Our First Glimpse of a Newborn Supernova? | SciShow News

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A super bright flash in the sky might be the birth of a supernova remnant and it turns out there’s more than one way to build a binary star system.





  1. smurfx

    is hank wearing full body pajamas?

  2. hal hibben

    What would those stars look like from a planet?

  3. Daniel Bickford

    I wonder what sunrise would look like in that binary system

  4. Jason Theobald

    Love yall

  5. Maciek K. Cichoń

    Can’t wait for turist poster of this BaBb system.

  6. Hector Lugo

    It makes sense, since the protoplanetary disk is orbiting the center of gravity, not either of the stars

  7. Nicc

    The cow 😂

  8. theSurealOne

    Go home, Space! You’re drunk!

  9. Jason Theobald


  10. colin Paterson

    If there are planets in that perpendicular system will their orbits be normal but just in a different plane?

  11. storminmormin14

    Yay hank.

  12. batmanfanforever08

    That was interesting.

  13. SAGAR

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    Hank is the best

  15. Craig Carr

    Brutal shirt.

  16. Race Frazier

    I’m watching this while eating dinner. When you said “Not backwards but perpendicularly 3:02” some whiskey nearly came out my nose.

  17. john jinglehimer

    How do they know?? made up fantasy.

  18. Maracachucho

    D’aaawww look at the little shiny ball of destruction, I could pinch its cheeks!

  19. Hanif Huzairi

    *perpendicular binary star system* _like, WTF!?_

  20. Artjom Fuchs

    How would the Sky look with such odd Stars? Is there an animation on that somewhere?

  21. clavin wilton sequeira

    1.11 what do you mean shock wave?

  22. Ever Weaver

    What we are alone and we are just the first aliens XD

  23. BannedEvECharacter

    Awesome, however, what in the name of supernovae are you wearing man ?

  24. Fuzzy Lumpkin

    Heck yeah I love space

  25. FrAvatar

    I want to see a video representation of what the suns on a planet in that binary perpendicular system would look like in the sky during a day.

  26. Lex The Lion

    The main guy

  27. Mr.Metagross

    the cow explosion

  28. Henrique Oliveira

    wow, imagine the sunsets and sunrises of this kind of solar system

  29. herranton1979

    Imagine trying to explain the seasons to a kid living on a planet orbiting HD 98800BaBb

  30. Peter Houle

    I definitely felt a disturbance in the Force

  31. Acho

    too many cow puns down here.

  32. Austin Harding

    without getting into how this system may have started (whether it being a perpendicular orientation from the start highly unlikely or if it developed this way over time) i ask this question to the SciShow Space channel:
    Could it be possible that given the unlikelihood that the orbits of these 2 suns could actually sustain the continued development of the stellar disk, with the gravity emitted from them fluctuating too much to keep the stellar disk in a stable orbit, i ask you, could it be possible that dark matter (with the observations already made that it somehow helps keep galaxies held together) may ALSO aid in keeping planetary systems from flying apart too? (Is there anything i missed that flaws this question from the start? Just cuz theres a couple assumptions i made with this questions premise) I heard something like by the time one would reach the outer limits of the Oort cloud you would already be halfway to the next nearest star, even if thats not true, it just sounds to me like our entire systems total sphere of influence is too massive to be entirely dictated by the suns gravity, maybe dark matter plays a role at these smaller scales

  33. Felipe Carvalho

    That binary system must certainly have a few amazing spots for future turism photography… Imagine those sunsets and sunrises….

  34. Marshmallow Pie

    Hank is so cute, I love how excited he gets about science.

  35. RaYzOr rAyZoR

    So from a certain vantage point on Earth we should finally be able to see . . . The Cow jump over The Moon . . . oh what wonderful times we live in lol

  36. Greg Camp

    That feeling you get when a sneeze turns into a sniff…

  37. Kevin Slater

    I’m just going to come out and say what I think everyone is saying about that binary star system.
    lol what?

  38. Con Man

    Ain’t the plural ‘supernovae’…?

  39. Joseph Loffredo

    I would love to see what it would like to orbit a star pair orbiting each other

  40. Alex Landherr

    A planet around those two stars beats Tatooine…

  41. Southern Hemisphere Globe Head

    Great video. Cool. Question: how long ago did this happen? Or did it happen in real time, as we understand time, captured while it was happening? Considering the speed of light etc. Curious.

  42. Player_1

    Hank’s wearing his warmest clothing.

  43. spess explorur

    MindBLOWing event

  44. animist channel

    The goldilocks zone around the perpendicular “Yo-Yo” stars is going to be really interesting. I’m also thinking whoever evolves there would have some great fodder for their mythology, and some complicated seasonal patterns. Maybe we should call it the Accordion System, and name the main life-bearing planet “AL.” Yes, you can call it AL. Of course, that could lead to other developments, like if there’s a special energy signature or interlaced spectral effects, that could be named “Yankovic radiation.”

  45. Schmidteren

    “just as it began” … 200 light years ago.

  46. IM4NRA

    Ok let’s be clear. The exact moment 200 million years ago in June. It was the same week that some early flat earthers inadvertently achieved space travel by falling into and then out of a coal mine shaft! It was located in the hand tossed area of the earth’s crust. They had been trying to debunk string theory in favor of flat earth friendly ribbon theory, when they were suddenly attacked by an enmysaurus during mating season! It was clear what transpired due to the obvious formation of a super massive black hole(wink wink nudge nudge) sorry that was my party goblin having a go at writing!

  47. zakry3323

    Less text please. I can use CC if I want to read what is being said.

  48. Nafrost

    I just hate it when the media doesn’t do research and just assume scientific discoveries are always true and publish them as click baits.

  49. clericneokun

    Supernova Cow al rescate!
    Only 90s kids will get that one.

  50. Republic of Ravenswood

    Since we know that Binary star systems happen, I’m curious as to whether Asimov’s “Nightfall” system is possible.

  51. Krutharth Vaddiyar

    *thats a lotta damage*


    Most interesting and informative.

  53. William Cyparski

    Hank for President!

  54. Fusion Developer

    Failed to explode? That makes me laugh. A supernova dud.

  55. Merto6

    The perpendicular orbiting stars might be the reason for the seasons in game of thrones.

  56. Mark Marcum

    Love seeing you over here Hank!

  57. Devin Walton

    Hi, pedant here.
    How many million years old is this new, to us, supernova?

  58. Bal

    Loved the video! You guys should do one on the azotosome and potential biochemistry on Titan .

  59. Primordial Eudaimonic

    They’re all having a cow about it.

  60. R Gibson

    “The cow.” Scientists are SO good at naming things…

  61. recon3113

    Don’t have a cow, Man!

  62. Red River

    Astronomy is the coolest s#!t ever. So much to ponder and observe. Out there. Right now. Something is probably looking out into it’s sky and wondering if we exist.
    It’s hard to grasp that when I look up at Andromeda I am seeing it as it was when Austrolepithicus roamed the earth….or any such scenario…..

  63. Max Salmon

    A supernova. How udderly fascinating.

  64. UltimateBargains

    I thought humans saw the crab nebula explode.
    Was that a supernova?

  65. rosenzauber

    That hair spray overload.. 👌🤔

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    I really Enjoy your Videos Hank !! Some of the Best !!

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    Ok, out of context time!
    “The cow didn’t eject nearly as much stellar gas while its core collapsed as others do.” Ha ha ha

  69. Upcycle Electronics

    The COW died and stuff went missing. I blame the Hamburglar.

  70. Prof

    Okay, this is epic. Can we obliterate 50 neighbouring star systems?

  71. Sonja Johnson

    Gotta love that nickname.
    It’s a heavenly body, with these letters in its designation…
    So, it’s a holy Cow? :D

  72. Lake Smith

    Literally wish Hank could do all the videos lol

  73. Massimo O'Kissed

    “Uncle Owen? Aunt Beru?
    John Williams?
    Great(!) Now we have to do the rest of the movie with Danny Elfman.”

  74. Maludir Corona

    Perpendicular solar systems… 🤔
    When the odds are juuuust perfectly right and balanced 😅

  75. Paul A.

    1:02 Normal Person: Shorter lived. How long? A few seconds
    Wait, A FEW WEEKS!!

  76. Raymond K Petry

    *_…galaxies some-not-all already do this—with cores highly tilted from the spiral plane…_*

  77. tawon1984

    3:48 That sounds like a Sega Genesis code 🎮

  78. Krutharth Vaddiyar

    Don’t worry, we can turn it back into a star using flex tape

  79. j_the_guy is_taken

    I see Hank in the preview, *I CLICK*

  80. Krešimir Jurilj

    So two suns are plausible. How neat is that?

  81. Évariste Galois

    A newborn supernova is cool, but glimpse the moment that two black holes merge then I’ll be impressed

  82. Anish Thumula

    The newly born Supernova (to us) might have grown a lot, it’s been around 200 million years.

  83. Juan Pedro Fisanotti

    The mythical spherical cow in a vacuum

  84. European Union

    We finally find the cow in the milky way.

  85. Ranger Ruby

    Scientist are awesome. They become even more awesome when they nick-name a supernova “cow”. DFTBA!

  86. Green Buff

    So cute, things being born, can’t wait until heat death comes

  87. Waltham1892

    Super Novas aren’t the most powerful explosions known to man.
    My Sicilian Grandmother holds that distinction.

  88. David Bradbury

    Hank you look super annoyed saying HD 98800BaBb. Lol.

  89. Ryaou

    I was -expecting- hoping this was about Betelgeuse, still hoping to see that.
    edit: you know what I mean.

  90. The Exoplanets Channel

    This was *super* interesting!


    “The COW didn’t eject nearly as much stellar gas … ”
    PLEASE tell me that was intentional..

  92. Sebastian Elytron

    If the Cow doesn’t have enough milk for its newborn, it is always welcome to our galaxy!

  93. New Message

    So not so much a cow as a calf, really.

  94. Muscle Hank

    Can this cow produce enough whey to satisfy my insatiable appetite for protein powder?

  95. Capri-Omni

    “Newborn Supernova” … Since a supernova is actually a _dying_ star, isn’t that like saying “a newborn _ghost_ ?”

  96. Brandy Rose

    Great video Hank. Thanks for the *outstanding* swirly-hand visual aid of the perpendicular gas cloud.

  97. Gordon Chin

    I used to work at Taco Bell, don’t tell me about the most powerful explosions in existence, I already know.

  98. Mat Lowe

    Birth of a supernova?? Thats like watching a person dying of old age and as they’re dying, saying “behold, the birth of a corpse!!”.

  99. Jorge C. M.

    **breaths in**

  100. Master Therion

    1:35 “a lot of news outlets are selling this as way more definite”
    Typical. They’re milking this cow for all it’s worth.

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