The Secret Behind Those Beautiful Hubble Images

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Since it launched in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has snapped more than a million images and changed the way we see the universe, literally.

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  2. Brad dіe Irriterend III

    4:34 – HA! You messed up! Flat earth confirmed!

  3. Wormo Pinkus

    4:26 this nasa puppet forgot to keep up the act that the earth is supposed to be “round” lmao

  4. jacobcoolguy

    Cosmic Turds

  5. KymMorganTV

    Has this telescope ALWAYS been this good at taking in data and producing photos? Because my god. But then again I assume astronauts have upgraded it over the years?

  6. David Prodigy

    Aren’t all those colors just added to make everything look better?

  7. dan klatt

    did you see nibiru

  8. Yonael

    Who TF downvoted this? People that think space is fake!?

  9. fuck you

    great vid so far

  10. Daniel Leca

    If your eyes were as good as Hubble’s and you were in Washington DC, you would be able to see two fire flies, three meters apart in Tokyo… FLAT EARTH CONFIRMED!

  11. Dave Shaw

    “…If you were standing in DC, looking toward Tokyo..”
    Scishow flatearthers- confirmed

  12. J. Chuck Wycoff

    I have an “Alien”; question?

  13. THEY

    Hipster eggplant needs to shave.

  14. sagacious03

    1:41 An electronic detector records where patterns of photons land? But don’t photons, as light, travel faster than electricity? Thus, isn’t it unlikely the detector can measure the patterns completely & properly, being so slow in comparison?
    Great video, though! Thanks for uploading!

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  16. dan klatt

    did you find god

  17. Kags _

    Why shut down for 45 minutes instead of spending that time looking at a different star?

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  19. Patrick Malone

    So much beard… so little hair…..

  20. Jimbodiah

    Less fluff if you’re not going for 10 minutes anyway. So much repetition and laying it on.

  21. Jordan R.

    Lol I wonder if it’s using PHD2 for auto guiding

  22. New Eden

    You look different

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  24. Krafterr4

    What’s the new and better space telescope they’re putting up there soon?

  25. Barbara Joseph-Adam

    But but but… if you were to stand in Washington DC and can see Tokyo, that means the Earth IS flat! Noooo!!!1one11! *head explodes* *insert existential crisis here*

  26. Michael Rice

    Eta Carinae is a huge double star about to die.

  27. x x

    the secret is photoshop

  28. Sophie Robinson

    You’re going to have flerffers using this video to prove flat earth if you don’t address the comment at 4:20.

  29. Zagros Ozkan

    Please make an episode about Langrange Points !

  30. Mateo Gg

    4:30 you heard it here first folks, SciShow says the Earth is flat!

  31. Anorkhil

    Someone… Somewhere out there… is crying themself to sleep , because you forgot to mention them

  32. Manu Raffo

    4:30 confirmation that the earth is flat

  33. David Prodigy

    Staying in focus…that is insane how it works it’s magic.

  34. Kynk

    “From DC to Tokyo.” While I and most people that watch this likely understand you mean in distance not practically; unfortunately flat-earthers will go to use this video as “proof” of flat-earth because of that.

  35. Eugene InLaw

    uh, pretty sure that if you tried to look at Tokyo from DC, you’d see the ground

  36. Gaming is my Life

    *666* *VIEWS* and 77 likes

  37. Osmosis Jones

    How do they know the mass of an Exoplanet if it’s the only planet in the solar system. Like Kepler 22b

  38. Scott Anderson

    The universe’s expansion is probably not accelerating. Small sample size and incomplete data were involved. Stay tuned.

  39. Jess P

    When I found out these “spectacular photos” I looked at and fascinated over at as a kid, when I found they were fake, it tore my heart out. They are “colored” in accordance to where they fall in the spectrum on what type of atom it reads – – they are fantastical pictures of the cosmos that are just that, not anything we would really see with our human eyes. Yes we learn a lot of how space and all its phenomena work, but it just ruined a part of my imagination on how the universe really looks like (not like those pictures)

  40. Jocundus

    -is Photoshop.

  41. Troy Kratos

    Beard and gold tooth huh? 😏

  42. thricefan89

    So glad to get some science right now
    Too many ignorant right wingers with their beliefs about vaccines, evolution, spherical earth and other crazy conspiracies

  43. Tessa Malcom

    i know it’s just pictures of bubbles

  44. Issolom Issolom

    Great beard 👍
    Hanks should have one too

  45. HenryManson

    All Hail Edwin Hubble, the man who prooved that our Galaxy is NOT the Universe!

  46. Tydin

    is it just me or do the nebulas in the thumbnail look like vibrators?

  47. Panyagi

    Would love to see some ground based photos using the same multi wavelength approach. For example, what would a person look like if infrared and ultraviolet wavelength data was captured and edited in. Plants, animals etc. Would probably look a little messy but would be super interesting nonetheless.

  48. DarlEng

    Check out the recent Hubble doc on the NASA Goddard channel, super good

  49. Semaj_502

    Great video! Hubble is honestly one of my favorite things humanity has ever produced. I could spend hours looking at its images(I totally have tbh) and it’s helped us learn sooo much. I can’t wait till Hubble’s successor, James Webb, is up and running and I really hope it gets going without a hitch. I can’t even fathom what it will help us see.

    Edit: a word

  50. Ando Nel

    since its moving does hubble have to compensate for parallax? or wavelength shifting?

  51. Scott M

    Hubble, the best of the KH satellites.

  52. huldu

    What in the… universe is that picture at 4:20? Looks like a pretty darn big cloud in space, is it one of those creating new stars?

  53. dentoncrimescene

    You’re my favourite.

  54. adavidmon

    Does hubble ever take photos of the eartth?

  55. It’s Xerxes

    how do bald people choose how high their beards go

  56. Barry Dickinson

    What would a ” rod from god ” do if it hit the ocean and how much difference would the depth of water make?

  57. Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    If we could the Hubble telescope in to perspective we would see it as a astronomical juggernaut that was made and operated by awesome people.

  58. Gordon McLellan

    30 years old and still awesome.

  59. Scribe13

    Hubble has done no less than show us the face of God

  60. j k

    Mr. Reimers, you have my attention from the first word to the last. Would it be possible that you might consider hosting a Crash Course if the opportunity presented itself?

  61. Aryadi Subagio

    awesome beard, I guess the lockdown prevents you from going to the barber huh?

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  63. Clint Burgamy

    “Hubba bubba telescope” …you win a dollar if you know who said that.

  64. delwoodbarker

    Why do many videos about astronomy look like they’re panning around an object, when we really only get one viewing angle?

  65. Nick Krise

    I’ve often wondered how Hubble did what it does. Focusing in on the minute areas of space over periods of time, like the first Hubble deep field. (11 days I think was the first exposure.) Now I can see why the reaction wheels fail in the numbers that they so. Thanks for the informative video. Good stuff.

  66. TheEngineGal

    Let’s point the Hubble at Reid’s lovely beard and see how many stars are hiding inside!

  67. Kazaha ツ

    When are we gonna have eyes that can see all light

  68. Futurology

    Can’t wait for the James Webb Telescope!

  69. shaider1982

    It’s amazing that the Hubble Telescope has come a long : from the butt of jokes due to the initial problems with the mirror (even refeenced in an old Tiny Toons episode I watched as a kid) to oldie but goodie equipment👍

  70. Bear Lemley

    Hey, how did you get that haircut? I’ve been waiting for 5 weeks now LOL

  71. Master Therion

    Wow, I can’t believe the Hubble Space Telescope is about 30 years old.
    Despite its age… things are looking up.

  72. Keagan Connell

    I’m excited to see how full and Lucious his beard is by the time this Corona thing wraps up

  73. 6Twisted

    Why does the beard look CGI…

  74. ss

    Hubble is an amazing engineering and scientific achievement, now in its 30th year. Hard to believe it has endured for so long and provided so much.

  75. Dan

    Yooo that thumbnail was my desktop wallpaper for years!

  76. Jansen Art

    Seeing fireflies in Tokyo from Washington D.C…. PBS CONFIRMS FLAT EARTH!!!!!

  77. Elementus

    is it just me or does the beard look cgi?

  78. MrThatguyuknow

    This is the strongest I’ve ever scene his beard

  79. Ill Will Bill

    2:00 You know, the difference would be a lot more striking or easier to see if you didn’t add that sliding/zoom effect. Sometimes less IS more. Just like how you abuse fonts all the time.

  80. Emmanuel Sanchez

    I could not stop staring at that magnificent beard that I almost missed the content 🧔🧔

  81. Massimo O'Kissed

    4:00 Um?
    Hubble’s orbital period is c. 97 mins.
    It’s a bit longer than that of the ISS since Hubble is higher up.

  82. CanuckMonkey13

    I went into this video thinking that I might stop partway through, since I already knew a lot about this subject. There turned out to be a lot in here that I didn’t know, though, and even the things I already knew were presented in an interesting way. I never should have doubted SciShow!

  83. Hugo Ojendiz

    Please, please, please do a Kratos “God Of War” cosplay

  84. Osmosis Jones

    Could the dark energy be negative mass

  85. Ross Buissink

    “Thumbs Up”

  86. Robert McGehee

    The universe we live in is truly stunning and beautiful, indeed.

  87. Unknowngamer1138

    And because there’s no longer a space program that can refuel and reset its orbit, it’s due to fall from orbit in a few years. All of that engineering, innovation, and inspiration from one of the greatest tools we’ve ever made to understand the universe, and it’s gonna drop out of the sky and burn with as much dignity as a discarded food wrapper.

  88. DumA2034

    Trippy when you remember Hubble is the size of a school bus.

  89. New Message

    With pictures like that, there’s no need to be humble, Hubble.

  90. andrewnduati

    When i first learned that space pictures didn’t actually look like them in real life, I felt like I had been lied to. Then I realized that would make as much sense as being mad at modern CGI for not *_actually_* showing my favorite actor’s arm get blown off in a gritty war movie. It’s not real, but for a very good reason lol.

  91. McMexicans

    “If you stand in Washington DC and stare at Tokyo…”
    Are we assuming we live on a flat Earth?

  92. The Exoplanets Channel

    Big mirror aperture + no atmosphere = *_masterpiece_*

    Great video btw !

  93. Kumquat Lord

    I petition that Elon Musk uses Starship to bring Hubble back to earth once it is retired so we can put it in the smithsonian.

  94. Armie of One

    Reminding me that 1990 was thirty years ago…ouch. 😅

  95. Michael Traynor

    Everytime you see something in the news or read a comment online that makes you think, “how can people this, selfish, mean spirited and so uninformed exist in the world today?”, remember that 30 years ago humans were also making incredible things like Hubble, and don’t lose hope.

  96. The Opinion of Matt

    SciShow: “If you standing in DC looking at Tokyo…”
    Flat Spinning Disk Planetiers (be like): “See, see; were right”.
    Changed name to try and avoid bring their attention to this, grammatical error intended.

  97. Levi van es

    I just had a lecture today where this was discussed almost word for word. Very strange

  98. Starfals

    This is making me excited for the next telescope that will go into space next year. It will be very exciting!
    Not that Hubble didnt do a fantastic job on its own. I feel like everything we get to see today is because of the photos we got from it. So much art, so many movies and drawings were made that either copy or make similar visuals.

    Hubble opened up our minds in many ways, i dont think we will forget about that precious little old telescope anytime soon. Talk about lasting legacy!

  99. Peter Nitzer

    Someone has to point this out:
    This beard is so “beard”!

  100. M

    I can’t imagine what Jame Webb’s photos will look like.

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