Old Voyager Data Has New Secrets About Uranus | SciShow News

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Scientists announced a major discovery about Uranus using 34-year-old data from Voyager 2, and the Canadian telescope CHIME has detected 9 new FRB repeaters, helping us learn more about these mysterious signals.







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  1. Kinomora

    “34 year old Voyager probe data reveals leakage of gas from Uranus”

  2. Arman

    5:14 he finally cracks.

  3. Ricky Nelson

    Thanks for proving I am I child. I was zoning out reading in another tab and then “leakage from Uranus’ atmosphere”

  4. Miro Z

    Oh, and another one: Uranus probe

  5. ThatOneGuyYouKnow

    5:10-5:15 you can just see him breaking 😂

  6. RotcodFox

    I’m so immature, I kept laughing throughout the entire second half of the video

  7. Ricardo Trujillo

    You just can’t talk about Uranus leaking without laughing Hank, it’s impossible

  8. seahawk124

    So let me get this right, Uranus is leaking a lot gas into the surround space?

    Just like my grandmother.

  9. willd3rbeast

    When he said “pinched” I stopped the video and looked at the comments… Stay classy YouTube.

  10. lucusloc

    5:38 someone make a gif plz.

  11. Trentin Prather

    So it’s “Uranal Leakage”

  12. danwic

    Loving hanks ability to keep a straight face in all of this 😅

  13. Rodel Wade

    I tried to get this this with out hearing and hawing lol I failed🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. lngbrdninjamasta

    Call me immature LOL I was in stitched the entire second half of this segment 😂💯

  15. gaby14888

    My Uranus has definitely been leaking a lot of atmosphere in the past 30 or so years….

  16. New Message

    The internet… It always comes back to discussion about Uranus.

  17. Jerrod Broholm

    Bravo to Hank for making it through that!

    My kids and I were in tears.

  18. Vazgen Ghazaryan

    5:00 You couldn’t hide your smile :D

  19. Jeff X. Mink

    I love that he kept a straight face until he started on the leakage from Uranus. And then there was no holding back.

  20. Starfals

    Someone is trying to be a real professional here haha. Good work Hank, you made it alive and without any jokes :D (it almost makes me wonder if you are human tho, or super pro)

  21. Etubi Onucheyo

    the way Hank was smiling as he discussed “Uranus” was all i need

  22. Randy Raccoon

    He spent the entire Uranus segment about to lose it. Thank you. Made my day. Good job not cracking up.

  23. Melias Clarkson

    5:12 “Uranus’ leakage” no way did you not put that in the video on purpose…

  24. Snyper1188

    I lost it when he said it was “pinched off” 🤣🤣

  25. MewtwoExMasterMusic

    “…How feasible would it be to visit Uranus again”
    Sorry. Needed to be juvenile right now.

  26. Pspersonal909 909

    The inability to do science without giggling may actually be the Great Filter to explain the Fermi Paradox. We failed… 🤣😂

  27. Kenny Fordham

    I love whenever I find a post for the planet Uranus. I just go to the comments just to see how much juvenile humor I can find. Lol!

  28. RyeOnHam

    “Leakage from Uranus.” That was intentional.

  29. Simon Mark Rogers

    Gas escaping from Uranus🤔
    I can see the headlines; “Proof that planets fart”

  30. Aaron P

    Ur-ah-nis …. you’re freaking me out man. And yes, after this whole video my takeaway was that you’re mispronouncing the planets name.

  31. Jeremy Ellwood

    I’m 45 years old and still giggled a bit every time he said Ur-ae-nus.
    I’m so immature.

  32. partypavillion

    We need to change the name of “Uranus” to something else, like “Urectom”! . . . (*futurama)

  33. First Name Last Name

    5:00 was that a fart joke…because I don’t find those funny


  34. Laura Chapple

    I commend Hank for saying the words “leakage of gas from Uranus” with a straight face. Bravo. I could not have done that.

  35. Terry Maximum-Effort

    I giggled so many times. I am, in fact a very silly person.

    The leakage of Uranus’ atmosphere 🤣

  36. NeutronStarPilot

    Charged gases being released from Uranus.

    Mature self:
    Very interesting atmosphere and magnetic field dynamics.

    5 year old self:

  37. Ishi 123

    “Leakage from Uranus’s atmosphere.”

  38. Cam Brown

    You’re not fooling us Hank, we know this was all just a build up to “leakage from Uranus’s atmosphere”

  39. davet319

    Wow, that’s a whole lotta leakage from Uranus!

    Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week, tip your wait staff…

  40. Mr. Fox

    00:58 Aliens ? According to Ancient Alien Theorist, the profound answer is YES!

  41. Megatron Jenkins

    We need to change that planet’s name, I was giggling all throughout the second half!!! “Leakage from Uranus’ atmosphere!”, lmfao!!!

  42. The Jeep Dude

    Hank, I’m glad to hear you’re unafraid to say the name Uranus correctly.

  43. KX36

    0:58 That “are they aliens” followed too quickly by “they’re probably not aliens” seems very suspicious to me…. He’s an alien! Get him!

  44. Kamel

    5:10 “Could be responsible for 15-55% of the leakage from Uranus” i see what you did there, i’m on to you -_-

  45. 50k3r2

    “leaking from Uranus’ atmosphere” is the funniest sentience I’ve heard in awhile. I caught that smirk of the presenter.

  46. Fallen Colossi

    *15-55%* of the *Leakage* from *Uranus’ Atmosphere*

    yeah…he almost broke…

  47. Korishan

    So, after all these years, we find out that Uranus lets out clouds of gas. 😜😂

    Now, the next question is, Is it flammable? 🔥💥🧨

  48. Robert Blackburn

    “Leakage from Uranus”

    … 🤭 teehee

  49. 91plm

    “REALLY… Sheppard?!”

  50. AppNasty

    “leakage from uranus’s atmosphere”

  51. that_marc_guy

    Sponsored by: The Epoch Times?! Your go-to source of reporting on leakages from Uranus.

  52. xcsheehan

    wow, I actually got excited when you said that the measurements taken had a high resolution, but at the time only insufficient processes to analyze it properly.

  53. Jack Schitt

    “Mystery of Uranus” – put that on a T-shirt

  54. Big Whoop

    As a German I’m kinda glad that „your anus“ translates to „Dein After“ in my language since all of the English speaking folks don’t seem to be able to have a serious conversation about that poor planet.

  55. zilguh

    the ice giants are so interesting to me, and i wish some space agency will begin to develop a probe someday soon. they sent one to pluto so why not go back to uranus and neptune??

  56. Sarah Adams

    “Uranus” 😂 I giggled every 😂 single 😂 time 😂

  57. devzer0

    “The leakage from Uranus…” “The mysteries of Uranus”. So many good out of context clips

  58. Banshee AdLibs

    My favorite planet finally getting the recognition it deserves

  59. Walt R. Buck

    Astronomers: “gas leak from Uranus!”
    Organic Chemist: “Did you hear that mates? Time to brush up on backside attacks!”

  60. Jonathan Byrd

    “pinch off” my god man

  61. Zeldas Champion

    5:16 Hank couldn’t even hold it anymore. The leakage from Uranus finally got him.

  62. Angry Kittens


    Normal Hank: “Are they aliens?”
    Alien Hank (inserted by the Alien Overlords): “They’re totally not aliens.”
    I’m on to you, Alien Hank.

  63. Gary Palmer

    😂😂😂”Uranus…pinch one off”😂😂😂

  64. Kiyan Hill

    From now on when I fart I’m blaming the magnetic field.

    *Uranus isn’t the only one releasing gas*

  65. John Malone

    Oh dear oh dear. I’ll have to watch this again three or four times to have any chance of understanding the actual science. Priceless.

  66. Skylancer727

    “When NASA started thinking about how feasible it would be to revisit Uranus one day…”
    Uh..? Phasing?

  67. Izquierdator

    I understand why they didn’t upload this video yesterday.

  68. Existenceisillusion

    0:59 If ever there was time we needed it to be aliens … probing Uranus

  69. Just the Coolest Dude Yo

    I love it when we get new information from old data!

  70. Yada Nii

    Why am I such a child… I laughed so hard when he said Uranus, I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF.

  71. RedLeader327

    Uranus is leaking. I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face either if I had to say that. 🤣

  72. Wispering Iron

    How did you do that? This level of self control is amazing. How could you keep yourself from making the joke about Uranus leaking gas?

  73. Jose Sandoval

    Hank: “Voyager 2 passed Uranus in 1986.”
    Me: “I don’t remember that encounter, so it must have been pretty forgettable. 😒”

  74. Jeffrey C

    I’m here for the comments!

  75. Dan Dagenais

    Oh come on Hank, no one missed the smirk as your choice of planet pronunciation and the word leaking flashed across the screen…laughing so hard I’m in pain… :)

  76. bingo_fuel

    if William Herschel wasn’t such a selfless man he coulda just named it “Herschel” and we would never have to fight through these giggles lol

  77. TwixxMiles

    Had to watch a 2nd time because I was acting like a child the 1st time🤣

  78. Josh

    My dear friend came over last night and brought me some soup dumpings (Xiaolongbao) he had made for his household and wanted to share with me as I am laid off. This afternoon I watched this video, and screencaptured 5:13/5:50 “Similar Plasmoids could be responsible for 15-55% of the leakage from Uranus’ atmosphere and sent it to him. I blamed the cabbage. My friend is an electrical engineer and a hobbyist astronomer so of couse, the joke hit home.
    The Xialongbao were delicious, but thanks for the fart joke during hard times, Scishow Space.

  79. sdfkjgh

    5:41 “Aaaaannd, we’re clear!”
    Hank: *SNERK* Oh thank god! **Doubles over with laughter**

  80. Heidi Hall

    I guess when you have that much gas you have to let a silent but deadly one

  81. endoedgar

    LOL at Hank’s reaction

  82. docvideo93

    *Me looking at comments*: children…..

    Me halfway through the Uranus: hehehehehe looks likes it is time for a checkup of Uranus hahahaha!!

  83. Master Therion

    “Old Voyager Data Has New Secrets About Uranus.”
    Weird. That’s exactly what my proctologist told me.

  84. Ballberith

    Leakage from uranus. I’m done xD

  85. michalchik

    There should be some sort of award for being able to talk 4 minutes straight about probing leaks from Uranus without even smirking

  86. Avarus Surava

    Me: I’m a responsible adult
    SciShow: last time we probed uranus
    Me: *laughs uncontrollably*

  87. Zormac

    “You can check out our episode on the mysteries… *pause * … of Uranus”. He knew what he was doing.

  88. Kevin Swarner

    How many takes for Hank to say “leakage from Uranus’s” without absolutely losing it?

  89. Aramis419

    I’ll be honest – my inner twelve year old lost its composure when he said, “the mysteries of Uranus”.

  90. Joshua Hillerup

    I was only 5 when that data was collected.

    And based on my chuckling every time Hank said Uranus I still am.

  91. Scribe13

    I’m not comfortable with Voyager having that info

  92. AbleRunnerEli

    Guys, April 1st was two days ago. _THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN IDEAL_

  93. Starkl3t

    5:10 Lmao he couldn’t keep a straight face

  94. Just Vienna

    “made a major discovery about Uranus”

    Wouldn’t be the first time either

  95. Swamp Donk3y

    I told my wife scientists were monitoring the Leakage from Uranus’s atmosphere… she told me I was a child for some reason…

  96. John Anderson

    Uranus really is a gift that keeps on giving.

  97. Joshua Idugboe

    It’s amazing about how much an old probe can teach us about Uranus.

  98. Jamie Dye

    I wonder how many takes it took to get through “leakage from Uranus’ atmosphere”. I see that smile/almost giggle Hank.

  99. Phoenix

    he kept a straight face the whole time, and they didn’t make any actual jokes, butt…the wording and sentence structure seems deliberate ;

  100. Michael Terrell

    I am a mature adult.
    I am a mature adult.
    I am a mature adult.

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