Our First Glimpse of the Dark Side of the Moon

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The dark side of the moon is full of mystery, and according to some, evil robots, but, in 1959 Luna 3 was able to shed some light on it for the first time.




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  1. Andrew Trecartin

    We should attempt to replace the common wording of dark side, it’s the FAR side, all of it gets sunlight.

  2. zzubra

    I find it disappointing that a science educator would use the term “dark side of the moon.” Yes, “dark” can refer to “unknown.” But, there are so many people who take the term literally, that I think using the term “dark side” to mean “far side” can tend to increase confusion and ignorance among the general public.

  3. Filip Stojanovic

    I don’t get it …why is misterious? Moon has rotation, or I don’t understand something?

  4. Rick Macmurchie

    Far Side not dark side, the far side is lit by sunlight about as much as the near side.

  5. John Smith

    The FAR side of the moon does not get any more or less light or dark than the near side.

  6. Procrasti Knitter

    Why does a seemingly intelligent, science oriented person keep saying “dark side of the moon” when there is no such thing? The half that is illuminated is constantly changing. The FAR side of the moon is the half that isn’t visible from earth.

    Congratulations. You sounded like a teleprompter-reading talking head through the entire video.

  7. Phluke

    Interesting how a video talks so much about how we have better imaging of the dark side of the moon, yet whoever produced this video gave basically no images of it. Just all talk. Seriously, badly produced. No good content.

  8. Stephen Clark

    It is NOT the “Dark Side” of the moon. It is the FAR SIDE!

  9. Argal von Bregev

    I wonder how the moon being tidally locked with the earth effected how early humans thought about space and all that. We never saw any planet rotate with the nacked eye, and the moon was only ever this one disk in the sky. Would the fact that you could see it rotate just by looking up into the nightsky made it obvious it was a ball, thus leading to an entirely different view of space for early humans?

  10. Steve Plegge

    Far side. Far side of the moon.
    Dark Side of the Moon is a Pink Floyd album.

  11. DoctorX17

    I wish there was a subscription for the pins like Bizarre Beasts

  12. Jason Pawlicki

    I was surprised that a channel that is such a stickler for using only metric units in the name of scientific accuracy would use the term “dark side” so copiously, interchangeably with “far side” and without clarifying the issue. Maybe they think we’re all that smart 😉

  13. Stefan Reich

    Funny how pictures from the “moon landing” have ZERO radiation defects although the astronaut’s cameras did not have any protection against radiation.

    BTW I recommend “American Moon” (it’s here on YouTube)

  14. Shaggy Rogers

    Looks like neil degrasse Tyson needs some more sun..

  15. Patrick Wendo

    Flashing warning please. Was not ready for that. When you’re explaining the CRT

  16. Josh Mellon

    Is this how we possibly got Polaroid pictures?

  17. KissMyAxe

    This guy’s voice sounds almost exactly like Neil deGrasse Tyson…

  18. Clarence Tennis

    Now that you are talking about “the dark side of the moon,” maybe you should start explaining how we live on a flat Earth. It’s THE FAR SIDE OF THE MOON!

  19. Dionysus

    There is a far side of the Moon but no permanently dark side. The whole Moon gets sunlight during its month long rotation except for some areas of the poles.

  20. eSKAone

    Man the vacuum tube looks very german.

  21. neilclarkwork

    You really should say “far side of the moon”. I get people in my work that actually believe the “dark side” of the moon is actually always dark and I then have to explain how the solar system works to an adult.

  22. The Rogue Wolf

    There is no dark side of the moon, really.

    Matter of fact, it’s _all_ dark.

  23. Herne Webber

    “Far side,” not, “dark side.” It gets as much light as the side tidally locked to face us.

  24. carollol

    Poor dark side of the moon. Always having this clouding reputation that is just untrue. Jeeezzz we dont all have to be shiny extroverts you know. I get the dark side, i have my shy days too.

  25. buxycat

    There is no such thing as the dark side of the moon, matter of fact, it’s all dark.

  26. lnpilot

    You mean the far side of the Moon? The dark side constantly moves around as the Moon orbits the Earth + Sun.

  27. Wesley Schroeder

    Should have explained that there is no permanent “dark side” of the moon, only the “far side.”

  28. Jim Ranlet

    It isn’t “the dark side”. It’s the FAR side.

  29. Day Dreamer

    Are you guys freakin serious? You can’t distinguish the difference between the dark side of the Moon and the FAR side of the Moon? And no, the first one doesn’t refer to the Pinkfloyd album

  30. Pamela Mays

    My first glimpse of The Dark Side Of The Moon is when I saw that album in my big brother’s room.

  31. eivilcow

    can’t get over the fact that you kept calling it the “Dark” side. It’s the back. It’s not dark unless it’s a full moon from our perspective

  32. Errol

    It’s the FAR side of the moon, not the dark side of the moon (aka the night side) which actually faces towards the earth during the “new moon” phase.

  33. Travis Richey

    Ooh, I am bugged by how many times he says “dark side” of the moon. It’s not dark, it gets just as much sunlight as the other side. It’s simply perpetually the FAR side from the Earth.

  34. Prop Wash

    Will people please stop calling it the darkside of the moon. It’s the backside or farside not the darkside! That side has sunlight when that side is under the sun.

  35. Keith Willis

    I refer you to our honoured artist Gerry O’Driscoll, who was apparently the doorman at Abbey Road Studio when the Floyd were recording:

  36. Kevin O'Brien

    It is not a dark side. All sides of the moon get equal sunlight. It is the far side. I blame Pink Floyd for making an entire generation ignorant.

  37. Lynn Poole

    NO SUCH THING as the Dark Side of the moon. QUIT repeating that. It’s the far side for christ sake.

  38. Dave Sedlak

    The moon has no dark side. I thought this was supposed to be a SCIENCE channel. WTF is wrong with you people?

  39. Nicole K

    I’m sure there are other comments here saying that the far side of the moon is not always dark, but I’m too lazy to look.

  40. Ken MacAllister

    It’s not the dark side of the moon, it’s the FAR side of the moon. The moon, being tidally locked has a 14-hour day, and a 14-hour night, but the sun does rise and set on the moon. There is no permanently dark side. There is just a near side and a far side.

  41. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

    Yeah, it’s Neil, request more air time, please.

  42. kimsmoke17

    Y’all forgot to mention where the camera film came from… probably the most interesting part of this Cold War story.

  43. DumbAss Loser

    I’m gobsmacked that you used the phrase “Dark side of the Moon”. You guys should know better than that.

  44. bdf2718

    FFS. How can I trust a word you say about anything when you repeatedly call it the *dark* side of the moon at the start of the video?


  45. Neil Johnson

    It’s not the “dark” side, it’s the FAR side. It gets the same amount of sun light as the near side. Don’t post videos if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  46. Hazy Skies

    “The dark side of the moon, mysterious”
    ♪ Mysterious as the dark side of the mooooon ♪

  47. NaoTa MF

    how, in 2021, is it still a thing in knowledgable circles to say “dark side” and not “the far side”? there is no “dark” side on the moon please!

  48. Luke Molyneux

    *far side.

    Dark side of the moon is an album…

  49. Mr Hadley

    Why do you keep calling it the dark side. Is it not more accurate to say far side since it is not in fact any more dark than any other part of the moon?

  50. Axel Gage

    Is it accurate to say “we got our first pictures of the far side of the moon thanks to the *former Soviet Union’s* Luna-3 spacecraft”? There was nothing former about the Soviet Union when Luna-3 snapped those pictures.

  51. Jeffrey Livingston

    Dark side? It’s the FAR side!! I expect more from SciShow.

  52. Dr. of Dubious Wisdom

    Sounds like Luna was a sophisticated flying Vending machine. That early stuff was so cool because of all the science leapfroging into the unknown with competing countries.

  53. Fourth Root

    That’s the far side of the moon. The dark side is Shackleton Crater.

  54. Tom Holroyd

    Please don’t say “dark side” of the moon, especially while showing a picture of a lander in full sunlight

  55. John Dresty

    Was it powered by steam and golden gears? Wow, this is like a SteamPunk version of StarTrek… Retro yet high tech at the time. 🤯

  56. K FR

    Adding my voice to the many comments pointing out the missed educational opportunity of explaining dark side vs far side, tidal locks etc.

  57. Brian Taylor

    Let me add my voice to the outrage for the use of ‘dark side’ instead of ‘far side’. For a channel that aims to educate in the field of science, this lack of precision really can’t be forgiven.

  58. Dollightful

    I can’t believe I’ve never heard about Luna-3! Taking photos and developing film in space…. amazing! Love the pin this month :D

  59. Roberto

    I got use to the tabloid press calling it “the dark side of the moon” or writing stuff like “there is no gravity on the ISS”… but now a science channel? At first I honestly thought this was a sarcastic video…. :D oh boy.

  60. Esme n'haMaire

    First time I have ever given a thumbs down to a Sci-Show or Sci-Show Space episode. Please say far side of the moon when talking about the far side. given that roughly once a month the near side is fully in shadow, and we’d taken photos of that, then photos of the far side were NOT the first pictures of “the dark side of the moon”. But more importantly, using the phrase “dark side of the moon” to refer to the far side perpetuates the myth many not well versed in science have that one side of the moon is erpetually in darkness. As a science education channel, you shoudl be ashamed of yourselves for perpetuating this.

  61. Dan Flynn

    So happy to see Reid

  62. frostyw

    I expected a Pink Floyd reference. XD

  63. Yora

    Boooo! Boooo!
    A science channel, especially an astronomy channel, really should know better than calling the Far Side the Dark Side.
    Really stupid amateur error.

  64. Efretpkk

    Cool story, great achievement and technology

  65. Hachiro

    I’m amazed that it was done with film, and developed in space automatically. That’s freaking awesome!

  66. AngryDuck!

    At the risk of sounding pedantic, can we please stop referring to the far side of the moon as “the dark side” of the moon? Science communicators should try to be accurate in their terminology, lest they lend legitimacy to false ideas.

  67. Alphasys

    The interchanging use of “far side” and “dark side” is very confusing, since they’re not even the same. I mean, I get to see the dark side once a month at least, but the far side, I can’t see due to the tidal lock.

  68. John Mazur

    So, how come the dark side of the Moon is bright? Answer: Because there’s no such thing!
    Far side for sure, but no dark side. Comes across a click-bait.

  69. Randal Scott

    I thought we could see the dark side of the Moon between new and almost full? The far side was the hard part to see.

  70. Darrell Cole

    I remember when the Russian ship sent those images back….. Boy did preachers ever have a lot of material for Sunday sermons. I’d just joined the man’s Navy and saw the grainy pictures on tv. What an amazing feat.

  71. Whoopsy Daisy

    If the comments are any indication, you might as well delete this since all anyone focused on was your use of “Dark side”. Once you said that you could have explained toilet paper folding techniques and nobody would have noticed.

  72. Juris Krumgolds

    There was one another amazing detail you did not mention! Yes, Luna-3 needed a very reliable film to withstand harsh conditions of outer space. Problem – Soviet Union at the time could not produce such film! Japanese could, USA could – but they would never give such technologies to their Cold War rivals. So, how did the Soviets acquire these films? By shooting down (or sometimes they just fell off) American spy high altitude balloons! They got cameras mounted on them that used exactly the film needed for a job!

    Scott Manley had an awesome episode on that matter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDs8rz7pRLQ

  73. Aria D Gaia

    JUST ORDERED MY VERY FIRST PIN!!!! :D I love the moon~ I love the name Luna~ The number 3 is AWESOME!! & October is my birth month! ^_^ I was even supposed to be born on the 3rd!! But I made momma wait a few extra weeks. :P It was too purrrrfect and beautiful a pin to pass up~ Thanks, guys!! :D <3

  74. Anders Wesenberg Paldrup

    There is no dark side of the moon
    As the moon rotates all of the moon will get sunlight.
    The far side however is the side always away from earth !

  75. bazoo513

    Why are you saying “dark” instead of “far” side of the Moon?

  76. wdbldr67

    Let me guess its just like the bright side, creators in different positions but it’s Dark.

  77. frump99

    Everyone else is complaining about the use of “dark side”. I hate to be left out, so… What side is the “dark side” exactly?

  78. SarnXero

    The Russians used US spy balloon film in the probe because the film, from previous recovered samples, was found to be so high quality and resistant to radiation.

  79. Marvin T P Android

    One of the oddest thing about this mission was the Russians used film developed for the CIA and recovered from spy balloons that overflew Russia in the Cold War.

    Because the balloons flew so high the film was specially adapted to prevent fogging due to space radiation.

  80. LlamaDungeon

    There is no dark side of the moon really; as a matter of fact it’s all dark.

  81. Michael D'Auben

    I cringed every time you referred to the far side of the moon as “the dark side”. 🙄

  82. Jorge M Rivera

    Dark side
    We don’t need no education , oh wait a second shot so confused😁

  83. LeninFPV

    Had to preorder that sweet pin!

  84. Irving Chies

    Every time i hear “dark side of the moon” I imagine a Sith moon and my soul dies slowly

  85. Dana Gleason

    So…this satellite was basically a flying Polaroid Camera!

  86. Mr. Pig

    Fun fact,
    The Soviets didn’t have radiation resistant film yet when they sent up the first Luna missions so what did they do? American company Kodak had invented film that was and it was used in the Corona spy satilites. These were recovered using a airborne drouge recovery system by the Americans and some were recovered by the Soviets. They took the film out and used it in their Luna missions.

  87. KatVeeIP

    all the commenters being like “colloquialisms are for normies”

  88. The Travelin' Sagittarian

    Looks for my Mom’s vinyl Pink Floyd album. Lol! 💞

  89. Galo Aguirre

    would Elon, Bezos et al try to capture some of these old satellites as colectibles?

  90. Ibnuz Zaki

    really, despite the complexity of micro-architecture, the older ways of doing challenging things are very difficult and interesting (mechanically anyways)

  91. Jake Thomson

    This reminds me of “Charlie and the MTA.” Sings, “Did he ever return? No he never returned and his fate is still unlearned…” 🎶

  92. New Message

    I have this mental image of Gary Larson scribbling away with Pink Floyd playing in the background, and everything suddenly makes sense.

  93. Cpt FUBAR

    Why can’t we ever get as detailed reporting on the Chinese missions? Y’all just showed a picture of the craft but didn’t even mention it’s name or what it’s mission was.

  94. Lilac Peregrine

    9x “dark side”
    2x “far side”
    so about 82% wrong?

  95. Ryan Desjardins

    1k resolution! Nice! What’s the pixel density? Oh…

  96. Scrotie Mcboogerballs

    When the moon is between us and the sun wouldn’t the far side of the moon be lit by the sun

  97. Prospector Pete

    The moon is a disc floating 2000 metres above the earth… It’s true I saw it on YT

  98. riz94107

    “dark side of the moon” is a great album, but i think you mean “far side”

  99. Dominic O'Kelly

    *Pink Floyd plays quietly in the background…*

  100. Steve Carson

    Great album.

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