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Scientists picked up two unusual signals that seemed to be coming up from the ground instead of down from space. They’re still working on understanding why, but despite what you may have heard, they aren’t evidence for a parallel universe where time runs backwards.

  1. BlokenArrow

    Bizarro universe where you have a beard?

  2. Stephen Beauman

    I believe life exist in two universes at the same time. Makings measurements of certain types impossible. Since that is very probably, we should not be conducting certain experiments. Because the outcome could be comparable to a SuperNova!

  3. nosuchthing8

    Dude your beard rocks!!!!

  4. Norel farjun

    I bet the idea that our understanding of this field of physics is superficial and partial at best

  5. WheelmanGames

    That Beard?

    * * * *

  6. Null Point

    time =nothing , nothing = time! time is simultaneous dynamic now ! in 3d ! 100% nothing is time . 100% something is time
    100% nothing does not exist
    100% something does not exist
    nothing ought to be reified by something
    yep everything is behind time ! so you just farted ? from time perspective it happened a long time ago

  7. Holofish

    Reid’s in a mountain-man-beard universe.

  8. ketan dhavle

    I’m disappointed that there’s no proof as to parallel universe, but it’s okay since science doesn’t work like celebrity gossip…

  9. Lon Johnson

    He has a beard. Spock had a beard in a parallel universe. Is this a mere coincidence? Hmmmm.

  10. Pablo Sánchez

    Why does this video start with the credits? Oh bother! I’m in the wrong universe again.

  11. MrFizzgig2


  12. spim randsley

    Did you go Amish over the weekend?

  13. YCCCm7

    This debunk brought to you by the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Oof.

  14. Caveman Pretzel

    Dude your hairs great!

  15. Neckcron

    throw a spinning ball @ 90mph 30 feet away a gnat turns into the ball, now if that ball was 70%+ water so a curve can explain it LOLOLOLOLOL like a spherical cow!

  16. Corey Ayers

    This happened before fyi

  17. John F

    The strange science that we think we know.

  18. Null Point

    you want to up hand the standard model? that is easy ! here is the key sentance: COFFEE STAIN EXPERIMENT

  19. Warmage Two Crows

    Well done. Good job on debunking. That one stupid site gets mixed up with a per review site, by certain researchers, to be sure.

  20. Scribe13

    Hey bro!

  21. Rock Barcellos

    bizarro universe confirmed!

  22. Rob Diaz

    this channel should be renamed THE SCI-FI channel

  23. DJ Pyro Teknikz

    How disappointing; we could have tons
    of bizarre adventures in that universe. =(

  24. Fry

    What if ‘were’ in a Universe where time is running backward? And real time is running towards a big crush? You are about to enter the Twilight Zone…

  25. NiX aKi

    The beard of knowledge

  26. Dashiec

    Or a combination! Maybe the neutrino was actually an antimatter neutrino, to be annihilated when it makes contact with another neutrino. It behaves the opposite of a regular neutrino, so when it has high energy it is LESS likely to react. Therefore the neutrino(s) would be more likely to pass all the way through the Earth without being ‘absorbed’.

  27. Philip Wells

    this guy sounds like mr slave from southpark

  28. abloane


  29. Kshitij Amin

    finally waited so long for this video

  30. panos vrionis

    Its aliens!!!😱😱
    Its always them with the antimatter anti-gravity something 😝😝😝😝

  31. helloprettiii

    Hi yes, please do a video on if it’s possible to destroy something that there is infinite of? Thanks.

  32. Joshua Aldus Hobbs

    Great Beard, Awesome New Look! Have A Fantastic Day America’s Educational A-Team!

  33. Isaac Jones

    Whoa look at that beard!

  34. R Rondon

    CPT? That’s my time zone.


    can’t wait for Rick and Morty’s take on this.

  36. 08healing

    Aliens made a gigantic mirror millions of lightyears away, just to prank us into thinking we’re looking at a mirror universe

  37. Tombichrist

    what we have discovered is the epic beard!

  38. Connor Amlee

    You look like a castaway left on an island for months. Just like the rest of us. Nice to see youre still a man of the people.

  39. Izsm

    This video would be a lot easier to watch if it outlined its line of logic instead of starting with insults.

  40. Dragonfire511

    Daaww i wanted to contact Digimons.

  41. jacob elgan

    Charge Parity and Time (CPT) is a hypothetical theory involving application of reversal or symmetry of a universe’s time and mater.

  42. Camilo Santana

    The strange charged particles originated from media selling novelty.

  43. Karthik Devaraj

    T-ups for the beard.

  44. Mary Seeker

    Goodness…not so sure about the beard. Generally I like beards, perhaps it’s a bit long?

  45. ste76539

    You’ve got something on your chin..

  46. Misanthropic Humanist

    I figured we’re the Bizzaros, lol.

  47. Ian McCombs

    Stops building universe inverting portal gun.
    Well NOW you tell me! I was so sure that TotallyScienceAndNotJustAClickFarmWebsiteDotCom was telling me the truth!

  48. JonesTonesGuitar

    Imagine the media running with a story before fact checking….shocking

  49. colin Paterson

    Ye cannae flip the laws o’ physics Reid!

  50. fireburnzwhithin

    Even though there’s no evidence of a parallel universe where time runs backwards doesn’t mean I’ll give up hope. I mean, how cool would that be?

  51. DragonRidingHood

    It’s just Barry messing with the speed force again 🙄

  52. Charles Davis

    “Time” doesn’t run… anywhere.

  53. Yu Hin TAM

    if there was a parallel universe everyone would like me

  54. Robin Newbrough

    I’m so jealous of this guy’s beard

  55. Sunita Padhy

    When you are so early you don’t even know what to write😑😑😑

  56. Andrew Peckham

    I’m pretty sure I’d never name my company or product anything that ends in “ist”

  57. Pepperoni Milkshake

    Quarantine beard is coming along nicely Reid!

  58. Daniel Schiavini

    I reconize the voice but who is that guy, never seen him on the channel! :)

  59. Brad Bradson

    We didn’t “discover” a bizarro universe, because we already live here

  60. Graeme Doherty

    Pull one mathematic out of the mathematics of the Standard Model and the whole thing tumbles like a Jenga tower.
    I’m stealing that expression. 😂

  61. NaturallyRC

    Excellent as usual, including correctly pronouncing Antarctica. 😁👍

  62. westtech001

    We know about the CPT-Symmetric universe – It’s the one where Captain April went in as an old man and came back young!

  63. Patrick Egan

    Yeah it was frustrating, the news article I saw was very certain there was a parallel universe (even said NASA had confirmed it) – and you could imagine the click bait headline

  64. Universe

    Wow, so this is still kind of a mystery.

  65. Nick Walker

    Should we tell him his hair is growing on the wrong side of his head?
    Rockin the beard! I love it!

  66. Master Therion

    But what if, someday, we do discover a parallel universe where time runs backwards.
    Would that mean that people in that universe have already discovered us?

  67. Gareth Dean

    Scientist: So the data is consistent with a CPT-mirrored universe as well as-
    Media: Parallel Universe Discovered
    Scientist: No, that’s not what we said.
    Media: Scientists Admit to Fraud
    Scientist: Oh screw you.
    Media: Scientist Rapes reporters.

  68. Joel Feila

    Is this the same event where we might have found a super symmetric particle.

  69. Aarón Martínez

    I was waiting for an explanation about that story because when the news covers something about science is probably BS.

  70. ArviNoyou

    I was expecting you guys to cover this and be like “hold on, that’s fake, and here’s what happened”. Not disappointed ^^
    Also, Reid your beard is getting more and more epic ! And it’s so black :O do you dye it, or is it naturally that dark ? Either way, looks awesome, and kinda surreal with the green screen behind.

  71. Car Toffeln

    Plot twist: We’re the Bizarro Universe and Scientists just discovered the regular normal universe.
    Think about it, that would explain a lot of things these days…

  72. EllisD1249

    Thank you for explaining this, I saw the news articles about this but i was very scepticle, having your annotation always helps to validate the truth of scientific news

  73. VoodooD0g

    thank you for this, srsly every “serious” yt channel talked about this nonsense. it was so tilting.

  74. Jonathon Sawyer

    Always dashing my hopes for an alternate universe where I’m an evil genius trying to take over the world… Thanks SciShow

  75. SlimThrull

    …or, and just hear me out, it was alie–
    It’s never aliens!

  76. Limeythekind

    “Either our understanding is flawed… or”
    Yes that one. What we don’t know about the universe could fill something about the size of a universe.

  77. Sun Hat

    I highly doubt that Blinkist can find the most important parts in every type of nonfiction book. A non-chemist would not know enough about chemistry to pick out the best parts.

  78. Owen English

    Thank you! I knew it was bs!!

  79. New Message

    Looking at the news, I suspect we are the Bizarro Universe.

  80. Robert Shepherd

    It’s okay if you didn’t find a parallel universe. Most of us still don’t know how to parallel park. Baby steps.

  81. David Aspinall

    That was a long video to say…
    “Nothing to see here”

  82. SpectatingBystander

    The start of a legendary beard

  83. IceMetalPunk

    I remember in college when I first learned that antimatter is identical to normal matter if it were moving backwards in time, and my mind was blown. Thanks, Feynman!

  84. crappo zappo

    0:19 “a parallel universe where time runs backwards”

    Christopher Nolan: this gives me an idea

  85. Frank Kelley

    Cool, Bizarro Universe confirmed. That’s all I heard.

  86. otakuman706

    Thank you for this.
    I remembered reading about those detections, and why they were so surprising to find, back around the time they were originally announced.
    After all that time, and then seeing these headlines, I thought maybe there were more/newer detections and/or someone made a huge leap in understanding them, or something along those lines.

    Then after reading the articles and not really seeing anything… ‘groundbreaking’ I figured maybe I was just missing some key bit of info, or even just misunderstanding it entirely. Checking other publications, for different articles about it, didn’t really provide much more useful information either. Still, I’m no physicist, so missing or misunderstanding something like this isn’t exactly surprising either.

    Anyway, thanks again, and great content as always–the channel is one of my absolute favorites, by far. Keep up the great work 👍🍻

  87. I Makeup Stuff

    We didn’t discover a bizarro universe, we discovered a regular one that details just how bizarre the one we are in is.

  88. Voltaic Fire

    Here I had my hopes up for a mirror universe where everyone had a goatee, Star Trek style.

  89. God Was Bored

    What? Reporters generate sensational headlines based upon inaccurate or cherry-picked information? I’m Shocked!

  90. Joey Wolf

    Thanks for clearing that one. I was wondering what the “real” answer was.

  91. Smokescale Aquatos

    This is such a crazy story! Also, dude’s got a MAGNIFICENT beard!!

  92. Stoned Homer

    Turns out it was just a picture of a clock in a mirror.

  93. Primal Radiance

    Sounds like someone in another universe hit the earth while traveling through hyperspace…

  94. Greg Hartwick

    “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

  95. Avradeep Bhattacharya

    When the news came out, I was like dont fret, let SciShow Space cover it and we’l know 🙂

  96. Cristián Arenas Ulloa

    If there was a parallel universe where time runs backwards, how would a neutrino travel from that parallel universe to ours? I don’t understand that part.

  97. Celia The Ravenclaw

    I would argue that we live in a bizarro universe.

  98. Vininn126

    You know, evil twins usually have facial hair, and considering that beard of yours, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that you are from this parallel universe that you’re so desperately trying to convince us isn’t real

  99. keppiih

    Media doesn’t understand science or they all are click baits.

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