The Pristine Visitor From Another Star

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You may have heard of the first interstellar object observed in our solar system, but did you know there’s more than one? And speaking of icy rocks, new research suggests the ocean under the icy crust of Enceladus could be more dynamic than we first thought!

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  1. HouseOfHam

    borIsov, not bOris-off

  2. rubberduck3y6

    I can’t wait to meet our future Enceladean overlords.

  3. Joshua Brown

    I want to see alien fish XD

  4. Raymond Saint

    Pretty shirt.

  5. Isaak Nootan

    Great content

  6. John Wascavage

    Can we capture a small comet and study it? Just a thought.

  7. avi12

    I made a Chrome extension that allows to control the player using the keyboard, appropriately named “Skillshare Player Control”

  8. Rolf Witting

    I love how astronomers make words like “blobs” and “fluffy” scientific terms.

  9. Carsono5

    Yay! I really hope the Enceladean swimming-robot becomes a reality. Enceladus is my favorite moon (excluding Earth’s because I am patriotic to Earth, lol).

  10. mountaingoat1003

    Yay. Hank

  11. Marc F. Nielssen

    We’ve had small stray visitors. Maybe a stray planet will pop in some day. No, not Nibiru.

  12. brainbah

    I have a question. How close could we get to a black hole before having to turn around to avoid getting sucked in using current technology.

  13. MyHerpesItch

    Thanks Hank for reading this notes for us.

  14. SaiaArt

    Friction is another, often overlooked, source of heat. Any time you have contained water that is in motion, even a trickle beneath a glacier, it creates heat. If that heat was also contained & built up vapor pressure, it eventually releases through a weak fissure. Hence, geysers.

  15. CowLevelCrypto

    Oh Great! Just when we are almost able to figure out Warp Speed we find out that space has random gravel pits. : /

  16. Xor Owl

    forget mars, let’s go to Enceladus

  17. FiguraCinque

    I really hope to live enough to see a rover on a giant gas’s moon

  18. gnarth d'arkanen

    SO who else is now fascinated with the idea of about a 15 second or so glitchy transmitted video with a spot light moving from an ice tunnel into an ever widening array of deep-sea, only to be punctuated by some horrific tentacled monstrosity eating the little earthling robot??? ;o)

  19. Psyberklown

    one world under skillshare, all hail skillshare.

  20. JVitor Chamorro

    So the second ever interstellar object was completely different from the first.

  21. James Rogers

    To make a lander for Enceladus, I would use some sort of hydrogen fuel cell for power, and add a hydrogen factory within the lander. It only makes sense

  22. DangaRoss

    I’m like.. how do these scientists just know all this amazing stuff about where that comet came from and was formed. As in, I just know that it’s more than I can understand. I’m glad that there are at least some smart people left.

  23. Existenceisillusion

    bigger stars burn out and die with _passion!_ creating _way crazier space dust!_

  24. AppNasty

    So….not alien probe. Got it.

  25. TheRealMirCat

    Earth’s oceans may be warmed by the sum more, it is also heated by it’s core. Same with deeper caves.

  26. Hattie Lankford

    Wouldn’t it be horrifying if we were contributing to universal degradation, instead of “just” planetary?

  27. PNUT Nutbox DeFi

    Lol, feels like revising my physical chemistry lecture.
    Damn I never thought astronomy could be that fun

  28. Mateo Gg

    Doesn’t the fact that we’ve detected two extra-solar visitors in such a short time suggest that they are actually really common?

  29. Dee B

    I want some tasty Enchiladus.

  30. Mark Byers

    Ooo. Can a get a skillshererep?

  31. Luis Guevara



    We are getting close to our sister star and another 10- 20,000 years we might actually see it

  33. sean doherty

    A machine which swims in Enceladus’ ocean, now that’s something I’d be interested in!

  34. Bradley Noneofyourbizz

    It’s the Protomolecule! Quick! Someone get Chrisjen Avasarala on a comm!

  35. Ariansyah Riyan


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  36. Curas1

    There hiding the truth that there is a giant Neptune rogue planet flying at us and these fragments are only the beginning.

    Soon it will fly by the sun and when it heats up it will consume mercury and venus and knock earth out of it’s orbit.

    One day far from now we will be the interstellar visitors to other worlds …

  37. Not Me

    Why do comets have tails? If space is a vacuum what is pulling material away from the comets surface to form the tail? Moving forward through a perfect vacuum would cause no drag regardless of speed! Answer me hank!

  38. my back HURTS

    Still to this day when I hear about the Hale-Bopp comet I think about Hansen and The people with the purple sheets and White shoes

  39. Dave Surfzombo

    It’s kinda fun to think that there are other ‘nearby’ solar systems that are being visited by remnants of our solar system’s creation, and possibly astronomers analyzing the make-up of those fragments.

  40. Tech TL;DR

    That comet sounds like a Hawaiian island lol

  41. Bubba Jones

    No mention of whether this comet is moving fast enough to escape the solar system? No mention of whether it’s in a retrograde orbit? Otherwise it seems ridiculous to speculate if it has an interstellar origin.

  42. Defiance

    Marked on my google calendar to watch out for Hale Bopp’s return in 4021

  43. Really not Rob

    So u sure it’s not life on the comet

  44. snake698

    That skillshare course… that’s some generic corporative artstyle

  45. kilted Broshar

    I’ve noticed that hank no here is way different from hank on tiktok. Lol tiktok you is more like an uninhibited/”drunk” you 😂😂😂

  46. Master Therion

    Thank you SciShow Space, for giving us the _current_ news about Enceladus.

  47. Isaac Dave


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    I had a bad day, but been in the first 50 comments on this video made my day 🎉I always wanted it!

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    Oh didn’t even realize i was early niceee 👽🤡

  51. Osmosis Jones

    Could Volcanic ash protect a planet from Flares and extra CO2. Make planet more habitable especially if tidle locked and star flares a lot . Both sides of venus is hot. I have more confidence in the fare out planets in the trappist system

  52. Alan Jaques

    Ok! i think that i’ve see this comet from out of the solar system thing in some movie… 🤔

  53. Osmosis Jones

    You heard of terriforming planets what about stars. Sending blast bombardment to an angry red Dwarf causing it release the flares it’s going to give . Getting it’s flare faze over with

  54. Shane of Canada

    Sooo…. Aliens AND Mermaids?

  55. Walt R. Buck

    Hale Bopp may have only gotten close the the sun two times, but how many people caught the ride on the way out? A few dozen anyway.

  56. PaleGhost69

    Can we at least say Hi to them this time?

  57. C U

    The earth is flat?

  58. lupidleaper

    Excellent they aren’t noticing our invasion

  59. Hayden Maximus Leonardi


  60. Zeyata-Cicero-Herron

    First time I’ve ever been this early to a SciShow video!
    As always, love the content!! <3

  61. Grant Stoppel

    Do any other planets have tectonics plates?

  62. RemixRevolution

    Good no one saying first

  63. Michael Holst

    Nice! Keep up the great work, scishow

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    Gotta love Hank’s shirts

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    Anyone reading the comments haven’t even finished the video

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