There’s a Birth Control for Stars

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Black holes are already pretty extreme, but some stand out among their peers, driving cosmic engines that outshines the rest of the galaxy and even serving as birth control for stars!…5..399B

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  1. Hoody K


  2. PennyAfNorberg

    Distance per time isn’t acceleration, that’s distance per time per time.

  3. Grant Lauzon

    Your clickbait is getting out of hand.

  4. Christopher J

    Stellar RU-486?

  5. Dicebar

    Nutellascopes? What? Oh… New telescopes!

  6. 4one14

    If I’m not mistaken this is the subject that Dr Becky Smethurst had studied and published her paper on (AGN galaxy quenching).
    She does a bunch of neat videos and monthly night sky reports on youtube @ Dr Becky. 
    Y’all should check her out, she’s awesome :)

  7. Jack TheOne

    Based on the title the underlining question is still unanswered, “how do you impregnate a star?”.

  8. rockinrom

    the light of all the stars in a galaxy from a single celestial body. i cant even wrap my head around that

  9. KikodeKliko

    I thought I was the most extremely dense object in the universe. I am happy to learn I am not alone.

  10. g h

    The James Webb Telescope should be ready in around 10 years. Around the same time that we have a working Fusion reactor.

  11. CavsterXII

    It’s going to be heartbreaking looking back on all these videos mentioning how good the James Webb’s going to be after it inevitably explodes

  12. Tyrandus

    The most game changing project in space exploration and rocketry history is being actively developed but this channel maintains radio silence about it. Losing respect for Scishow Space.

  13. It’s me

    Like to talk a lot

  14. Damned Legion

    Stoned thought? If anything can travel faster than light, could it be light… if photons could be accelerated beyond the speed of light bysome means, but then they slowed down to the speed of light after traveling trillions of light years? Just a thought and keep up the great work.

  15. A Youtube Channel

    We call it cannibalism.

  16. paul maydaynight

    so -water, earth, fire, air,- gravity did it ^_~
    “Let’s put some real [life] numbers on this. The “weak” nuclear force is 10 to the 25th power stronger than Gravity.
    That’s 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times stronger!
    Electromagnetism – the force we know best – is 10 to the 36th power stronger than Gravity.”

  17. David Beddard

    How many decades is it going to take to clear the backlog of observations that astrophysicists, cosmologists and astronomers have been building up for the James Webb Space Telescope? Will we achieve self-sustaining nuclear fusion first? Or will climate change cause human extinction before it can even launch? Time will tell…

  18. ST33L W0LF

    I named my car Quasar

  19. Daniel Sayre

    I have a Q for SciShow Space: The collision of Andromeda and the Milky Way is probably one of the largest things happening locally, and with over 4 billion years to plan for it- is it plausible to use the collision of these two galaxies for some kind of tech? Can we learn more about football shaped galaxies? :)

  20. Daniel Sayre

    Imo we can think of the universe as a “forest”, metaphorically. Forests as we know them, at their cores, are systems of deeply connected cycles that represent a whole. This “whole”, our universe, has a history of adjustments and adaptations, a trajectory in time and space with potential to be measured, explosions of complexity, bottlenecks where trajectories nearly came to a close but still adapted, and very specific powers of organization individual to its circumstances.

    With the knowledge that we are made of and currently reliant on our solar system, which itself exists as a fragment of a more influential organization (at least by current scale), the material that we are made of could be the yolk of a giant egg; a system in which self replication on a scale larger than our current observable universe is taking place. One function of our local universe is to make material, the very material in which we are made. It begs the question, what is our purpose in this mechanism?

    WEIRD analogy. Just like there are copies of your DNA distributed throughout your cells, there organizations of systems represented throughout the rest of the physical world.
    When we force particles to collide, and observe the reactions to come up with theories on how the universe works… we can picture a cell, cutting into DNA, observing its properties and theorizing how the universe (in the cell’s case, usually just you and your environment) works.

    Our immensely powerful neighbors (autonomous or semi-autonomous) could wake up to us merely from our long-term influence on their evolution in the deep future. Whatever exists out there is incredible. And it may never have needed to adapt to something like humanity. Hell, I’d be hopeful that something large in our region of the “forest” doesn’t notice us. We will shape this universe sized forest just as we have shaped the forests of the Earth, and these systems will unfortunately reel from our influence. As our impact gives us insight into the system, I fear it may be too late as it is slowly destroyed or destroys us in an act of self-preservation.

  21. Ydoum's Gaming Den

    Now that’s a title I never expected to see.

  22. Ian Grol

    I love physics. A quasar is brighter than 600 trillion suns. I don’t know how bright 100 sins at once is, but I’m excited to know things are literally unfathomable in space lol

  23. Gae Shows

    is that a pic of a comdon?

  24. mythology2467

    Not in my Christian human server I hope

  25. Rusty the Crown

    As a result of delays , the only thing the Webb will see is the heat death of the universe.

  26. DrDestroy

    Starbortion should be banned

  27. Roberto Ventilii

    I’m scratching my balls for the JWST (it’s a good-luck gesture in my country)

  28. John Briggs

    Nuubu pseudoscience adverts on this video. Just letting sci show know

  29. John Briggs

    00:05 what about flat earth society?

  30. andrew mcmillan

    Love to hear @Dr Becky’s take on this since it seems to be right in her wheelhouse.


    “as small as an entire solar system”

  32. John Pope

    Galactic Prophylactic

  33. LordThanatos666

    5:08 Nutella scopes? Sounds interesting…

  34. Mary Ann Bittle

    Pretty interesting new stuff learned here! Thanks SciShow, for all you do, and thank you Hank, especially, for all *you* do!

  35. Joy L

    What about relativistic jets?
    Those shoot out matter much farther than the size of their home galaxy.
    So far, that some influence the intergalactic space surrounding their home galaxy and may even affect neighboring galaxies.

  36. Kes *

    I have literally never scrolled by a video and then completely stopped in my tracks to go “wait HUH?!” perfect execution on thumbnail & title

  37. Beverley Dee Newman

    9 billion light years away, and thus, 9 billion years ago. I bet there’s someone on a planet, in a galaxy that was one of those quasars, marvelling at the quasar that is now the milky way. 😁

  38. Daniel Giles

    took a dump on the floor, picked it up, busted down the neighboring stall, thew it at the guy sitting on the pot, and ran off with my pants down

  39. Hardev Lad

    Great, now can we develop safe, cheap birth control for the human people who need it?

  40. Sr D

    The thumbnail lol

  41. lohphat

    Why aren’t depictions of accretion disks corrected for the affects of general relativity?

    Instead of increasing speed and blue shifting, infalling matter should redshift and slow down as time dilation kicks in. The disk should look faint red and stationary near the event horizon, not white hot and at a high velocity.

  42. mistformsquirrel

    As bright as *600 trillion suns*.

    That legitimately sounds like something someone made up for an anime or comic special attack.

    Space is OP as hell folks.

  43. Nik Milkoff

    Hey Hank, good to see you still keep up showing up for the videos yourself. I did notice that you’re out of focus though, maybe check the focus next time, before recording.
    Keep up the wonderful work you and your team are doing!

  44. Furious Sloth

    The outflow travels at ~7% the speed of light- mindblowing

  45. Uncle Star Wars Satchmo98


  46. belstar

    These quasars are so powerful its more like castration for stars

  47. New Message

    I swear I heard a Pythonesque “Every star is sacred…” song playing somewhere in the back of my brain.

  48. Saythein

    James Webb is never gonna launch.

  49. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

    Again no Wiki explanation I’m sure Wiki will give the expert information on the James Webb telescope they give true information

  50. Caleb Olds

    What a thumbnail

  51. azmanabdula

    The universe is a huge waste of energy

  52. Tyrannosaurus Flex

    Ah yes the rare element Condominium

  53. Captain Smith

    Out on the edge of the galaxy is where to be a person at. The brain live in the middle to scare us.

  54. TechBearSeattle

    Is there a chance that this will happen in the Milky Way galaxy? If so, would something like this affect us? And how much time would we have between visible detection and it hitting the Sol system?

  55. DarkHorse

    Stars are living organisms…

  56. Erik

    Not even a minute in and I feel I understand the history of quasars far better. Solid.

  57. Jovanni_OrB


  58. ben harris

    Some tweet Elon to get the James Webb up in space nasa is slow

  59. Gabe Wyatt

    so you’re telling me when i become famous i won’t get a special birth control 🤨?

  60. Chanconn

    Those stars are going to hell for using contraception!

  61. Locut0s

    This is more like sterilization than birth control.

  62. Michael Snodgrass

    your looking at the 81th comment btw

  63. Matt Miller

    How do you know how much the waves have stretched, without actually knowing the original emitted frequency?

  64. nobiggeridiot

    Don’t tell Texas.

  65. Lord Zephyros

    Can life form in galaxies that contains quasar??

  66. Arlo Archer

    Hank: That’s around 74 million kilometers per hour!
    Me: *whispers* zoom zoom

  67. Roberta Cristina

    off topic fact: do not click any links in comment sections

  68. NovaGirl

    the origin of space voids?

  69. Dan

    Humans also have birth control based on hot gas outflow – introducing Taco Bell

  70. Mike C

    “some of them are as small as a solar system” you gotta love how freaking absurd space is

  71. Syed Hussain Abbas Naqvi

    I think u should also tell the name of astronomers like the women who actually discovered quasars was not credited with the discovery and later became a teacher while her male superviser(of the observatory) went on to win the noble prize for discovering quasars.
    There a documentry about it on youtube but i dont have the link

  72. Jordi Vanderwaal

    For a moment I thought you meant stars as in celebrities, and I was like “oh interesting”.

  73. Patrick Egan

    Every time a YouTube channel mentions the James Webb telescope it gets delayed by a week

  74. Mike Smith

    How come so much political terminology lately????

  75. sanjuansteve

    @0:03 ”One of the most extremely dense objects in the universe”?
    Clearly the most dense that we know of or calculate might exist, no?

  76. Doug Dennis

    So those Quasars that we see ‘Today’ could be Billions of light-years farther away from us now, right!

  77. O Zone

    This video is chock full of jargon and I LOVE it.

  78. Avicennasis

    The SciShow Space drinking game: Do a shot every time Hank says “James Webb Space Telescope”!

  79. heavymountain

    James Webb Telescope should be scraped; It’s technology is so outdated already. People are just falling for the sunk-cost fallacy

  80. Toonfish

    What a title, y’all know how to play the algorithm :D

  81. Moon Cabbage

    Eat the rich

  82. NöSTer

    the titles and click bait suck

  83. Dan Sands

    Malthusian ideas have gone too far this time!

  84. Max Musterman

    If you look like ton 618 down there, then thats enough birth control.

  85. Scribe13

    Have you ever been in the shadow of some kind of tear?

  86. Zeta Belotto

    Quasar pull-out game is strong

  87. Osmosis Jones

    If or galaxy restated it would take millions of years for us to know anything happened but what if something happened already

  88. Rominite

    Stars be like: *repruduct tf out of there population*

    Black holes: IMA ruin this mans whole career-

  89. Church of Platinum

    Thought this was going to be about giant coat hangers. 🤔🤔

  90. Ded Med

    Didn’t know I’m gonna see this in my notifications

    N i c e

  91. Richard Banks

    My son is 7. One day I will tell his kids to make sure that they tell their grandchildren to look up to the stars. While viewing all their magnificent beautimus wonder I’ll make sure that they take the time to watch the JWST launch.

  92. Paul C

    Jeez, guess now the USA has to devise some sort anti abortion law for stars.

  93. Arkantolas


  94. VBandit47

    Are there taxes on this as well?

  95. ledlebrgr

    The James-Webb Space Telescope, operational since 2035!

  96. Mal

    This universe is pretty wild

  97. ThePhantom

    Breaking News: The US State of Texas has made black hole birth control inaccessible to stars inside the state’s borders

  98. Just Some Bigfoot With In

    Those stars just keep banging and their population is getting out of hand

  99. Antonio Trav


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