet was grabbed after the white dwarf formed

  69. David Jameson

    From the second news bit about “chameleon particles” as an explanation, the way the story was presented makes it feel like this was the progression of logic:
    1) Anomaly detected.
    2) It fits this data plot, x.
    3) Imagine this odd particle with these properties, y.
    4) Oh look, x = y.
    5) x may be caused by y!

  70. Spencer Thompson

    Reid your beard is looking fresh good to see ya!

  71. Anh Truong

    Would be interesting if gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn gets ignited when the sun starts to balloon and grow as it starts to die. Then it ends up igniting the gas giants and turn them into mini stars.

  72. Molonara

    A dark planet, lit by no sun….

  73. Vern Aute

    We could learn a thing or two from them

  74. DanielPasten

    So there’s hope

  75. Chris M

    Damn, I LOVE physics!

  76. Rillis The Creator

    could the planet be a rogue planet that got caught by the star after it expanded?

  77. Dan

    Father: *gets home from long day at observatory*
    Little boy: Can you explain the coolest planet you found today?
    Father: No sun

  78. nosuchthing8

    Maybe it didn’t classify as a planet in its system, and now has been promoted to a planet.

    As if Pluto was the only remaining body from the solar system

  79. Adam Philip

    Great hosts on this channel! Super interesting results too though the dark matter/energy detection thing seems pretty speculative.

  80. Jeremy

    lol… the space between us kind of like the field between a cooled superconductor and a magnet and it’s field from our point of perspective compared to the totality of our universe..

  81. veggiet2009

    If chameleon particles exist… How could we tell?

    Could we capture a particle and put it in enough simulated environments and watch it change? I kinda doubt it unless we put it on a space craft and preserve it for twenty years out of the solar system?

    Conversely, if we see a particle acting this way over here and that way over there, wouldn’t we just assume that they were two different particles?

  82. Science Gremlin

    Curved light. So like is the lights path being curved? Like from rectilinear to curvilinear?

    Or is the photon ball being curved? Like into a crescent moon shape?

  83. falco830

    Sailor: Do you like to fish?
    Astronomer: Yes…

  84. Frisk

    Never thought to use trypophobia to detect dark energy/matter. Solid strategy.

  85. Natasha S

    Loving the beard Reid 😍 very handsome

  86. kwastek

    KEK telescope :D

  87. SackBall

    So thats where the ship Event Horizon went.

  88. Scribe13

    That solar system sounds like it was very similar to our’s…kinda spooky

  89. jimjimsauce

    perhaps the planet was much larger than jupiter and it lost a lot of mass during the ejection

  90. nick longstaffe

    Dark matter and energy or opposing sides of the same “force”

  91. Amy F

    Is it bad that I kind of want dark matter and dark energy to be literal magic just because I think it’d be hilarious if it were

  92. R Ray T

    I like this bearded gentleman

  93. Baz Pearce

    A Jupiter sized planet could be protected from the star’s outer layer ejection if it has a strong enough magnetic field i would suggest. I’m not an astrophysicist, but it would be my best guess.

  94. Melon

    *names it **_The Rock_*

  95. Carrie Wright

    Interesting indeed 👍

  96. Dawn of April

    That’s a tough planet! It must work out.

  97. eSKAone

    Maybe it was captured after the stars death.

  98. h7opolo


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