The Invisible Gas That Gave Us Galaxies

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More than half of all the matter in the universe is out in the dark, “empty space.” Although it’s basically invisible, the intergalactic medium has a lot to tell us about the stuff we can see.

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  1. New Message

    My Dad calls all the invisible gas that surrounds us the ‘intergastric Medium’.
    He usually only starts talking about it after dinner…

  2. Flaming Olives Matter Too

    The solar system has a comparable recycling system it would seem with the planets and its environment

  3. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    The medium is the message.—Marshall McLuhan.

  4. Rene Belmontez

    Balanced, as all things should be.

  5. Kyles Isler

    I won’t be the first to make a gas joke.

  6. Dwarf From The North

    The intergalactic medium, can predict the future of the universe.

  7. mrjaz666

    5 comments and 3 of them are gas jokes, gg YT

  8. Master Therion

    What do aliens fuel their flying saucers with when they can’t afford premium gas?
    “Intergalactic Medium Gas.”

  9. huldu

    A dead galaxy isn’t that the most sad thing ever.

  10. Salgood Sam

    This is a bit off topic, but why does it seem like there’s CGI masking issues going on, around Reid’s collar..?!

  11. Nick Walker

    The Invisible gas that gave us popular leather wallets.

  12. Hite.

    We’ve all been gased in our life.

  13. Nathan Wilson

    Interstellar medium makes me think of Treasure Planet. Jesus Christ be with you friends!😊

  14. Croc1513

    Errr, it’s called Ether and you all owe Victorian scientists an apology.

  15. Osmosis Jones

    Wonder if intergalactic space is a better environment for living planets like earth to form . Less radiation. And if entire solar Systems get fling out. There probably are intergalactic solar Systems

  16. Jeremy Kolassa

    The title of this video is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my dad’s flatulence.

  17. James Mitchell

    That commercial at the beginning gave me a throbbing ridge. Glad scishow isn’t hurting for cash! What product was that company selling anyway? Stop surprise advertising please.

  18. BoringNEET

    I wonder what else besides gas is hiding in intergalactic space.

  19. Bret Daley

    A galaxy is basically an eddie

  20. Karis Coyne

    Does… does this count as aether?

  21. Marcus Taber

    Perhaps dead galaxies have all been dyson sphered up?

  22. Maddie Begg

    The intergalactic medium mostly just talks to intergalactic ghosts.

  23. that_marc_guy

    who the hel spends that kind of money on a wallet? It’s, a wallet.

  24. Vegas Performer

    Why is this guy’s nose always so red?

  25. vishwajeet jangra

    how do the scientist know that on average a galaxy takes in about one solar mass of gas? just how is it even possible?

  26. zack


  27. jrpipik

    It’d be interesting to hear more about “dead” galaxies.

  28. Jero Toro

    So… Aether confirmed? Tesla was right?

  29. fep_ ptcp

    Ridge wallets, free shipping to the whole world… except to brazil :(

  30. Dennis Tucker

    I believe that the study of mediums(especially open space) will be critical to our understanding of the cosmos. With the huge “Fudge Factors” like dark energy and dark matter, the focus seems to be on things that cause pulling/pushing of matter(like gravity). Some day, I think we find that dark energy and dark matter are the same thing(properties of the medium of space).

  31. Michael Johnson


  32. DCED

    it should ignite and eliminate everything that was ever created – just my .02 cents.

  33. Scott Anderson

    Eating a Galaxy will also give you invisible gas
    I’ll show myself out

  34. Christel Headington

    For a long time scientists blamed it on the dog.

  35. DwarvenSteel

    Ether: Im back baaaby

  36. gondiamond

    Could dead galaxies be lacking dark matter or something? Cuz arent galaxies that lack dark matter appear more “fluffy” (without a more solid structure like a disk); and also if a galaxy had some sort of concentration of dark matter, the gravity would help pull the IGM back in?
    Just some #HighThoughts while watching my favorite educational program.

  37. MCRN ORB1T4L

    I love this channel but guys… your sponsor sell overprice products… 115€ for a wallet, are you serious ?

  38. Sergio White

    the universe is eletric. but the mainstream bs model of relativity and gravitic nebular ecretion wont admit they are wrong lol that brought us dark matter dark energy and the other unicorns. the safire project is proving that suns are electric. mainstream keeps finding proof of birkland currents going everywhere keeping galaxies spinning in unison most . the standard model is constantly tripping over its idiotic foundation lol go thunderbolts of the god wall thorhill don scott and bruce talbot can show you what real physics is about

  39. Evie Elliot Gerzio

    Not being mean, you look like a cat 😸

  40. hellcat1988

    Ahh…. The beginning of the universe. When stars were first forming and videos didn’t have adds on adds on adds.

  41. Walt R. Buck

    Ok. Ill be the first gas joke then. Here I thought dark gas was only a thing from my dog.

  42. Throttle Kitty

    6/10 not enough space water – IGM

  43. Kal Random

    Dang, all my wife does is cuss me when gas exits and enters.
    Guess she doesn’t understand science.

  44. Gustavo Gutierrez

    So galaxies fart?

  45. metalfaust19

    I ripped a huge fart just now

  46. Robert Sparkes

    When I think of the universe,
    I’m reminded it took God Only six days to make it. ✝️✝️✝️

  47. Jerma uwu

    In first grade I had to write about my beliefs. Being an atheist, I tried explaining that the big bang lead to gas which eventually created material, planets and stars.
    Wanted to go into greater detail but had no access to internet.
    With few grammatic errors and a kick ass drawing, I got a D..
    Shoulda just talked about how great Jesus is tbh

  48. DataCab1e

    And here I thought the intergalactic was pretty large…

  49. hereticpariah 6/66

    Some invisible gases make _galaxies._
    _My_ “invisible gas” makes *nausea!*

  50. Osmosis Jones

    If there Warp drives zipping around the Galaxy. Expanding space energy around your ship and it naturally recolpses behind your ship. What would be the gravitational effect on the rest of the Galaxy. And it’s grab conections to other galaxies. Some Galaxies don’t show affects of dark matter as if it’s something galaxies develop. Maybe there is no dark matter seporating galaxies apart.
    And it’s really the affects of Warp Drives

  51. Pup314

    Its all my fault I ate the bean buritoes.

  52. Marc Kipfer

    I have an idea for a spaceship made of weed. Txt me at 6033912175

  53. Jaleb Everson

    Are you Mr. Slave? Did anyone else notice this?
    Love the video’s, keep it up :)

  54. Domdrok

    Ah yes, the Twisting Nether.

  55. Megafriend USA

    In my household, my medium is all over the place

  56. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    “We know for certain, for instance, that for some reason for some time in the beginning, there were hot lumps.”—Firesign Theater

  57. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    Quasars were made by Magnavox.

  58. Ancient Conqueror

    What are you guys?
    A delivery company now?

  59. zack

    hiii your so cute. j love you telling me about spaece😌😊☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😌❣️✨⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  60. Monothefox

    Interesting that the IGM contains heavier elements. Were they ejected from galaxies?

  61. anonimo q:

    Tercer comentario. Primero en espanis :v

  62. The Exoplanets Channel

    Great video. One day, we will *physically reach those galaxies*

  63. ralsei

    Intergalactic Medium ✖️
    The Cooler Hydrogen ✔️

  64. douglassteele1

    I love tacos, eating tacos causes gas, gas keeps galaxies alive. So eat a taco and save a galaxy.

  65. Number Six

    5:14 Galactic Dutch Ovens…
    Ok, I’m done now.

  66. Christopher Noel

    *SciShow Space:* Thank you, that was a very interesting video. And just for fun…..
    *♫* _Well, now, don’t you tell me to smile / You stick around I’ll make it worth your while /_
    _My number’s beyond what you can dial / Maybe it’s because we’re so versatile_ *♫*

  67. Little Forest

    Wasn’t there a video from SciShowSpace, to explain it is probably a too active galactic central black hole that blows gas out of the galaxy and thus kills the galaxy? Which would then also mean, the too active black hole prevents gas of the IGM to enter the galaxy?

  68. chris

    sooo galaxies are _literal_ vaccum cleaners… noted.

  69. Number Six

    4:47 Taco Bell. Now it all makes sense.

  70. masskilla469

    Are there any planets in our Solar System that spin clockwise?

  71. michael wittmann

    3:33 6/10 – IGM

  72. Taxi Rob

    Are you sure the gas isn’t coming from Uranus?

  73. Adam

    Now all I want to hear about is Dead Galaxies.

  74. Nicky Chimes

    Does your sister also work on this channel as a presenter?

  75. Adam Victor Nazareth Brandizzi

    I think I don’t get: stars’ light spectrum is continuous, but then we know what stars are made of by seeing the presenting and missing parts of the spectrum. How is it so?

  76. Lorax Dave Walters

    Hey, a video about the dusty plasma I have been called a conspiracy theorist for mentioning. I, again, cite there’s even brown dwarf stars that would be cold enough for water to freeze. Space is trippy.

  77. Abhinav Tripathi

    That’s the remains of old galaxies that Thanos finger snap yeeted to atoms.

  78. Patrick Campbell

    Electromatic plasma fields, the dark stuff.

  79. Lorax Dave Walters

    So if I could instantly teleport 100 light years away, then turn a telescope back to Earth, I could watch accurate history from 100 years ago. Possibly a practical future tech for satellite telescopes placed between a half to a full light year away. A recording of events transmitted at a delay for security and accountability.

  80. Squirrel ASMR

    Wow!!! 1 atom per cubic meter???

  81. infinitecanadian

    Talk about passing gas…

  82. Quu Quu

    Soooooo intriguing!!!

  83. PsyintZ

    “One atom per cubic meter?” And that can still be considered gas?

  84. Alpha Delta

    We all used to be just hydrogen gas. We turned from hydrogen gas into humans.

  85. Tragoudistros.MPH

    5:17 *feels attacked*
    5:26 How my grandparents describe holiday gatherings because there are no new babies lol

  86. Helicondrummer

    Nasa had a link to new research on galaxies being shaped by magnetic fields. Sounded interesting, maybe it would be something you guys would want to talk about. The link was on a recent instagram post.

  87. Harvest

    This is what the Reapers were warning us about.

  88. Igabod Dobagi

    I thought an intergalactic medium was a psychic from another galaxy.

  89. SciShow Space

    Big thanks to The Ridge for supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out!

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