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Brown dwarfs are celestial oddballs, and recently one citizen scientist discovered one that is truly ancient, and weird.

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  1. Live your Best Life

    If you just listen to this video and don’t know he is talking about stars in the cosmos….

  2. Penny Lane

    2:25 Things were different in your time and you just don’t fit in with your younger peers anymore. I can relate.

  3. John Fleshman

    So being poor has bonuses. lol. I just did that Wren thing and it says I average half the carbon footprint of the average American. But thats still twice the world average.

  4. Elsa with Gina the Dream

    So…Star A “killed” Star B after Star A was already “dead”. Star B was killed by a ghost! 😵🤣

    The story that was explained was somewhat difficult for me to follow…so I didn’t fully grasp what happened.

  5. phoenixsong38

    Sorry. Couldn’t finish the video.

    “Although brown dwarfs dont make light… they do shine faintly in the infrared” honestly this is so sad. It doesnt matter that he was referring to light produced via nuclear fusion because infrared is light too. Ya light was referring to the visible light spectrum but that wasnt defined in the video. For all I knew he could be referring to light as something else entirely and we could be understanding different things for a concept that should be disambiguous

  6. David stowe

    Good I can use this program to increase my carbon footprint thank you I have always wanted to increase my carbon footprint yay China yay India yay covered fruit bread increased by 25%

  7. Tyler Holmes

    Sounds like a dark forest attack. Photoid took out a civilisation

  8. ShligoShpiders

    Whenever I hear Elon Musk musing about the endless possibilities of space travel, it makes me feel something warm inside, something I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s videos like this one that further solidify this feeling of belief and hope in ourselves, the human race. We can do anything.

  9. Evan Brennan

    I wonder what other mysteries in our cosmos were revealed by accidents, just shows how insignificant we are in the universe.

  10. Tomek Tomkiewicz

    Gravity is such a strong force and yet rockets are powerful enough to bring people to space, cosmos is pretty

  11. Peter Houle

    Young, hot brown dwarfs in your area want to connect with you.

  12. Sergey

    A grinning face saying “assassination” at you looks somewhat creepy

  13. Cole Maxfield

    CANNOT do this narrator 😩😩😩

  14. Kishkashta

    Are you sure about Wren?

  15. neo khajit

    thumbs down for saying carbon footprint. You can lower yours to zero. Stop breathing.


    its only tiny things never get this any attention …cause it hard to see them in tough crowded space of big bright stars

  17. pvtpain66k


    My brain: “Find hot, young, brown, dwarfs & old, cold ones near you”


  18. hawwestin

    For some reason as you say ‘brown dwarf’ I have image from Tolkien novel …and rest is even on point with LOTR saga 😁

  19. Craig Schaffert

    He said ‘youthful, attractive, non-caucasian, little-person’

  20. Emilio Norrmann

    we used to call them “accidents”. now they are called “blessings”

  21. aaronzack14

    This guy should be the replacement voice for a reboot of Modern Marvels

  22. Matt Stokes

    It’s called “the accident”. Sounds like the name my parents gave me.

  23. lizza

    so disappointing that there are so many white masculine hosts on SciShow channels. I’m addicted to learning more about different kinds of science, but what does it say about the SciShow folx that there are so few hosts that are feminine, binary or BIPOC? just because the rest of the science community is mired in white supremacy culture, I would appreciate if SciShow could be part of the solution, not part of the problem. there are no bystanders

  24. Nate Verge

    How is this “stellar assassination” different than a Type 1A supernova?

  25. Chris notaperson

    A brown dwarf called the accident sounds like a poop joke

  26. Ralesk

    We’re extremely lucky to have looked at that part of the sky (and having been able to do so at all) when these things happened, or rather when the signals of these things finally reached us after millions of years.

  27. geared4 the truth

    Much more matter out there than we are accounting for.

  28. Mr X

    Conclusion: Brown Dwarves are disappointments to their parents

  29. Michael

    1:50 “hot, young brown dwarfs”
    How did you get access to my p-hub search history?

  30. B1 Laxson

    Its so romantic how the second star stayed with its partner until being brought together in a final embrace.

  31. B1 Laxson

    Paired stars dying together. Still a better romance than Twilight.

  32. rocafella142

    The older you get the more you sound like Neil Degrasse Tyson. I thought he was guest hosting at first when the talking started without video

  33. kilroy987

    We weren’t supposed to know.

  34. Lotfi Bouhedjeur

    Am I the only one mesmerized by this guy’s velvety voice?

  35. NeggiHorrorParty

    Stellar Assassination via binary star betrayal. Sounds like a soap opera for suns.

  36. Don Gray

    Must be somewhat close to Earth to see it he said…25 light years?…His idea of close and mine are radically different. LOL.

  37. Frank Blissett

    SS: “The Accident” sounds like a wrestling name.
    me: lol – sounds like the name of a first child to me.
    SS: And researchers think it is one of the oldest brown dwarfs.

  38. Eric B

    I swear these are just repackaged Anton Petrov videos.

  39. Drumkommandr

    “Citizen Scientist” is so much more descriptive than “Amateur” that I’m going to start using it immediately.

  40. Tolen Tarpay

    Ultra-fast, super-ancient rogue planet/brown-dwarfs? Yuggoth! Yuggoth! The stars are right! Watch the skies!

  41. Mark Chippendale

    A “funny looking brown dwarf” is a phrase that could get this video taken down, or at least demonetised, by YouTube! Don’t you think??? (-:

  42. Joy L

    I’m pretty sure I have about the lowest possible carbon footprint in the western world, apart from maybe a homeless person. I realized this after looking at the monthly graphs my energy supplier emails me, which indicated I am using nearly half of what an average single occupant of an apartment my size uses.
    I spend my days behind my computer in a 2 meter by 4 meter room.
    I only ever turn on the gas-powered water-heater to take a shower once every 2 days (my computer generates sufficient heat to keep it a toasty 23 degrees Celcius inside my room, even in winter when it is -10 Celcius outside).
    I ride my bicycle everywhere I go, up to 30 kilometers.
    I only turn on lights when I go to the bathroom or when I reheat my food in my microwave oven, after preparing a very large batch on my gas-powered stove which lasts me between 1-2 weeks.
    I don’t own a car or anything gasoline-powered.
    The only way I am seriously impacting the environment, that I can think of, is the fact that I eat a lot of meat. But this is because of my dietary restrictions.
    It feels good to live efficiently and environmentally friendly.

  43. punkdigerati

    … it’s not Hank…

  44. Makabert Abylons

    For a second i thought – why do Neil deGrasse Tyson narrate this🧐

  45. LickMyHamFat

    “hot young Brown Dwarfs” 🤣

  46. Asher Perkins Music


  47. kirk001

    Hot young brown dwarf? Oh crap, now that someone’s finally calling for me, I’m not young anymore!

  48. MrPrat

    Brb googling “hot young brown dwarfs” 🤣

  49. Jonathan Byrd

    Good to have context when you say “hot young brown dwarf”

  50. Tom Bombadil

    Amazing! We are on a great observation platform hurtling thru space. Given time the prospects are amazing also. Too bad the psychopaths are in charge.

  51. Ace

    Fist of the Neutron Star/Black Hole: Omae wa mou shindeiru.

    Large Star: NANI?!

  52. Soup for my Family

    Imagine being a hobby astronomer discovering a new object, and instead of using your actual name the authorities name it “The Accident”.

  53. RJ L

    hey!, where’s the Hankster?

  54. Siansonea Orande

    Wow, we are really objectifying brown dwarf stars here.

  55. Cult of Caster

    I never knew Kevin Hart was so interesting. 🤔🤔

  56. Jeremy Kurtz

    I went to a Larry the Cable Guy show the other night, and the number of people who cheered when he said climate change isn’t real is concerning and depressing.

  57. Big Sarge


  58. モレナウエル

    Space is awesome!

  59. sushanalone

    Accident also sounds like a name of an unexpected child.

  60. NateLovesToTank

    Am I the only one who thought they somehow got Neil Degrasse Tyson to narrate this at the start?

  61. Javinshki

    that intro music never gets old

  62. Dewa Nanda

    The supernova looks like a PS Controller 😂

  63. Leongon draws stuff

    Stellar Assassination is my favorite single from the band The Accident.

  64. Clint Burgamy

    I’ve missed Reid

  65. Brandon Shebester

    MY carbon footprint is non existent. Talk to China, ty

  66. sean doherty

    It may shock you but what we see from extreme distances may not be very detailed or useful in what it is we actually are observing (as in light may be very useful for close distances in our solar system or galaxy even, but as things get further away it becomes greater and greater a chance that there is some kind of variable we aren’t accounting for that changes what we should be interpreting from the data)

  67. DragoNate

    “hot young brown dwarfs”

  68. Jason_General

    You look a lot like Fact Boy from Business Blaze. Has Simon taken over SciShow Space as well!

  69. Jessica Evans

    I’m more concerned about where the compact object got blasted off to after that supernova.

  70. Blurf S

    OK, Wren is a step too far. I’m out of here.

  71. Kuwaitisnot adeployment

    I still dont know how they can tell the mass of a object so far away just by looking thru a telescope at a fuzzy blip. I’m not convinced they actually can

  72. WulfgarOpenthroat

    Important note; brown dwarfs do undergo nuclear fusion, but they’re limited to the hydrogen isotope deuterium(potentially starts at 13 Jupiter-masses), while the larger ones(65 Jupiter-masses) can fuse lithium. Tho it doesn’t take them very long in astrophysical terms to burn through it all.

  73. C Von S.

    Nope, no carbon footprint calc. Nope. Bad call guys. Carbon footprints of the individual do *not matter*. They were popularized to make us stop observing conglomerate emissions.

  74. Terence Summers

    Very close to an actual shooting “star”

  75. Álvaro Di Fini

    Makes you wonder which was the true heartless star all along

  76. will2see

    4:24 – NOT ITS SIZE!!! ITS MASS!!!!!!!!!

  77. Andrew Johnston

    “Published this Summer”. So not yet?

  78. will2see

    1:04 – NOT TRUE! “Brown dwarfs are substellar objects that are not massive enough to sustain nuclear fusion of ordinary hydrogen (1H) into helium in their cores, unlike main-sequence stars. They have a mass between the most massive gas giant planets and the least massive stars, approximately 13 to 80 times that of Jupiter (MJ). However, they are able to fuse deuterium (2H), and the most massive (> 65 MJ) are able to fuse lithium (7Li).”

  79. will2see

    0:30 – NOT LARGER!!!! MASSIVE!!!

  80. Jack Linde

    “The Accident” sounds like the name of a 80’s Pop Singer… Oh, wait! That’s The Weekend.

  81. xa nt

    You sound like a breathier Neil deGrasse Tyson and it’s pretty cool. Almost thought this vid was being narrated by Neil at first

  82. Bryan Shoemaker

    Wren? Oh please. China’s producing 3000 up to 5,000 ppbv of carbon every year for the last 30 years. USA taiwan japan France Germany and basically every first world country is producing a average of 150. And I’m supposed to be concerned about my carbon footprint?

  83. Stevenco9124

    Stellar assassination….some words are unique. Can’t imagine any other thing else worthy of that phrase.

  84. Scribe13

    There’s all kinds of things going on in this strange stew

  85. Yiglic Persfactious

    Wouldn’t getting close to just one big blackhole give the same speed boost?

  86. Truly Infamous

    A star having it’s heart punched out is super metal.

  87. New Message

    ‘A Bucket of Brown Dwarfs’ was my high school jazz fusion band.

  88. Eli M.

    Is it me or does anyone else hears kerban instead of carbon??

  89. Combat King 0

    “Brown Dwarf”?
    How insensitive.
    “Vertically challenged person of color”
    There, I fixed it. You’re welcome.

  90. Moon Cabbage

    Who’s Dat? Broooooown

  91. Md Hanif

    Perseverance just picked up its first Mars rock samples!!! I just got the email from NASA subscribers list

  92. Robert Colin Shepherd

    A clumsy pro wrestler named ‘The Accident’. That was awesome. The Jacques Clouseau of WWE.

  93. Chance Belcher

    welcome to “this old brown dwarf”. i’m bob villa.

  94. phonzy

    Hahahah that’s so tragic!
    Twin stars in fatal game of stellar crabs in(to) the compact matter bucket


    The Accident is the new dating app for hot, young, single, brown dwarves in your area

  96. TWX1138

    That video sequence of the two stars doesn’t seem to well-match what’s being described. The description sounds like the smaller stellar remnant ended up physically inside of the surface of the remaining star, before the complex series of events caused the secondary supernova.

  97. Julio Jimenez

    Reid always looks nice.

  98. StarCrusher

    “hot young brown dwarves” is something I search for regularly.

  99. Star Scapes

    Thank you for the great content!

  100. SciShow Space

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