Making a Realistic Simulation of the Sun

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We’ve created simulations to recreate the difference in time it takes for the Sun’s equator and poles to complete rotations, and the way we’ve solved is a bit surprising. And it looks like the Milky Way may not be great at mixing metals, which gives us insight into the goings on in other galaxies. (paywall)
De Cia, A., Jenkins, E.B., Fox, A.J. et al. Large metallicity variations in the Galactic interstellar medium. Nature 597, 206–208 (2021).


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  1. Overly Hydrated

    Well hello my fellow alloys!

  2. jack tringoli

    Why tf is anything heavier than helium considered metal? You’re telling me I can build a metallic home in space made out of oxygen? 😂

  3. David Maurand

    the hand gestures – he could be an nfl referree

  4. Gerald Black

    Dear scishowspace what would happen if a giant space diamond smashed the earth, and would we even see the perfect semiconductor coming, or would it just be like married and divorced in the same day?

  5. Greg Nulik

    So, 4k models create a better result than standard definition. Huh.

  6. TheReal_ist

    These discovery has pissed off future mining operations as now they have to go to these regions to find material instead of just going to any old asteroid belt when there mining for stuff.

  7. randomshyt #

    Must’ve been a music conductor in a past life. 😂 😂 😂

  8. mitch jonas

    Imagine going through life looking and acting like hank green.

  9. Ernie Simpson

    Remember when commercials were added to content? Now we have the opposite… SciShow Commercials, featuring as little science as possible for maximum commercial impact.

  10. WetBob SpongePants

    So, the entire universe has been neatly divided into things to (a) mate with, (b) eat, (c) run away from, and (d) rocks. Works 4 me.

  11. E R

    Metalicity would be a cool superhero name.

  12. hacked2123

    Does their sun model account for time dilation due to gravity and time dilation due to the speed the particles are moving at? (Coming back to this, I suppose since it’s a closed system, any dilation that occurs would be canceled out the moment it interacts with another particle in the system)

  13. chris allore

    What would happen if the world spinned backwards?

  14. A Youtube Channel

    I am the Sun don’t a gun, to get respect up on these cosmic streets.

  15. GraveUypo

    omaze gives like 1.5% of the money pool to the actual charity. come on, that’s… just no.

  16. Dalton Brennan

    A day towards the poles on earth is not 24 hours so I don’t get how you’re saying it’s pretty much the same I mean yeah the rotation of the Earth itself because it’s a more or less solid object floating through space is pretty much the same but the date time itself is vastly different

  17. AtarahDerek

    So Omaze is legit? Because they frequently have sweepstakes for camper vans and I want to win one.

  18. Dominik Janiec

    oh… magnetism, the dreaded bane of astrophysics ;)

  19. sipntea

    There’s more to this universe than just matter and space, electromagnetic fields are what we need to explore.

  20. Oskar

    So model resolution has a huge influence on sun modeling. Ok, very logical.
    How does this not affect modeling the earth?

  21. Browns RV Life

    You made a cool video

  22. Oda Punkt

    ok now lets simulate a solar storm and destroy all data :D

  23. Nino Kuster

    3:55 “While is still” you almost sang it as “WHAT IS LOVE….baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no more….”

  24. David Lees

    So is there a difference in the Output of the sun at the poles than the equator? Do we notice this in other stars?

  25. Kazimir

    I wanted to see the simulation

  26. Anand Acharya

    “In astronomy, anything heavier than helium is considered a metal.”

    Does that mean we are all metal.

  27. Joy L

    I guess the Milky Way shouldn’t become a bartender.

  28. Idontgive Ashit

    If it’s all metal, does that mean everyone from Finland is actually from outer space?

  29. SSS🌙

    So our sun is basically a giant….lava lamp?

  30. Nguyen Nam

    day in the sun. what about night :)))))

  31. Guy Boo

    “In astronomy, anything heavier than helium is considered a metal.”

    Hank Green just called me metal. c-:

  32. New Message

    That’s gonna be a heck of a Fortnight map.

  33. Professor Hank

    Lithium isn’t metal…it’s grunge.

  34. Jagzeplin

    i like how every single youtube video about astronomy feels the need to drill into our heads YES WE KNOW THEY CALL ANYTHING HEAVIER THAN HELIUM A METAL lol sorry for caps but if u havent heard that on 10000 videos by now maybe that will get your attention lmao

  35. Stephen Carr

    Who made that first earth simulation? How can the clouds rotate faster than the earth that rotates over 100mph

  36. Andrés González

    As a metal music fan, I feel identified with the astronomers. I want everything to be metal too.

  37. gallan

    Are we sure that oxygen is a metal as described here?

  38. Jennifer Schmitzer

    So ok. I feel like having a Milky Way.
    They’re nice.

  39. Andrew Dillon

    5427 is 9800 F , freedom units ,,bad script editing ,,shoulda said about 5400C ,,

  40. Max Musterman

    Consider this: we as humanity know what temperature the sun has 200km below its surface.. how

  41. Stax

    Ugh, Astro-physicists man. “It’s not a planet, *It’s a Dwarf Planet*” “Anything heavier than Helium is Metal if it’s in Space”. This is getting out of control, can’t they just make up new names for things instead of trying to confuse people? Like why not call them “Kikachoos” instead of “Dwarf Planets”, or like “Bundos” instead of “Metal” so we don’t confuse people.

  42. Raian Treece

    So the Sun is a lava lamp, cool!

  43. unknown mindyourown

    Have you ever wondered how these initial gases were able to condense and form stars when The gas pressure pushing outward is orders of magnitude greater than the gravity pulling inward?

  44. OmniQuantum

    I love how humans assume they know how the stars work and already implement their predictions as irrefutable fact

  45. Aidan Or

    Why would you even do a low-res simulation if you’re going to do higher ones anyway?

  46. BackYard Science 2000

    The down votes are from flat sun conspiracy theorists.

  47. Mikiness Analog

    I thought this video was going to be about simulating the real colour & intensity of the sun LOL

  48. Jonas

    That first earth simulation is WRONG.

    winds blow differently, in jet streams and layers, easterlies and westerlies etc.

    So let me punish you: I wrot sieshow as ‘sussshou’. Now lett thut bat gramar graeht onto though as a cheasegrator does too fine, aged parmesan.

    Fix your animations to be realistic, is what I’m saying.

  49. Bayleaf

    The sun is a lava lamp

  50. cee kay

    Everytime I heard Hank say “Intergalactic” I immediately thought “…planetary.. Intergalactic planetary ..” and got the beat to the Beastie Boys song stuck in my head through the rest of the video 🤣❤

  51. Grant Bartley

    Aren’t hydrogen and helium metals, just gaseous ones under most circumstances?

  52. Jonas Davies

    1:19 glob expand and *cool* to around 5427°C. Yes that sounds really cool.

  53. Engr. Khalid Parvez


  54. Price Ringo

    This will have an impact on the Drake equation,

  55. Cemafor

    “Cool to around 5,427° c”. That’s extremely specific to use the word “around”.

  56. Tamo D

    A Japanese woman with a hobby of viewing the sun through her telescope and recording her observations daily discovered the 11-year sun spot cycle after decades of observation, her hobby started during the WW2 if I recall correctly. I forgot her name, but she was a pioneer of Astronomy who dedicated her life to observe and study the stars

  57. Osmosis Jones

    Wonder if chemical bonding plays bigger role in things clumping together then gravity . How is hydrogen at the cores of stars you’d expect heavier elements

  58. EyesOfByes

    Epyc Optane PCIe FTW

  59. EyesOfByes

    *”Space Is So Cool”* – Markiplier

  60. Mathieu Leader

    this simulation of the sun would be great if they ever did another Worlds Fair

  61. LandoHitman

    SciShow Space is the best SciShow

  62. Mathieu Leader

    convection is the science behind how radiators work

  63. Steven Perry


  64. The Bendu Order

    You Can Do A Simulation of the Sun On Your Own Using CGI like Blender

  65. SwedMiro SwedMiro

    Ohh God…Now the “Electric Universe” and the “Plasma Cosmos” nutbags will go crazy.

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    Wooooooooooo Sol

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