The Simple Molecule Behind Our Complex Universe

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All the complexity in the universe ultimately owes its existence to one of the simplest materials possible: molecular hydrogen. And not only did this molecule play a huge role in building the universe as we know it, today, it also helps us explore it.¬…161L..81C
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    H2 allow the gas to cool so hydrogen could collapse into stars. We still don’t know how it stayed cool when collapsing… Uhh, that’s a MAJOR point. Not knowing this equates to having absolutely no clue as to how stars formed.

    It would be like a biologist saying “there are chenicals like carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus, I have no idea how they first came together but then there were cells.”

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    camera quality RIP

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    H2 was the first battery in the universe

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    So what you’re saying is if gas is glowing, gas is slowing.

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    It took 380,000 years to cool down to 3000 degrees Kelvin.

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    wait…did you explain why CO is a proxy for H_2?

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    How about sending microwaves through the walls to redirect the flow of electrons . making it easier on conventional rockets.
    Another idea I had how to move mass . panels on wheels with in a fluid with in pipes with in the walls. Moving much of the ship’s weight

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    He forgot to give props to Jebus.

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    You cannot casually say that CO- is a good proxy for H2 without some explanation why. That doesn’t make intuitive sense.

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    If I’m not mistaken, FRH (flameless ration heaters from MREs) produce hydrogen gas. I’ve come to associate the smell with slightly warmed food

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    There’s a lot of hydrogen because it’s so easy to make? I’m not sure exactly how long after the big bang this is true, but at one time everything was hydrogen and helium, and the vast majority was hydrogen. It has still not been used up. Please don’t create the impression that it has been used up and then produced again in general, this would only have happened to a small part of it.

  30. bret hammell

    What was meant we he said carbon monoxide is a proxy for molecular hydrogen? Thanks!

  31. Francesco SkZ Mauro

    One important addition:
    Why observing CO instead of H2?
    Because H2 is a simmetric molecule, on the contrary of CO, so it doesn’t emit as dipole, but only as quadrupole. this means that to have a sufficient emission H2 have a temperature of ~500K (~230C), while Interstellar molecular gas clouds have a mean temperature of few tens of K.
    CO is really more emitting than H2

  32. Aerik Forager

    @2:41 Perhaps it didn’t “remain cool” so much as the universe is a pretty big place and the Big Bang as is commonly described, is essentially a massive stellar expansion that got really complex internally. Perhaps the heating from compression, was/is mitigated by the cooling of the continued expansion. ;)

  33. the guy the name

    3:10 your wrong.

    Molecular hydrogen/hydrogen is not the most abundant form of mater, it’s whatever makes up dark matter.

    And well dark energy is not matter it would make the similar difference and scale to dark mater.

    It’s like trying to compare a grain of sand to a galaxy.

    Dark Energy & Dark Matter

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    Great show. If I may be a bit tongue-in-cheek I would say that this episode was mostly about energy and your narrator has just a bit too much. He’s very good except for that.

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    From where did all the energy come that created our “universe”? I like the big bang theory but we really haven’t much knowledge regarding the existence of anything.

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    Sorry don’t believe in the “”big bang”” theory

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    As I learned the formation of H2 meant a halving of the Amount Of Substance and therefore a halving of the gas pressure counteracting gravity, being able to trigger the collapse of a gas cloud.

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    1:07 Lol molecular hydrogen looks like a boobs

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    Amazing how we still struggle with E=MC squared. Einstein was a true genius who cut through hubris to see reality.

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    Now thats a cool idea; suppose the edge of the universe looks like a bright light then?

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    Wasn’t Hydrogen an element before it was an molecule?

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    With all that hydrogen around billions of years ago, thank Christ there weren’t humans around to light a cigarette with a match, otherwise it would have been all over red rover. Like goodbye Hindenburg. Then we would all still be hanging around for the next Big Bang. I’m still waiting for my first

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    Isn’t most hydrogen in the universe deuterium?

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    How the actual f… does CO make a decent substitute for H2?^^
    I surely the disribution can’t be the same, not to get me started on the abundance.

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    If there is a second parallel unviverse then it might be connected to ours just like the bond between hydrogen molecules -since its drifiting apart the force to keep them together are expaning out universe and the parallel.(maybe)

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    Would single hydrogen atoms not also have cooled the universe through photon emission? Is there a reason it had to be molecular hydrogen?

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    Hydrogen: Continues to be a small inanimate chunk of mass.

    Hydrogen: (Combust)


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    Question: If we bombard a crater on the Moon or Mars with protons, could we eventually generate water (H2O) in that crater? If so, potentially a game changer.

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    As the universe expanded, and the contents became less dense, wouldn’t that have reduced the interactions of the molecules thereby reducing the temp?

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