MOXIE and SpaceX launch

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NASA’s MOXIE successfully creates Oxygen on Mars, and SpaceX’s Crew-Dragon successfully returns to the ISS.


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  1. Joe

    3:04 I can’t un-hear “Speaking of CRUDE missions”

  2. Nelson Swanberg

    We should solve poverty on our planet first.

  3. Joy L

    sounds like the ISS needs a major upgrade in sleeping quarters!

  4. SuperStingray

    So… assuming we do convert Mars’ atmosphere to oxygen, what do we do with all that carbon monoxide?

  5. Daniel Brown

    you should do a video on mars time. does mars have a week? how many days? what are they called? what are the months called?

  6. Tyler Anderson

    Working on MOXIE research in the fall 👍🏼

  7. Claude Kingstan

    I can now see a Mars forest populating company called MOXIE.

  8. kaz

    Cute how you guys never mention all the waste of the shuttle, just say “30 or more uses” as if it were as efficient, let alone more so, than the falcon system. /smh What’s a Musk gotta do to get some luv ’round here, eh??

  9. Mark Hancock

    I plant leaf produces about 6.5ug/hr. That means MOXIE did the work of more than 1000 leaves. Not bad.

  10. Carl Anthony Santander

    Moxie could be used here on earth, then.

  11. Jimbodiah EU

    Don’t forget that each shuttle launch cost about $1.5 billion, vs the hundred million (?) for a Dragon launch.

  12. Eno Y'na T'surt Reven

    How many Moxies would mars need to turn 100% of Mars atmosphere into breathable air again?

  13. Gene Nich

    I will be glad when China gets their station up and running. Then we will see what space pioneers can do. NASA does not have the balls to pioneer space. They cant even build a real spaceship. China will end up owning space. Well done NASA give the universe away.

  14. Iain MacDonald

    Wasn’t the Curiosity sky-crane a controlled powered flight on a body that isn’t Earth? Or how about Perseverance’s sky-crane? Was it not controlled, or was it not powered, or was it not flight?

  15. Ray

    It is pointless to resist. TALK NERDY to me👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿😃👨🏿‍⚕️👨🏿‍⚕️👀👀

  16. john doe

    Nasa uses a crew capsule 33 times, Spacex uses it only 5 times. Progress!!!. Tell me why we are wasting tax payer money on Spacex again?

  17. Joebobjames

    A little correction. Unlike crew dragon and the falcon 9 which are reused the space shuttle was so massively refurbished it was basically a entirely new vehicle. Hence the reason it was decommissioned it was way to costly and with the budget not there not worth it to keep doing it.

  18. riec0123

    Why don’t we use Moxie tech here on Earth????

  19. MrStreaty122

    You know I just had a thought. The ISS has been testing Bigelow’s inflatable modules right? If memory serves they’re using the only module up there as storage while they test it to ensure it’s resistant enough to radiation and puncture. It has taken a few hits as far as I’m aware but none have been critically damaging. Since elbow room is becoming an issue could they not just modify the existing design or the larger ones they’re trying to get sent up? Fun fact, water and water ice is surprisingly good at blocking most forms of radiation. Could they not modify the larger unit so that it also has water bladders in the walls and use that for waste water and radiation shielding? That solves the problem of radiation shielding for an inflatable unit, any of it that freezes becomes armor against impact, it becomes more rigid as the waste water freezes, and you have significantly more room than before.

  20. ファーリアイ・ヌル・

    Space debris.

  21. David Stocker

    I love how you danced around how nuclear energy powered the battery on the o2 production

  22. TheNikoado

    1:45 So you get twice as much carbon monoxide as breathable oxygen? Do they then convert this into something else?

  23. Tohru


  24. RovingTroll

    Tomorrow is going to be the biggest test for the Crew Dragon, isn’t it?

  25. Nutellakinesis

    Could they use this to combat global warming?

  26. Aaron Delgado

    While what Moxie has been able to accomplish is impressive, Earth will always be the only habitation for mankind!

  27. airlink2142

    All the need to do now is set Moxie to take that Carbon Monoxide and convert it into more O2 and pure carbon.

  28. Mike Spicer

    Lol thought you said crude flights lol

  29. Prashank Abhishek

    calling space shuttle reused is generous at best and misleading at worst

  30. Lloyd Byrd

    Not true about first controlled flight. The jetpack for perseverance and curiosity were they first. First rotor powered control flight. Lol

  31. ComaDave

    I was looking forward to seeing a hilarious zero-G brawl to see who got dibs on the best bunks up there. Damn international co-operation…

  32. Ron

    Pin it..

  33. Kolin Martz

    I could probably sleep floating. No crew quarter needed.

  34. 221 b

    Couple of corrections: the debris incident was based of false data and was later determined to not have been a close call much lie the recent OneWeb-Starlink incident that was widely misreported with only on or two outlets bothering to add a correction.
    And second the 5 reuses is a preliminary goal after that NASA will reevaluate much like they have done with Cargo Dragons that where planned to be non reusable but ended up being certified for three flights.

  35. mcskinny

    Took a deep hit of alien air on 4/20. That’s lit.

  36. Franco Contreras

    love that pin !

  37. TheRealMirCat

    Just waiting for someone thinking this would be a good idea to use here because they’ve seen the headline “Creates Oxygen from Carbon Dioxide”

  38. Kevin Kim

    I’m reminded that “crewed” is a homonym of “crude.”

  39. Yojimbo720

    Dogelon to Mars?

  40. Gaasuba Meskhenet

    So how soon until hospitals have oxygen converters?

  41. Laiba Gul

    Moxy sounds like a cool nickname for Martian based celebrity😂

  42. Eric Herstead

    hey guys great story could you look into the moxie technology being used to fight climate change

  43. TWX1138

    MOXIE, it’s what plants crave!

  44. StrunDoNhor

    I can already imagine “Moxie” becoming a catch-all term for oxygen generators. Like, centuries down the line they become so ubiquitous that everyone just calls them “Moxies” without knowing the origins of the term, like the way we use the terms “Tylenol” or “Kleenex” today.

  45. rakuguy

    holding out for mini Uranus

  46. Dysputant

    Just remember to connect proper tube to inside of base…

  47. Al Smith

    SpaceX’s highest reused Falcon9 booster has reflown 9 times. There is no limit to the number of times it can be reused; it just gets more costly to maintain the older it gets. Starship is aiming to be reflown at least 1000 times.

  48. Brent Grandin

    This is great for the oxygen side of things but what about nitrogen ? Am I an idiot isn’t like almost 80% of what we breath nitrogen? So what is the plan for that? Does Mars have a nitrogen atmosphere? Not that I have read or heard. So this experiment is more about fuel I think vs breathing. But it is still good to know.

  49. Vlad Pankov

    what about plants? not enough sunlight?

  50. Cujo

    Did you really advertise a pin that expires after April on the 1st of May?

  51. Manoo42

    You wouldnt have thought there was much need to send MOXIE to Mars to test…

  52. Optimus Phoenix Prime

    Just meditate and play conscience pretend
    Conscious is a evolutionary process
    Nobody is that conscious
    Only the best of what they can be conscious about
    Real conscious is all of the pleasure and pain all at once
    Because anything less
    You are not conscious of it
    To say I am apart of universe
    Earth and things
    This I know
    Its what I don’t know I’m not conscious about

  53. Ooga Booba

    The MOXIE system is cool but could the carbon monoxide come back around to bite us in the butt? For a long time I’ve been thinking about constructing and testing a bacteria/algae farm for oxygen production. The difficult part is filtering/storing air. Besides it’s also difficult to simulate bacteria/algae behavior in zero g, when you’re stuck on Earth. I’m sure the ISS has been testing similar ideas though

  54. Extraneus

    so we dont convert co2 to o and co on earth because?

  55. Robin Hahn

    GuinGuin is the real hero of this video!

  56. Spritemon 98

    Looks like they have to make the iss even bigger

  57. Imię Nazwisko

    If I remember close encounter was false alarm

  58. Wisekuma

    Cool. Entice all the republicans to go to Mars so we can rebuild and take care of Earth.

  59. Imię Nazwisko

    For fuel making far better would be proces used on ISS which gives Oxygen Methane (which is already fuel, carbon on itself isn’t good Rocket fuel)

  60. Parker Otto Ackley

    AND,,,,,,What do we do with the man made carbon monoxide ?????

  61. João Mello

    Surviving Mars intensifies

  62. Osmosis Jones

    Can minni neptunes have earth like moons

  63. Sullen Secret

    So… What happens to all of that carbon monoxide?

  64. Superslim Anoniem

    Penguin huh, seems like mr. memelord likes Linux

  65. Osmosis Jones

    Isn’t the point of sending humans to mars is to contaminate it

  66. New Message

    I refuse to make a comment in the voice of a 20’s newsie.

  67. Osmosis Jones

    Finally admitting mars does have a blue sky

  68. Simon Sozzi

    Sounds like a Rave

  69. Joshua Trunks

    I didn’t know MOXIE was going to smoke it up on 420. Lol.

  70. Koda Kincade

    Heck yea #26 must be my b-day lol.
    Hank is the best! I always look forward to new SciShow videos especially when hank is hosting!!

  71. Dilon Moodley

    Please give me a like

  72. Phil Boswell

    Someone—not sure whether it was Anton Petrov or Scott Manley—pointed out that the carbon monoxide that MOXIE produces can also be used as rocket fuel, so winning all around 👍

  73. Mohammad Zuhair Khan

    2k views. 0 dislikes. That’s what I like to see :)

  74. PrincessTS01

    i really think mars needs more nitrogen it tends to make up the bulk of air pressure you know… 78.1%

  75. Steeyuv

    ‘First aircraft on another planet is a helicopter’. Take that, plank drivers!

  76. Monkey D. Luffy

    Anton Petrov talk the same thing weeks ago if I remember 😁 and he explained it really well too

  77. Prashank Abhishek

    If you’re going to call launching people in rockets “throwing”, I would very much like it if you instead used “yeeting”

  78. Raylen Fa'ield

    I’ve noticed you guys don’t like to bring up elon when talking about space flight or ev revolution tech

  79. huldu

    So what you’re saying is using MOXIE we don’t need plants… like at all? I sure look forward to the day when only humans exist on this planet.

  80. Samarth Mukhija

    can u pls uplaod any sort of video related to ISRO , I am from india and request you

  81. Slayer 96 DA 2ND

    So early that there is no dislike

  82. Baz Pearce

    Go MOXIE!

  83. 501.Caliber Magnum

    This is a gigantic step to turning the Surviving Mars game to reality.

  84. Dave TheRave

    Just send Th Genesis Device and redo the whole planet.

  85. Stoic Finance

    Wow, Hank you really are an Inspiration!!! I love your videos! I lost my job due to the pandemic, but since then, I’ve started a YouTube Channel on Finance… And It’s Growing!! Thanks for all your amazing content, and to everyone else… Never Give Up!!!

  86. HaloPiter

    What about creating nitrogen?

  87. Zenren




  89. Harry

    Somehow missed this. Thanks Hank!

  90. Saar2908


  91. seionne85

    What a fancy jacket doctor!! Lol

  92. Artjom PR66

    I can’t be the only one who thought of Helluva Boss on that title, am I?

  93. PortugueseEagle


  94. Kyuuketsuki8Neko


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