The Hunt for Water on the Moon

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Crashing satellites into the moon can be fun AND educational!

  1. dorgesh

    The moon landings were fake. Why did they just bring back some rocks when the moon is clearly made of cheese.

  2. Simran Singh

    India discovers water on the moon. why didn’t u mentioned that in this video

  3. TheSpoopyGhost

    Yeah! Now we can ruin the moon’s landscape as well!

  4. Earl of Doncaster

    All those decades spent search for water on the moon could have been saved by sending a manned mission.

  5. 2Shar697

    where is the hipster girl

  6. Joseph Dimambro-Denson


  7. Ans66F


  8. SgtBaker16

    Penn Gillette

  9. Brian DeSantiago

    it has been a while since we sent an actual human to the moon, but we wanted to know if there’s anything (water) on the moon.
    so we sent satellites and crush them on purpose just to see if we find anything,
    now how many millions of dollars have we wasted just to find or “guess” if there’s actually any water,
    would it had been cheaper to just sent an astronaut to collect some samples and actually find out.
    maybe just maybe, the moon landing it’s “was” fake. that’s why we have to keep guessing whether there is water or not…

  10. Bobby Harper

    It’s a mirage. Saw it in the movies.

  11. FrogTracks

    I wish Michael hosted this show too

  12. Wayne Paul

    Man a moon fuel station would be beautiful it takes so much less fuel to get off the moon

  13. John Chan

    How many times do u need to cut the video.. Damn

  14. William Dwyer

    The moon would also be a good source of titanium and aluminum, to name but a few. It is therefore a great source of materials needed for making larger and better space stations, and space ships. In short: the moon would be a great asset to an ambitious space program.

  15. Poly Warfare

    Use a High power laser and see if it melts the water

  16. Beers

    Just imagine the view the moon colonist will have when an asteroid hits and wipes out almost all life on earth, again.

  17. tron3entertainment

    The astronauts left poop on the moon.  That is sort of like finding water.

  18. Francis Lai

    Wait, what do you mean the rockets survived the crash?

  19. Qwerty Quazo

    There is moon on the water!

  20. jon williams

    um h3 as a fuel. this was thought up YEARS ago.
    and can someone please explain why this isnt used yet? (cough) oil (cough).
    someone please elaborate.

  21. Jonatas Sampaio Carvalho De Carlos

    @SciShowSpace, I did the portuguese subtitles for this video months ago… But, they are not available it for people to watch the video in their native language. Why is that?! Please answer. Thank you.

  22. Simon the Exile

    We could use the water as a radiation shield, but a single accident and we get headlines like “Moon Victims – 5 man drowned on the moon”

  23. al35mm

    The editing style of this channel seems to be about not letting the presenter breath all the time he is talking, which is uncomfortable to watch and unnatural, unintuitive etc. Youtube does not charge for time so why do you feel you have to edit this down to a condensed time span? Let the poor guy breath. Let the video breath. Let us all breath…. please!
    It’s like some sort of Twiterization, where you think you only have so many words and so much time to get a point across. You don’t. You have all the time in the Universe. Now relax and breath.

  24. Sean Peery

    Half a football field of area has a total of about a months worth of water for a person. That is an insane amount of energy to extract that, even if you had 100% efficiency for getting all the water out.

  25. hpekristiansen

    2:40 – just drink and burn the alcohol – who needs water.

  26. David Ward

    What if our Solar System is actually a giant escape room, and we’re just looking for clues to win the game?

  27. Alien Spore

    that L2inc Ad was fantastic!

  28. Joop Hooijmans

    Maybe they can find my will to live there

  29. sof hit

    last time i was so early mcr was still a band

  30. Stax

    That settles it, i’m living on the moon.

  31. kaiju blue

    i have been to the moon and drank the water there. and since i was a little parched it was very refreshing. the water flows like wine there. i also like milk.

  32. Neon Green

    The Indian satellite was the instigator that made NASA wake up and rush to “discover” water on the moon. This was Russia-USA 60’s space race all over again. India discovering the water was huge news everywhere except in America. But as soon as NASA sent their missile probe into the Moon, they made that the big discovery news in the states. Good thing there’s the internet to expose the truth.

  33. Galactor the Great

    Can stars have colour?

  34. Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan

    The moon isn’t a rock, nasa has been caught lying too much to count.

  35. Felipe Carvalho

    Hmmm… bet the aliens lurking there in the shadows won’t like these discoveries. And they must be already pissed with us throwing rockets at their homes down in the craters! :) ;)

  36. Broockle

    Makes me wonder what would happen if I crashed into the moon… if the moon has no atmosphere then you cannot reach terminal velocity on it. So if I was at rest relative to the moon and just slowly accelerated towards it I would just keep accelerating until I impact. But I accelerate less the further away I am to the moon right? What would be my fastest speed I could reach by starting at rest relative to the moon, accelerated only by the moon’s gravity?
    That is one heck of an astronomical math problem right? xD
    I wonder if I could just survive a drop from just a few kilometers, that’d already be awesome.

  37. Kie 7077

    0:0:13 that cheese is seriously mouldy, they need to dig down a bit.

  38. Neil Park

    Fair Dinkum take a breath mate!

  39. Barnaclebeard

    Since when is there a point to colonizing the moon? I don’t think that is what this is about.

  40. dannyoman

    I knew I left that bottle of water there

  41. Piguyalamode

    and if you launch from the moon you can use efficient rockets(aka large cannons) to go to other planets and home(this would actually make the rocket more efficient because you don’t have to lift nearly as much fuel)

  42. SimplyXAustin


  43. Cole Mitchell

    We actually won’t be colonizing the moon until Elon musk feels like it, soooooooo, tony stark we’re waiting!!

  44. Trevor Goodchild

    That is why you don’t plan on a return trip- 1 way baby!

  45. hellcat1988

    It’s funny how the lightest element we know of is a part of a surprisingly heavy, yet simple molecule.

  46. Seadalgo

    It’s a shame it’s so expensive to get stuff into space, sequester lead and mercury and shoot it to the moon in exchange for equal mass water and phos

  47. Bobby Winters

    Could there be sub-surface water?

  48. Nick Kennedy

    More videos on Mars!

  49. Blue Carbon

    But Obama said there was nothing more to learn from the Moon.

  50. IrishxTeddyBear

    Launching a rocket from the moon to mars I imagine would be more cost effective since the gravity is so much less

  51. James Marino

    A physics professor and his assistant were working on stabilizing a negatively charged hydroxyl ion when the assistant asks “Professor, what if the salicylic acid doesn’t accept the hydroxyl ion?” And the professor responds… “That’s no hydroxyl ion! That’s my WIFE!”
    This is what was going through my mind the whole time…

  52. SpazzyMcGee1337

    How do we extract the water? Anyone want to design a machine that can extract moisture from regolith in a vacuum?

  53. Tong Ma Sy

    water on the moon is a strategic and finite resource. to consider converting it into rocket fuel, although feasible, may not be the most logical plan.

  54. Cameron W.

    Love that Bon Iver song!

  55. Robert Turner

    You heavily undersell the Clementine discovery of ice at the poles for the sake of this ”search” narrative.

  56. Louis van der meer

    Human solution to everything, smash it until it works…

  57. Joel Samuel

    feels like India did not get enough recognition in this video

  58. Stephen Thomson

    Love this channel

  59. thoughtlesskills

    But but but, the earth is flat, and NASA is propaganda factory!
    Sorry I’ve been in the dumb part of YouTube again.

  60. e coop

    Hey, @SciShow Space, you should do a video on the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet that hit Jupiter and/or any other collisions we’ve observed. I was a kid when that happened and still remember it as being a huge deal.
    It’d be interesting to see that instance and any others explained. How it happened, what we learned from it, what we’ve learned from other collisions we’ve observed.
    So far as I know, that is the only impact of that magnitude (or anywhere close even) that we’ve ever seen.

  61. Misses Witch

    Everything would be easier from the moon! Less gravity so things are lighter, And less atmosphere for space shuttles to get through!

  62. J Axel

    pfft…Just wear a sock and walk on the moon. There you go! a soaked sock

  63. Evening Blues81

    The time it took to expalin that water was “aka H2O” should have been used to define regolith.

  64. Totoy Bibo

    no need to colonize. we can just create new lands in our vast ocean.

  65. Johny Peters

    I love this channel but seriously that intro and outro music has been done to death.

  66. Bad Cattitude

    thats no moon….
    oh wait, yeah it is

  67. Rick Sanchez

    My question is why bother trying to colonize Mars if we can’t colonize the Moon first?

  68. Zafffre

    Crashing this satellite, with no survivors…

  69. Peter Webb

    I didn’t know there was water on the moon tbh

  70. tamiyafrog

    Now we just need to figure out how to pump all of the extra co2 we have in our atmosphere up there. My vote is HAARP2 Atmospheric Boogaloo.

  71. Terry Qu

    I remember when my elementary school teacher told us that there was no water on the moon.
    That’s why you don’t say random shit unless you’re 100% sure.

  72. Leo

    I see bottles of “lunar water” being sold somewhere at an exorbitant price, soon.

  73. Steven Pilling

    It also means that the lunar lava tubes and crustal subsurface may be saturated with it. We need to find out.

  74. Tom De Backer

    Wow, I didn’t know this. Thanks! Well done.

  75. Brian Habing

    Don’t fall for the lunar siren. Mars first!
    – see “The Case for Mars” by Robert Zubrin

  76. Erik M Foss

    The first solid evidence of water on the moon came in the form of ice.

  77. scikick

    BTW Chandrayaan is pronounced CHUN-DRUH-YAAAN.

  78. Aristotle Full Throttle

    We always looking for that H2O. Humans be thirsty AF.

  79. Niclas Plays FPS


  80. Kevin D

    Moonbase Alpha would be a great place to store our nuclear waste as well. ;-)

  81. Chaitanya Singh


  82. Ellybot the Science Nut

    I was glad for all the space endeavors it took to answer that question but I felt bad for all the probes.

  83. Particle Man

    I’m in the wrong business, I would like billions of tax payers $ to make very expensive things that fly far away and crash into things

  84. Sigh Kronmiller

    Has anyone tried a giant “Divining Rod”? 😉

  85. Tony Martin

    Big Up Notification Squad, 11th comment XD

  86. Daniel Rain

    chandryana lovers 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

  87. Uncivilized Boy

    Lol it’s India Chandrayaan who discovered water on MOON idiot 😂 simply taking credit benchodd 😂

  88. Mrbertiification

    “solid evidence that there is water on the moon” well played, well played!

  89. Rob Greene

    The math ahead
    The math behind
    Rememorize numb
    And half the hum
    I’d hide Berlin
    To run and find it
    The path ahead
    The path behind it

  90. TigerHawk709

    “Water’s heavy” So we’re fat shaming water now? Stay classy SciShow

  91. Spacynerd 42123

    Fourth! Notification squad!

  92. Tim Houtman

    YAUWUHANDFIS 3th comment! :D

  93. Arnaldonintendo

    What did the librarian say to the YouTuber?
    Read more

  94. Lukas Schreyer

    but if we use it for rocket fuel wouldn’t it be emptied out really fast?

  95. abcdeFu

    ISRO is love 😍🇮🇳

  96. Ayush Garg

    Thanks for Mention ing Chandryaan 1. Thank you.

  97. No one in particular


  98. Lori

    “above the boiling point of water”. Yeah… doesn’t really mean the same thing on the moon. :D. That boiling point (100 degrees c) only means something at a standard atmosphere of pressure.

  99. Vellwander

    Brace yourself. Indian patriots are coming.

  100. Cayotick

    If there is water on the moon, could there be whales, and therefore whalers on the moon?

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