The Brightest, Biggest Space News of 2019!

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This has been another really good year for exploring the universe. This is our annual superlatives episode, so let’s take a look at the some of the coolest breakthroughs of 2019.*+1+cm%5E3

  1. Peter XYZ

    Why the……. why does YT keep on saying I’m not sub to this channel? Doesn’t happen all the time, rarely actually. Still happen.

  2. Pegga Hugs

    How does black hole make light? wow

  3. Jeremy Salazar

    Yall think Beetlejuice is gonna pop?

  4. Nob ody

    600 trillion times the brightness of the sun seems like a number even computers couldn’t put in a physical form. This seems like complete nonsense. Like it should burn every living thing in existence.

  5. BoringNEET

    I’m glad we’re finally using cheaper reusable rockets. Maybe within my lifetime going to space will be somewhat affordable.

  6. Woo Hoo


  7. Scuba Steve

    “It’ll just ‘ppphhhpopt’ !!”😂😂 would that be the “scientific” term 😂😂 did I spell that right??😂😂

  8. A-Triangle

    So … where does gravity gets it’s energy from ?
    I understand, gravity is not a force; it bends space.
    But that, also would require energy.
    Is gravity a sign of some other dimension, leaking energy to ours ?

  9. Xavier Tyack

    Theres something facinating about the blackhole threshold, that once it hits 2.17 solar masses, the very nature of it changes in such an extreme and bizzare way, and It can’t go back, it would just shrink smaller and smaller over time even after recrossing the threshhold

  10. Osmosis Jones

    What How Negative Gravity is a thing. Found in old Nutonion physics. It’s was found I sound warp drives are possible

  11. peadarmc91

    Theoretically could a supermassive black hole with that much material orbiting and generating that much friction/light potentially turn into a supermassive sun?

  12. Laurie

    Just on logistics – new SpaceX recent history has ravaged NASA launches. Maybe NASA should be in the satellite / re-supply.
    Then take the earning and do what NASA does best.

  13. andywolan

    Nice shirt. I have a similar one, but it’s dark blue and not black.

  14. MC Terry Majid

    Hello Hunky Hanky

  15. Just A Dude

    You know, finding bigger Neutron Stars is basically a game of chicken. How close can it get to being a Black Hole without crossing the line?

  16. Daina Burk

    Deez countdowns 🙄

  17. Monu Das

    What about ISRO.

  18. Wemdiculous

    comparing the space shuttle to falcon 9 is misleading
    spacex has never recovered anything from orbit
    you could compare them boosters against boosters accurately though
    space shuttle boosters flew many times without being discarded which was unfortunate because they were cheap to produce and expensive to refurbish

  19. BluetoothSensei

    Hey Hank. Thanks for all the content in 2019! Best wishes to you and yours!

  20. TheDeathDragon

    Brightness 255 255 255

  21. Organon

    [2.17 solar masses] So nearly every star that you can see in the night sky with your naked eye will end up as a Black Hole.

  22. minus 9us

    ‘like a gazillion’ problems with trusting businessmen and frauds.

  23. Jari Haukilahti

    Shouldnt the wages gone 100 million dollars and the shaerholders want their cut so nothing happened really ,,Hank

  24. Oliver Grumitt

    Space X is doing what the Space Shuttle failed spectacularly to do – make spaceflight safer, cheaper and better. The more money that can be saved the more money that can be spent in exploration missions.

  25. AFNacapella

    WOO TOP 10

  26. ヨーソローちゃん_17

    I learnt a new way to use the word ‘orbit’, it’s past tense, ‘orbited’, this is my first time hearing it and thinking about it.

  27. Chedid Kamal

    Quazar: *exists*
    Ventablack: Am I a joke for you ?

  28. Matthew Talbot

    I would not be surprised if we get readings from J07 about possible quark matter densities below the surface with how massive it is.

  29. huldu

    That moment when you realize we’re all really dead. We just don’t know it yet.

  30. Alex T

    whats with the poor greenscreen this episode?

  31. HenryManson

    MOAR POWER! -TimTaylor

  32. Flexible Games

    no mention of the picture of the black hole!?

  33. Elizabeth Kihara

    All hail Elon Musk

  34. KT GE

    I would be so sad for J07 if it collided with its white dwarf. Can you imagine how depressing it would be to go from being the biggest neutron star to the smallest black hole?

  35. carnage2332

    Special shout-out to SR FOXLEY. You have been the President of Space so many times. You just keep finding this channel. And I thank you.

  36. Jak

    By a factor of fif…. What?

  37. black deviator

    nailed it….. that’s the sound when you know you are a black hole.. sccchhhwaap
    unfortunately sound has a hard time traversing space.. haha

  38. YCCCm7

    If you think about it, the competition for the brightest star in the sky is kinda like taking all the strongest guys who’ve ever lived and putting them in the same tournament. Kinda.

  39. Vicky

    Hold up. I want to know how long that dwarf planet is going to be orbiting J07, as it’s going to eventually become a blackhole once they collide (which apparently will happen eventually)??? Isn’t it relatively close to our solar system? And isn’t this kind of a concern?? Please correct me on any misunderstandings on my part cuz I want to be wrong

  40. Brandon Fisher

    I for one truly thank the 2010s decade for giving us awesome science YouTube channels like SciShow in late 2011 and many of SciShow’s sister channels such as this one and PBS Eons! What awesome stuff awaits us in the 2020s and beyond? :)

  41. New Message

    So.. a big year all around, then.

  42. Thirst Fast

    lol ffs I always thought it was a “ferring” from the same root as “ferry”…

  43. Saint Alphonse

    Wow! Nice!

  44. Cory Baker

    PAC man mains:

  45. Resonant Engineering

    Awesome stuff here

  46. Richard Grace

    Wonder which galaxy is the lens?

  47. kakarroto007

    Space is the most fascinating subject. I love that we live in an age, where new discoveries about the cosmos are made every day.

  48. Azula-

    what an episode!!!

  49. mbwiebe


  50. Padma Malladi

    1000th like!!!!

  51. H Koizumi

    I can legit see by 2100, they’ll be colonies on other worlds. It seems like science fiction but it’s not so much fiction anymore.

  52. Smashen

    Well it’s definitely not my future.

  53. ironcityblue

    So basically we have no idea.

  54. hi1dk

    These top comments arent very good lol

  55. zack

    hi hank happy chritsmas ☁️🍒❤️🤍💞😍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🧡👀💙🧐

  56. Daniel Stoddard

    Vsauce wants to know your location.

  57. R H

    100mil would go to a more likely source, golden toilets.

  58. ResortDog

    Happy New Year soon!

  59. Sneaky Cookie

    I like the new haircut, Hank.

  60. Throttle Kitty

    I woulda called it Joe

  61. Brenda Krieger


  62. Tim Sullivan

    Surprised Hank didn’t mention HOW SpaceX retrieved that nose-cone after it split in two and fell back to earth – they caught them …in giants nets… rigged on floating drone barges! ELON!

  63. fsf dsfa

    Still not half as bright as my face when i finally can play FF7R

  64. Jason Gastrich

    Epic + thanks Hank! 🙏

  65. Travis B

    Cheers SciShow!

  66. Paul Davis/Schlichting

    Dude, you are awesome! Almost as awesome as that Simon Whistler guy from the other show. You guys are awesome keep up the great work! And thank you!

  67. Bruce Jones

    Always enjoy watching Hank

  68. Steve Vernon

    @4:32 you say that “SpaceX landed 15 rockets in 2019, six more landings than any of NASA’s Space Shuttles ever did in a single year.”
    That’s mildly misleading; in 1985 there were 9 Space Shuttle launches (and landings): 3 by Challenger, 2 by Atlantis and 4 by Discovery. so the most “any of NASA’s Space Shuttle” landed in a year was FOUR, not 9.
    OTOH, Space ex has landed 15 rockets: 1055,1059 once each, 1049,1048,1051,1052 and 1053 twice each, and 1056 three times, so…
    NASA STILL LEADING! ( 4 Discovery in 1985 to 3 B1056 in 2019) maybe next year SpaceX

  69. voidremoved

    Looks like he raided Curious Droid’s wardrobe

  70. Michelle Barton

    When you say it looks brighter than the sun do you mean “evidence indicates brighter” or “if you were standing 10 feet away from the sun and then 10 feet away from this star, the star look a lot brighter”?

  71. AI fan

    This is the superlativest!

  72. 6dig-S 61

    *The biggest, brightest space news of 2019!*
    Let me guess something exploded?

  73. sam greenwood

    It would be great if scishow had a Discord server and also if Scishow episodes were available as a podcast.

  74. AL2117

    That’s where the og lives

  75. Bo Reed

    I love all the hosts I love sci show I had watched you for years but I just learned how much of the work you do your self everyone is awesome I’m out learning my disability because I’ll watch like 100 times till I get it OKAY here’s the complement a 100 times later your still interesting enough that I stay with it thank you from the little guy thank you MARRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY NEW YEARS SCI SHOW 👨‍🚀👨‍🚀👨‍🚀

  76. Cameron Costello

    I love your shirt! :)

  77. Troll Master

    Why didn’t you talk about the far side of moon lander?

  78. VariantAEC

    So… what happens when that neutron and pulsar smash into each other and don’t create a black hole?

  79. Gotcha

    Thank you SciShow for bringing scientific news with quality, accuracy and easy accessibility. Congratulations in one more year of spreading the new frontiers in astronomy and astronautics in such times of science denial from the public; you guys are awesome!

  80. Deadshot pizzaface17

    YouTube randomly unsubscribed me from you🤨…

  81. Cowboy Geologist

    Your shirt reminds me of the geologic map symbol for granite.

  82. Ligma Enigma

    No community is more beautiful than that of the space community

  83. Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    You’ve heard of normal news…
    Now get ready for space news

  84. Joker

    i love quasars, they give me more jump range on my krait Phantom.

  85. Deepak Singh

    His way of explanation is mind-blowing

  86. Existenceisillusion

    Can’t wait for 2030, or better yet, 3030

  87. Spade Kersey

    I love you guys and what you do! Thank you so much for all that you guys do, from the consistency to the standards you uphold. Please continue and remember how valued you are. ❤️

  88. dir2579

    *Hank brings back the fo-hawk* “Greatest scientific mystery of 2019!”

  89. Bryan Bortz

    “Half a universe” 🤔

  90. Pricymas Star

    Damn, time really does go fast

  91. MrMegaPussyPlayer

    3:21 But probably not as dense as some romcom manga characters …

  92. Letter One

    He’s my favourite host

  93. ZeOverman

    J07 being the biggest neutron star of the block on the verge of becoming the smallest black hole of the block.

  94. ジェリコ

    Don’t put “+” when naming a star

  95. Slappyballs

    I love SciShow. Keep doing what you guys do. You’ve got me through most of college so far.

  96. The Exoplanets Channel

    Merry Christmas to the SciShow Space team!

  97. Bamster0007

    2019 almost over no new news
    Scishow:Hold my beer

  98. LandoHitman

    I want to hear magnetar news.

  99. Jeremy Kolassa

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you! I have a question: Have you ever done an episode on how astronomers give these ridiculous names to objects? I think that would be very interesting, and it would help us understand these things better.

  100. rautermann

    Can you imagine that this heaviest neutron star only has a diameter of about 15 miles or 24 km?? That gives it the surface area of a big city.

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