New Discoveries from Our Second Interstellar Visitor | SciShow News

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This year, scientists have had a chance to study something pretty mind-boggling: a comet that came from outside of our solar system.–nni121219.php

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  1. KsJayhawker94

    So now the Vegans are throwing rocks at us…this means interstellar war!

  2. tsuchan1

    But I note that only having 2 data points didn’t stop conclusions being made about comets not bringing water to earth because our two examples didn’t have the right quantities of the right kind of hydrogen. :-) Are we supposed to forget these things?

  3. Christopher Noel

    I wonder what would happen if a similar comet was expected to make a return pass in another solar system, but instead we captured (decelerated) it for study. If there was intelligent life in that solar system who was studying the comet might realize that it hadn’t returned as scheduled, and traced its disappearance to us. Suddenly, we would have contact (provided that each society survived long enough for the long-distance conversation). It might make an interesting movie….. provided it’s nothing like the 1997 film _Contact._

  4. imflori dano

    Anything entering our solar system brings with it the trash its picked up along its way from its orginal orgin. Wats on or around it is deoosited here in our solar system and will evenually makes its way to our planet via the cosmic/solar winds. Eventually could be a day a week a month or a year, but it wiil makes its way ta our planet due ta Mua’s powerful magnetic field. Will it start us ta evovle inta the greys we keep seein or reptilians😁 all kiddin aside maybe will finally evolve away from or violent tendencies. Stay safe all the new cycle is upon us.

  5. OtakuMage

    My question: Did this comet drop anything off on Phoebe on its way in?

  6. Chris Dixon

    yay good polynesian pronunciation

  7. Misses Witch


  8. hellcat1988

    Imagine if we had spotted it soon enough to build and launch a craft capable of capturing it…

  9. Nathaniel Anderson

    I don’t mean to state the obvious, but aren’t all comets from outer space?

  10. Nimrod Quimbus

    There is a black hole on Uranus

  11. Asjad Ali

    Badass scientist built his own telescope.

  12. SC86Canuck

    ya, but that is because Ikea furniture is not super informative or of the highest quality.

  13. eric berg

    Check it for proto molecule.

  14. Up-a-Creek

    I believe they are disguised alien spacecraft… looking for new planets to colonize with a ready “food source”… 😲😉

  15. Didntwanttomakeauser

    I’m not subbed to vlog brothers. But when do you do your fight against world suck thing?

  16. odizzido

    If you believe curiosity stream this is aliens. There are no other explanations.

  17. Dominic Tirabassi

    How close will it be?

  18. Shakinah Glorious


  19. AppNasty

    Is it possible that it moving at 30 kilometers per SECOND a possible reason it acted diff around our star or aliens? Prolly aliens again.

  20. surfmonster2323

    Yes, it wouldn’t be weird at all if two interstellar objects came from the same place over a year apart….👏

  21. AndyBeans

    Ooh mama!

  22. Moemuggy

    If you are still holding out hope that we could somehow deflect an Interstellar object, you are sadly mistaken… the universe could take us out at any moment, and there’s nothing we could do about it. Just saying

  23. Thomas Hughes

    Lets land instruments and a gold record on the next one.

  24. John Takolander

    It`s an odd coincidence that two interstellar objects, Oumuamua and 2I/Borisov appears so close in time?

  25. jim orr

    As one light year is approximately 6 trillion miles, the comet is from more than billions of kilometers

  26. ninja cornchip means theres more.. yikes.. space is too awesome and scary..

  27. Draconain 3

    Fix the mic. Too many ssssssssss

  28. Matthew Lorono

    Sounds much further if you say “billions of miles”. :)

  29. Vitaly Borisov

    Cool name 😁

  30. Omega Lightning

    Can we get another video covering Boeing’s Starliner? I saw it launch this morning while I was at work… It launched in Florida. I’m just West of Atlanta. It scared the crap out of everyone because no one had seen a rocket launch before.

  31. Donald Williams

    The blue kachina ?

  32. Joshua Rogols

    We’ve gotten 2 interstellar items so far within relatively close time… what else and how much is still on it’s way…
    P.s. dec 28th is my birthday, seems the universe threw me a gift 🎁 😄

  33. Super Bungwe

    Why can’t we attach a robot on it, considering how fast it’s moving

  34. Ed Keosada

    An extra solar object doing hard burn through our system….

  35. yaboi

    You ain’t from around here, are ya?

  36. An Event Horizon Darkmatter

    Hmm.. Rogue comet.

  37. Jason Wood

    Some day someone will utter the phrase, “what an interesting time to be alive”, for the very last time.
    … and this comet will still be traveling along it’s way as if none of this had ever happened.

  38. Thirst Fast

    Damn Tibor lost the key…

  39. Jesus McBeth

    Couldn’t it just be some junk from oort cloud – both it an omuamua were just nudged towards the sun…

  40. Dark Warrior

    I built my first telescope when I was 20 years old. I didnt have a job and had plenty of time to do things. Now that I have to go to work I don’t do anything. That is why Einstein made discoveries, he had free time in the patent office. Progress can only happen when intelligent people have free time. This happens do to great economies.

  41. Honey Bee Talks

    That would be cool if we caught it

  42. Lame Goldfish

    WoW! Our solar system is getting popular. 😃

  43. Scott McIntosh

    Sounds like a 1950’s Sci-Fi thriller:
    “I Borisoff is full of surprises”….
    It’s filled with chocolate pudding 💩
    My God, Man! Do you know what you’ve just done? You’ve discovered A GIANT COSMIC ECLAIRE❗❗❗❗❗
    By the way, this 💩 was originally created to represent pudding, not a 3-coil steamer 😝

  44. Tonz Lang

    Hmm there might have been a super nova within that area of vega and cassiopea

  45. Jason Gastrich

    Good luck with that IKEA furniture!

  46. iwont answerback

    Happy holidays henk and amazing team

  47. Ilya Zagorodnikov


  48. Tragoudistros.MPH

    i want to capture it!

  49. Adam Rogers

    I would like to know if there is any way we could detect the composition of the tail and corona of the comet, specifically whether or not it contains the organic building blocks for life. If so, it would dramatically increase the likelihood that there is extraterrestrial life, and I would posit that extra-solar or interstellar comets are the means by which these compounds spread across the universe.

  50. Stephen Bachman

    I wonder how many interstellar objects pass through our solar system. Im guessing a few.

  51. JanoschNr1

    IT’S VENOM! It’s Venom …!

  52. MachineThatCreates

    All sorts of things might start visiting.

  53. A Ginger Diver

    Space’s greatest no-goodnik

  54. Steven Winterhill

    This guy has cool style 😊

  55. kalez238

    Anyone else find it odd that with all the objects we have been tracking for how many years, we have just noticed the first 2 in the past 3 years? You would think we would have found more earlier, or found them further apart.

  56. Bear Lemley

    I b programmed. I see Hank’s face, I click like button

  57. Mortimer Hasbeengud

    “Scientists have concluded that despite such curious observations that have startled the uninformed, public, concerning the hairpin turns that it makes (hence giving it the name, The Vomit Comet), annoying radio emissions, and laser firings through our asteroid belt, have assured us that this is a completely natural phenomena. They have also concluded that like Borisov, many comets must also have enough deuterium-tritium in their cores to produce those spectacular plasma firings, that the amateur astronomers have noted.”

  58. Vistico93

    THAT GUY: It’s VEE-guh, not VAY-guh, for the star :-)

  59. Carpe Mkarzi

    It’s just all so cool

  60. Lars van Scheijndel

    I have a 70mm refractor scope with a 400mm focal length. I suppose I can’t see this comet, can I?

  61. 14PinkFloyd

    Will this be visible from the USA? GREAT VIDEO!

  62. Gary Lewis

    Interesting, 2 extra system objects in a year. Either we have really good tech, or maybe there is more coming.

  63. Green ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    0:52 it is full of surpises!
    – it came from outside the solar system
    -the coma is like something from the oort cloud but different
    is that it?

  64. The Great Green Bus - Skoolie Life

    Our visitor from the second law of thermodynamics violation.

  65. Raymond K Petry

    *_…30 km/s [_**_02:01_**_] is what Earth is doing but is not leaving any time soon—the comet must’ve been spotted doing 30 far-beyond Mars, to barely-escape… Also, there were three Apollo lunar rover missions…_*

  66. Dark Knighte Apologeticz

    I do like learning. This is awesome. Merry Xmas.

  67. David Fenton

    The OORT cloud !!!?

  68. spim randsley

    It Came From Outer Space!!! 😨

  69. Jesus McBeth

    The second interstellar object that came to our system.
    Technically all the starts u see basically are interstellar and I’m pretty sure we’ve detected them…

  70. crimson2knight

    This will be the comet that carry the original Pokemon into our world

  71. Marilyn Lucero

    Next challenge! Ikea version on “build your telescope”

  72. Cowboy Geologist

    Maybe some day our Voyagers will be seen like this somewhere else.

  73. Samantha Womer

    Im loving the map taped to the fender on the pin. Thats pure awesomeness

  74. NeutronStarPilot

    Hey I know that guy 0:43

  75. Dawn RinkyDinkfinds

    Where’s Secure Team!?!?! Tyler would love this. I miss his videos 😞

  76. WizzardOfPaws

    Isn’t this the same guy who does Journey to the microcosmos? That’s one beautiful Channel

  77. Lee Lu

    OMG we’re getting our new kitchen appliances on December 28!

  78. Robert Sterner

    Would you Love more interstellar Rock’s*

  79. Zed Williams

    There are probably many more ISOs than we are currently spotting. When the LSST is online, I suspect that we are going to be spotting them like exoplanets.

  80. MrXanthios

    At that speed my commute would be approximately 0.6 seconds.

  81. Zurinduu


  82. Existenceisillusion

    Imagine what data we could get using a million kilometer array!?

  83. cloudkitt

    As opposed to the comets from the basement

  84. TheCueballer2690

    “Two-Eye Borisov” is definitely the nickname of a Russian gangster who gets made fun of for still having 2 eyes.

  85. Anos Anosn

    I’m telling you

  86. Francois Roewer-Despres

    1:04 don’t we all Hank, don’t we all…

  87. RelangaceDE Da'wa

    And then came three wise men from the east, to spot the interstellar Comet on 24th december…

  88. Artem

    “Comet 2 From Outer Space”

  89. FeroxCious

    We don’t take kindly to strangers round here

  90. Cody Call

    Will be so cool when a piece of Thanos’ ships come scootin by.

  91. Queen Nidus

    Klendatu going wild trying to hit Buenos Aires.

  92. Richard Ainsworth


  93. dawkinsfan41

    Somebody out there doesn’t like us, and their aim is getting better.

  94. Richard Powell

    I like that they were saying about Oumuamua these objects are extremely rare, and then we see a second interstellar object in a year. Maybe they’re much more regular than we thought we just haven’t been tracking properly until the last few decades.

  95. Just Lorien

    Spotting 2 interstellar objects in 1 year is amazing. Is this because we are now able to see them or is there some mad rush of space junk being tossed our way?

  96. Andy Cockrum

    “A Crimean telescope engineer” lmao nice geopolitical dodge

  97. Tiffany Thomason

    I wonder how many interstellar objects have gone by without us noticing.

  98. Jaded and Empty

    I keep hearing it as “two-eyed Borisov” and it’s genuinely messing with my head

  99. Bill CIA Wilson

    “Billions of kilometers to get here” is a big understatement

  100. Alan Lee

    Proof amateur astronomy is relevant

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