Returning to Venus and Getting a Closer Look to Ganymede

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Good news for fans of Venus – last week, NASA announced two new missions to learn more about our planetary neighbor! And this week, NASA’s Juno mission sent back a treasure trove of data about Ganymede – the largest moon in our solar system!

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  1. Nitephall

    At. Getting a closer look AT Ganymede.

  2. Darren Krivit

    Very cool, hope I’m around long enough to see a probe to Europa, Io, etc💫

  3. Delice de Luna

    Didn’t they find the protomolecule on Ganymede?

  4. gwugluud 77

    It’s not that NASA are neglecting Venus, just that machinery can operate on Mars without getting welded and crushed.

  5. MusikCassette

    I still do not get why the pressure is a Problem

  6. FlyLoDilla

    We need to figure out what’s producing all that phosphine!

  7. Enrique Garcia

    Imagine if once upon time. There were actually 6 earth lol planets in the ancient past and now there’s only one survivor left of a system of life bearing planets.

  8. Tessa T

    There is a restaurant in Baltimore called Rocket to Venus. Apparently, there was a group of three guys in the late 1920s who built a rocket that they planned to use to send one guy to Venus. He was supposed to parachute down to the surface and then figure out how to get back from Venus once he got there. For some reason, they never got the ship off the ground.

  9. mahesh V

    soon jetsons live in venus … lol

  10. All Roads Lead Here

    Why not take gas from Venus and shoot it onto mars?

  11. AUTTOnomen

    Zontar here.. maybe don’t look around Ganymede too much. Thank you. We come in peace 🕊️

  12. David Maurand

    ‘why it diverged from earth’ presupposes it diverged from earth. it could we were never alike… or perhaps the earth was the one that diverged.

  13. ste kra

    Rip Trident

  14. MCThr33pio

    Yeah, I agree about the acronyms – if they get any worse they’ll turn into puns.

  15. JosephGallagher

    We know what went right, now we’ll know what went wrong… #Mars2050

  16. Andii Neushul

    Imagine we found out that Venus had intelligent life and the reason it’s an inhospitable greenhouse was because of their climate change.

  17. BZAKether

    It as about time to put attention back to Venus.

  18. LP Media Group

    garbage missions. wont have a camera. we could use funding elsewhere

  19. Michael Keeping

    We should be exploring our oceans too although its probably harder to get to those depths then it is to explore our solar system

  20. rock_paper_celery

    “getting a closer look TO Ganymede” just feels wrong. Shouldn’t it be “getting a closer look AT Ganymede”?

  21. Ann Vaughan

    Hank how many times did you get the tough twisters wrong..
    Brilliant space info

  22. Joseph Johnson


  23. Jesse Wilson

    Did they find the Protomolecule?

  24. Saka Mulia

    Can’t wait to find out why the hell Venus has little tectonic activity. Where are your tectonic plates, Venus?

  25. BroAnarchy

    Going to Venus??? Hope you guys capture better pictures than Vanera 9! (Space Joke, kids)

  26. Ryan TheAllKnowing

    Returning to Venus and Getting a Closer Look “at” Ganymede. Noobs… dislike.

  27. Jeff Laurence

    Unusually Relevant Acronyms Nasa Evolves Research Department.

  28. Ian Tarry

    Yhea well I guess NASA can look elsewhere with private companies fighting over Mars that planet is pretty well going to be explored so why keep sending rovers if man will land there at some point. Those companies will need to understand the planet anyway before they land.

  29. Phantasy Starved

    Pretty soon these Nasa project names are gonna sound like Japanese light novel titles.
    “My Next Mission To Venus Searches For Oceans. I Can’t Believe My Neighbor is This Hot!”

  30. DerpyBerb

    Creating clear and concise yet detailed name, that also has a pronounceable acronym is an art.

  31. mythology2467

    *sad Uranus and Neptune noises*

  32. David Datura

    Didn’t NASA already send a synthetic aperture radar equipped, orbiting probe to Venus years ago?

  33. Cloud Twirl

    I hope we can get to Ganymede soon i hear the Ganymede Sea Rats are really good but I want to get to try one before they become endangered.

    (yes i know 99% of people wont get this joke but im making it anyways)

  34. Ben McReynolds

    I’m so happy to get something other than Mars news 📰🗞️!

  35. saucerjess


  36. can can

    Veritas means “truth” in Latin

  37. Austin Shoupe

    Well that was one hell of a backronym.

  38. Marshall Styczinski

    Sending the radio signals back through the ionosphere to measure its properties is a pretty standard operation, there’s not a lot of ‘maybes’ attached. Have confidence!

  39. Hactar Davros Blinkenligh

    1. It’s never aliens
    2. It’s never earth-like

  40. Dimitrios Corvinos

    Inners should stay away from Ganymede. Last time you were here, your fights destroyed da station and ended thousands of us and left even more as refuges. Is Earth not enough for you inyalowda?

  41. A god in the gap

    0:39 So the blistering temperatures of Venus cooled off the scientist’s enthousiasm, but the fridgid temperatures of Mars got their research hot again…

  42. John Matthias

    It feels like the Venus missions are in the wrong order. Wouldn’t the orbital satellite help inform/refine the in-atmosphere mission?

  43. Keith Coye

    What about Titan, Enceladus, and Europa? :’ ?

  44. Sm0 0

    I feel like Venus would be a much nicer place to live than Mars

  45. Ayush Gupta

    04:37 Late 2020s??

  46. Alex Williamns

    1:55 … but actually. Soon enough there’ll be a mission for every word in the dictionary.

  47. Daniel Korladis

    Has NASA always used these absurd acronyms or did the old missions just have names?

  48. Ian Kurz

    What does the + stand for?

  49. MR. LAHG Comics

    By the year 2030 I’ll be 20 years old heh

  50. Anthony Caruso

    I’m glad you guys put up F° conversions on your videos. I don’t use Celsius everyday. So I can convert <200° C temps in my head most of the time, but anything outside normal weather temps are basically nonsense to me.

  51. Leviathan

    Cloud cities on venus!

  52. Ferrari King

    Perhaps future generations will figure out how to terraform Venus and make it like Earth.

  53. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

    Yeah, because she’s the only female in town lol

  54. jadyn23200

    The names remind me of S.H.I.E.L.D 😂 someone really wanted their names to stick

  55. Mac Dietz

    The longer the acronym, the less i trust the project….

  56. Rafał Pokrywka

    I’m looking forward to see a Veritasium video about VERITAS 😆

  57. FIRE STORM 3692

    Can’t we colonize both? Make it the next challenge of the new space race

  58. Rick Seiden

    We need to focus our efforts on exploring the appropriate gas giant moons to search for possible life. It’s the best chance we have a discovering life off Earth but within our Solar System.

  59. MidwestNerd

    420°C was the temp of my dab while watching this video 🫁🔥

  60. Babylon Knights

    Wait a minute I thought Venus didn’t have tectonic plates due to how it actually functions because the mental would expand and expand and expand until lava spews out and the rocking media they fuses bright back together

  61. Lu's Tech Source

    Yes! We need more and more space missions! A mission to Uranus is also needed, just for the jokes and memes.

  62. Aoife Hilton

    *at Ganymede

  63. Aaron Risley

    How many millions spent on just naming these probes?

  64. AnarchoAmericium

    Someone take away NASA’s acronym license.

  65. A Badass Dragon

    I bet they make the acronyms first and then figure out what they stand for

  66. Steven Macias#xxx_blazeit

    @ 0:55

    “Now Venus is hot stuff once more”…
    Astronaut Mark Watney stranded on Mars with disco music: 🥲🕺

  67. bradwatson7324

    I think NASA should continue to study mars until there’s a human presence there.

  68. GirgDoesNothing

    Every time he says “these data” my brain shorts, has data always been used in conjunction with plural-related words?

  69. Gábor Králik

    0:31 If I were really pedantic, I would say that it’s not ‘geologic’ but ‘venerologic’.

  70. Device Detective

    Venus is our best shot at colonizing space. We can do it with current technology. It’s earth like gravity, closeness to Earth, and moderate temps in the upper atmosphere are ideal.

  71. Tyrus Madsden

    That place is deadly now but I guess we gotta find the past.

  72. Whiteness Envy

    Could tech be made to move Venus?

  73. Crimson

    “Beneath Venus evil stirs”

  74. David Jameson

    Would not the correct grammatical presentation of the title be: “Returning to Venus and Getting a Closer Look _at_ Ganymede”?

  75. azwris

    Venusian seas, as a Manilla Road song once said..

  76. MRGRUMPY53

    If Earth and Venus have been switched at creation, would Venus be as habitable as the Earth is now?? Then there is the question on why it’s day is so crazy long?

  77. Stax

    I hope scientists know that they don’t have to create an Acronym to make a name that makes sense, they can just have a project and name it something simple, it doesn’t have to tell us all it is in it’s name.

  78. LC

    When are we getting the H.A.N.K. mission?

  79. Chael Rose

    as a big fan of both Venus and Ganymede, I’m just happy to be here

  80. Ram Pari

    Finally, Ganymede is getting some attention. It might not be the planet you want to live on but its probably great for a farming colony 😉

  81. Andrew Via

    I’m really serious about checking on Emily Graslie. I mentioned this once before, last year some time. She hasn’t posted online in months, that I know of. I just hope the museum didn’t lay her off or something like that.

  82. Daniel Surface

    Gotta love nasa doing everyone on the cheap now thanks to decades of constant budget cuts. Ugh.

  83. Osmosis Jones

    Imagine erupia large enough to have an atmosphere it resembles titan we should send probes to titans liquid water volcanos

  84. HamburgerTime

    04:32 JUICE!! can’t wait for my funky football lovin space friend to get up there

  85. New Message

    NASA must have a whole department that works out those convoluted acronyms.

  86. James Merkel

    It’s good to see venus getting some attention again, always felt there was more to learn there 😁

  87. Scribe13

    There’s people on venus…I love them

  88. Jim

    ahem, interest in missions to Venus EVAPORATED! oh well, good vid.
    edit: to clarify, this was meant in reference to the old school missions. It’s a pun about Venus melting the probes. Hank says enthusiasm “cooled” back then, and I thought it was a missed opportunity. For a news-anchor/weatherman level pun.

  89. andrewnduati

    Lmao Nasa treated Venus like that “Is there another door” tiktok trend

  90. Dávid Pável

    In before they’ve realized they messed up the title

  91. Tomas Navarro

    Being so early makes me wanna comment

  92. Nicol Tsak

    Yes, once again epic title

  93. Laiba Gul

    Probing Venus! :)

  94. LazerUnknown

    “PN8 022 Venus Ganymede Final 3”
    Love this title.

  95. Emiliano M. Ruiz

    Catchy title

  96. Adrian Larsen

    Epic title

  97. Im Sane


  98. Dumbin theHouse - Topic

    here before the title changes

  99. Spicyx

    Nice title bro

  100. Bex

    Sick title bro

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