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Astronomers have theorized about an invisible star made up of theoretic particles in the past, but did we recently detect the gravitational waves of two of them colliding? Plus, extraterrestrial rocks from a decades-old mission keep yielding new discoveries!

Silas Emrys, Charles Copley, Drew Hart, Jeffrey Mckishen, James Knight, Christoph Schwanke, Jacob, Matt Curls, Christopher R Boucher, Eric Jensen, Lehel Kovacs, Adam Brainard, Greg, GrowingViolet, Ash, Laura Sanborn, Sam Lutfi, Piya Shedden, KatieMarie Magnone, Scott Satovsky Jr, charles george, Alex Hackman, Chris Peters, Kevin Bealer


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  1. Cas Hicks

    We’re still combing through Apollo samples one fragment at a time to catalogue them. And by combing we mean crushing into dust and burning into them to get an idea what they’re made of. So happy to see our work getting attention! Geology isn’t the most flashy subject, but Planetary Science and studying The Moon is freaking awesome!

  2. Gintautas Kulikauskas

    i love the shark shirt!

  3. sanjuansteve

    @0:47 I appreciate the 3D animation of gravitational waves.

  4. Eric Stodolnik

    It’s awesome how much grav waves are changing things and adding such new insight to physics and cosmology

  5. BarbarianGod

    So what’s the mass on those boson stars? If it’s close to the mass of two black holes, why wouldn’t they collapse into black holes?

  6. Brandon K.

    So.. dark matter?

  7. LinuxDragon57

    0:45 Actually, gravitational waves are emitted by all objects warping space and time as they move. Only huge events, such as black hole or neutron star mergers, warp space and time enough that we can detect their gravitational waves.

  8. TheGoodyNL

    Since they are invisible, what would happen if a space ship collided with a Boson star?

  9. Balaadithya Muralitharan

    “Or studying rocks to probe places on the moon we can never go”
    With our(countries’) current attitude to the moon, that’s about right.

  10. DochDoch DochDoch

    Just a quick question:
    Who tf thought, oh we have a thing called an axiom, which is used quite frequently for all types of theories. Why don’t we just switch the m to an n and call this theoretical boson that? Were those people in a writersroom, arguing how they get the two words even more alike, and just figured, well its the same word and n and m are phonetically ridiculously close together, quite some people can’t pronounce the difference clearly, feels like a great idea.

    (Lovely video like always. Happy everytime I can satisfy my hank-crush♥️)

  11. zachary newcomb

    New star just dropped

  12. Wykius

    I really hope it’s not another Kardashian!

  13. Der SquidMuffin

    It’s only a matter of time before physicists discover the mighty space kraken

  14. Jansen Art

    I don’t care what you say my guy, I refuse to acknowledge the presence of that video you mention at the end. You’re lucky I still sub after the notion of the clickbaity title of that video.

  15. Joshua Brown

    👍for the youtube algorithm.

  16. Aimless Savant


  17. Lewis Rainwater

    The explanation of the boson star left me at a loss. They don’t have event horizons but it has gravity? How can they rotate around a point so fast if they aren’t singularities?

  18. JosephGallagher

    Boson stars got me really excited here…

  19. Joy L

    I still maintain it is more likely we don’t fully understand the effects of gravity on intergalactic scales rather than there being a undetectable form of matter which is also 5 times more abundant than regular matter.
    In other words: I don’t believe dark matter exists at all – we just don’t understand physics as well as we think we do.

  20. EvilSci Bro

    If it has mass it would have a gravitational pull therefore it would interact with light and could be seen with gravitational lensing could it not…..

  21. Colonel Banana

    Add to watch later. Goodnight space nerds.

  22. Ananya Ravikumar

    This title makes me wonder if there are regular stars that just emit radiation completely outside the visible spectrum.

  23. stillpaints

    Hank is looking rough.

  24. Matthew Lawson

    I think the time required to become proficient in certain subjects through traditional schooling could be cut in half if educators taught in this manner. Rather than the traditional method, where you pass the course and know the material and realize you could teach a semester course to someone else in a week.

  25. Bentboybbz

    Ive already told others about a possible collision between a visible and non visible mass.

  26. wintrparkgrl

    thanks to light pollution, most stars must be boson stars since I can only see a few

  27. Brahminn

    Hmm doesn’t this kind of put a dent in the whole “intergalactic travel” hype

  28. Clever Fox Studios

    Space is so freaking amazing. Even the very idea that an invisible star could exist in hypothetical is so mind boggling, and I desperately wish I was intelligent enough and good enough at math to be an astronomer or physicist just so I can see it for myself as it happens 🤓

  29. Erik Nicholas

    It’s probably impolite to call attention to the shy stars in the room.

  30. Lyndsay Brown

    Reminds me of the old adage: shoot for the boson star and you will land among the regular stars.

  31. Tina Corbett

    Also, Anton Petrov did a video about Boson stars about 4 or 5 months ago. 😁

  32. Tina Corbett

    Everything is theoretical until it’s not.

  33. MRGRUMPY53

    Could you say that an old brown dwarf is “invisible”, like Gliese 229B?

  34. Hannah Brown

    Check it out yall, new star just dropped(maybe)

  35. Helge Moulding

    Hank, the word you’re looking for is time capsules. :-)

  36. Arévalos Villalba, Diego

    Half this video flew right over my head, wich means I have a lot of reading to do. Couldn’t be happier

  37. Steve Schmidt

    There has to be an invisible sun
    It gives its heat to everyone
    There has to be an invisible sun
    That gives us hope when the whole day’s done – Gordon Sumner (aka Sting), 1981.

  38. Joe Arnold

    It’s pretty much axionatic that they exist.

  39. James Benton Ticer

    Most likely a dim brown dwarf.

  40. Prescriptive Reasoning

    And, yet, GWs have yet to be detected. If the translation from muon detections to muon-photon interactions was done correctly, then purported GWs would vanish.
    Laser beams are 3D cones not 2D planes.

  41. NumaTechPrototypes

    if they really new there particle physics then they would realize that these particles axions are created with extreme energy’s higher then the core of our star and many others and are very short lived so no it shouldn’t in theory make a star.

  42. SlimThrull

    Wouldn’t these be more like super Boson planets? Since they don’t give off light (or radiation at all, as far as I can tell) it seems silly to call them stars.

  43. A aron

    I want that shirt

  44. Terry Pitt-Brooke

    Occam’s Razor may be 700 years, but it’s as sharp as ever: “entities should not be multiplied without necessity”. When something looks like two black holes colliding, one of which formed from a previous merger, then it’s probably (almost certainly) that. And don’t come back ’til you have evidence it’s not.

  45. Andrew Bell

    Hank, your Apollo special was TWO summers ago, but I know we all want to act like 2020 didn’t happen, so I guess I’ll forgive you.

  46. jonuts the dank lord payt

    Look between the stars and into the void, its were they live

  47. jonuts the dank lord payt

    Nice can’t wait to see the universe break

  48. Axel Vanegas

    Nothing can’t escape gravity if you’re close enough, doesn’t have to be a black hole, you will collapse to it eventually, stars devour their planets and it become just another black hole once it acquired enough mass, but it takes way too much time that we will never see it in our lifetime. Doesn’t matter anything we will be devour by the sun eventually, it’s not a matter of if it will happen but when it will happen, either we get destroy by gravity or send away by it.

  49. antiisocial


  50. Random Character

    Occam’s Razor

  51. Chucho7

    Stars that don’t want us to copy their homework.. You can’t hide forever you sob.

  52. Joe's Guilty Guitar

    You can call me a boson star ✨ if you want 😂

  53. Ryan B


  54. Wallnut

    Oh they dropping new stars now? Damn 2021 patch lit

  55. minhaz minu

    Everyday new space news that’s just great

  56. British neko

    how long until super huge EXPLOSION?

  57. Gary Bickford

    So how warm is the lunar interior? How deep can we drill or dig? Is there a limit?

  58. Jack Martinelli

    And the plot …
    1. Thickens
    2. Confuses
    3. Identifies as a plot but …
    4. Could be hairy
    5. Only what I believe
    6. Is a wet dream
    7. sigh … NOT SCIENCE

  59. Emmanuel Landwehrle

    babe wake up, a new star just dropped

  60. Erica Rose

    Every time I think my mind has been blown the universe comes around and blows it up again. Thanks, universe :)

  61. Victoria Williams

    I saw a video yesterday that kinda ticked me off. They said the gravitational waves were from two suns colliding. Even I knew they were caused by black holes colliding. I was so disgusted with all the other misinformation, and/or lack of information, in the video I couldn’t even comment there about it.

  62. michael updike

    Who knew a simple quantization of a term in the standard model lagrangian could lead to stars.


    Im curious as to the power a Boson Start might hold….

  64. Veev

    Wake up babe new star dropped

  65. theshuman100

    New star just dropped

  66. Chael Rose

    so the moon is thought to have formed from the accrual of molten fragments of proto-Earth and Theia after the Great Impact, right? is there a chance that the S32 and S34, since they formed in different chemical conditions, could correspond to and be used to differentiate and compare matter from the two separate bodies?

  67. Daniel Leca

    That star would be one in a nonillion 1×10^30

  68. Spark Knight

    I like that shirt. Unbutton that second button. Please.

  69. Jess Washer

    If there was one mystery of the universe that i could find the answer to, it would definitely be what is up with dark matter. Its a mystery id love to see understood somewhat in my lifetime because im absolutely fascinated

  70. Michael Elbert

    wishful thinking is what that is I mean clickbait

  71. Je Ko

    I would’ve picked “Ninja Star”, but that’s just me.

  72. eSKAone

    He would also be a very good actor. Great talent♥️

  73. Stax

    Yeah, but if there is 5x more Dark Matter then it would be the normal matter instead of visible matter. 🤔

  74. Mike Newton Ninja

    the world is full of invisible stars, all waiting to be discovered, so that they may enjoy thier five minutes of fame.

  75. Colin Roberts

    Wouldn’t an axion star gravitationally attract hydrogen? I don’t think it would be invisible in that case. With enough mass the axion star would fuse the hydrogen and shine like a normal star, but it would have strange properties.

  76. firerevenge

    Really enjoyed this episode, well made! Thanks Hank and team!

  77. Stavinair Caeruleum

    Based on the higs boson?

  78. aidanomg

    didn’t know they named a particle after the ship in wall e

  79. Greg Wesson

    The content of SciShow is amazing, but can I also say that the graphics (and the way Hank interacts with them like at 3:14) really give it polish. There’s clearly a lot of work that goes into making these videos, and it’s definitely appreciated.

  80. chris pontarolo

    I wanted to vote for both sci-fi/horror and fiction.

  81. Kevin Hernandez

    Nibiru nut cases: WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN!

  82. Jeremy B

    Could this explain the great pull?

  83. モレナウエル

    I’d call it boatswain star :P

  84. Jessica Evans

    Yay! Hank!

  85. FireSnake

    shouldn’t the boson star vs blackhole thing be “easy” to decide, we know given what object we suspect to have caused the gravitational waves what kind of masses at what distances would be possible (for this merger event), now all that is requried it surveying those areas for further hints of gravitational influence of such objects if we find none at blackhole distance but some a boson star, then it’s further evidence for boson starrs (or issues in the blackhole theory :D)

  86. Neeboopsh

    mining helium on the moon. lets get on it.

  87. Don Wald

    Isn’t it amazing how little we know?

  88. Bjarne S.

    Getting some new physics would be nice, we haven’t had anything game changing for a few decades

  89. New Message

    Well.. I hope they name the first one they find after Sue Storm.

  90. André Líbero

    I really like how these evidences were in those moon rocks all those years just waiting to be discovered

  91. Marko Bugarski

    This Show <3

  92. Gene Gray

    It’s amazing how even really old missions like the Voyagers and Apollos still produce cutting edge results today 🙂 although I also can’t wait until we have enough equipment in space that that’s no longer true 😂

  93. kakarroto007

    2:55 “Now this is what it’s like when worlds collide!”

  94. Baylen Lucas

    New star just dropped

  95. Alexis Diaz

    yeeeeeee scienceeeeee!!!!!

  96. Divider of Joy

    BOSON STARS, fuck yeah! Very happy to see y’all talking about them again!

  97. Christopher Brown

    Hell yeah! New star! Wahoo!

  98. Astrophiliacx

    The universe is goddamn fascinating, can’t resist it lol✨✨

  99. Sheldon Cooper

    I love this channel

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