The Solar Storm That Almost Started World War III

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May 23rd, 1967 could have been the beginning of the end – all thanks to the sun. pp 616-617, pp 627, pp 629-630


  1. DracoSerpentisCruor

    I never knew the sun could be such a troll

  2. Bloody heart15

    Damn just imagine being those weather scientists and having the entire fate of humanity resting on your shoulders

  3. BattleBunny

    best host of scishow

  4. Peter Jablonski

    Hey! Candle light is not a plasma. The gas is not hot enough to be totally ionised. Candle flame has temperature about 1100 Celsius (some spots have 1400C). To get plasma state gas has to have temperature above 5000 degrees Celsius.

  5. Repentless Dodo

    You know what they say, third times a charm!

  6. TheCasualNerd

    So avoiding Armageddon requires the people in power have both a firm grasp of science and patience? Well we’re all screwed

  7. blockpro66

    50 th like

  8. Adam Spencer

    ha I’m the 100th viewer

  9. Christian O. Holz

    WWIII would have happened if Trump had been around.

  10. Zack Owens

    fire isn’t plasma

  11. Martha Holt

    2017 will be the year a tweet starts WWIII

  12. Greg Vee

    So we were moments away from the events of Fallout? Well I’ll be 🤔

  13. Dutch Universe

    Next time NASA’s budget gets cut just show congress what happens of we don’t do our homework

  14. MiguelPpM

    This wasn’t the only time they were at brink of war.

  15. Caleb Shonk

    First rule of a nuclear attack:, It probably isn’t, so don’t worry about it.

  16. Kieren Rogers

    That is a whole new level of crisis averted

  17. Giannis Anteyokounmposiwndowiukdowommsqowu

    Don’t worry fellas, it’s still coming

  18. Jakey Boi

    ayyy lmao

  19. Glifosfato

    I was ready for a comment war about Suspicious0bservers like the one last time you guys posted a video about magnetic field interference

  20. Rick Kwitkoski

    Ya know, I remember seeing the northern lights at that very time. Very unusual for that time of year but it was spectacular.

  21. Three Percenter

    We will never have another world war. It’s nothing but guerrilla now can’t fight an idea but since 2000 we have tried to stop ideas lmfao.

  22. niqhtt

    wtf… clear in a few min… 15min to respond.. that doesn’t take a genius.

  23. Listener113377

    im sitting in my chair trying to dodge every 5 seconds as if he’s gonna attack me.
    very firm karate-like gestures to point out the information

  24. Caffiene Kitty

    Sounds like it could be used for an episode of Timeless.

  25. Qupid VOneOhOne

    Or “How the Air Wearther Service Saved Mankind”

  26. MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs

    I’m very comfortable to know that the next US administration seems to know and value science. 😶

  27. Zes

    no such thing as make deciison or not, do any nmw

  28. Imago Mors

    people smoked and drank like they were on mad men in th 1960s well done.

  29. Roxor128

    Who else had Tom Lehrer’s nuclear war songs pop into their head during this video?

  30. T4nkc0mm4nd3r

    Always enjoy Reid hosting an episode, especially on cool topics such as this.

  31. mynameismatt2010

    Something similar also happened in the USSR once. It came down to a single man to make the decision to launch nukes, and he choose not too, going against protocol and saving the world from war. He ended up getting sanctions for breaking protocol.

  32. raemckay

    I think about Coronal Mass Ejections and their consequences on earth too
    much for my own sanity. This episode doesn’t help
    that, especially given this week’s political milestones

  33. Hamiz Noomber won fan

    Surely the hand that caused such woeful misdirection was not god’s?

  34. Connor C

    Err..aren’t candle flames incandescent gas and dust? If they were plasma, fire would be magnetic.

  35. capnazrael

    3:20 Hey, what about Major Kong?

  36. Aakash M.

    A little logic never hurt nobody!

  37. 76Eliam

    Now just imagine that the USSR knew it too and made use of the confusion to actually send their missiles without risking a backfire

  38. David Baker

    in England u would be protected under a door leaning against a supporting wall! (According to a government leaflet!)

  39. imanasaurus rex

    Hey! That’s 50 years ago today 😱

  40. Serg Chaidez

    that’s crazy, does the sun always emit that frequency? I’d imagine a large range of different possible frequencies.

  41. H.Aziz Kayıhan

    I watched this one with extreme fear of Reid being choked by the mic cable that goes around his neck! Come on!

  42. Niboe

    Knowledge of science saved us in this case, but without science we wouldn’t have nuclear weapons in the first place
    Not that science is bad, just an observation

  43. The GuardianX

    3330 Views and 333 likes. :O

  44. Luca Faccini

    Beatles reference <3 <3

  45. LazyLife IFreak

    We’re going to have a *blast* of a time! Our *Trumph* card will keep us safe! :-)

  46. Theodore Low

    I’m not BMEWSed.

  47. Victor Astream

    “Luckily”, yeah ok

  48. Armadillito

    WW3 confirmed??

  49. garv taneja

    This for everyone who says that studying space is not as important…

  50. Brett

    The next time someone asks why we spend time studying space this is what I will tell them!

  51. Tyler Norris

    Jeez that opening escalated fast

  52. Christian Terrill

    smoking and drinking

  53. Thanos With Infinity Gauntlet

    when WWIII starts, ill be scrolling down youtube for comments

  54. ThePappawheelie

    It’s Pronounced ‘Chowder”!

  55. Jimmy McGill

    LOL yesterday I watched Doctor Who and the Dalek wanted to use this to make more of themselves

  56. Leo

    DOn’t blame the Sun, blame the MAD doctrine.

  57. Luis G.

    This video reminds me about the game Fallout but with a different start or nearly different background story.

  58. Luis G.

    This video reminds me about the game Fallout but with a different start or nearly different background story.

  59. Joshua Hunt

    I find it a bit odd how some comments here seem to be heavily rooted in politics. This channel is dedicated to science (specifically astrophysics), yet the illogical nature of modern politics manages to seep through the cracks. I want to be able to discuss the state of the world in a logical, calm manner, but I know that I can’t do that without the other person often throwing logic out the window and spewing anger and malice in my ear. Must science and politics be complete and utter opposites? We don’t have to be red in the face to talk about what we as a civilization should do, right? No hard feelings.

  60. Sebastian G.

    the same thinh happend in russia with their detector so we had really luck two 2s

  61. Ice

    Wow sun.

  62. Madden 2000

    Bro the sun is just busting a nut stop recording it

  63. Midori Sato

    And pretty soon, Rick Perry is going to be in charge of a large portion of America’s national science departments.
    FSM help us all.

  64. Rasmus n.e.M

    Good thing those scientists knew their A-levels ;)

  65. Israel Martins

    Thank goodness Clinton didn’t get elected or we would be going into WW3…

  66. Vokoder

    Truly terrifying!!

  67. ManiacBanana

    complete nuclear fallout was practically a hat drop away o.O
    ahhhhh I don’t trust any of these people with nukes

  68. D Hawthorne

    I think you have a typo in your title. It’s spelled Armageddon.

  69. shingshongshamalama

    “people smoked and drank like they were in Mad Men…”
    I literally laughed for three minutes. Thanks, SciShow.

  70. Kenny Martin

    BMEW might just be the cutest name for a defensive radar array.

  71. DarkCanister

    A moment of silence to our comrades in the other world line. 4:33 worth of silence in fact.

  72. GonzoSarge

    This is one of the best episodes I’ve seen yet!

  73. Merlin

    Wow, that was super informative.

  74. MicManGuy

    You’d think, of all people, that the military would see the value of redundant systems that use different frequencies.

  75. Carn Soaks

    parable 1 for any senate hearing about fundamental science funding.

  76. chrissscottt

    I love your work because you generally keep me up to date with astronomical breakthroughs.

  77. Hen Barrison

    That few minuets when they just sat there and waited must have been the most tense minuets in human history.

  78. A nontypicalmeme

    The sun: Darn foiled again.

  79. Regina di Spade

    I really like his voice

  80. Big Daddy Xee

    That’s why I said don’t look at the sun! damnit

  81. Meredith Navin

    Can you do an episode of Przybylski’s star? It has an unusually high lanthanide signal in its spectroscopy. I’d like to learn more about it.

  82. Gregory Samuel Teo

    stay tuned for the new sister channel to DNews – BMEWS!

  83. Press Paws

    holy shit, imagine being the meteorologist who saved the world.

  84. MisterBrrown

    Hank is going to start World War III NOT trump.
    But they might work together…

  85. Scott Bayley

    When you said BMEWS was in Alaska Greenland and the UK… I think you meant Canada.
    Don’t do that.

  86. Squeezey

    1/10 people hit the like button…
    I wish half the people would actually use that thing.

  87. Reema R

    That is so crazy! 😱😱😱

  88. Ronaldjr Montagne

    I already knew this Thanks Alt history!!!

  89. Alpha Beta

    just imagine how stupid we would have looked if we had killed all of ourselves in a nuclear war just because of a solar storm freaking us out

  90. Glenn Radars

    BMEW’s sound a lot like Bee News…
    according to all known laws of aviation-

  91. winkerdude

    I remember the “Duck and Cover” days. A terrifying time to grow up. At least we had good music.

  92. photosinensis

    TIL I can cause WWIII with the radio equipment in my car.

  93. Cleiton Felipe

    humanity will probably extinct itself, eventually

  94. William Rosen

    This is why my lifelong ambition is astrophysics.

  95. Lovecat Productions

    Candle flames are plasma…? what

  96. Spectra Phantom

    Vsauce and SciShow uploaded on the same day a few more minutes apart? Is this real life?

  97. Skip6235

    It is absolutely terrifying how many times we have come so close to killing everythin

  98. Gary K

    We have to make sure such a close call NEVER happens again. We need to nuke the sun!!

  99. DivinityOfBLaze

    Don’t worry lads we have tons of opportunities to complete the trilogy.

  100. altejoh

    How sad would those history books have been. “Nuclear armageddon caused by misreading the sun.”

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