The Two-Faced Role of Planetary Magnetic Fields

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Given that Earth’s magnetic field helps protect its life-sustaining atmosphere, you might think that the stronger a planet’s magnetic field, the better. But as it turns out, some planets’ relationships with their magnetic fields are a little more complicated.

Thumbnail Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA/GSFC)
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    does the corona virus have a magnetic field and can it discharge its field… if you don’t want to talk about it i understand you lack experts. but please look into it,

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    Im first one to comment 😂 seems like your magnetic field is attracting me

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    There is a reason why our planet is and will always be the only home to mankind. There is a design behind everything and thus, a designer behind the design! The designer knew the perfect distance for Earth to be from the Sun as well as the shape and function of the magnetic field so Earth can support life!

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    Is this a re-upload ? It sounds awfully familiar.

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    What if we solve climate change by having the gas that gets taken be only carbon dioxide

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    Abraham Lincoln was the only president ever to have a patent

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    Great!! so clearly giving us an understanding of why some plantes have an atmosphere and some do not. Such a greeat video and such a great channel

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    Magnetism is weird

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    Earth throws off plasmoids too. If you have a star that produces a plasma wind it’s pretty much inevitable that you’re going to lose atmosphere.

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    Earth is special

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    Look at Uranus.

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    So, the Gas Giants and Ice Giants were bigger in the past? How much?

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    Plasmids give you powers…..

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    What do you mean other problems?! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE?!

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    Love this! Thanks!

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    At total atmospheric mass of 5 x 10^15 metric tonnes and losing it at 90 Kg / day it’ll take 928,997,812 years to lose the entire atmosphere. At what point does Earth become uninhabitable???

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    Martians scientists 3.9 billion years ago: Oh noes! The Core stopped spinning! What are we going to do?
    Martian governments 3.9 billion years ago: Nah, it’s fine. No worries. What’s the worst that could happen?
    All Martian life: Ohhhhhh shhhhh….. ded.
    Earth scientists 17 years ago: Oh noes! The Core stopped spinning! What are we going to do?
    Aaron Eckhart and Hilary Swank: We’re gonna nuke that sumbiscuit! Duh, winning!

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    I might be mistaken but I thought Caitlin had left SciShow? Not that I’m complaining, I enjoy Caitlin’s charisma and hosting. I hope she stays with SciShow for a long time😊

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    8:15 so 90 tons a day are leaving and there is 5×10000000000000000 tons in the atmosphere. So if I did it correctly it would take 1.52207e+12 years for the atmosphere to disappear. Think that’s a very long time

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    So, what happens when the poles switch?

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    Nice episode! Good level of detail and explanation. More than just edutainment!

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    Caitlin, you are an excellent science communicator. I just love your enthusiasm!

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    Shout out earths magnetic field.

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    Interesting, Mars lost its water and atmosphere about the same time earth got its water, 3.5 billion years ago give or take. Has anyone estimated how much water or other gases on Earth was potentially cast off from Mars?

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    Welcome back Caitlin , always fun to watch and learn from you , keep up the good work , love from UAE

  45. Andrew H

    How does this apply to the current geomagnetic excursion underway where we’re slated to gradually lose our magnetic field for a century or so?

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    I wonder if gas giant plasmoids could be a reliable source to harvest some gases.

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    Planetary magnetic fields are something I really want to know way more about so thank you guys for this!

  48. Kostynha

    way if the dynamo effect creates the magnetic field then wouldn’t be also possible to interfere with the magnetic field to influence the dynamo effect. Like mars could’ve had a magnetic field and as these sun flares hit it’s field it would slowly eats the dynamo effect. well… slowly until it reached some tipping point.

  49. モレナウエル

    Venus’ ionosphere-induced magnetic field blew my mind. Wow.

  50. Melias Clarkson

    4:27 I only recently learned this on a university course and maybe it’s wrong but I thought Jupiter’s magnetic field came from liquid metallic hydrogen, is this not technically molten metal?

  51. Mary Wright

    It was probably caused by a nova events. We have proof of it on Earth too. The sun’s magnetic field effects ours greatly. Also the galactic current sheet effects us too. Right now we’re having a polar excursion. The North pole has split in two. One in Siberia the other Canada. The South pole has left Antarctica and is in the Indian Ocean. The South Atlantic anomaly also is splitting in to two. We are due for a pole flip. Most likely very soon maybe in the next year or two

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    Caitlin, I love when you are in the episode, you seem so genuinely excited about what you are explaining that it’s contagious. You always makes the subject sound so much more fun and engaging.

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    I love the sheer enthusiasm this presenter emanates along with her general sense of happiness she gives off.

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    Wow, we’re so lucky to have so many different examples so close!

  55. Osmosis Jones

    Can ice crystals in the upper atmosphere protect against solar radiation. If much of atmosphere is water enough to have enough Pressure for liquid.
    With billions of years of sun shine and Speed of martian winds if the sea&river beds Gullies and sediments were billions of years old would they even still be around.
    A lot of chemistry can happen over a billion year.
    Maybe mars had something else protecting it’s atmosphere .
    Like ice in the upper atmosphere

  56. Patrik

    Is this effect on Mars comparable to a golfball that flies further due to its texture than a ball with smooth surface (turbulent vs. laminar flow)?

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    It means I’ll finally be happy?

    “That’s not always the case”

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    No mention of how Earth’s magnetic field messes with the climate??

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    Does that mean mercury itself is basically evaporating?

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    Wants the recorded rate mars is losing its atmophere

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    Earth’s Electromagnetic field is keeping you safe, until you learn the poles are flipping.

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    Not the first time I have been informed that our atmosphere is leaky . . . . but it never gets less weird hearing it.

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    Earth loves you.

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    I cannot express how much I want to be an alien archeologist. I WANNA DIG UP MARS AND LOOK FOR LIFE DAMMIT

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    Again an outstanding example of the complexity of things. Always stay critical, never pretend you know everything. Stay curious.

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    Lightening tornados on Mercury make it sound even scarier than Venus.

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    Mars and ICP: Neither know how magnets work.

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    The diagrams of magnetic field lines showed in the video almost like eyes. Cewl

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    Due to Jupiter’s excessive magnetic fields, some of its moon have an atmosphere though faint. So it’s a good thing

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    Many scientist are focused on terraforming Mars, how this is possible without restarting magnetic field?

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    Magnetic tornado on Mercury that creates a radiation downpour sounds like it’s straight from Asimov’s books.

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    Caitlin I love how enthusiastic you are about the topics you cover! You’re the coolest.

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    Wow, I can’t believe SciShow called planetary magnetic fields “two-faced.” This video will be very… polarizing.

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    Once again the Moon doesn’t get it’s credit in keeping us alive.

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    So having a dynamic relationship with your core can be as repulsive as it is attractive…

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