These Stars Are Being Eaten Alive from the Inside

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In general, a star’s size will determine its final destiny. Some stars fizzle out, while others explode, and what seals their fate may come down to a curious, cannibalistic process happening inside their cores!


  1. Gemmel

    Our Sun is large enough that it will convert helium. It’s not often this channel is wrong.

  2. Throttle Kitty

    Is that what’s happening to Oprah?

  3. Guillermo El Nino

    are you gonna bring up global warming this time?

  4. Teshiko Furusato


  5. alan silverman

    No the Crab nebula is NOT the result of one of these intermediate mass explosions because the Crab has a neutron star remnant left behind…

  6. morenauer

    They are not alive, guys.

  7. Alexis Herrera Samano

    The more I learn, the more I notice that we all are going to die

  8. Timothy Musson

    So, I guess that (01:00 till 01:30) means that a white dwarf slowly shrinks and becomes more and more dense over billions of years, till it’s cooled right down…? Is there a name for the final stage, when it’s just a really dense lump with no more energy to lose? And do any exist yet, in that state? :)


    2:11 impossible!!!!
    YouTubers half life has gone by saying it again and again nothing can travel faster than light … And now you are saying star core collapse faster than C Wtf.

  10. Пётр Новосёлов


  11. generator-gem


  12. Phantom


  13. Klemen Soeargo

    Dying stars make neon lamps. They’re not so green compared to LED lamps.

  14. tscoffey1

    You stated that the Sun isn’t massive to burn Helium into Carbon? I do not believe that is correct. The Sun will enter a Helium burning phase, beginning with what is called a “Helium Flash”. Only after enough Helium has been fused to Carbon and Oxygen will the Sun cease fusion, and enter a White Dwarf phase.

  15. Michael Rice

    Isn’t the sun going to burn helium when it becomes a red giant? Isn’t that what causes the red giant phase?

  16. Justin Craig

    Hey scishow how can a scientist tell how dense a stat is? Isn’t the only thing we can do is look through a telescope? And how do we know what the electrons in a star are doing ? How could we see the electrons from this far away ?!

  17. Oscar Charlie

    You state that stars comparable to the sun in mass can’t fuse Helium, but that is wrong. They will fuse Helium into Carbon (and Oxygen?) at the end of the red giant stage.

  18. broman113

    As an old patreon supporter while during this pandemic. I am disappointed that you guys just allowed to accept money when forgotten about being a supporter, even the $4 amount per month after awhile. I have stopped it when curious of transactions coming thru each month. I am sorry to even mention this and sorry that I did.
    Please, Everyone check if they can afford food for the next day or two before giving away.

  19. huldu

    After all this time how can there even be material still around to form *new* stars? I’d imagine this process slowing down and eventually coming to a halt. Unless of course from *somewhere* is coming new material to create stars, planets and so on.

  20. B B64

    Why would the collapse be near the speed of light rather than the normal acceleration due to its inherit mass?

  21. Allan Kolenovsky

    Boy, did you ever get this one wrong. A star like our Sun will go on from fusing Hydrogen in it’s core to fusing Hydrogen in the shell around the core. Then it will go on to start fusing the Helium in it’s core and converting that Helium to Carbon. This is why white dwarfs are sometimes referred to as Carbon stars as they are basically dead Carbon cores with perhaps extremely thin shells of Helium and Hydrogen left on the surface. Really, I thought most kids in Grade School already knew about this. The shell burning and the later fusing of Helium are what will puff the Sun out into a red giant phase. You people at Sci Show Space need to do better fact checking.

  22. Taliyah


  23. Osmosis Jones

    Fison most happen in nature. Or else you’d expect heaviest elements to be at core from the start. Maybe hydrogen breaks of from fusion of heavier elements. We know helium breaks off uranium


    So one big Question !!
    Is ” why and how Star explode ” mystery solved finally ?🤨

  25. tim smith

    Support @PBS Digital Studios, they are awesome.

  26. Daniel Bickford


  27. Omega Lighting

    What happens if a neutron star collapses? Does it turn into the fabled quark star? If so, is it possible that a “quark star” is a naked singularly?

  28. ike eki

    stars are whack

  29. WIlliam Baugh

    What about CO White Dwarfs? Like our Sun will become (stars about half the mass of the Sun to about 8x the Sun’s mass). It uses the triple alpha process to form C & O. Stopping there because it cant get hot enough. Smaller than half the Sun’s mass will turn into the HE WDs that they talked about. The O-Ne-Mg White Dwarf is above 8x Solar Mass. All of the WDs are held up by electron degeneracy pressure.

  30. Frame Shy

    oh noooooooo

  31. Luis Aldamiz

    Wait! Did you say “Chandrasekar limit” and “eating from the inside” and it does not result in stellar mass black hole? I’m perplex. Fluorine and electron-proton fusion are interesting but do these stars have black holes inside them or not? I don’t think you explained that at all.

  32. CCRob720

    Question: is it possible to fatten up stars then harvest the energy pre&post supernova?

  33. Denis Maxwell


  34. W S

    nice shirt

  35. Ryan Ball

    I have a question. They predict that the big bang happened 13.8 billion years ago. The farthest galaxy is about 13.26 billion light years away from earth. How did Earth get 13.26 billion light years away from the galaxy in .54 billion light years?

  36. Christel Headington

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall….or collapse…, blow apart,,,, get bigger?….fuse?…something like that.

  37. wandering falcon

    Does the star collapse immediately after formation of Iron atom or is there any critical mass required???

  38. Cooper Gehmlich

    How do elements heavier than iron exist then?

  39. tank's dad

    The Crab Nebula is huge. It dwarfs the Orion Nebula.

    What is 100 Billion C° in Kelvin?

  40. Ariel Sproul

    Fusion but it breaks

  41. Barry G

    Please leave the space ones to the girl or the other guy.

  42. Interstellarsurfer

    SSS conflating chemistry with nuclear physics: Not technically correct – but enough good info to get you started. 👍

  43. Tristan Goddard

    Are there any videos showing what it would look like from Earth if a star went nova? I remember years ago when everyone was saying that some star was going to nova near by and we were basically going to have daylight for about to weeks (this obviously didn’t happen).

  44. NeonsStyle

    For those of you who asked “But where do all the other elements come from above Iron?” Hank should’ve mentioned this. They come from the Supernova. In the destruction of the star, all the other elements of the periodic table are created during that explosion. Including that gold, silver or platinum ring you are wearing. All were born in stars. So when you buy a piece of those metals, you own a piece of a star. :)

  45. SilentNames

    Sounds like the Romulans made some Trilithium

  46. drwheatie

    So does it sputter to a halt or splutter to a halt???

  47. Avery the Cuban-American

    Well that was very interesting. I learn something new from SciShow Space in every episode

  48. Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsso

    What is wrong with you… “eaten from the inside” .. and show an unhappy smiley being eaten from the inside.

    Stop being so ugly.

    What you are actually trying to say..

    When iron makes the biggest booms… or something.

  49. Gdawg Main Guy

    M8, remember, the stars are not the weird ones. 99% of the matter in the universe is plasma, they are normal in our reality. It’s us that are the odd ones out.

  50. hammer untruth

    one of the greatest things about science is the fact that the more you know the more you need to learn…unlike religions.

  51. Michael Covello

    Did I miss the part where it was stated what we expect is left behind? A smaller than expected neutron star I would imagine?

  52. Eric Martin

    i wish SciShow would find another host… i dont trust one word from this person and i’ll continue to “i dislike this” thumbs down and refuse to watch the video.

  53. Alexander Kazantzidis

    There is absolutely no chemistry going on in the cores of stars, all there is is a soup of nuclei and electrons, no chemical bonds can occur, no molecules, zero, nada, zilch. Needless to say all the processes being described have absolutely nothing to do with chemistry.

  54. hamster in the machine

    they call viruses „alive“, now they call stars „alive“, wtf science

  55. BaronVonBlair

    Do one on Plasma Cosmology!

  56. NorthObsidianG

    Oh man.. parasitic stars are out there.

  57. ihrv23

    What mass of star will collapse into a neutron star?

  58. Osmosis Jones

    How do solar systems from in binary systems. Could sun have been flung out from a multi system

  59. Ernest Gary

    Sorry hank, after the EU I just can’t watch anymore seriously

  60. The Futurist Tom

    I’ve been watching Sci Show Space for years. I liked their videos. That is why I decided to create my own sci-fi/futurist Channel. 👍🙂

  61. Tom C


  62. I don't want to use my na

    How does this channel not have more subs?

  63. Scott Anderson

    This is why we need a Gorilla on the US Supreme Court!

  64. Little Forest

    I was a bit surprised to see the electron capture of a nucleus being presented as such a special thing. After all, it is a standard process in nuclear reactions, just as beta-plus- and beta-minus-decay and so on and so forth and every physics student knows about it. What maybe is a bit surprising is that it happens with neon, but well, extrem pressures and temperature, every improbable process gets more likely.
    Maybe a more important point is to not even slightly suggesting that this might have anything to do with the electron hull….that has the smell of maybe creating misconceptions that ones tried to avoid. Since we talk about nuclear processes, we consider the hull electrons only secondary, if at all.

  65. Kyle Clair

    I hope one day I get to see a supernova.

  66. Chandrakant Sharda

    3:13 what limit?

  67. Mike Sedik

    All stars are eating themselves from the inside.

  68. Kacper Ewertowski

    No megumin you can’t explode a star with neon.
    Neon, becomes fluorine.

  69. Randy James

    There’s also the star’s Dyson phase that utilizes photon capture.

  70. Theron Gilliland, Jr.

    Bigger stars die with PASSION and make brand-new, way crazier sh*t! (Space dust!)

  71. Mark Schweitzer

    what you said about big stars is against the laws of thermodynamics

  72. SC86Canuck

    I hear many times that our sun will expand and swallow most of the inner solar system. Does that happen if its likely to become a white dwarf?

  73. MagmaRhino

    What’s with the video stuttering at :37-:41? Audio cut out a few times

  74. The Rogue Wolf

    They say to be positive under pressure, but look where that mentality gets stars!

  75. Dorissa Claire

    Wow. What is happening to me. My first reaction was “WHAT? HOW IS CORONA DOING THAT TOO??” Until I realized that’s definitely not it. Seriously representative of my state of mind currently though

  76. The First Oregonism

    Neon reacted pretty well with the 80s

  77. Eric B

    at 1:31 it sounds like he said silver masses yuk yuk!

  78. Undefind

    How does the combination of a proton and an electron yield a neutron?
    Yes, they would combine into an object with a neutral charge. However, this object would be: 2 up quarks, one down quark, and one electeon.
    In contrast, a neutron is: 1 up quark and 2 down quarks?
    Do the constituant elementry particles change during the merger of a proton and electron so you do get 1 up quark and 2 down quarks?
    Or is the use of the word “neutron” not technically correct, but is used for simplicity?

  79. Lucian Barbu

    4:13 This IS normality. God’s intervention, or 5G causing Covid19, or this process changing your destiny for you to become a circus clown would be not normality. And your own stomach eating itself isn’t cannibalism. This whole video is misleading. And you DO sound like a clown.

  80. Kacper Ewertowski

    Star with iron- supernova
    Star with one of the most stable atoms- bow bout, EXPLOSION!!!

  81. RocketFoxStudio

    This has to be one of your finest videos. Keep up the great work!!!

  82. Man In The Hills

    Neutron star: 1% complete

  83. Synthetic Humanoid

    Hey science! Thanks for everything!

  84. eovalle777

    Saw the vid. Heard what was said. Going to archive this in my mind under things to verify once i can build my own FTL spacecraft.

  85. Lost Melody

    “Because, like, nothing normal ever happens inside stars.”
    the delivery of that one was amazing.

  86. Catherine Tran

    All the physics explained in this video is precisely why I went to medical school.

  87. Kim Jong-un

    Some stars burn out and die. Bigger stars burn out and die with *passion*

  88. MazeMaker4Life

    Best thumbnail for a video ever 😂

  89. Peter

    Iron : the original Starkiller

  90. manav zaveri

    “Its being eaten from the inside”- i felt that

  91. Semaj_502

    Super interesting episode! This channel is always amazing.

  92. LionidasL10

    Thought this was going to be about Thorne-Zytgow objects based on the title.

  93. Toni Atchison

    Ah, one of my favorite subjects, stellar death. Lol

  94. Darthane

    When you start messing with noble elements, you know it’s going to be exciting.
    Take for example tetraxenonogold(II). This is a compound made of xenon and gold, two noble elements that are notorious for being unreactive. That said, it takes one of the most reactive chemicals humans know of (fluoroantimonic acid) to create such a Frankenstein’s Monster.

  95. Muramasa

    When u thought eating from the inside would decrease u but no ! It will explode n spread !

  96. John F

    Intriguing to say the least.✨🌟✨

  97. Christopher Noel

    *Correction:* At 2:42 you state this is a chemical process, but in letting the video play through, you describe radioactive decay of electron capture (electron+proton=neutron), _not_ a chemical process.

  98. Muscle Hank

    Sorry just having a snack.

  99. Ganaram Inukshuk

    Neon in a core of a star that has 8-10 solar masses: captures electrons to turn itself into a fluorine isotope.
    High school students who have just learned about noble gases: Wait, that’s illegal.

  100. Rick Rubenstein

    “Nothing normal every happens inside stars” — spoken by a bunch of atoms that happen to have achieved sentience.

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