There’s Water on the Moon—and Possibly More Than We Thought | SciShow News

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If we want to establish a colony on the Moon, coming up with enough water is a huge challenge. Scientists have long suspected there might be water hiding on the lunar surface. Were they right? Plus, some quick recovery work led to exciting discoveries from chunks of a meteorite!

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  3. Osmosis Jones

    Under stand why we can’t beam up& down people or any living thing but water can be beamed up to the moon it’s only molecules. A steam pipe in a sense is a telaporter . How about
    Lazar guided steam

  4. stevemonkey6666

    Hank, please stop doing videos. . let your other presenters do something. I refuse to watch your videos and it’s somewhat disappointing that you keep doing them

  5. CouragePope

    Well well well looks like you guys were wrong again. Mars also has it and oxygen too. Keep up the work you discount Isaac Arthur.

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  15. Osmosis Jones

    If most of a ships mass is fluid then pannals moving the fluid would move the mass.
    Making it easier on conventional rockets

  16. blindbear

    Im confused?! … @1:50 — “less than a gram of water per kilogram which makes it 100 times dryer than the Sahara”; assuming 1 gram is approximately right (admittedly he does say ‘less than’) that’s 0.1% water – times 100 that means the Sahara is 10% water??!

  17. Anarchy Antz

    This is great for when China sets up the first base in the next few years.

  18. Christophe Breland

    the meteors, the ones that are made from stuff from the beginning of the solar system, brought stuff to earth presumably also made out of stuff from the same solar system??? That’s one thing i dont get about the water being a part of earth from the beginning at least if we have hydrogen and oxygen and chemical processes like combustion why cant water be and/or just form on earth. i read that people think water is locked up in earth more than in the oceans if this is true is this not also possible for the other planets?

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  24. Katakuri Shārotto

    That’s what you say, Glober.
    Other scientists disagree that’s possible to leave the “atmosphere”.

  25. keriezy

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  27. Barge In

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  38. Robin Workman

    What’s the average temp of the moon? What temp does water boil at? Maybe I’m missing something. Wouldn’t any water on the moon be boiling on the sun side of the moon?

  39. Gemini

    Lifes come from meteorite & organic molecules…but matters can’t create lifes nor does humans.

  40. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    Polar hydrocarbons means there’s probably bipolar hydrocarbons. Poor things.

  41. A Muse

    When I was 16 & lived in Luther Oklahoma.. I was outside around 9 or 10pm. I seen a meteorite flash in the sky, it stayed lit longer than any I’ve seen. After the flash was gone I seen it fall. It was glowing dark orange & didnt fall very fast, basically as fast as if it were just dropped in the air. It couldn’t have been more than a couple miles from where I was. It was from my view about the size of a softball. It broke apart somewhat, I couldn’t see any smaller fragments. I. Believe this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned it to anyone. I was very disappointed because I didn’t have a car & couldn’t go find it…
    Years later I was climbing down a big cliff to a creek, it was mostly dirt. But i found what I believe is a meteorite. I can tell there is high amounts of metal, probably iron. & I can tell its been melted & it’s not slag. It’s around an inch long. It would be nice to get it tested. I’d make a pendant out of it.

  42. Francois Lacombe

    A gram of water per kilogram of lunar material is actually a lot of water. Somebody must have gotten their units mixed up. 🤔

  43. veranet

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  44. P DaPhuuLz

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  48. Fooks Lee Ho

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  49. Omer Askin

    Of course there is water on the moon duhhh!! All those comets that smashed the moon must Of had water on it

  50. Alexi Xeno

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  51. Heads Tails

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  52. Buttermutant

    There is not enough water on the moons sunlit side for it to be useful. Imagine spreading a soda can filled with water over an entire football field. That is how sparsely the water on the moon is distributed. Just saying this just in case people get the impression that astronauts will be able to gather water from anywhere on the moon.

  53. Dave Berendhuysen

    So the organic material found on the meteorite was definitely not due to the 2-day exposure to earth’s atmosphere, right? Is there a way these organic compounds self multiplied or otherwise started a chain reaction on earth resulting in life? Could be just me, but life originating on earth through ambiogenesis or some other natural cause that happened on earth without extraterrestrial influence sounds more likely.

  54. kloassie

    3:28 & 3:45 I never heard of a ‘meteoroid’ before – for everyone who, like me, this also is the first time they hear the term:

    _”When meteoroids enter Earth’s atmosphere (or that of another planet, like Mars) at high speed and burn up, the fireballs or ‘shooting stars’ are called meteors. When a meteoroid survives a trip through the atmosphere and hits the ground, it’s called a meteorite.”_
    source: *NASA Solar System Exploration*
    ( )

    So, if I understand well:
    1. An astroid is a rock flying through space
    2. A meteoroid is an astroid heading for a planet/moon/… (eg. Earth or *the* Moon)
    3. A meteorite is a meteoroid that actually hits the planet’s/moon’s surface
    4. A meteor is a wannabe meteorite that burns up completely in the atmosphere and thusly fails miserably in its goal of hitting the surface

  55. kloassie

    I’m happy to learn Willzyx met a watery grave after all 😇

  56. Rasith Vidusara

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  59. R4inSpid3r

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  62. The Primary Antagonist

    It’s only hearsay as far as I know but what about those supposed fissures forming on the moon

  63. ᠯᡠᠪᡵᡳ ᠮᠠᡳᠯᠠᠰᡠᠨ

    We might have already left boot prints on the moon. But people often forget we have not yet left any BOOB prints on the moon.

  64. 1Grr8Guy

    1:47 “…100 times drier than the Sahara… “. I think it would cost less to bring the water from earth than trying to extract minuscule amount of moisture from lunar soil.

  65. The Rogue Wolf

    There’s water on the moon? Now we just need to figure out how to get whales up there….

  66. Cody Heizler

    Now you’re telling me that solar meteorites landed on earth that already had substance of micro life already growing within two days and aliens don’t exist?

    I don’t think I’m crazy but this universe is too big to only sustain “quarter” intelligence on this single blue planet.

  67. Shazistic

    Fun fact

    Octopuses have three hearts.



    So there is water and light and no coronavirus and politics. Decided, I’m moving to the Moon.

  69. Scott Anderson

    That’s how moon gorillas clean and groom one another.

  70. Just Vienna

    Learning to extract the water from such a dry area could honestly help people on Earth in desert areas to extract water

    So i look forward to one day humanity thriving on the moon

  71. The Real Estate Whisperer

    Why is it a “meteoroid” and not a “meteorite?”

  72. Amol Mane

    I was going to put a lame comment saying “first comment”, but didn’t because it felt lame. So put this lame comment instead

  73. seasong

    But they already discovered water in the samples from the apollo missions.

  74. Michael Johnson

    Using Electrolysis you Separate the Oxygen from the Hydrogen
    Both are a FUEL if burned…. OXYGEN u can breathe..
    As water it serves to quench thirst… Move Earth with water jets…


  75. dustin bruns

    I feel like I remember reading that there was as much water on and in the Moon as Earth basically… Like back in 2016

  76. Leo Valdez

    last time I was this early there was no water on the moon

  77. nunyobiznez

    4:57 Even if organic compounds did come in on meteorites, we still don’t know where they came from, unless they suddenly poofed into existence due to quantum mechanics, which seems rather unlikely. So those theories may help narrow it down but they still aren’t an answer and frankly, it seems like it raises even more questions than it answers.

  78. Osmosis Jones

    Could some asteroids be more recent. Blasted of planets. Yes that Mars Rock . Their could be more metiors that blasted off planets Saturn’s rings are less then 100millon years old.
    The asteroid belt some theorize is a destroyed planet

  79. Jonatan Romanowski

    Go Go Sci Show

  80. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    “What’s that, Billy Bob?”
    “Looks like one uh them thar meteorites, Clem.”
    “Whutchoo mean, Clem, like one o them thar Aitch-fore kondrytes?”


  81. Neymarinet

    Nestle scheming rn

  82. theemissary1313

    Okay so organic molecules on earth came from meteorite s. Where did the meteors get them?

  83. O-P-sK1LLs

    I think it’s oddly cool that we are extremely distantly related to that stuff. Like if you could look back in your family history and go far back enough you’d be beyond pictures of your grandparents, humans, apes, lizards, fish and everything before that and eventually see a picture of a rock. Cool video as always thanks for it

  84. Wojciech Szupelak

    That we just don’t go and examine it on site is, frankly, sad

  85. Derek Lam

    1:24 I’m surprised that they used an earth-based telescope to do this, wouldn’t one expect lots of distortion from water in even the upper atmosphere?

    Especially with the plane moving under different patches of humidity.

  86. Lord Blessyou

    Last time I was on the moon, nearly all the water there was powdered and I had nothing to mix it with. Good luck!

  87. Diamond Jub

    NASA: you’re back early
    Astronaut, grabbing a straw: moon’s wet

  88. aristhought //

    Glad our lunar friend is staying hydrated :)

  89. kokorolex

    We got to protect the lunar water before Nestle gets to it.

  90. Daksh Pat

    “There’s water on our moon!”
    “My moon”

  91. Tourus Stanley

    Wow I’ve never been this early ever.

  92. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    Astronomer: “Could someone please tell the pilot to hold the plane still?”

  93. Physics Videos by Eugene

    Too bad that after we planted our flag on the moon, we declared “mission accomplished” and dismantled the entire program.

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