This Little-Known Lab Is Changing the Future of Space

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To live on the Moon, we’ll need to do things we’ve never done before and overcome challenges we’ve never faced. Luckily for us, NASA is developing some brand-new technology at Swamp Works.

Kevin Carpentier, Eric Jensen, Matt Curls, Sam Buck, Christopher R Boucher, Avi Yashchin, Adam Brainard, Greg, Alex Hackman, Sam Lutfi, D.A. Noe, Piya Shedden, KatieMarie Magnone, Scott Satovsky Jr, Charles Southerland, Patrick D. Ashmore, charles george, Kevin Bealer, Chris Peters

Correspondence with Swamp Works’s Jason Schuler,video,audio&yearStart=1920&yearEnd=2019

  1. DoctorX17

    “3D printing has gotten boring. We need to 3D print ON THE MOON!”

  2. Bruce Liu


  3. Raimo Kangasniemi

    Artemis is a disaster waiting to happen. The second manned Artemis mission – fourth flight for Orion including the one unmanned flight by now and one unmanned to come – is already intended to land on the Moon, with no testing in space of the so-far un-selected lander. Cost are cut at every corner to enable a rush for a landing by 2024. At some point sanity must prevail to bring more funds and more testing, including in space, before moving to the critical Moon landings. Or Artemis will end in disaster.

  4. Kyle Owen

    Mr. Game&watch

  5. Andrew Lasseigne

    If the moon dust is electrostatiicly attracted to the suits, why not ionize or apply a positive charge to the suit. then it should either repel, or prevent dust from sticking.

  6. Shane Lee

    So set to work building a shell around the entire moon by using a laser to print the dust into a structure for living in. Build it to ten stories or more and keep building it 24/7. Even haul up people to build it nonstop to process water and other useful things from the dust. Why haven’t we started doing this yet people!!

  7. Patrick Green

    Pocket Pool🤜

  8. Rick Rubenstein

    I think it’s wrong to blame lunar dust for imperfect seals. Seals are simply a poor choice for such a mission: they’re largely aquatic and move very clumsily on land. In addition, their considerable fat reserves make them prone to overheating in an environment lacking convection.

  9. Anarchy Antz

    NASA is going back to the Moon to stay….
    Yeah right, believe it when I see it. Change of administration and its out the window or on the back burner. I have no faith the American government will ever allow NASA to actually finish a project they start, they only do it when its to play catch up other countries to save face (Psst, it isn’t working!). China will most likely be the first one with a base there within the next 5-8 years, only then will they decide to actually do it but will be too little, too late and a rush job. It’s let everyone else get the “firsts” first (with the one exception of the Moon landings) then decide to do it but only as a political means.
    I have a lot of respect for all NASA employees but it’s their pay masters that are the problem.

  10. garcemac

    Moar Caitlin please!

  11. Dinosaur Emperor

    Ping Pong?

  12. Charles

    Please do a video on the Zeta Reticuli binary star system, It being only 39.3 light years from earth means that it could be a realistic location possible for humanity to visit in the future.

  13. Susan Davis

    Could the EDS also be used to help contribute to radiation protection ? since a lot of the particles are charged . I thought that running some of a spacesuits or ‘crafts wiring in such a way as to create a magnetic field that would help shield similar to what the earths does for us here.

  14. Jason White


  15. Jesse boschy

    +SciShow Space : question if youd shine a rather high end handheld laser from the moon pointing at earth would you be able to see it with just the bare eye???

  16. Osahri Joseph


  17. Ken Smith

    Your “even though it is government” got it exactly backwards. Private companies have to keep stuff proprietary. Folks like NASA have always worked in the open with huge amounts of collaboration. It is in their very nature. That is why things like Kicad tend to come from those areas.

  18. KnightsWithoutATable

    How good is the radiation protection of the concrete?

  19. Cameron Eridan

    So I usually listen to these videos more than watch, and I was reading the article on wikipedia about Lunar soil and pressed play on the video of the rover driving around, then I switched tabs back here to see the exact same video being played. Nice.

  20. Tim Sullivan

    Funny choice of words at 01:42 to say the sandbox filled with artificial lunar soil allows them to see what works in a “real world” setting. That’s “real” as in “artificial”, and “world” as in “lunar.”

  21. Paul imWald

    so, em-shields are getting real..

  22. James H

    I think it’s a way better idea to put a moon base in place before trying Mars. Theme park would be good….

  23. Ice Karma

    Not in the UK, so… somehow I imagine “Pong” is not actually the right answer. ;3


    Space will be divided up among the World’s major Corporations, and patrolled by the Space Force and Mercenaries. The place to wage nuclear wars because, they can, without contaminating the champagne and caviar on Earth.

  25. Got Dunk

    so they are doing nothing?

  26. BadgerUKvideo


  27. kaputt2k

    So does the robot need material from earth or not

  28. Phizicks

    Pong was the first commerical video game. I played it when i was like 5-7yo

  29. Robert Campbell

    Easy it was pong and I just googled it..I cheated

  30. Nick Tarry

    One thing NASA can do really well is acronyms. They’ve NAILED THAT skill for sure and RASSOR is another one to add to their list of greats.

  31. Mr L0wK3y

    Pong Pa Pong Pong Ponggggg!

  32. Justin Ratliff


  33. Will ofone

    we need a new all purpose filter forge. there are a lot of resources on the moon and we just need to seperate them from each other so they can be refined and used in infrastructure. it will definitely need a new cooling system.

  34. SR

    In answer to the question for the competition, would it be pong? For atari

  35. I'm the captain now

    moon dust printed bricks.

  36. Ugly Cactus

    FORCEFIELD! …someday

  37. J. Mc.

    Greetings there. It’s been a while since I’ve said hello. So howdy, Miss Bouncy Hands
    Bouncing your hands with every word spoken
    Good video. Very informative 👍

  38. DerSonntagsHeld

    I guess it was Pong.

  39. klondike444

    All clever stuff, but we won’t colonize Mars. What would be the point?

  40. Patrik Tobola

    @4:45 you said we dont have to bring anything to build stuff, but then you said it combines the dust with a custom polymer… where does the polymer come from ?

  41. Kookue Cachoo


  42. John Regel

    I’m guessing Zorg

  43. Niaaal

    Love your visible enthusiasm!

  44. Advait Talekar

    No razer is complete without RGB

  45. Marcy’s Galaxy

    swampworks? uh, yeah, I sure hope it does

  46. RepFate

    This is amazing it truly is… gosh to even think we could be a multiplantery species is absurd. grew up watching syfi and now all the Syfi is like no longer syfi….i freaking love it…cannnn weeee doooo it in this lifetime ?!?!?!?! Opinions?

  47. Snorlax9

    The first commercial videogame was Computer Space, no?

  48. Lukiel666

    Electrodynamic Dust Shield, like nothing we’ve ever seen before.
    Except Robert A. Heinlein wrote about the “Window Willie” in his 1956 novel “The Door Into Summer.”

  49. Michael Debbins

    Me: Sneaks into Swamp Works to see all the cool tech they’re developing

  50. Krabby Patty

    I’ve been training for this my hole life, aeiou.

  51. This is a human Lol

    So basically we got force fields now.

  52. Sonja Johnson

    Wooooooooo Moon Beam and Moon Tracks are nearer than I would have thought when I read them in September!

  53. Jedeye Moe

    Nasa is making a “Chiral printer”!

  54. Kevin Street

    The electrodynamic dust shield sounds like it could become essential technology for trips to the Moon, and Mars as well. Dust is going to be a huge problem for anyone living on those planets long term, so the astronauts’ suits and machinery need to be built to deal with it.

  55. MilitantZero

    Making things from the planets resources? *Getting some real Astroneer vibes*

  56. Graham Baxter

    I wonder if you could use a sort of reverse-EDS and attract a layer of dust deliberately, creating a protective layer of material that would protect equipment from debris kicked up by activity.

  57. Christopher Noel

    Sounds like they’re miniaturizing Hobart’s Funnies; time to give *The Tank Museum* a call.

  58. Fakjbf

    ” …without any material shipped from Earth”
    “…takes volcanic regolith and mixes it with a custom polymer”
    so where exactly is it getting this polymer if not shipments from Earth?

  59. Lord Samich

    Turns out moon dust is pure poison… I am deathly ill.

  60. TheKameleonMati

    So you want to build with moon rocks?
    *Cave Johnson enters the chat*

  61. TaxPayingContributor

    Mars LR Curiosity would accumulate dust over week months and then one day the craft was anew.

  62. Chapter Master Adolf

    Dammit, I thought this was a gaming video.

  63. Sofía T Garcia

    I love how animated you are on the topic Caitlin!

  64. Elsinore Bennet

    Oh, this is Dr. Phil Metzger stuff!

  65. zidaryn

    This is the type of tech we were looking for. It’s when scientists create tech like this that we get items that also have Earth applications as well. May not see them for a long time. But still awesome.

  66. DaBlondDude

    The new HARP 3d printer could offer some great resources here, though the stereo lithography cooling (sorta like liquid Teflon) would be less of an advantage in a vacuum … the high speed UV curing and sheer speed (with accuracy) of the device would be incredibly useful

  67. Peter Bowers

    This is the stuff I’m in college to try to do

  68. dmaxcustom

    Hope we get that dust cleaner tech for commercial use.

  69. Vulprex

    It’s nothing but swamp gas, no space or aliens to see here

  70. MrMegaPussyPlayer

    4:02 … might even a solution for mars rovers / (other) solar panels on mars …

  71. Osmosis Jones

    Might recommend Grathene.

  72. The Alpaca Redstoner

    3:24: Insert prequel meme here

  73. Anand Acharya

    Confirmed!!! Tatooine is a moon. Sand gets everywhere and sticks.

  74. Charlie Kaiser

    Sorry, but i cannot listen to your strident voice.

  75. Twisted World

    Just love the enthusiasm of this host! Brings a smile to my face every single time! Keep up the good work!

  76. Osmosis Jones

    Beaming Down raw matterials is my more my more plosible possible already do able

  77. alex dorik

    We can be sure of one thing,Shrek wasnt there,or theyll all be kicked out of his swamp.

  78. THE HERB

    I’m waiting for Lowe’s and Home Depot to have locations on the Moon and Mars, then you’ll see the regolith fly!

  79. Thorn Ross

    OKay, ngl, I read that as Fasthots first time around.

  80. Sufyan Shafi

    i think this machine was part of the mars home design finalists

  81. hanspoulsen

    Living in a sand castle on the moon sounds hazardous.

  82. Daniel Leca

    The name of the world’s first commercially available video game is PONG

  83. xt hydra

    now i want to know how many volts does the moon surface hold in static capacitance….lol

  84. Steve M

    Simpsons guy: worst host eever! Her annoyance distracts me from important material.

  85. Alex Wood

    Where is the custom polymer coming from, if not earth?

  86. Alex Landherr

    I thought Swap Works was where we tried to realize a Romulan cloaking device…

  87. Barry G

    Now we can start polluting other planets too

  88. Ankith Raj

    Future news be like – Florida man thought he was stealing a boat from a working swamp, but was too drunk and accidentally stole a lunar rover from Swamp Works!

  89. Şahin yaşar

    Who is deciding this weird names?

  90. Duhmeister

    I need that dust thing for my whole house pls

  91. Spiffy_McAwesome

    Can I get some of that EDS stuff on the shelves at home?

  92. Storyspren

    The Artemis program requiring humans to do things they’ve never done before is exactly why I’m so excited for it. First, there’s the technological progress necessary for that which will give us cool things. Second is assurance from history: doing things we’ve never done before is something we’ve been doing all the time for quite a while now.

  93. free spirit 1

    I love this presenter. I wish my professors were this enthusiastic about the subjects they taught

  94. 3ATIVE VFX Studio

    4:43 “without any materials shipped from Earth…” Where does the ‘custom polymer’ come from then?

  95. Supgamer

    If Someone trespasses the lab and gets detected by a security system, the alarm better be shrek saying “what are you doin in mah swamp?”

  96. Everything Science

    Swamp works? When did Shrek got his PhD?

  97. New Message

    “Sticky moon dust” sounds like a topping you can buy at my local edibles shop.

  98. Oat lord

    NASA is really good at announcing things.

  99. Neil Vickers

    I think the phrase “Lunar dust is worse than glitter” may be the most terrifying I’ve heard.

  100. SciShow Space

    This video was sponsored by Fasthosts. Fasthosts are giving UK viewers the chance to win tickets, flight, and accommodation to SXSW 2020 by answering my Techie Test question:

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