The Planets with Inside-Out Weather

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Way out in the solar system, the heat of the Sun drops off dramatically, so the gas giants get just a tiny percent of the solar radiation that reaches Earth. Instead, their weather is fueled from the inside out!

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    Good info anyway, good job!

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    OK. It is not heat in the conventional sense. There isn’t a band of heat between Earth snd Sun. It is Infrared radiation. This does not need a medium, such as air, to transmit. Just trying to make the world a better place.

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    “The gas giants get just a tiny percent of the solar radiation that reaches Earth.”
    I’m pretty sure that the gas giants get _zero_ percent of the solar radiation that _reaches_ Earth (it reached _Earth,_ not them).

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    If heat is the movement of atoms not the amount of electrons how when pressure is added heat increase not decrease. . More pressure less molecular or atomic movement.

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    The helium rain theory doesn’t make sense…what gives the energy to turn liquid helium into vapor in the first place, then? As we all know perpetual motion is impossible, there must be an alternative source of energy outside of the planet itself

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    So everyone knows about Dyson spheres, but they’re almost impossibly large (almost) but what if you could build a smaller one to harness the power given off by a gas giant?

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    So the gas giants don’t have radioactive decay heating their cores?

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    How many nuclear bombs would be needed to be buried deep into mars to make it have a similar heated core and plate tectonics like the earth?

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    so if i understand it right 50% of our core radiactiv stuff as decade so will that mean that in about 4.8b yr all of it will be gone? and our core wil be soild and we loose our magentic field

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    The question I have is what happens when all of the Earth’s radioactive materials that help keep the core moving have stopped being radioactive?

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    When you say “still contracting” does that mean we expect them to stop eventually? Or we expect to find them already contracted?

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    This doesn’t make any sense. You’re telling me over that many eons there’s still heating and compression occuring and equilibrium hasn’t been reached? I get there’d be some “heat pressure” keeping it from collapsing, but so would equilibrium being achieved from the energy it obtains from the sun.
    It’s either there was so much heating initially it should’ve blown up the gas giant or the heating is coming from another source, like something to do with the metallic hydrogen core. It could also be that being such light gases the resistance to flow is also a lot less in the upper layers, resulting in crazy winds just at much lower densities than earth.
    Absolutely nothing to back this up, just logicing.

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    Super interesting! I’m curious about how Saturn could still have uncondensed helium. What regenerates it, if anything? Is the underlying source of energy coming from the planet’s rotation (that’s slowed by the helium rain’s friction)?

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    Very interesting. My team recently discovered a new Uranus-like exoplanet candidate, super-puffs are exciting! By the way for those who might not know it, a super-puff is a type of planet with a mass only a few times larger than Earth’s but a radius larger than that of Neptune.

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