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Astronomers have some insights into the mysterious disappearance of the luminous blue variable star in the Kinman Dwarf Galaxy, and we’re digging up more clues about how our friend the Moon may have formed.

Kevin Bealer, Jacob, Katie Marie Magnone, Charles Southerland, Eric Jensen, Christopher R Boucher, Alex Hackman, Matt Curls, Adam Brainard, Jeffrey McKishen, Scott Satovsky Jr, James Knight, Sam Buck, Chris Peters, Kevin Carpentier, Patrick D. Ashmore, Piya Shedden, Sam Lutfi, Charles George, Christoph Schwanke, Greg, Lehel Kovacs, Bd_Tmprd

  1. Rational Fragile

    It’s probably due to some data corruption in the simulation’s RAM. If it can be corrected by a CRC, you’ll probably see the star appear again soon.

  2. MattChez

    It would make sense that aliens only build Dyson spheres around the brightest stars during their period of highest output for maximum efficiency.

  3. busi magen

    LOST! Have you seen this star? Responds to “Spot.” Reward is 43 bars of gold pressed latinum. If found, please contact Nog at _Quark’s Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade_ located at Deep Space 9. (Please do not speak to Quark.)

  4. Gustavo N.

    The right question is not where but when is the star…

  5. Chris Baldwin

    That star is the home system of MorningLightMountain. If you don’t get this reference, you don’t read enough scifi.

  6. Elizabeth Shaw

    I have often wondered why we have not gone back to the Moon. I understand there have been tragic events trying to go back. I still think it would be worth going back.

  7. P P

    What about the material from the impactors on the biggest Moon’s craters?… Why is that rulled out?…

  8. Jaysenshere

    It’s just a really long twinkle

  9. Andrew Winkler

    What if what we were seeing was the light of the super nova

  10. Sunderzilla

    Found the star, here it is ⭐

  11. Danny Defoe

    Sometimes a shining particle may be a star or ????? appears to be moving for a 20 secs ..and disappears do u know what is that and why…
    I notice this daily …

  12. Sass Hole

    Could a possible reason for the LBV star’s disappearance be gravitational lensing? Perhaps a black hole (or some other massive body) is passing through just the right place to direct the light from the star away from us. Or, perhaps a black hole had been directing light towards us for the last 11 years, but has moved on.

  13. Callum Gibson

    I wonder if the higher metallicity in the larger craters is more indicative of the composition of the impacter rather than the constitution of the moons surface? Basically bigger impact crater = Higher mass impacter, higher mass impacter = a higher percentage of its composition being metal which is then detected in higher quantities in the larger craters. Just a thought.

  14. Ooshgaar

    I think Peter F. Hamilton wrote a book about a star going missing. And it didnt work out great for the people in that book.

  15. John F

    Well presented. Thanks. :)

  16. Dr Do-Little

    Is it just me or he’s Caitlin’s twin brother?

  17. M P

    Maybe it was already an explosion

  18. otakuman706


  19. First Name Last Name

    If we got hit by a mars-sized object how big was the Earth? Also Mars size?

  20. Jon Nash

    You guys need to chill on the editing, seems like its almost every breath is edited out. Could be just at the end of each phrase he says be as soon as I noticed it i cant unsee it. Sounds so much better when he has his natural flow vs cuts every few seconds

  21. Dephside


  22. Kevin Gomolchak

    Is it being blocked by dust, a black hole, or contained by a Dyson sphere?

  23. ferdisb

    I missed Bear-Man

  24. Helen Stanford

    unnova (plural unnovae or unnovas) (astronomy) The collapse, as opposed to a supernova explosion, of a star hypothetically forming a black hole.

    Look up the star N6946-BH1. A “before” pic was taken in 2007, star looks fine. An “after” image was taken in 2015 — and no star. Didn’t supernova.

  25. David Last Name

    What I got from this: 1) Aliens made a star disappear. 2) Aliens built the moon.

    I love astronomy, the answer is always aliens!!

  26. Leon Douwma

    I thought the great attractor got solved years ago?

  27. theemissary1313

    I thought astronomers HAVE seen a direct collapse black hole in N6946-BH1…?

  28. DoctorX17

    Maybe the missing star went on vacation

  29. Essero Eson

    It’s a glitch in the Matrix.

  30. Cadence M

    So is this the star that people were freaking out on tiktok how it might cause space time to collapse? 🤨

  31. Barry McD

    I think you’ll find it buggered off to the pub :)

  32. Oli Watashi

    Someone with access to the Jedi library has deleted it

  33. sylkates

    Very interesting, also, I love your voice

  34. Matthys Fourie

    Lost a star system, astronomers have. How embarrassing, how embarrassing!

  35. Marilyn Lucero

    Here I am, losing my keys, left socks and pens then there are those madlads and madlasses in VLT losing a multiple million diameter, multiple million times brighter than our sun star.
    Our species is really good at losing stuff aren’t we?

    I can imagine them coming back from work;
    Person 1: Hi hun, how was work.
    Person 2: I lost something at work.
    Person 1: What did you lose hun?
    Person 2: Just an entire LBV.
    Person 1: Oh ok, not sure, checked the fridge?

  36. ViewyEvening87 - Minecraf

    Technically couldn’t the entire star have quantum tunneled to another location? This is obviously an astronomical chance, no pun intended, but possible nonetheless

  37. Ron Colvin

    That Star Was Eaten By A Large Space Mouse. Mystery solved, you may relax now good night.

  38. Throttle Kitty

    I bet humans ate it, like the dodo birds when they disappeared.

  39. Gulraiz Farrukh

    Well we still got infinite number of stars throughout the universe

  40. Ashwin Sivakumar

    Does such celestial events happen within 20 earth years? I thought such things take 100s or 1000s if not millions of years

  41. mrscootervids

    Close your eyes and he sounds like a coles brand neil degrasse tyson

  42. Rivit Raven

    So you’re saying we could mine the moon

  43. Minimalist SG

    Reid looks like a Spartan fighting alongside King Leonidas

  44. J walking

    Where the star went aside, where did that beard come from?

  45. Daniel Sahlberg

    Isabella: “What’cha do’in?
    Phineas: *2001*
    Candice: “Mom! You HAVE to see this!”
    Linda: *2011*

  46. Scott Rick

    How long would it take to determine if a star went straight from star to black hole, no supernova stage?

  47. Michael

    It didn’t go anywhere. It left to get some smokes, just like my dad.

  48. Jam the Ooze

    The blue light of Khirad is known for holding secrets.

  49. rubberduck3y6

    Has anyone tried looking in Reid’s beard for the missing star? It’s getting big enough for a star to disappear into…

  50. FvckYoutube'sCensorship U

    Probably the opposite of star lifting, some pissed off alien terrorist just added a huge amount of mass/energy so fast it collapsed into a black hole and skipped the supernova stage and killed off all life in that star system.

  51. MadeOf Clay

    Kirk: Where the hell did the star go?
    Scotty: Captain! I canny see the star with the warp core spectrometer!
    Kirk: Increase the power Scotty!
    Scotty: If I increase the power any more, she’s gonna blow!

  52. Pablo Sánchez

    I don’t know guys. I found a strange switch marked lbv in an abandoned building last month and I turned it off.

  53. Anarchy Antz

    It didn’t vanish, they just remembered to pull the blinds down on their Dyson Sphere.

  54. ziploxian

    Coincidence. I was watching stars 15 minutes ago and a star just turned off. No idea what happened.

  55. Caparroz

    You should ask them to help you recover some of the detail lost in compression of your latest videos. Geez, it’s like you’ve filmed a bunch of them, throw’em all to Handbrake webcam quality and be done with it. I can see more details on Planet 9 than on Reid’s beard…

  56. Erik Nicholas

    “No, no, no! That’s all been done before! Coins, tables, cars, elephants… Just a couple years ago some other magician made a whole cruise ship disappear… Now what I need is something… BIGGER!”

  57. Sara Daniels

    WHOA how am I just noticing this beard? Where did it come from…

  58. wolfrig2000

    This sounds like a hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy setup.

  59. David Jacobs

    can you guys do a video on “Comet Neowise” ?
    nake eye visible comet in a long time.

  60. Chris2008

    That’s all old news. The Russian sounding guy already reported it last week.

  61. Osmosis Jones

    We think the earth& the moon were formed from same collision because we found the same rocks but we found rocks from Mars hear on earth so couldn’t have any rocks from earth have been blasted to the moon

  62. DRida64

    Ah yes, clearly we’ve found a dead pixel on the screen of the simulation.

  63. DEROS Jeff

    Orrrrrrrr this is the beginning of that doctor who episode where the starts start going out

  64. Lost Melody

    I was gonna make a kingdom hearts reference but I forget the line.
    And I don’t mean “Look! A star’s goin’ out!”

  65. Chloe Murray

    could it have just been a data error? that’s usually one of the first things that need to be considered in the face of a shocking event

  66. AynenMakino

    Question: What happens if a gravitational wave hits a star that’s on the verge of having enough mass to turn into a black hole? Would the gravitational wave be able to carry it over the limit, triggering it to turn into a black hole? And after the wave passes, would that be enough to undo the process?


    What can I say…. The Thorians gave me a great price, AND towed it away!! Didn’t think anyone would notice.

  68. Leo Staley

    Normally when astronomers say “metal” they mean anything more massive than helium. What exactly do the moon researchers in this study mean by “metals”?

  69. Jean-Philippe Jeske

    When obi wan lost a planet, it was cause someone erased it from the archive memory, now I’m not saying we set off to the center of gravity’s pull but who knows we could find ourselves an army 🤷🏻‍♂️

  70. Real samurais drink straw

    The first time I read about the missing star was a few days ago, when I was taking a break from reading the book, “The Edge” by Koji Suzuki and found the news recommended to me by Google. This was creepy because “The Edge” is about a world where everything is slowly disappearing, including massive stars

  71. New Message

    Oh nooooooo! It’s my Dad all over again!

    Did it ‘go out for smokes’? ‘Cause that’s when my Dad disappeared…

  72. Lance Kiarsis

    This guy probably does some killer Dan from Letterkenny impressions. I had to actually watch the video twice cause it was so distracting.

  73. Srijan Bharati

    That’s Unicron’s skin you’re detecting bruh! Leave him alone.

  74. The Mandalorian

    “To indicate something interesting is going on” What, black holes, white holes, brown dwarfs, pulsars, quesars, magnetars, dark matter or the idea of the fermi paradox are not interesting enough for ya??

  75. Twilight Gardens presenta

    Beard lookin good there, bro!

  76. Seamus Scott

    Just like my dad
    Edit:I am serious


    0:03 keep your eyes peeled… look up to the sky… keep looking! :D

  78. Trung Hung Pham

    “Disclaimer: AAAS and EurekAlert! are not responsible for the accuracy of news releases posted to EurekAlert! by contributing institutions or for the use of any information through the EurekAlert system.”

    This was written under a sources’ article in the description.
    I wonder what it means…

  79. Briattny Brittany

    Ughhh, can we just travel at the speed of light already?? There’s so many things I want to see but I know I probably won’t see in this life time 🙃

  80. CarthagoMike

    seems nowadays even stars can be spirited away.

  81. Starfals

    Ahhh, there’s nothing like a good Star mystery <3 I'm all about the star-news baby!

  82. Rai Knightshade

    “…Where’s the giant blue variable star?”

  83. NEY Industries

    The only things I can see with my telescope are Jupiter and Saturn.
    All the “other” night sky is just pitch black – since I live in a city. :)

  84. Jarrett Benning

    This is the geekiest comments section I’ve read in a while. Thank you.

  85. Firelaf

    I like to think that aliens built a Dyson sphere around that star 😃

  86. Avery the Cuban-American

    Gone, reduced to atoms

  87. emf 1200

    It’s a white hole. It’s connected to a black hole on the other end. It’s part of the intergalactic highway system. The holes are currently closed for maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Any questions or concerns should be directed to HR on planet Vogsphere, but remember _”resistance is useless”._

  88. WanderingYankee

    *Screams hysterically “The time has come. Now, detonate the Reality Bomb!!”

  89. darkblood626

    Not saying it’s an alien Dyson sphere. But it’s an Alien Dyson sphere.

  90. sagacious03

    Well, that’s certainly interesting! Incidentally, I wonder: Since when we look into telescopes, we’re seeing light years away, & thus, technically seeing light from many years past (As in, what happened before.), how long does your average Supernova last? How long does it stay visible on a telescope?

  91. Khumo Kwezi Mashapa

    Silver Surfer: My lord I think you’re eating too much. A lot of civilizations are beginning to take notice

    Galactus: Nonsense

  92. Observable Observer

    The missing star is obviously an error in the simulation, duh.

  93. fccty1

    The luminous blue variable star in the Kinman Dwarf Galaxy didn’t kill itself

  94. Christel Headington

    I have your star, I demand 500 billion dollars, if you want to ever see it again.

  95. Julia Connell

    I can remember when the origin of the moon as a result of a collision with earth was “fringe” science – just like the guy who was ridiculed when he suggested plate tectonics – both now established mainstream science FACT – just saying – pays to keep an open mind – the history of science is filled with people mocked, scorned, ridiculed for their outrageous ideas – at the time – pays to keep an open mind about people, ideas, theories

  96. no name given

    “a star just vanished”

    “I know a guy”-Kingdom hearts fans

  97. Milo

    I really like Reid as the host. He talks very clearly

  98. Andrew Belton

    “Lost a star, Earth’s scientists have. How embarrassing.”

  99. Almin Helex

    Whoever named the telescope “very large telescope” probably named their child “child”. “Do the dishes Child!”

  100. Cherique Campbell

    Everyone asks where’s the star? But no one asks, hows the star?

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