The Telescope That Revealed the X-Ray Universe

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Some of the most exciting phenomena in space can’t be seen from Earth because our atmosphere soaks up high-energy light. That’s why NASA built Chandra, the most powerful X-ray telescope ever launched, and the observatory has helped scientists make major discoveries about high-energy events in space, including the processes surrounding the birth and death of stars!

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  1. Morphic


  2. Cherique Campbell

    Ok, this might be a dumb question but yea. We can’t see xrays, gamma rays etc, but scientists will show an image of X-ray, gamma etc, and we see it? How they do that?

  3. Jerald Evans

    Don’t watch this video. There are no clear pics of anything in X-ray. Wasted 10 minutes of my life.

  4. Seth Mackenzie

    actually first

  5. Popinmo

    We didn’t have the x ray before the telescope

  6. Glorywhole

    Does this dude smoke or did he quit at some point? 🤔

  7. Syrius Jupiter

    What about the possibility of life on Venus :?

  8. Anti Status Quo

    Doctor : Universe looking at your xray… you have cancer near Uranus, you got ♾ years to live.

  9. Superior SSLA

    💙great video👍🌟

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  11. Superior SSLA

    💞Great video👍😁

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  13. therealquade

    supernovas are popcorn

  14. Chaffe J Carraway

    I like stats

  15. Alex Costa

    what if the only reason we got all the heavy metals is because we werent far from where the big bang happened and all the different rocks and planets and what not that had them collided with each other and thats how we got em.

  16. New Message

    How did it get x-ray specs delivered up there? I sent away for mine from the back of a comic book when I was 9, and never got it… and I just lived on a small hill!

  17. Ronny Shama

    How come nasa has cameras & telescopes in every frequency of light but they haven’t made that technology commercially available yet, i want a radio camera, or a UV camera.

  18. bigman man

    Love science

  19. Angeline Karunya Suresh


  20. Jimmy Zheng

    Can we make laser beams?

  21. Blazed Gaming KR

    Wouldn’t the Iron on the outside of the Nova be explained by the fact the closest material to the center of the implosion would be the first to rebound? The outer layers would be the last to rebound out, essentially turning the star inside out.

  22. Steve Fox

    Thanks, superb episode. 👍🏻👍🏻

  23. Christel Headington

    Young stars are so energetic……..then they get into alcohol and drugs……………………

  24. denmaroca 2

    Not to take away from the advances in X-ray astronony made by Chandra, but it’s a bit of a stretch to claim that it ‘revealed’ the X-ray universe given the 31 prior satellites with X-ray experiments on board!

  25. General Durandal

    Dark Matter is Space, Dark Energy is Time. Together they are the Space-Time fabric.
    Dark Matter is sentient, Dark Energy is capable of memory.
    Dark Mater is the body of God, Dark energy is his Mind, aka his Halo.
    Dark Energy is what is expanding the Universe, so technically, everything is in God’s Mind.
    Reality is just a figment of God’s imagination.

  26. Era of science& Mathemati

    X vision of this universe make it slightly more visible having an appearant image but exists in reality

  27. Christopher Nielsen

    Love the beard

  28. Scribe13

    X-rays look pirrrty

  29. Vlogs'n stuff

    Bruh, wtf are ya’ll doing not talking about venus? It’s been days since they announced the possibility of life there due to phosphone, why do you guys not have a video yet?

  30. Madao

    Chandra spying out new planes to walk


    Chandra…. Old enough to buy alcohol 😁

  32. Zach Crawford

    I wonder what the night sky looks like to nocturnal animals like cats or owls. How would it affect people if they could see that with their own eyes?

  33. Jonathan Seibert

    Sci show space=knowledge via wooly willy

  34. FoxWagen

    How did they predict how a supernova behaves, if they don’t know how it happens? Genuine question!

  35. Benjamin Wang

    Thank you so much for pronouncing “processes” correctly! (0:09)

  36. Brenda Krieger

    Really cool🌌🔭

  37. Vip_q810

    Ragnar lothbrok, My king 👑

  38. the 1annex

    More Kallie! Sorry Blake, Hank – I just really like how she represents.
    It’s actually weird that I don’t want more Hank since I have this long lived para-social relationship with him. Just more props to Kallie.

  39. Jack Warren

    Well i came up with my own conclusion on that black holes help form stars. If its close to the star it destroys it but if its far away the gravitational waves can help stars form

  40. Daniel Tyborowski

    Can’t we make a spherical pneumatic / hydraulic press or something use it on steel balls etc see how much force to takes to shatter them or something and test that

  41. Jonathan West

    Black whole probably(logically) create supernovae. If it takes in more than it can jett out, it passes the threshold, absorbs its eccretion disc(in a single moment) , then explode.

  42. Robert Devino

    I wanna know how you get stars go super nova then start shining again a few years later????

  43. Ananya Sahoo

    Mesmerizing ❤️🔥

  44. Steve Whelchel

    What if the iron on the outside of super nova isn’t due to it being inside-out but because it was pushed to the surface by denser antimatter at the core.

  45. ra30r

    1:41 Spektr-RG?

  46. Andrew Struckmann

    Fun fact: Chandra and its Upper Stage was the Heaviest Payload ever launched by the shuttle (22.8 Metric Tons)

  47. Justin _

    you’re way behind the space news guys…

  48. shodan dragon

    I’ve always been taught that when u look up in to the sky your se a pic of the universe how it was billions of years ago if that’s true then surely everything the telescope is see has already happened?

  49. Bayu Boricua

    Do a video of the PH3 discovered in the atmosphere of Venus

  50. null090909

    Once again, an unmanned space mission bringing amazing results at a fraction of the cost of a manned one.

  51. Ride TheCurve

    What color represents Gold and heavier elements? These are only made in star explosions, No?

  52. GlitterJuice


  53. Masaru

    I know this is SciShow Space but I would love to see a video covering the rise and fall of popularity of the beard as I wonder if Covid-19 will fuel the rise of the beard as culturally acceptable. Fantastic beard by the way, as a fellow bearded man I solute you.

  54. Osmosis Jones

    Can large closer faster orbiting planets block the view of smaller rocky planets behind. And if gas planets start out father away do any moons get pulled in many moons would meld gee absorbed what evaporates off others. Many would colid. Few big moons. And as the planet blows away moons might break orbits and become rock planets themselves

  55. Tavish Chaudhary

    What is the appearance of the universe outside the limit of light 🔆 transmission?

  56. The Shades

    Dreams are like stars…you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.

    -The Shades

  57. Jair Campbell

    Whoa!… Reid💕 have I been gone for that long ✨

  58. Cherique Campbell

    Life on Venus waiting for their Sci Show Space debut: 🦠 👄🦠

  59. Thelocalpsychopath

    Can’t believe you did my boy XMM-Newton dirty like this :'(

  60. Amanda Marshall

    Is it just me, or does he sound like The Big Show?

  61. michael blacktree

    IMO Reid could be Amish for Halloween. All he needs is a hat and suspenders. 😝

  62. Lynnie Saade

    This high resolution is especially apparent when you realize you need to jointly fit 20 different Chandra sources to a NuSTAR source that is basically all of those mushed together -__-

  63. Gerrie

    3:47 doesn’t this phenomenon occur in every explosion? . . matter nearest the epicenter has the greatest force exerted and over millions of miles passes beyond the limits of surface matter?

  64. Hdhnswk

    XMM Newton Telescope is better in every conceivable way,

  65. Swmtothemoon

    This guy needs to host an episode of cosmos

  66. Admiral Nips

    Was just hoping for some space news! Love the video as usual <3

  67. Ankith Raj

    Chandra was capable of so much, imagine what Lynx could do! Can’t wait for Lynx to be launched!!

  68. FlyingDwarfman

    Is there/ could we get a video about the 4 telescopes in the Great Observatories Project together? To be honest, before this one, I only ever knew about Hubble and didn’t know it was part of a team!

  69. Julio Jimenez

    X-ray telescopes allow us to look at the universe in a different way.

  70. Dave Toms

    The idea that some future operation would let me see X-Rays or Infrared is the reason I haven’t gotten laser eye surgery yet… just in case it isn’t compatible with this yet-to-be-invented procedure/implant/whatever 😅

  71. josé luis junior

    I like this guy! He’s cute and can speak in a comprehensive way. S2

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  73. Techie Science

    U make nice Stuff 👍👍

    🙏You have encouraged ME & MOST to establish their youtube channe!🙏

  74. Emmanuel Sanchez

    Someone please give Reid a cigar and a glass of neat Scotch to make that amazing beard stand out even more 🥃

  75. Munashiimaru

    Wait it can see stop signs? Why was I never warned about the dangers of stop sign x-rays?

  76. Space Core

    Now time to overlay X-ray, UV, Microwave, Radio, and Infrared over each other to see anything special?

  77. YoshimieYutaka

    Wow, is it Reid appreciation day?
    Seeing all the nice comments makes me happy.

  78. Julio Jimenez

    This video has a lot of close ups of Reid. He’s attractive.

  79. Billy Hoyle

    I really like this guys ability to explain things in an easily digestible way.

  80. BrannDailor

    Ahh so that’s what they mean when they say “straight out of compton” some fresh space pics.

  81. Domyras

    “speaking of what were made of.. ”
    *gets ready to close tab cuz it’s the end sponsor message*

  82. Prestige Wookie

    Wow hey that’s pretty neat

  83. Zachary Fluke

    I would love to have eyes that could see the sky in X-rays. Ugh that would be amazing 🤩

  84. Nunyo Bidniz

    Got away from light pollution on the weekend. We city slickers are missing out – they got a proper view of the galaxy out bush.

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